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Paper, Plastic, or Silver

By: Michael "Woody" O'Brien ChFC

-- Posted 24 December, 2010 | | Discuss This Article - Comments:

My lovely wife enjoys shopping, but not as much when I’m shopping with her.

In the past her angst was limited to me prodding her NOT to buy made in China, but to instead make every purchase a hard-target search to buy American - especially online.


Then her eyes rolled when I refused to have anything I purchased put into a plastic shopping bag. I've told 1000 retail clerks, "plastic comes from oil, that causes wars, that kill innocent people, and I won’t be a part of that global crime spree."

However, now my wife must endure my new retail teachable moment. I now ask businesses at which we shop if they want to be paid in worthless paper dollars or real silver money, while holding up a new, 1 troy ounce silver round.

The reaction of most people who have never eyeballed (or even held) a pure ounce of precious metals in their hand is enlightening. People’s eyes light up like a Christmas tree when offered payment in silver.

Many small, owner-run local, small businesses are THRILLED to be asked to take silver as payment for services. I have had my Hummer serviced, bought hunting equipment, food direct from an organic farmer, and even a solar power generator paid with precious metals.

Just as important, I am conditioning these same merchants to look at me as a preferred, hard-money customer especially when the dollar falls.

"Where did you get that silver, and how can I get some?" is also a very common question. and eBay is my standard reply.

Why is offering people you do business with the option to pay in silver so important?

It's actually quite simple. If you are in a movie theater, and 3 people walk out, you will barely notice it. But if 10 people dash out, the rest of the crowd will start to think they know something and head for the exits.

People who own silver know the reasons why it keeps going up, but they are not usually very chatty about telling others. For the bull market in precious metals to power forward to the next level, it's in the enlightened self interest of every bullion investor to start offering to pay others in metals.

One man named John Chapman, aka: Johnny Appleseed, made eating apples mainstream in America in under 20 years.

Imagine what 1 million silver bullion owners can do in 12 months trying to mainstream silver as payment for goods and services.

Try tipping a waiter with a ˝ ounce silver round or silver war nickels and explain why. Give silver bullion Christmas, birthday, graduation and thank you gifts. My clients LOVE getting silver rounds as my thank you for their referral of new gold stock mutual fund clients.

The allure of precious metals is thousands of years old; it's nearly in our DNA. If you have never seen the way people's eyes light up when holding a real silver round, try it. You will be shocked by what you witness.

With the vast majority of Americans having never held a 1 ounce, of  any precious matal in their hand, there is much work to do. There are hundreds of millions of teachable opportunities in the lives of bullion owners that NEED to be seized.

Consider this your marching orders from Silver General Woody O’Brien: get off your silver ASSets and stop JUST accumulating silver, and start giving and spending it as money. Start letting others feel silver as indestructible tender in their hands.

Become a silver enabler. Help people reconnect with that precious metals DNA in all of us that craves real money in the palm of our hand.

Max Keiser’s prediction of $500 silver can come to pass, and crush bankster criminals like JP Morgan like a bug on a windshield, if just one thing happens:

Current owners of bullion treat silver as the proverbial candle of Matthew in verse 5:15:

"Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but upon a candlestick, that it may shine to all that are in the house".

At this moment in history, Silver can do more than just save your wealth and others you teach about it. Silver (and gold) can save the world from more decades of bankster war and debt slavery.

The protesters in Europe and Alex Jones are on point: the world faces a choice between the banksters or us. Choose!

I vote we keep the guillotines in storage and bankrupt the banksters with silver rounds before jailing them (the real terrorists) at Gitmo!

Michael "Woody" O'Brien ChFC!/profile.php?id=1026276294

-- Posted 24 December, 2010 | | Discuss This Article - Comments:

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