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12,500 Academy 100 oz. Bars at $1.25 over spot

By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report

-- Posted 29 January, 2009 | | Discuss This Article - Comments: Source:

(About $170,000 worth of silver!)

Silver Stock Report

12,500 Academy 100 oz. Bars at $1.25 over spot

It's about $170,000 worth of silver "on the block", available NOW!

It seems as if you ask, you shall receive.

Yesterday, I explained my long turn around time to re-purchase bulk silver to make silver bars and coins.
(see pictures of the bars at the bottom of yesterday's email)

My turn around time should get shorter!  My bulk supplier said they will start to pre-ship to where I need it to go!

This is awesome because:

I can offer more.

I can offer it cheaper!

Tonight, we have, at

20 auctions of 500 oz. (5 Academy bars)
25 auctions of 100 oz. (1 Academy bar)

All auctions are 1 minute apart, running 45 minutes.

If some silver does not sell at our reserve, it will be re-listed with the same reserve at the conclusion of the auctions.

Our reserve is the lowest it has ever been, now at $1.25 over spot, and spot will be determined about an hour before the auctions begin closing.  So, I will place my final reserve bid at 6pm, and the auctions start closing at 7PM Pacific.

If anyone cannot afford 100 oz. at a time, please visit my  Mom has many ebay listings selling 1 oz. silver rounds of various kinds in lots of 1 oz., 5 oz., 10 oz., and 20 oz. at a time. 

For now, Auctions are available for people with shipping addresses in the USA only.  Wires must be NEXT DAY, which also usually requires a U.S. bank account in dollars, only.

We ship SAME DAY wires come in, via UPS. 

Why should you buy silver?  Please review a few articles from my archives:

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Why Paper Silver is not as good as Physical Silver August 12, 2008
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The 600 year price chart says so much:

600 Year Silver

Final note.

Last night, only half my auctions sold, so I sold 2700 oz out of 5000 oz.  It's typical that buyers start to vanish at the bottom of the market, right before a big move up.  That's what creates bottoms -- no buying.  And then, at the top, people are buying in a frenzy.  I know.  I reported on this repeatedly over the last year.  In 2008, the sea change hit when gold passed $850 and went to $1000, and silver hit $20.  The overall buying is still higher than in 2007, as still, very few are selling to the coin shops.  Furthermore, people start subscribing to my letter in droves at the top, and the emails to me drop off at the bottom.  This feels like the ending of the bottom to me.  Prices are now lower, more silver is available, and fewer want it now, than at $20, when you could not get any.  Thus, now is the time to be wise, and buy.

I'm not a "seller".  I'm a "holder" right along with you, turning out my own silver inventory, and buying more the next day, as I've repeatedly explained, demonstrated, and proven.  That's why I have new product now, and why I'm one of the few who can ship immediately.  We have it, because we like to hold it!


    Jason Hommel

    -- Posted 29 January, 2009 | | Discuss This Article - Comments:

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