Silver Stocks Lagging
By: Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence | 2 September, 2011
This last year for silver has been awesome! After a sideways grind in the $15 to $20 range for most of the first three quarters of 2010, silver’s September breakout unleashed a beast that has been nearly unstoppable. By the end of that breakout month silver blasted through its bull high from early 2008, and has more than doubled since! Full Story

Silver Near-Crash
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence | 13 May, 2011
In a single week, the manic euphoria gripping silver recently was utterly obliterated. After promising such rapid wealth creation, this metal collapsed in what can only be described as a near-crash. New investors were left stunned, while leveraged speculators were slaughtered. Sadly, they could have easily avoided these devastating losses. Silver’s massive reversal was both inevitable and predicted well in advance. Full Story

Silver in SPX Selloffs
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence | 18 March, 2011
Silver’s massive surge since late January has naturally made it wildly popular these days. But with the general-stock-market weakness gathering steam, silver traders are increasingly wondering if it could somehow spill into and affect silver. Market history not only shows it likely will, but the odds favor a rather severe downside impact. Full Story

Silver Toppings 2
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence | 11 March, 2011
After soaring 35% in just 6 weeks, silver has driven trader enthusiasm to a fever pitch. Naturally after such a magnificent surge to new multi-decade highs, silver bullishness is off the charts. Expectations for continuing near-parabolic gains are nearly universal, with ebullient commentators coming out of the woodwork to predict spectacular near-term price targets. Full Story

Global Silver Exploration
By: Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence | 4 February, 2011
When exhaustively researching any sector of stocks, a lot can be learned about a given industry, its constituents, and its fundamentals. And indeed at Zeal we’ve learned a lot about the silver-stock sector in our latest round of research. This research is invaluable in both identifying industry trends and selecting the companies with the highest probability for success. Full Story

Silver Futures CoT 2
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence | 28 January, 2011
After rocketing 76% higher in just 5 months, silver continues to enthrall investors and speculators. In the decade I’ve been gaming its bull through actively trading silver stocks, I’ve never seen this metal so popular. As more traders discover silver and start following and trading it, I’ve heard a lot of questions on a recent development in the silver-futures market. Its open interest recently declined sharply. Full Story

Silver ETF Impact 2
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence | 14 January, 2011
Silver’s massive autumn rally has utterly captivated speculators and investors, their appetite for all things silver is insatiable. Interestingly a major driver of this metal’s recent surge was stock-market buying of the flagship silver ETF, SLV. The larger and more popular this fund grows, the greater its ongoing impact on silver prices. Full Story

Real Silver Highs 3
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence | 7 January, 2011
Thanks to its awesome autumn rally, silver has become something of a rock star in the commodities world. Investors and speculators alike are enthralled with this white metal. But with it just hitting new 30-year highs, many on Wall Street suspect silver is stretching to bull-ending extremes. However once silver’s modern history is recast into real inflation-adjusted terms, this metal’s secular bull is still looking young. Full Story

Silver Stocks 4
By: Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence | 31 December, 2010
Commodities have been on a tear in the second half of 2010. Measured by the venerable CCI, the commodities patch has posted record highs in just this last week. In this impressive run the usual suspects have all performed well. From wheat, to oil, to copper, to gold, the gains have been stellar. But one commodity in particular has outshined the rest, silver. Full Story

Silver/Gold Ratio Reversion 4
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 17 December, 2010
Silver has been a rock-star in recent months, rocketing higher to dazzling gains. After such a blistering near-vertical ascent, technicians understandably fear this metal has become wildly overbought. Nevertheless, an alternative perspective on silver’s recent levels counters its extreme technicals. Compared to gold, its primary driver, silver actually looks reasonably-priced today. Full Story

Silver Toppings
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 12 November, 2010
Since emerging out of the usual summer doldrums, silver’s performance has been dazzling. Buyers are returning to this hyper-speculative metal en masse, driving some fast-and-furious gains. And the Fed poured rocket fuel on silver’s hot rally last week when it announced its newest inflationary campaign. Full Story

Big Autumn Silver Rally 2
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 20 August, 2010
Silver has been drifting in a rather lackluster summer. Ever since surging to $19.50 in mid-May, this often-popular white metal has been grinding sideways to lower. By late July it had fallen over 10% to about $17.50. But despite silver’s recent excitement-bereft sojourn, it actually has excellent potential for a big autumn rally in the coming months. Full Story

Silver ETF Divergence
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 23 April, 2010
Launched 4 years ago this week, the SLV silver ETF has proven very successful. With $5.1b in net assets, it already ranks among the top 20 largest ETFs in the US. And the 287m ounces of physical silver bullion it holds in trust for its stock investors is impressive. For comparison, elite market-darling silver streamer Silver Wheaton only produced 17m ounces last year (equivalent to 6% of SLV’s holdings). Full Story

Silver/Gold Ratio Reversion 3
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 16 April, 2010
Silver’s recent rallying action is starting to catch traders’ attention. Since the end of its latest correction in early February, this white metal has surged 23% higher. It has well outperformed gold, which only climbed 9% over this same 9-week span. And based on silver’s strong historical relationship with gold, odds are today’s silver rally is only beginning. Silver’s gains should accelerate in the months ahead. Full Story

Silver Bull Seasonals
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 22 January, 2010
Seasonality, the tendency for prices to consistently move in the same direction at particular times in the calendar year, is always fascinating. While it is intuitive for commodities dominated by orbital-mechanics-driven annual patterns, such as natural-gas demand surging in the cold winters, seasonality also exists in commodities without clear calendar connections. Full Story

Big Autumn Silver Rally
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 21 August, 2009
Silver’s fundamentals offer plenty of reasons to be bullish in the coming years. Relentlessly growing global investment demand coupled with reduced production is a recipe for much higher prices. With something like 3/4ths of all the silver mined globally being merely a byproduct, primarily of base metals, supplies will remain constrained. Investors will have to compete in a tiny market for this scarce metal. Full Story

Silver Investment
By: Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 10 July, 2009
Investment has been a core element of the silver market since its very beginning. For thousands of years investors stored a portion of their wealth in this white metal via such vehicles as ornamentals and jewelry. Silver investment has also been facilitated through a variety of monetary systems. In fact many historians believe this metal was used in the oldest form of coinage. Full Story

Silver Stocks 3
By: Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 3 July, 2009
When the words “precious metals” are spoken, gold is usually what comes to mind first. And in the universe of PM stocks it is indeed gold that most miners are after. The vast majority of PM mining companies explore for and ultimately seek to find the Ancient Metal of Kings. But gold is not the only precious metal. Full Story

Silver/Gold Ratio Reversion 2
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 19 June, 2009
Silver has endured a rather tough June so far. After peaking just under $16 on the 2nd, this white precious metal plunged 12% to just over $14 by the 15th. This is certainly a significant decline for less than 2 weeks, so silver traders are anxiously wondering what it portends. Will silver languish in the summer doldrums again this year? Full Story

Silver/Gold Ratio Reversion
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 6 February, 2009
While wreaking its unbelievable destruction, last quarter’s financial-market panic certainly showed no favoritism. Launching from ground zero in the financial stocks, shockwaves of selling blasted out through the entire market landscape. Everything speculators once loved was left in ruins, including silver. Full Story

Silver in Crisis
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 21 November, 2008
Since silver has fallen off a cliff and even its best producers have cratered, silver investors and speculators are feeling tremendous anxiety. Me too, this crisis situation is just unreal. Like so many things in these crazy markets, today’s horrific silver environment would’ve seemed impossible not too many months ago. So this week I decided to take a look at silver in crisis and see what insights we could glean. Full Story

SLV Silver ETF
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 20 June, 2008
While SLV isn’t for everyone, particularly hardcore traditional physical guys, it is really expanding the silver fold. Mainstream investors who are new to precious metals can buy a little SLV, which not only adds silver-price exposure but gets them watching silver regularly. SLV helps spread the silver gospel. And the more investors and capital that grow interested in silver, the bigger its secular bull will ultimately be. Full Story

Silver Stocks 2
By: Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 30 May, 2008
This secular silver bull likely still has a long way to go. And I believe we will eventually see silver prices much higher than the highs experienced in March. But even if silver retreats for a spell, silver mining should still be highly profitable. Even at $10 the elite miners can still turn incredible profits as they produce their silver at costs half this amount, with some operating at costs near nil when byproduct credits are thrown into the mix. Full Story

Silver Technicals 2
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 23 May, 2008
I’ve never seen any other commodity generate such a fanatical following as silver. There are many investors and speculators interested in nothing but silver and its miners. There are financial newsletters focused solely on silver. This metal’s ecosystem, birthed by a legendary superspike over 28 years ago, is totally unique. Full Story

Real Silver Highs 2
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 18 January, 2008
Gold is definitely not the only commodity enjoying a very happy new year. The strong global investment demand for precious metals has spilled over into silver as well. Just last week, silver soared above $16 for the first time since January 1981! Silver investors are naturally very excited about this dazzling 27-year high. Full Story

Silver Lagging Gold
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 26 October, 2007
While this long-established silver behavior doesn’t alter long-term bullishness on silver one bit, it really should readjust trader expectations. Like soldiers describing war as mostly boredom punctuated by occasional sheer terror, so is silver trading. We need to expect long periods of boring consolidations and relative underperformance to gold before silver suddenly shoots parabolic and earns us fortunes within months. Full Story

Alarming Silver Technicals
By: Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 31 August, 2007
Investors now have the opportunity to become true contrarians and deploy speculative capital into the much-feared silver-stock environment. If silver’s last two uplegs and consolidations tell the story of what is to come, then legendary gains could be just around the corner. Full Story

Silver Stocks
By: Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 30 March, 2007
In the Olympics when the second-place finisher of an event steps up to the podium to receive his silver medal, it is always overshadowed by the champion of the event, the elite top finisher, the gold medalist. In the precious metals realm this analogy holds all too true for the exposure, attention and market that gold commands over silver. Though I believe gold’s dominance over silver is warranted for a variety of reasons, silver embodies many of the same fundamental characteristics as gold and indeed stands on its own two feet in its own bull market. Silver has and will greatly reward investors and speculators that heed the call of this precious metal. Full Story

Tactical Silver Trends 6
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 23 March, 2007
Much has been said and written about all the chaos that buffeted the financial markets several weeks ago in response to the selloff in the parabolic Chinese stock markets. The mini-panic’s impact on the US stock markets and commodities in general has been analyzed from countless perspectives. Silver, perhaps speculators’ most beloved commodity, did not escape this carnage unscathed. Full Story

Tactical Silver Trends 5
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence | 18 August, 2006
This year has been the most exciting witnessed in silver for decades. The fabled white metal entered 2006 below $9, blasted up to challenge $15 by early May, and has since retreated back near $12. The sheer magnitude of these moves has created something of a speculator wonderland in this restless metal. Full Story

Real Silver Highs
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 17 February, 2006
Five weeks ago I penned an essay detailing 35 years of gold prices in real inflation-adjusted terms. At the time the financial media was trumpeting 25-year gold highs in order to scare investors away from gold. But in the real terms that truly matter, gold was only trading near early 1990s levels which are quite low in historic context. Perspective is everything in the financial markets. Full Story

Tactical Silver Trends 4
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 6 January, 2006
Due to its relatively small global market, its hyper-volatility, and its proven historical potential to multiply capital many times over, silver remains a beloved favorite among countless investors and speculators. With silver closing above $9 this week for the first time since April 1987, we silver fans have much to cheer about. Full Story

Silver/Oil Ratio Extremes
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 7 October, 2005
The bottom line is silver, even though its monetary nature is disputed, does have a strong positive correlation with oil historically, especially in major bull markets. And today oil and silver are once again in such secular bull markets. Oil has advanced far ahead of silver, but the historical relationship between these two commodities strongly suggests silver will close this gap by catapulting ahead sooner or later. Today’s extremes in the silver and oil relationship are almost certainly not sustainable, and no matter what the oil price does the silver price is likely to advance enormously when the silver/oil ratio inevitably starts mean reverting. Will you be along for this extremely profitable ride? Full Story

Silver Futures CoT
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 9 September, 2005
While September marks the dawn of the seasonally strong time of year for silver, the white metal hasn’t fared well lately. It has spent the last six months or so largely grinding sideways, yielding no traction for bulls or bears. This episode has been particularly trying for investors deployed in silver to ride the ongoing secular commodities bull. Silver is unique among commodities and has extraordinary potential. It is a relatively small market largely supplied by byproduct silver from base-metal mining. Regardless of how high silver prices run, base-metal miners are not able to ramp up their silver production rapidly. Full Story

Geopolitical Silver
By: Scott Wright, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 29 July, 2005
Considered a precious metal because of its rarity and alluring traits, silver has given investors and speculators a wild ride in today’s commodities bull. Though not experiencing the same popularity today as gold, silver’s shining history dates back to the beginning of man and through the ages it has been a store of wealth and admiration. Today silver not only continues to hold these same sparkling qualities, but also provides indispensable industrial and technological functionality. Full Story

Trading Silver Volatility
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 24 June, 2005
With all the excitement surrounding the new all-time euro gold highs lately, silver has taken a back seat in the popular precious-metals consciousness. But quietly, behind the scenes, silver bullion is being increasingly accumulated by savvy investors around the world. Full Story

Tactical Silver Trends 3
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 4 March, 2005
Since silver is such a volatile and relatively tiny market, ultimately its gains will probably vastly dwarf those of the ongoing secular gold bull. If you can stomach silver’s extreme volatility and enjoy a good speculative roller-coaster ride, the best of this third major upleg still looks like it is yet to come. Full Story

Tactical Silver Trends 2
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence LLC | 7 January, 2005
The past month has not been a happy time for silver longs, and the New Year has yet to bring any respite. After reaching its latest interim top of $8.01 on December 1st, the always-volatile speculative metal first plummeted to $6.68 in a matter of days before relentlessly grinding down to $6.41 earlier this week. Full Story

Tactical Silver Trends
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal LLC | 10 September, 2004
If you join me in believing that this young silver bull market remains in force for fundamental reasons as global demand continues to exceed mined supply, then there is no better time to buy than when silver trades near its lower support zones, like today. Even after its ugly slump this week, silver’s technicals look fine and remain quite bullish. Full Story

Silver’s New Upleg
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence | 6 August, 2004
This week I would like to discuss this strong early recovery in silver prices and its important implications for the metals world in general. Silver’s summer price signature appears to be that of the early months of a major new upleg. If this interpretation proves correct in the months ahead, then silver is leading the way and gold and the PM stocks will certainly follow sooner or later here. Silver’s new upleg is the great news that PM speculators have been increasingly desperately seeking! Full Story

Silver Corrects or Crashes?
By: Adam Hamilton, Zeal Intelligence | 30 April, 2004
Almost 25 years ago Professor Roy Jastram wrote an outstanding book on silver, which he called “Silver: The Restless Metal”. It is hard to imagine a more appropriate title for a classic study on the famous white metal, as its extreme volatility profile usually dwarfs that of every other major commodity.

In the last few months, silver has certainly lived up to Dr. Jastram’s prescient moniker. Since the beginning of February, silver has exploded from near $6 to over $8 only to plummet back down under $6 again. To put this into perspective, a similar percentage swing in gold would have yielded a jaw-dropping spike from $400 to $545 to a subsequent swift collapse back down under $400, all since early February! Wow.
Full Story

Trading the Silver Bull
By: Adam Hamilton, CPA, Zeal LLC | 23 January, 2004
Unfortunately silver never seems to garner as much press as gold or the general equity markets, so there are probably lots of contrarians out there not yet fully aware of all the wonderful things afoot in the other precious metal. In just the past few months or so, the technical character of the silver market has changed dramatically. Silver’s major long-term resistance has been decisively blown out of the water, the upslopes of its key moving averages are accelerating, and what may very well prove to be the first major upleg of a long bull market has just been witnessed. Full Story