When Do I Sell My Silver?
By: Larry LaBorde, Silver Trading Company | 17 March, 2008
People are always asking me, “When should I sell my silver?” Well that question is much easier to ask than to answer. I often times tell them whenever the government starts acting responsibly and not only balances the budget but finally decides that it has grown too fat and announces they are going on a fiscal diet. Full Story

Silver Storage
By: Larry LaBorde, Silver Trading Company | 1 August, 2004
If you are finally ready to plunge in and make that first time silver purchase one of the things you have to decide is where to store the silver. By now you probably know that you need to purchase silver as a hedge and have thought about it for awhile. There is just that nagging problem of where to keep it. Well as they say, “the devil is in the details”. This article is about those storage details that every silver owner has to deal with sooner or later. Full Story

Silver Bullion & ROTH IRA's
By: Larry LaBorde, Silver Trading Company | 30 March, 2004
American Church Trust (ACT) is a fee based custodian that allows their Roth IRA accounts to invest in precious metals. The minimum amount to set up the account is only $1,000. You can roll over an existing Roth IRA or convert a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA at ACT. As soon as your account is adequately funded you can purchase silver (my choice for now), gold, palladium or platinum. ACT will store your precious metals at their depository at HSBC Bank USA. All of the US mint coins are acceptable as well as 100 oz J-M and EH silver bars. Several other items are also acceptable but these are my favorites. Full Story

H.L. Hunt's Boys and the Circle K Cowboys
By: Larry LaBorde, Silver Trading Co. | 28 January, 2004
Back in the 1980's some of you may remember that a Texas oil dynasty tried to buy a little silver in between their oil deals. The tale of H.L. Hunt and his family (at one time possibly the richest family in the US) is the stuff of legends in the South. While this is the story of the silver deals of the sons of the 1st family a little family background makes for a better story. Full Story