The production of silver in the world 2009
By: Dr Thomas Chaize | 16 September, 2009
Industrial use of silver is often associated with the declining use of film, then it represents only 1 / 10 of its use. Silver is used for its conductivity (electronic) and properties bactericidal (nanotechnology of Health). Since the advent of digital photography, industrial demand has largely offset the decline in demand for photographic film. Full Story

10 Gold / Silver Ratios
By: Dr Thomas Chaize | 19 February, 2008
The price of an ounce of silver will continue to increase more quickly than that of gold. For example, if the gold price rises 100%, the price of silver can increase between 100 and 600% depending on the evolution of the ratio. Full Story

Perspective of the Price of the Ounce of Silver in Dollars
By: Dr Chaize Thomas | 25 June, 2007
Since the beginning of the change of tendency of the ounce of silver, the price of the silver knew two big regular waves of increase. Today, the price of the ounce of silver seems to build the third wave with the same characteristics as both of the previous ones. The objective of this technical analysis is to know the timing and the objectives of this third wave of increase of the price of the ounce of silver. Full Story

The Ratio of Silver Mining
By: Dr CHAIZE Thomas | 31 May, 2006
The object of these lines is to explain what the ratio of silver mining is and how to use the graph representing its evolution in time. The price for silver mining as well as that of the ounce of silver evolve by big waves, of increase and decline rough. These waves are not always parallel, it is often difficult to know which moment to buy or to sell a silver mine. The purpose of this ratio is to indicate the periods of "up valuation" and of "down valuation" of silver mining with regard to the price for the ounce of silver. Full Story

Total Capitalization of Silver Mines
By: Thomas Chaize, Dani 2989 | 17 December, 2004
The objective of these calculations is to know the valuation total of silver mines to know what they represent with regard to other traditional stock. I grouped together silver mines of Europe, Africa, America, Australia and Asia. I missed, certainly, some small silver mines of Asia. Full Story

Silver Reserves of Silver Mines
By: Chaize Thomas, Dani 2989 | 21 November, 2004
The deposits of silver mines rarely have reserves in 100% of silver. There is always an association with the other metals as gold, zinc, copper, lead. It is even frequent as these mines possess deposits of the other minerals. It is a problem for the investor of silver because, when it looks for a silver mine, but it is very often in ownership of a big brass or zinc mine with a part of the silver reserves. Full Story

The Ratio and Silver: Price, Production and Reserves
By: Thomas Chaize, Dani 2989 | 5 November, 2004
Here is the second article on the subject of the ratio gold and silver. He allows to measure the report between the gold and the silver according to different methods. After a historic approach on the ratio in 19th century and a comparison of the production of the silver with the copper, the lead, the cobalt, the zinc, the nickel, this article has a much more concrete approach. The first part explains the beginners that is the ratio gold and silver. The second part gives various types of ratio and the last part is a possible interpretation of these ratios. The subject of this series of articles is to find the good report between the gold and the silver, because the current report of 60 is a temporary abnormality of the market. This is very interesting for investors because the gold is in a long-term bullish market and because the silver usually follows the gold in its increase. He moreover has to catch up his delay on the gold. Full Story

Silver& zinc, copper, lead, nickel, cobalt. Comparison of the production, the prices and the reserves.
By: Chaize Thomas, Dani 2989 | 16 August, 2004
It is very frequent that we made reference to the ratio of the price between the gold and the silver, sometimes we speak about their production. Nevertheless, it is very rare that we compare the price and the production of the silver with those some zinc, some copper, some lead, some nickel and some cobalt. The zinc, the copper and the lead are often associated to the production of silver, on the other hand the nickel and the cobalt are not connected on it. The average report between the production of silver and the other metals is calculated in a first part, then I calculate the average price between the silver and these other metals. The last ratio is the report between silver in reserve and other metals. These figures are then used to make one theoretical calculation of the price of the ounce of silver according to this ratio. Full Story

The Silver Mining Industry
By: Dani | 17 July, 2004
The silver mining industry, after more than 20 years of decline, came out of a prolonged hibernation. Volumes showed a strong increase, demonstrating the quality of the wave. Then came along a strong corrective pattern which, unfortunately, is quite normal. So, where do the industry stand today? Full Story

H&S Silver
By: Dani | 27 April, 2004
If we look at a long-term graph of the silver, we are reassured.

The objective of the head shoulders inverted is $11.5. There is a ancient summit in this sector which is $13. It is possible to fix the objective of the next big wave of increase between $11.5 and $13.
Full Story

Silver in €uros
By: Dani | 19 February, 2004
We can see that since 1993, the silver in euro evolved in a canal between 4 and 5€ (if we exclude the point in 6.5€, in 1998), what makes a fork of evolution of the prices of the order of 20 %. We can say that it has been 10 years since the silver stagnates in the European currency. While between 1987 and 1993 the rate of silver knew extremes between 2.5€ and 8€ what makes a 300 % fork in the evolution of the prices. It should have a return of the volatility and a sharp increase in the silver there very soon. Full Story