$75 Silver Looming
By: The Gold Report and David Morgan | 8 August, 2011
The new normal could be $75/oz. silver. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, David Morgan, editor of The Morgan Report, maps out a path for silver that could sink as low as $5/ounce (oz.) during the summer pullback and then bounce up to $75/oz. to establish a new base level. A consistent Silver Institute Production Cost Standard could help investors make smarter decisions during the coming upswing. Full Story

Silver and the Minimum Wage
By: David Morgan | 4 March, 2011
Many of us who write about the precious metals field have put out their 2011 forecasts and predictions for the New Year. This writer is no exception, but it seemed to me that it might be nice to look at my mission statement and determine if I could compose a simple story that might engage the reader to think about the current dire state of affairs in the economy and how an honest "money" system might help on an individual basis. Full Story

David Morgan Explains Why Silver Is Catching Up, Why It's Broken Out and Where It Goes From Here
By: The Daily Bell and David Morgan | 1 November, 2010
"The major monetary metal in history is silver, not gold." – Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman in an interview with James Blanchard at the New Orleans Investment Conference. November 7, 1993. The above quote is fact of monetary history but few in the West study or know silver's history. Yes, gold is money but silver has been used as money more often, in more places, by more people than gold ever has. Full Story

Play Silver, but Don't Get "Stuck"
By: The Gold Report and David Morgan | 19 September, 2010
What's up these days with Silver Guru David Morgan? In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, David talks about his silver obsession and his newsletter, The Morgan Report. He also imparts some investment wisdom: "The simple fact is I'm not a pig. Bulls make money, bears make money—and pigs get stuck. I'm not going to get stuck and neither are you, if you follow what I'm doing." David also discusses some of his "nonstick" silver holdings. Full Story

Silver and Gold Fall from Favor
By: David Morgan | 30 August, 2010
My point is that we may experience a tough summer once again, but in a bull market most surprises are to the upside not the downside. As more and more former gold bugs abandon ship, and the sentiment gets very poor you can rest assured the bottom has arrived. Then the precious metals continue to ascend the wall of worry. Full Story

David Morgan: The Latest Skinny on Silver
By: The Gold Report and David Morgan | 4 May, 2010
It's often called the "Poor Man's Gold," but according to "Silver Guru" David Morgan of The Morgan Report and www.silver-investor.com, silver is poised to outperform gold. "The amount of silver mined meets industrial and investment demand. We've reached equilibrium," Morgan explains. In this exclusive interview for The Gold Report, Mr. Morgan gives us the straight skinny on silver. Full Story

Silver Thursday Plus 30
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 23 March, 2010
Unless you are a real silver bug or a much studied gold bug, the concept of Silver Thursday will have little meaning for you. Silver Thursday took place on March 27, 1980, and this-coming Saturday marks the thirtieth anniversary of that event. Full Story

David Morgan: In the Grips of a Currency Crisis
By: The Gold Report and David Morgan | 26 February, 2010
However the evolving global currency crisis ultimately manifests itself, either total deflation and a debt-liquidating depression or a hyperinflationary blow-off, David Morgan of The Morgan Report says "There's none better than gold—and silver is probably just as good—if you're worried about a crisis hedge." Full Story

David Morgan is Interviewed by Dr. Allen Alper
By: David Morgan and by Dr. Allen Alper | 17 December, 2009
We recently had a chance to interview David Morgan of the Silver-Investor.com—home of The Morgan Report a financial newsletter focusing on Money, Metals, and Mining. David Morgan is one of the leaders in forecasting growth and value in silver, gold, rare earth elements and other resource opportunities. He offered his thoughts on everything from the future of the U.S. dollar to the current silver and gold price cycle. Full Story

The Past Decade
By: David Morgan and Ellis Martin | 5 November, 2009
My thinking goes like this. It’s very simple—the first thing I want out of my investment in this sector is something that I feel stands alone outside of the system. Only coins in hand or bullion in hand do that. So my first purchase, and I recommend it from the start, is to have the physical gold or silver in hand. Full Story

What Is Your Exposure?
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 29 October, 2009
A well-known truism is that every investor needs to start with savings. But what if that “savings” gave the investor too much exposure to risk? What investors or people in general need in this financial environment is savings that don’t deteriorate. We are in an environment now where the idea of making money, which is kind of the preamble to being American, is going away. Full Story

Morgan on Rocks and Stocks
By: David Morgan and Andy Sutton | 22 October, 2009
Andy Sutton: Hello everyone. Welcome to Contrary Investors Café for the Rocks and Stocks Report. My name is Andy Sutton and this week we have an exciting guest, David Morgan from Silver-Investor.com. I don’t think this really needs much preamble, so without ado let’s get right into the interview with David Morgan. Full Story

Is This the Final Blast-Off?
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 15 October, 2009
I would be much more comfortable saying this is the final blast-off if silver were hitting $21.00 right now as gold is trading over $1,000—that would be confirmation in my book, and I’d be very, very bullish. Unfortunately, silver isn’t leading the charge at this time and that is acceptable. Full Story

Excerpt from the September Morgan Report
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 8 October, 2009
The following is an excerpt from the September Morgan Report. Many have asked what to expect after October 1, 2009. Well, that time has arrived and the following may give you the reader some insights into my thinking… Full Story

Silver as Money? Give Me a Break!
By: David Morgan and Tom Jeffries | 1 October, 2009
In the United States, some people are two paychecks or three paychecks away from bankruptcy, thus gold is the last thing on their mind as far as what they can afford. But they certainly could afford some silver, so I think you’re going to see silver really, really take off once we get near the end of this great credit debacle that we’re now experiencing. Full Story

Silver/Gold/REE Review
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 17 September, 2009
Many have been asking what is going to happen with gold and silver this month, and I maintain it is a tough call. The September month is usually pretty positive for the metals. In fact, there have been several articles talking about the last chance to buy gold under $1000. Frank Holmes, a much respected fund manager, spoke recently about September being one of the best months to be in the metals markets. I certainly don’t disagree with Frank. I’m pretty bullish for September but I’m very cautious going into October. Full Story

Precious Metals –What Do I Do Now?
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 11 September, 2009
It seems more and more people are waking up to the fact that gold and silver are not only moving up but are also much safer investments currently than any other alternative. At the present time, I treat the commodity differently than I treat the underlining mining equities. As far as buying bullion or coins, basically I think investors should buy them at any time. Full Story

Ten Rules of Silver Investing
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 3 September, 2009
Certainly I am a gold advocate. Indeed, as I say in this Number One rule, it’s a way to preserve large amounts of wealth in a very small space and that’s great and all investors should recognize that fact. But if you’re really thinking outside the envelope, silver is absolutely the place you should be for part of your money. Full Story

David Morgan on the Junior Miners
By: John Rubino and David Morgan | 2 September, 2009
The precious metals juniors have had a nice pop in the past few months. But according to David Morgan, veteran silver analyst and publisher of The Morgan Report, the real fun is just beginning. We spoke recently about why the sector has a bright future and how to tell the real companies from the story stocks. Full Story

Ellis Martin and David Morgan Discuss Junior Silver Mining Companies
By: David Morgan and Ellis Martin | 27 August, 2009
Welcome to The Opportunity Show. I’m Ellis Martin. Today we are talking about the possibility of making real money at this time by investing in silver stocks. Joining me is silver guru David Morgan of silver-investor.com. Thanks for joining us today again. Full Story

Silver and China
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 21 August, 2009
Recently it was announced on a Chinese news service that silver bullion is now being offered to the Chinese public. Please note this is a very small operation and at this point none of us knows if this will really catch on with the Chinese investing public. Full Story

The Gold/Silver Ratio
By: David Morgan and Tom Jeffries | 14 August, 2009
The following is an interview I did recently discussing the gold/silver ratio. This topic seems to surface from time to time and Tom Jeffries and I explored it together. Full Story

Market Force-Silver
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 6 August, 2009
The MFA for silver until recently was showing that it was going to outperform gold, which it has. Right now we’re at a point where the Market Force Analysis has to bust through a particular resistance level, and it’s right there at it, and it hasn’t broken through, whereas gold has actually moved off and started to show significant strengths. Full Story

Silver Investing/Risk and Reward
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 30 July, 2009
One of the questions I am asked most frequently is, “Where can I invest in precious metals to maximize returns?” The answer is not as straightforward as one might expect. Full Story

Silver—The Metal of Hope
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 17 July, 2009
Very few these days have put their hope in the white metal. Far more have put hope in the yellow one. But most put their hope in what they believe the new administration will bring back—the American dream. Basically, their hope rides on a system that in times past has always failed, whether it was born in China, Germany, Argentina, or whatever nation state, it did not matter. Full Story

Summary of Inflation and Deflation the United States
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 3 July, 2009
The following is an excerpt from the March issue of The Morgan Report. This followed a lengthy discussion of how silver and gold both performed during inflationary and deflationary periods. Most of what I wrote was based upon the work of Roy Jastram and his work on Silver the Restless Metal and the Golden Constant. Full Story

Silver Market Update
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 26 June, 2009
The following is an excerpt from the June issue of The Morgan Report. Although I recently wrote about the silver as money issue, many precious metals investors are rather under informed about some aspects of the silver market. Our readers have been kept up to date about the thrust for getting Mexico and other Latin countries to use silver along with their paper currencies. Full Story

David Morgan: We Could See Silver Outperform Gold 2:1
By: The Gold Report and David Morgan | 23 June, 2009
David Morgan, whose interest in silver dates to the tender age of 11, returns to The Gold Report today to discuss the latest buzz about his favorite subject. One of the world's leading authorities on silver as a commodity, an investment, a safe haven and an increasingly important manufacturing metal, he expects this year's stronger-than-anticipated late spring climb to lose momentum before the end of the month. Full Story

David Morgan Interviewed by Nancy Massicotte of The Opportunity Show
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 19 June, 2009
Welcome to The Opportunity Show. I’m Ellis Martin. Today we have an interesting interview from Vancouver, British Columbia, with our correspondent Nancy Massicotte and The Silver Guru, David Morgan. Full Story

Is Silver Money? (Revisited)
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 11 June, 2009
I just returned from the Cambridge House Investment Conference in Vancouver, BC, and found this to be one of the best precious metals gatherings ever, not so much from the perspective of a number of attendees, but from the quality of the people who did attend. Full Story

Silver- A few questions…
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 4 June, 2009
In most issues of The Morgan Report I answer questions from our subscribers, this week I looked back at some past issues and picked out a few that might be of interest to this readership as well. Full Story

Silver—Long Term
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 29 May, 2009
My purpose this week is to point out what many others have addressed and it might be referred to as peak silver. Now before we get too far into this subject, please note this topic previously has been addressed by me and several other writers in this space. Full Story

Ellis and David Discuss Opening a Coin Shop
By: David Morgan and Ellis Martin | 22 May, 2009
I’m Ellis Martin, host of the Opportunity Show. Today again we’re featuring the Silver Guru himself, David Morgan. Mr. Morgan is recognized around the globe as an expert on silver, gold, and other precious metals. His Web site is silver-investor.com. David, thanks for joining us again today. Full Story

Implications of a “Sullivan-style Massive Sulfide Beds” Project Model
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 14 May, 2009
I almost always focus these weekly missives on the precious metals or economy but seldom write about mining companies. This week I decided to give our readers a little taste of one high potential situation we have been following closely. The name and symbol are left out intentionally because many Internet hosting sites do not want company names involved. This is intended to give the reader some insight into the type of potential a Massive Sulfide discovery may entail. Full Story

Upside Down Gold
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 8 May, 2009
Has the rush to gold started? Yes, but barely, because only recently have we seen a nation admit they are moving into gold. China and of course the gold bugs have been buying since the recent bottom in 2000, but this pales in what this writer sees ahead; now that the structure is failing, more and more nations, institutions, and individuals will be heading to the bottom for safety and liquidity (gold). Full Story

Silver—Too Little or Too Much?
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 1 May, 2009
As most readers know, I have been interested in the silver market from a very early age, and this interest has brought me in touch with many interesting people. One group that I have met and have many friends and associates among is the precious metals dealers. In fact, it would be tough for me to estimate how many I know on a first-name basis, so let’s just say many! Full Story

Ellis Martin and David Morgan Discuss the Golden Envelope
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 24 April, 2009
I’ve been noticing something that I have not seen here before, David. I’m in the Greater Los Angeles area and in just a four- or five-block radius from where I am, there are at least four or five gold and silver shops that have sprung up and by gold and silver shops, [I mean that] they want to buy whatever you’ve got. It’s quite a phenomenon. Full Story

Precious Metals vs. a One-World Currency
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 17 April, 2009
An article on Reuters recently indicated a United Nations panel has decided much of the world would like to move away from the American currency as the world’s reserve currency. This panel wanted to look into a “basket of currencies” or perhaps another entirely different, new currency to replace the U.S. dollar. Additionally, both the Russians and Chinese have indicated similar concerns. Full Story

Ellis Martin Interviews David Morgan of The Morgan Report
By: David Morgan and Ellis Martin | 10 April, 2009
Can you trust investing in silver the physical metal? The answer is yes, always, and everywhere. The reason that’s the answer is because silver and gold both are sovereign wealth. They’re the only monetary or financial assets that are outside of today’s financial system. Full Story

silberinfo Interview with David Morgan
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 2 April, 2009
Yes, at this point (subject to change) I do not expect to see silver take out the $21 level this year. I want to be cautious here—silver can at almost any time take off on its own, without rhyme or reason. I have studied this market for more than 30 years and yet silver can confound the best of us. Full Story

Silver—Gold’s Poodle?
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 27 March, 2009
Gold gets most of the press and silver always seems to be in second place, and it will probably stay that way until we get to the blow-off phase of this precious metals bull market. Full Story

Why Is There a Coin Shortage?
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 20 March, 2009
While recently attending the Orlando Money Show and as one of the few who were advocating real money, if you know what I mean, the topic of the silver and gold shortage was discussed, as you’ll see in the attached video link. Before viewing it, keep in mind a few points: Full Story

Silver—Draw the Line
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 13 March, 2009
The controversy surrounding the gold and silver ETFs continues and there are proponents both for and against the GLD and SLV. In an effort to remain consistent personally, my original “take” on the silver ETF remains, which is to state that any “investment” involving silver would have an overall positive effect because it would draw more and more attention to both professional and private investors that indeed silver is not only a worthwhile investment but also has all the monetary qualities of gold and has an industrial component that will remain, under any economic conditions. Full Story

The Silver Pit and Archie’s Rule
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 6 March, 2009
In the February issue of The Morgan Report, we produced a feature that is of extreme significance to those of us who are serious about making money in the mining sector. We have diverted a bit from starting off the report with a quote and instead ask a very important question. "What is an economic mining project?” A question any serious mining investor should ask! Full Story

Silver in a Deflation
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 27 February, 2009
As I have stated many times, the easy money has been made in the precious metals but the BIG money lies ahead, because if you think like I think, once this “disinflation” turns into a dollar collapse people will be looking for anything that will hold value, and that certainly includes both the precious metals. Full Story

The Silver Slam
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 20 February, 2009
Last week I mentioned that CIBC slammed the silver market and gave my opinion of where their analysis missed the mark. Tonight as I pen this missive in haste due to packing and flying requirements early tomorrow, it seemed the best to give a short introduction on the Silver Slam. Full Story

CIBC –Slams Silver
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 13 February, 2009
The amount of silver that is available for investment is so small, probably 50 million to 100 million ounces at best. That is a pitifully small market, relative to all the paper that’s flying around. And there will be a day like no other day, when someone is not going to be able to deliver silver to someone who can make some noise, and when that event takes place it will probably be pushed aside, looked at askew, and not recognized as the fact that it is. But eventually the truth will leak out, and once that happens I think more and more people will start to get much more interested in the silver market. Full Story

Silver—It’s the Pits
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 30 January, 2009
Throughout my association in the mining industry I have heard almost every story you can imagine. For instance, there is more gold in seawater than can be measured and some company is supposed to have some super technology that can extract it profitably. Full Story

Silver and the Chinese
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 23 January, 2009
Bloomberg put out some interesting news regarding the silver market stating that refined silver output in China has peaked and it could stop growing because less will be produced as a result of halting of mine expansions, higher costs for production and lower prices received for the metal itself. Full Story

Silver and the Minimum Wage
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 16 January, 2009
Many of us who write about the precious metals field have put out their 2009 forecasts and predictions for the New Year. This writer is no exception, but it seemed to me that it might be nice to look at my mission statement and determine if I could compose a simple story that might engage the reader to think about the current dire state of affairs in the economy and how an honest “money” system might help on an individual basis. Full Story

Silver News and Views
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 9 January, 2009
The Silver Institute just put out a press release which stated, "The silver price, per ounce, in 2008 averaged a strong US$14.98, a nearly 12-percent increase over the 2007 average price of US$13.38; the best average annual price since 1980. A key development in silver’s fortune has been renewed investor interest in the white metal, which began in earnest in 2004 and continues today, as illustrated in the chart below." Full Story

David Morgan: Spring May Bring “Obama Rally”
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 19 December, 2008
Typical pre-teen boys may be as committed to collecting coins as they are baseball cards, but to find 11-year-olds intrigued by the M1 money supply, fiat currency and the silver standard would be a rarity by anyone’s standards. David Morgan, whose interest in silver dates to that tender age, was one of the rare ones—and still is. Although his horizon has expanded considerably since those days, he now stands out among the world’s preeminent silver authorities, investment experts and worldview economists. Full Story

Silver—Where Is It?
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 19 December, 2008
There is without a doubt a price differential between retail silver product, such as 100-troy-ounce silver bars, and the spot price for silver on the Futures Exchange. In fact, this presents a very good arbitrage opportunity for those willing to take the risk. This is accomplished by selling lots of 1000 troy ounces in 100-ounce-bar increments and locking in the 1000-oz. COMEX bars for delivery. This process is achievable and, as with all arbitrage situations, will find some market participants willing to take advantage of this opportunity. Full Story

Junk Silver or Junk Bonds?
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 12 December, 2008
As the debt burden continues to increase, more and more people will see the light and realize that it is not the government responsible for paying off the bonds—it’s the people themselves. And where is that “money” coming from? Full Story

Ten Questions with David Morgan
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 5 December, 2008
These rules are pithy, timeless, and will pay big dividends to new investors and seasoned professionals alike. We asked David to share his knowledge, as the precious metals markets have become as turbulent as Wall Street’s. Full Story

Precious Metals in Europe
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 27 November, 2008
During my recent trip to Europe we visited four main cities: London, Paris, Zurich, and Munich. My impression of each location varied, in relation to the current global economic climate and how the precious metals are behaving. Full Story

Silver Certificates
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 14 November, 2008
The following excerpt is from the November issue of The Morgan Report. Many in the precious metals community have been leery of holding paper silver. Interestingly the people I interviewed began to ask similar questions and began their own holding company. Part of the interview from the November issue follows… Full Story

Silver Production Falls by 70%
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 31 October, 2008
This headline should grab anyone’s attention, especially those interested in the silver market. Before going forward, let me explain that fully 70% of silver is produced as a result of mining other metals, mostly base metals. Copper mining, for example, is responsible for 28% of the silver mined in 2007. Lead/Zinc mining yielded 32% of the silver mined in 2007. Finally, gold mining brought about 10% of the silver mined, again in 2007. All data is from GFMS World Silver Survey 2008, page 31. Full Story

How Investing in Precious Metals Will Help Baby Boomers Retire Comfortably Without Fear
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 24 October, 2008
Baby boomers, with every year that you get older, do you become more and more afraid of retiring? I don’t blame you at all. The worldwide economic slowdown epidemic that is forcing homeowners into foreclosure, halting consumer spending, driving up credit card bills and crashing stock exchanges on a global basis are seriously hurting many baby boomers’ plans for retirement. Full Story

Gold and Deflation
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 17 October, 2008
No one likes to be a prophet of doom, but the simple truth is that silver is the world’s money of last resort. Should a severe economic collapse occur, leaving paper assets worthless, silver will be primary currency for purchase of goods and services. (Gold will be a store of major wealth, but will be priced too high for day-to-day use.) Thus, every investor should own some physical silver-and store a portion of it where it’s accessible in an emergency. Full Story

Silver – What’s Left?
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 10 October, 2008
As this article is being penned, the silver price as quoted by New York is in the $12.00 area. The amount of open interest for silver is 100,000 plus, which is almost 6 times as great as the entire dealer inventory. In monetary terms, 85,000,000 ounces at $12 per ounce, yields just over one billion dollars, or in terms of today’s financial parlance, about 1/700 of the amount Paulson just pushed through Congress for the latest “bailout.” Full Story

Precious Metals in the Physical Realm
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 25 September, 2008
It has been one of my strongest points to teach all investors how important gold and silver are under any financial climate. Some took positions early and others are now coming to the realization that having gold and silver is crucial for proper portfolio diversification. Full Story

Silver Is the ONLY Asset that Is NOT Someone Else’s Liability
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 21 September, 2008
Before sending me an e-mail telling me I am wrong, let me admit it!! I am WRONG—silver is not the only asset that is not someone else’s liability. But some of the staunchest “Gold Bugs” have it wrong and insist that gold is the only asset. In fact, fully-owned lumber or land or even an apple orchard are assets, and again, if owned outright would be an asset without a liability. Full Story

What Every Silver Investor Must Do Now
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 12 September, 2008
To state it has been rough in the precious metals sector the past month is a gross understatement. Many in this sector, including this writer, have experienced losses that just a few short weeks ago would have seemed nearly impossible. Full Story

Sell the First of May, Return after Labor Day
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 5 September, 2008
The above adage is well known by precious-metals investors; in fact I used this quote in one of our monthly reports. I recall how many inquiries we received, asking if indeed I thought this summer (2008) would show the pattern similar to most summers for the precious metals. At times I questioned which direction the metals would break, but stated, as mentioned in last week’s column, our analysis forecast a long correction going into August 2008. Full Story

Silver Calls
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 28 August, 2008
Before you dive too far into this missive, let me state this is NOT about call options on silver. I might address that issue at some point in the future, but this week’s commentary is about how I have “called” the silver market. Full Story

Silver Arbitrage
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 22 August, 2008
We can see from this weekly chart that gold clearly outperformed silver from 1999 until 2003. The gold/silver ratio reached a high near 82 to 1 in early 2003. The trend has been down since then, meaning that silver has outperformed gold from 2003 to present, but not by much. Full Story

Silver Gets Spiked!
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 15 August, 2008
Traders enjoy the leverage that can be obtained using futures and options; however, I would like to bring to your attention the ability for you to invest with commodity-like leverage without as much risk. You see, many mining companies are similar to options that have an unlimited life. How would you like to buy a low price option on silver that never expired? Full Story

Small Cap Stocks
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 8 August, 2008
Many junior and senior resource companies are at very attractive levels right now, and astute investors should be carefully selecting bargains at this time. August is historically the best month to buy in to the precious metals, and many of the better-run companies are selling at attractive valuations. Full Story

Silver and Monetary Considerations
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 31 July, 2008
Many of you are probably too young to appreciate the full impact of the hyperinflation in Germany after WW1. It was devastating. This picture shows you the amount of paper that was equal to one silver dollar, or ¾ of one troy ounce of fine silver. After seven years of constantly accelerating inflation, the mark is finally stabilized at the rate of over 4 trillion to a U.S. dollar. Full Story

Silver - Euphoria
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 25 July, 2008
This week we took a look back into a recent issue of The Morgan Report and decided to reprint an answer we received from one of our subscribers. It seems many including us are frustrated with what is going on with the junior mining sector. In our opinion we are far from over this major bull market, but we are still in the skeptical phase where many are of the opinion that the mining sector stocks and in particular the junior mining stocks are through. Full Story

Panic on Wall Street Is Building - Gold and Silver's Role
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 18 July, 2008
My worldview is that silver plays a role in the best of times and in the worst of times. Right now there is a huge shift of wealth; wealth is being created in the East and wealth is being diminished in the West. It is and has been my very studied opinion that wealth cannot be printed, and therefore the role of gold and silver at this point in time comes mainly as a means to protect or build wealth. Full Story

Silver Short Positions Fallacies
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 7 July, 2008
This buying frenzy will drive the price far higher than most people imagine at this point, since there are far more “poor” people than rich people and since there is far less silver than gold available in investment form. The percentage gain in silver and silver related investments will be noted in financial history, just as the silver “corner” by the Hunt Brothers was in 1980! Full Story

Silver and Gold Allocation
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 27 June, 2008
One question I often receive is how much money an investor should put into the precious metals. There is no simple answer, yet I want to remain consistent. When I wrote The Ten Rules of Silver Investing, it was stated that 10% was enough of a diversification. Since that book was published nearly a decade ago, I have told my readers that perhaps an allocation of up to 20% might be considered, due to the current economic environment on a worldwide basis. Full Story

Silver—Two Sides of the Story
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 20 June, 2008
What drives the price of silver? Certainly it is a function of buying and selling pressure, and primarily, this price setting mechanism takes place on the COMEX. However, so much has been written recently about short selling, price management, and naked sales, and on and on, that I wanted to take a more basic look at demand. Full Story

Silver - Still No Respect
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 13 June, 2008
I fully expect the summer months to be less than magnificently bullish for the precious metals. On the other hand, I fully expect the overall financial system to provide such huge indications of the complete instability of a monetary system without a rudder, that many astute investors will ponder the merits of anchoring their portfolios with the top-tier commodities of human existence—gold and silver. Full Story

Precious Signs
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 6 June, 2008
One of the clearest signs that the bottom is complete will be the precious metal mining equities refusing to move down further in spite of the fact the metals themselves may continue to find lower prices. In other words, I fully expect to see the mining stocks form a bottom before the metals themselves. Full Story

Silver -- Is It Yours?
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 30 May, 2008
In 2001 I was asked to write the “Ten Rules of Silver Investing” for the investing rules book published in Great Britain in 2001. The complete title of this book is The Global-Investor Book of Investing Rules—Invaluable Advice from 150 Master Investors. My portion is available for free to anyone on the Internet willing to sign up here. In this week’s article, let us examine Silver Investing Rule Number Six. Full Story

Silver Price Manipulation
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 22 May, 2008
This week I must address the latest Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CTFC) findings that, “The U.S. commodities regulatory body found no evidence that silver prices had been manipulated downward by short sellers after re-examining long-term and recent allegations of misconduct.” Full Story

Silver and Gold IRAs
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 18 April, 2008
American Silver Eagle silver coins are approved for IRAs. Other silver approved investments must be .999 fine, which makes Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, Australian Kookaburras, Mexican Libertads, and even .999 fine silver rounds also eligible. Full Story

Short Silver
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 3 April, 2008
I have forecast that at some point the physical silver market will dominate the paper silver market. The question I ask now is, “Are we there yet?” Full Story

Significance of Silver as an Investment
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 27 March, 2008
In days gone by silver was not an investment it was money, in fact silver passed through more hands in everyday commerce than any other real money including gold. I state real money to distinguish silver money from modern paper money, which has flooded the world “money” supply the past three decades. Full Story

Flashback - March 3 - Silver Update and Silver Bullion Dealer Survey
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 21 March, 2008
I did my Silver Bullion Dealer survey, which I have not done for some time. I personally phone most of the major physical dealers in the U.S. and ask how the orders for silver bars, rounds, and bags are doing? What I found was that most dealers reported that February was the biggest month they have had for physical silver in a very long time, additionally it was almost all buying very few sellers.

We even spoke to a few dealers that were having trouble filling large orders. I want to remain objective here. We do not find this to be the case all over the country.
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The Ultimate Gold Trade
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 21 March, 2008
What a week for the precious metals! Gold blasts past $1000 per ounce, and silver trades above $21, and then suddenly the floor drops out from under both metals. In fact, the financial markets in general seem to be reeling from the announcements of further interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve and Morgan buying Bear Stearns for $2 per share when this company was trading for $170 about a year ago. Full Story

Importance of Silver and Gold
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 14 March, 2008
Simply, gold and silver in physical form, bullion or coins, are on one side of the economic fence and everything else is on the other side. This means that all other financial assets owned outright or otherwise are dependent upon the “system” for settlement. This is what the current strength in physical gold and silver is shouting at us right now. Full Story

Is Silver the Sleeper?
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 7 March, 2008
Naturally, putting your neck out for a gold price leads to the next logical question and that is, “What price will silver reach at its high point?” This question is much more difficult to answer, because silver is not considered to be money in any government’s monetary base, either officially or unofficially. Full Story

Silver - Good Things Come in Small Packages
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 12 January, 2008
Pure and simple, many people in and outside of the precious metals area have come to the conclusion that “SILVER IS TOO BULKY.” Before going off on a rant about this general (mis)perception, it becomes a challenge for this writer to lead you to draw your own conclusions. Full Story

Taking “the Skinny” to Deutschland
By: David Morgan | 26 November, 2007
The market is misunderstood and participation is much better than two to three years ago, still mild relative to almost every other asset class. This of course presents opportunities for those wise enough to see them and take action. Both gold and to a lesser degree silver have held up well this year and continue to show strength. Full Story

Rich Investor, Poor Investor
By: David Morgan | 27 July, 2007
With the real estate market having a surplus in some of the major boom areas, and aboveground silver supplies dwindling dangerously low, having lost approximately 1.5 billion ounces of the 2-billion-ounce inventory since 1980, don’t you think chance favors taking profits on some of the more marginal real estate holdings and moving some of your assets into the precious metals sector? Full Story

The Silver Millionaire
By: David Morgan | 30 June, 2007
If the inflationary pressures continue to build as the U.S. “dollar” continues to be printed to service the outstanding debt obligations, it is quite possible that the number of paper millionaires will increase over time. However, the ability to become a real millionaire—a “silver millionaire”—will become more and more difficult. Full Story

What About Silver Demand ?
By: David Morgan | 26 August, 2005
The basic premise is that all we need to do to analyze the silver market correctly is to look at the supply. If we focus on the supply of silver and realize that the supply is increasing primarily because the 200 million ounces of silver that used to come back into the market as photo recycling may be as low as 185 million ounces due to digital photography. Secondly base metals mining is up significantly and therefore byproduct silver is up as well. The increase of silver produced in 2004 was estimated to be 23 million ounces greater than 2003. Full Story

Historic Silver - Headed for Higher Ground
By: David Morgan | 23 February, 2005
With the rise in silver prices these past two years, silver is becoming an ever-more attractive and exciting metal to investors. This is not fluke. Many understand that although the price has risen in U.S. dollar terms, the true gain has not been significant yet! Since the U.S. dollar has almost constantly been losing purchasing power these past several years, price alone does not tell the full story. Full Story

The Silver Trap – and Its Explosive Trigger
By: David Morgan | 31 January, 2005
The trigger is about to detonate, the time frame however cannot be known exactly. Those that attended the recent Vancouver Investment Conference know that near term my forecast is for a wide trading range in the precious metals based mostly upon the USD Index. This expectation however can change instantly because of politics or financial events. Regardless, the Silver Trap will ensnare most of the world’s economies, large and small - the wary and unwary, rich and poor, high and low – all God’s creatures – who have forgotten about the power of this explosive money metal and how quickly prices can rise once a tipping point is reached. Full Story

Let’s Get Physical
By: David Morgan | 13 December, 2004
As most Internet readers are well aware, I have not published at any consistent frequency these past several months. Most of our time and energy has been for our paid readership but certainly it is our duty to continue our work in the Free Market of Ideas. One of the most significant silver gatherings just took place at the Northwest Mining Association Conference in Spokane, Washington state last week. The CFTC senior economist Mr. David Kass did a presentation overview of the CFTC and then went into specifics on the silver market. Full Story

Poor Man’s Gold
By: David Morgan, Silver Investor | 3 August, 2004
Currently we are watching what has happened following the break in the XAU and the HUI and gold and silver. Gold being the stalwart, held much more firmly than silver. Silver left two open gaps on the chart and it will take some time for the market to consolidate and fill these gaps.

Our analysis remains that the fourth quarter of the year 2004 will show significant improvement in metals prices and the underlying shares. Additionally, we are looking for significant upside price movement in the first quarter of 2005. Right now, the dollar seems to be showing some strength. The election has most of the attention focused away from investments.
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Silver - Don't Panic!
By: David Morgan, Stone Investment Group | 15 April, 2004
Today we saw a sharp sell off in silver. Those that have followed the silver marker closely know that silver is not only a smaller market than gold, but also moves in greater percentages both up and down. Gold was off three percent, but silver fell over seven percent!

From a longer term perspective we wish to remind readers of the fact that just one year ago silver was almost exactly three dollars (U.S. dollars) lower than yesterday’s close. Certainly in our view the longer term major trend is still UP, however this break of the recent parabolic move in silver prices is suggesting to us that a pullback to the seven dollar level could be expected.
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