The Dollar is Done - Deal with It
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 7 November, 2011
Psychologists tell us that there are five stages of grief over loss of whatever kind, usually death, or breaking up with a loved one, which are: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. I've applied these to the loss of the dollar, as I see most people today are still stuck in denial, and here's how to deal with that. Full Story

BIS Changed Silver Data (From $203 to $93 Billion in Silver Liabilities?)
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 6 July, 2011
In conclusion, it's not a "conspiracy theory" that the banks are manipulating the silver market. The BIS bank data shows the conspiracy.

And when the banks are saying indirectly, "don't trust us", given both the large amounts and large changes in their published data, it would be foolish to trust them.

It's a mathematical certainty that silver prices will explode upwards in price, and only people who hold their own silver will benefit from the major value change that's coming.
Full Story

Dear Capitalists of the World
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 26 May, 2011
For over 100 years, silver has been demonetized -- meaning, silver is no longer used as money, which reduces demand, which has reduced value, which makes it a perfect undervalued asset. For over 66 years, since the end of WWII, silver has been consumed in industry, mostly in electronics, to the point that most of the silver ever mined in all of human history has been consumed. This reduction and consumption of supply has made silver more rare, and has created a potential natural monopoly for those who buy silver now. Full Story

Silver's Dip will be Brief!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 5 May, 2011
Some people are saying "this is like 1980 all over again" and that silver will now crash. Nothing could be further than the truth. The truth is that the amount of money they have printed up since 1980 is ten times higher, so if you adjust for inflation, the peak price from 1980 should be more like $500/oz. in today's dollars. The next key difference is that in 1980, interest rates, the amount paid on bonds, rose to over 20% per year. Today, interest rates are close to zero. Interest rates make holding bonds more attractive. Full Story

Why People are Buying Silver Now! (At $40-50/oz., it's better than all the alternatives!)
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 2 May, 2011
In fact, many people are now realizing that price is simply not a factor. They know that silver, at any price, is better than paper, or nearly all the alternatives. They know that paper is merely paper, and silver is something real. Some people are now realizing that plastic forks will likely outperform the dollar now, due to inflation. People are now realizing that any real good is better than paper money.

But plastic forks don't do the job. They cost about $1 a box. Nobody wants to try to store, and then later re-sell, 100,000 boxes of plastic forks.

Even copper can't do the job. A copper brick that weighs 33 pounds recently sold for about the same price as a 10 oz. bar of silver. The silver is infinitely more portable and practical. The copper brick also had a 100% markup over the value of the copper in it. That leaves silver and gold as the only real alternatives.
Full Story

Why Silver Will Go UP for Years to Come!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 8 April, 2011
If the US government spends new paper money that it does not have, is that inflationary? Will that make the new dollars tend to go down in value? If so, by how much? Are silver prices likely to go up, as new money buys silver to protect itself? In your opinion, much new money will be likely to buy silver next year? How much do you think the silver price will continue to be driven up, in the next year, by such buying? Full Story

Storm has Passed!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 1 March, 2011
The silver storm is coming. Prepare. People ask some interesting questions when I point out that silver is headed to $500. They ask, "Gee, who will buy it when it's that expensive?" Did they not comprehend the argument? Only 1% of people will be buying silver when silver is $500/oz., (a hundred times more than today, when only 1% of 1% of people are buying silver) but yet, 99% of people won't have bought any silver in the recent year, at $500/oz. Full Story

Silver: From $30/oz to over $500 by 2020
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 13 January, 2011
Silver: From $30/oz. to over $500 by 2020. In under a minute, I can tell you why that price must happen, and likely when. It seems to me that the public will one day wake up and start buying silver to protect from inflation. Thus, long before, say 10-20% of people buy silver, at least 1% of the American public will buy silver. We can calculate what might happen to the silver price when that happens. Full Story

Wall Street Journal Aids Silver Price Suppression
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 30 December, 2010
If the past seven years is any guide, silver's price should continue at pace, if not outperform, the past seven year's average gains of 33% per year. Someday, silver could really blow up much faster than that. Frauds do collapse suddenly. The dollar is fraud. Fractional reserve banking is fraud. Fractional reserve banking in silver is fraud. Most of the financial world is fraud today. Silver is not a fraud and is the opposite of fraud. Silver is not a promise to pay, silver in your hand is evidence that you have been paid in full. Full Story

Frequently Asked Questions from Silver Buyers
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 21 November, 2010
I like silver better because it's being consumed by industry. It's a much smaller market, by far, and thus, will move up far more than gold. If the silver to gold ratio returns to the historic value ratio of 15 oz. of silver for every 1 oz. of gold, you'd make far more on silver, since the current ratio is about 53:1. But I think silver might exceed the historic ratio, since that ratio was last seen nearly 100 years ago, except for briefly in 1980. Full Story

When Will Silver Prices Explode?
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 30 August, 2010
Many analysts and investors try to guess when silver prices will explode. They make these guesses based on the charts, or even by the fundamentals like I do. I pointed out the fundamental supply and demand numbers in my last article, "1% of 1%". The Tiny Silver Market attracts 1% of 1%, or $1 out of every $10,000 in the US Banking system, each year. Full Story

1% of 1%
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 23 August, 2010
Please bear with me while I repeat myself about how tiny the silver market is. Let's start with the facts. World annual silver mining adds about 600 million ounces of new silver, that includes all silver as byproduct supply from copper, gold, lead, zinc and other mines. Recycling contributes about 150 million oz. That's total supply. Full Story

Make your Silver Years Golden
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 27 May, 2010
If silver and gold become money again, only a small fraction of that silver and gold will be spent on health care, which implies either that health care is simply unaffordable when silver and gold are used as money, or, it implies that silver and gold will go up in value well over 1000 times higher than today. Full Story

Ten Topics on Silver
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 25 May, 2010
No nation on earth uses silver or gold as a circulating medium of exchange, or common currency. This trend to not use silver started over 150 years ago, and has come to an end. If monetary demand for silver changes, it can only go up. Full Story

Why Are People Buying Silver And Gold?
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 5 May, 2010
Many people today are cashing out their CD's to buy silver and gold. Why? The obvious. The CD's pay next to zero interest, and gold and silver continue to head up by 20-30% per year. Full Story

To the US Department of Justice!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 8 April, 2010
The CFTC, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, is withholding the names, with the excuse given that they cannot reveal the names, because of statute. But, a statute, which may violate other laws, is no excuse for obstruction of justice, dereliction of duty, misprison of fraud, or conspiracy to defraud the United States. Full Story

CFTC: Obey Your Plaque!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 1 April, 2010
When the open interest in silver futures contracts exceeds 800 million oz., and when the silver on deposit for delivery is a mere 50 million oz., it does not take a genius to figure out that something is out of balance. That's only a 6% backing! Full Story

CFTC Hearing; Poised to Act!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 30 March, 2010
I was pleasantly surprised by the CFTC meeting in Washington DC on March 25th, it was much better than I expected. I think the CFTC is likely to do something to help stop the excessive and concentrated short position in silver at the COMEX, and there are many reasons why, as I detail below. Full Story

CFTC to Meet with the Public!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 17 March, 2010
I will be flying out to Washington DC for the CFTC Public Meeting. I have invited two congressmen and a senator to join me; my representative, Tom McClintock, former presidential candidate Ron Paul, and senator Jim DeMint. Please invite your own congressmen and senators to attend this historic event. Seating capacity is limited to about 100 people in the hearing room, and only about 40-50 for "overflow". The event will be webcast as well. Full Story

IRA & 401k Theft Plotted by US Government
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 13 January, 2010
The State of America is not good. Criminals rule, and the righteous are in prison. I've warned in the past that the US government is more likely to confiscate your IRA and 401k than your silver or gold. Why? Because that's where the money is! Full Story

Why I Got Into Silver
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 17 December, 2009
When I started working for myself, I made my very first money, enough to save for the very first time, but I was working so hard, over 80 hours a week! I guess God finally caught up to me, because, at some point, I began to think. And that's when it all started. Full Story

Gold: Expensive or Cheap, it's Rare
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 19 November, 2009
The best witty observation this week came from Bill Murphy with Bill noted the irony of how media pundits who bash gold will argue that gold is in a bubble (gold's expensive) in one breath, and then bash it again by saying it's a bad investment because gold has underperformed (gold's cheap) inflation rates since 1980's peak. Murphy's main point is, "how can an asset be in a bubble if it's underperforming inflation?" Or, as I'll put it, how can gold be cheap and expensive at the same time? Full Story

Risks of Silver in an IRA
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 22 October, 2009
All IRA money must be held by a broker, who is the custodian of the IRA account. If you keep up with the news you occasionally hear of brokers who clean out client accounts, and disappear. The largest of such thefts are in the Billions. Full Story

Wisely Avoid Paper Silver Fraud
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 12 October, 2009
If the dollar amounts were represented 1 to 1 by people, then, very few silver investors (1%) have the discernment and wisdom to avoid the paper silver frauds. But fortunately, the wise investors are probably a bit more numerous, since many individual people are not "sophisticated" or rich enough to get trapped by the offers of paper silver. Full Story

The Tiny Silver Market, Part IV
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 8 October, 2009
It is important to continue to put the $1 billion annual PHYSICAL silver investment market into perspective, This time, I'll break it down by time, and across people. $1 billion per year divided by 52 weeks per year is $19 million per week. 52 weeks with 5 trading days per week is 260 trading days per week. $1 billion / 260 trading days per year = $3.8 million per day, spent on physical silver investments, worldwide, across all dealers in all nations. Full Story

The Tiny Silver Market, Part III
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 6 October, 2009
First, I will admit that much of the discussion on how the BIS counts the figures is over my head. But for those who question the validity of the numbers it is instructive to note what the BIS does say, at the first link in their answer, paragraph II under, "coverage". Full Story

The Tiny Silver Market, II
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 1 October, 2009
For ten years, I've been told by all the experts in the precious metals industry that nobody knows nor can know the size of the "over the counter" derivatives, since they are not on the popular, relatively more transparent exchanges, such as the COMEX, and other futures exchanges. Yet, here we have a report, by the BIS, the best source in the world, fully admitting, and counting, the overall size of precious metals, OVER THE COUNTER, usually non-transparent, derivatives! Full Story

The Tiny $0.001 Trillion Silver Market
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 26 September, 2009
The Silver Market is small. Very small. I don't think people quite understand how small it is, nor understand fully the implications, meaning how much higher silver prices must go as the market grows to accommodate future silver buyers. Full Story

The Stealth Gold Bull Market is Back
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 17 September, 2009
One trouble with Americans is that we think we are the center of the world. We do have about 5% of the world's population, and use up about 25% of the resources. That's mostly a function of being significantly "wealthier" than the rest of the world. But that's mostly paper wealth. Will it last? Only if we buy at least 25% of the world's silver and gold. Do we? Not in gold, but we do in silver! Let's get to the facts. Full Story

Health Care in the US
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 27 July, 2009
I wanted to share with you just a few startling facts on Health Care in the US, but I was wondering whether my message would be "on topic". Then, the man acting as President (but who may actually be disqualified if he was not born in the US as is reporting) gave a televised national address on the subject, making this a more appropriate topic than ever. Full Story

Refuting the Deflation Scare
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 10 July, 2009
A reader asks: "Are defaults deflationary? When borrowers default on loans, does not the currency disappear in the same manner that it appeared?" I answer: That's the popular thought, they call that "deflation", but it's not what is happening. Full Story

Why I Would Manipulate Silver, IF
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 8 July, 2009
For over ten years, has gathered information and admissions from central bankers and major bullion banks that the price of gold on the world market is manipulated lower than it should be. Well, one more admission is close enough for me to be counted as one more proof. Full Story

Housing's Still Overvalued & Silver's Still Cheap
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 1 July, 2009
So far, out of 80,000 readers, nobody has asked me when the housing collapse will end. Funny. I might be regarded as knowing something about that, since I called it in advance, well before the peak, 5 years ago. Full Story

We sold 23 oz. of silver at a gun show! Woo Hoo!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 1 June, 2009
We sold 23 oz. of silver at a gun show this weekend! Woo Hoo! I had three people transport and sell silver on our behalf at the Vallejo, CA gun show this weekend. There was only one other numismatic dealer, and we had the lowest prices on bullion, and we were the only ones who had bullion in bulk. We took and offered 6500 ounces of silver and 70 ounces of gold. While the booth was cheap, there was also the cost of hotels, and wages, so we spent nearly $1000 to offer silver at the show. Full Story

Breana: Vegas: What a trip!
By: Breana Geisick & Jason Hommel | 20 May, 2009
I am Breana, I have known Jason for about 5 years and I have been working for him since January of 2009 when Jason‘s business was “BOOMING!“ We were selling out of every product we had. I could barely keep up with it all. Since then, I have learned so much about silver from reading his articles, working for him, and simply sitting down and talking to him. Full Story

Las Vegas Money Show!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 11 May, 2009
I'll be in Las Vegas for the Money show from May 11th to the 14th. Yes, I've been busy buying and opening up a coin shop, and traveling to shows on occasion again. I've also been buying and setting up a mint! But I did not intend to release any information about that until after I set it up. After all, until then, it's not even a futures contract, and also I don't want to deal with any inquiries about any minting projects until AFTER we get set up. But Thom Calandra got the scoop! Full Story

How Investors Get Educated
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 7 May, 2009
Ted Butler and I occasionally disagree. When we disagree with people we respect and have learned so much from (as I have read him weekly for years), it's usually a very enlightening experience for both people, as well as other observers. Full Story

Logistical Considerations
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 3 May, 2009
Today we had two customers who wanted to buy a lot of silver. One wanted $500,000, and another wanted $3,000,000. This article is for them, and anyone else who may want such amounts. In the future, if paper money collapses, and economies are threatened, and when people might begin starving, such amounts will be able to sustain the economy, and the lives of the people, of a small city of perhaps up to 10,000 to 50,000 people. Full Story

Price List & Market News
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 30 April, 2009
It has been both easy and difficult for me to learn to trade bullion, and put theory into practice. Many lessons have been learned in a short period of time, and I apologize if my prices have appeared to be unreasonable at times. I'm getting better rapidly, aiming to do our best, and part of the learning curve is in finding better supply sources, including the public. Full Story

Our Lower Prices for Silver and Gold!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 24 April, 2009
As you may know, I purchased the Rocklin Coin shop. It has really helped our business, since we are now doing higher volumes of overall sales, and we can thus pass these savings on to you. We have new lower prices for the following items, both at, or if you buy it now on the phones, or come in to the Coin shop: Full Story

Fundamental Potential Values for Gold
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 21 April, 2009
As I reported yesterday, the study of economic fundamentals is a lost art, a lost science, something that nobody has paid attention to in the financial world for nearly 30 years, except a few "crackpot" independent thinkers like me, who have been making money hand over fist for the last decade as we discovered the bull market in precious metals by studying the basic fundamentals like "Most gold mines can't produce more gold for less than $300/oz." back in 1999. Full Story

Crazy People in Charge
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 21 April, 2009
Last week, I reported my opinion that the moneylenders in control of the government are both incapable of stopping the silver fraud taking place, and unwilling. Many people think they are deliberately trying to destroy this nation. No, they are not that smart or purposefully devious. They are deliberately trying to line their own pockets, without one care about whether this harms this nation, or not. Full Story

Buy the Dip: Silver's on Sale!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 17 April, 2009
Let's review the fundamentals of gold and silver. The world gold mines produces 2500 tonnes per year, which is about 80 million ounces. With gold at $867, that's $69 billion worth of gold mined each year. That's a tiny market in the scale of world finance, where the USA has $14,000 billion in the US banking system at risk, and has added $11,000 billion of commitments in bail outs, and continues to issue $800 billion bail outs with increasing regularity, with a total budget exceeding $3000 billion, and a budget deficit approaching $1500 billion. Full Story

The U.S. Government can't stop Silver Fraud
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 16 April, 2009
The U.S. government is supporting the fraud of the dollar. The "working group on financial markets" also known as the "plunge protection team" consisting of the President, the Secretary of the Treasury, and perhaps the heads of the CFTC and SEC, are actively working to suppress the silver and gold prices by encouraging the leasing of gold from central banks around the world. Full Story

Save Money like there's no Tomorrow!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 14 April, 2009
The amount of money that you can spend trying to prevent the inevitable can stretch towards infinity. This is why all government programs don't work. The government keeps trying to spend money to solve problems in society that are impossible to solve. Full Story

BIS Admits $190 Billion Silver Fraud
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 6 April, 2009
In the past, I've pointed out various frauds in the silver market such as, the excessive futures contracts on the COMEX, the excessive trading in "London" silver, and the excess silver in the new ishares Silver ETF, SLV. In 10 years of reading and writing and searching, I've never known the numbers of paper silver in the OTC "Over the Counter" market until a reader informed me, just today. Full Story

An American Hero: Burt Blumert
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 5 April, 2009
For a while, I did not know how important and influential Burt was to the freedom movement. Part of that must have been due to his wry humor that was lost on me. I once suggested to him that he should write, and he quipped, "Who has time for writing?" when I knew so little about who he was, and so much that he has written. I thought he was serious. I was clueless. Full Story

Rocklin Coin Shop Rocks!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 1 April, 2009
Today was our first day of business as the new owners of the 5 year old Rocklin Coin Shop. It was wonderful to meet so many of our readers today. I think we had about 50 customers. It feels great answering up to 100 emails a day, but helping real people in the flesh face to face with many of the same questions I've answered for years was a real treat. Full Story $1.75/oz. over spot for Rounds
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 27 March, 2009
For bullion that needs to be shipped, please see We are lowering the minimum bid on our silver down to $1.75 over spot, starting on Saturday. Full Story

Support the Montana Sound Money Bill
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 24 March, 2009
It appears Montana may need your help in getting them to adopt the HB639 Sound Money Bill. Montana needs articulate and wise people to contact a few key legislators to help them understand why gold and silver are important as money. Full Story

Rounds at $2/oz. Over Spot
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 18 March, 2009
The volatility we see is a function of the paper money madness that has swept the world. It's also a function of the relative small size of the silver market, or in other words, too low prices for silver, and this move is a sign of the failures of the ongoing price manipulations. Any one of 1000 different billionaires could move the tiny silver market up by 100% in a single day, if only if it were even possible for them to find a billion dollars worth, or a half a billion dollar's worth, of silver to buy! Full Story

How Any Government Can Issue Silver as Currency
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 17 March, 2009
There are basically two ways for a government to issue silver as currency. One relies on force, or government decree, and is easier and more profitable for the government. The other way is the honest free market way. Full Story

29 Questions for a Silver Futures Broker - Answers
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 16 March, 2009
On February 19th, I issued a challenge to futures brokers to answer 29 questions, and in return for their answers, I gave a futures contract of my own. I said I would publish them, here, to my 80,000 readers, which would give them publicity. Six Futures Brokers rose to the challenge. Full Story

My Suppliers
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 13 March, 2009
I certainly don't have to reveal my suppliers. Some would say I'm crazy to do so. In one sense, the names of my suppliers are like a kind of "natural informational monopoly", and that without access to my suppliers, my customers have to order from me. But I want to reveal my suppliers, and this is not the first time I have done so. Full Story

The Constitution gives the U.S. too much Power
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 12 March, 2009
I risk making myself very unpopular writing this essay, but please bear with me. The truth is self evident to every rational thinker. The truth is polarizing. The truth often makes people angry, especially people whose lives and livelihood are set up in ways contrary to the truth. I hope my presentation is easy enough to digest that it avoids misunderstandings that lead to unnecessary anger and false accusations. Please read this article in full, before emailing me your discontent. Full Story

What Goes Around Comes Around
By: Jason Hommel and Theodore Terbolizard | 10 March, 2009
On behalf of all of my family, we would like to thank everyone who has emailed in ideas and suggestions for silver bullion art round designs, keep them coming! My brother Jason and I greatly enjoy the creative process involved in making our products, and the ongoing discussions with any and all interested folks as we go about this work. We have had some amazingly sublime chats with folks, and I will attempt to convey some of the more obvious results and impressions from this activity. Full Story

Who is in Charge?
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 8 March, 2009
Thank God that God's in Charge, and that He's doing it right! Thank God I'm not in charge of the Nation. When I first began studying gold, I had a lot more arrogance about what "should be done" about gold by those in power. Some of my more bizzare ideas were as follows. Full Story

Oil is not Money!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 5 March, 2009
Money is money, because it is a great STORE OF VALUE. Oil cannot be money, because it costs $75,000 to store oil in a supertanker for ONE DAY! Paper is NOT money either, because it CANNOT be a store of value when it is being printed to excess, to bail out so many Banker's unpayable debts. Full Story

Silver Sales are WAY UP! (News & Views)!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 4 March, 2009
Last week, we could barely sell 1000 ounces of silver per day. On Monday, we sold 2000. Tuesday, 4900 oz.! I was very happy to be able to provide that silver, "on a dip", now that I have procedures in place to replace it, and make more! So tonight, we will offer at least 7500 oz. for sale, which is about our top capacity, and would be 150,000 oz./month! Full Story

We Have Over 80,000 oz. of Silver, IN STOCK!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 2 March, 2009
Many people continue to be amazed at our super fast shipping, where we ship the SAME DAY as wires come in. One man said, "How can it be done any better?" But that's not our only competitive advanage. No other source on the internet has as many design choices as us when it comes to 1 oz. rounds. Full Story

Speech: Frequently Asked Questions on Silver
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 26 February, 2009
Before I get started, let me introduce the topic of Silver with one argument on why you need silver. If you look at a 600 year inflation adjusted price chart for silver, silver is basically free today. In fact, the form of silver in silver dimes is below what it would cost to mint them today even if you made 200,000 of them, which would be about $2 per dime, and the cost would be the same if you privately minted zinc or copper, and you can get those dimes for $1 today, which means that the underlying silver is free. Full Story

Why Silver Is Money
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 25 February, 2009
My speech today is on why silver is money, even though no nation on earth uses silver as money. In other words, my speech is on why 99.9% of humanity is wrong, and why you are right! Full Story

Initial Report on the Phoenix Silver Summit Show
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 25 February, 2009
I spoke with many enthusiastic readers who said they were fans of my work, which was very encouraging. Everyone was very respectful, appreciative, friendly and supportive. I'm beginning to gain a bit more confidence now, for several reasons. One is that I hear so many of the same questions again and again, which helps to know what the common concerns and thoughts are of people who are buyers or holders of silver, which helps me help people even better. Full Story

Silver is Information
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 18 February, 2009
The collapse of banks, currencies and the markets is not a failure of Biblically sound free market capitalism, because that has never existed. Rather, the collapse is a failure of fraudulent paper money systems based on usury. Full Story

Silver Rises; Investors Pause
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 10 February, 2009
Monday's auctions are always the slowest ever, and thus, the best time for you to buy. Why is this? Are most people just hung over from the weekend, or what?

Last night on Monday, we offered 9500 ounces in about 30 auctions, and we sold about 1900 ounces. I mention this because I feel it's important for you to know the buying sentiment out there. On Saturday, we sold about 5500 oz., less than a record, but significantly more.

Meanwhile, silver prices continue to march ever higher.
Full Story

Intrinsic Value of Silver and Gold
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 4 February, 2009
One man emailed me to express his dismay that his friend said that Gold has no intrinsic value; that it's value is only a "perceived" value. Well, no surprise, that's what they teach people in college these days. Full Story

12,500 Academy 100 oz. Bars at $1.25 over spot
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 29 January, 2009
I'm not a "seller". I'm a "holder" right along with you, turning out my own silver inventory, and buying more the next day, as I've repeatedly explained, demonstrated, and proven. That's why I have new product now, and why I'm one of the few who can ship immediately. We have it, because we like to hold it! Full Story

The Turn Around Time
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 28 January, 2009
Total turn around time: 30 days, give or take, and my goal is to work in all areas to speed up this process and remove the worst bottlenecks, which, at the moment, is the shipping time for the 1000 oz. bars. If anyone knows of a good supplier of 1000 oz. bars who can afford to pre-ship to LA, before the purchase, and provide 1000 oz. silver bars at or close to spot on the spot with no delivery charge, please let me know, and I'll buy from 3 to 5 tonnes of silver a month. Full Story

Lower Reserve Silver Auctions & Guest Essay
By: Jason Hommel and Isaac Kahan | 27 January, 2009
Our latest format change has been to list both "variable" reserve and "fixed" reserve auctions. An early fix is usually 25 cents per oz. more ($2.25 over spot vs. $2.00 over spot), to compensate for silver's volatility between the auction listing and closing time, and payment time, a day later. Full Story

Buy Silver Now!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 26 January, 2009
To succeed with investing, your investments MUST outpace inflation in the long run. Silver is poised to do that, and more, as it historically outperforms gold during bull markets in the precious metals. The bull market in silver has just begun. Full Story

Even My Mom Does Not Understand!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 17 January, 2009
There are a lot of people who DO understand what I'm doing with silver auctions, and I fully appreciate all of your support. But many don't, and I'm here to explain to help them. Full Story

Am I Shill Bidding?
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 13 January, 2009
To continue to offer silver at a free market price, I must have a minimum price. My minimum price is based on covering my cost, plus tomorrows silver price, which is the time i receive the money from the prior day's auction's highest bidders. To get as close as I can to tomorrow's price, I have to set my "reserve" price within the last hour or two before the auction. Full Story

Auction Rules, Silver Premiums, and the Fundamentals
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 10 January, 2009
Over 100 years ago, in the late 1880's, Germany stopped using silver as money, going to a pure gold standard. This started an 80 year long trend of silver no longer being used as money. India abandoned silver in the Great Depression, flooding the world with silver that was no longer being used in their coinage. This pushed silver prices down to that 25 cents per ounce level. It had nothing to do with deflation or the depression, it was demonetization. Reduced demand results in lower prices. Full Story

Guest Essay by Isaac Kahan
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 8 January, 2009
Today's guest essay is from the man who pushed me the hardest to start dealing in silver, who I met online a few months ago. So, my customers and I owe him a bit of thanks, so pay attention to what he has to say. Full Story

What are the risks of Counterfeit rounds?
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 6 January, 2009
Silver's moving up again, about $11.48! So now is the PERFECT time to buy, after silver has built a base, and is moving back up. Now's not the best time for me to sell, since if silver starts moving fast, it gets harder for me to cover, and buy back at the same price. But I'm running a business here, based on processes designed to limit that. Full Story

Happy New Year!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 5 January, 2009
The banks are the criminals. Eventually, an entire generation will get that, all at once. Silver. Just buy it! And then, market it! Full Story

Trusting God's Life Boat
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 29 December, 2008
Over the next year, if we meet our sales expectations, and turn around times, in terms of ounces of silver, then, at $10/oz., we'll sell only $20 million of "asset protection" physical silver. That's $0.02 billion for the $4 billion needing protection. Sorry, but if silver is the lifeboat we are offering, then our boats are far more limited than the limited lifeboats available for the passengers on the Titanic. Full Story Profiled
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 23 December, 2008
These days, I'm shocked to see that the largest Ponzi Scheme in the world (besides the government run ones like paper money, social security, etc.) --the Bernie Madoff $50 billion fraud fund, only provided a steady 10.5% return to investors. Had he purchased gold in 2001, his Ponzi scheme might not have failed, and, in fact, his fund could have had returns far in excess to that which he promised his investors! Gold, at $255 in 2001, to $850 by 2008, after 7 years, is an annualized 18.77% return! Full Story

More Silver Now at
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 19 December, 2008
Several people have suggested that the availability of 1000 oz. bars, by my wholesaler must prove that silver is not in short supply. Funny. I wonder if they think that I have the capacity to provide enough silver for all of world commerce? Not even my main supplier who has about $1/2 billion in various forms of bulk bullion has so much silver! Full Story

Silver Auctions And Silver News
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 16 December, 2008
With all the talk of impending defaults of both the COMEX, and the ETF's, and with the price dip now from $20 to $10, there just couldn't be a better time to buy physical metals. This weekend, I read the annual report of my major silver wholesaler supplier of 1000 oz. silver bars. They have half a billion worth of physical metal on hand, with only a million or two worth of financial paper assets prone to default, so their potential to default on me is close to zero. Full Story

The Invisible Grind
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 12 December, 2008
In my last article, What if They Returned to the Gold Standard? December 10, 2008 I noted that gold should go to $40,750/oz. if the $10.5 trillion of U.S. Bonds were to be backed by gold. For those who noticed, that was an understatement. Full Story

Backwardation Should Be Normal
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 10 December, 2008
If two vendors are selling silver, and one promises delivery in 3-5 days, and the other is backlogged for 30-60 days, then where would you prefer to shop? Clearly, you would rather get delivery now. And in the industry, in silver, it usually costs more to get silver now, rather than wait 2 months. So, backwardation, in that sense, should be normal. Full Story

Silver Certificate Default
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 10 December, 2008
This failure of major banks to deliver silver should be big news, but it is sorely neglected by all major media, who don't care one tiny bit about honesty and truth, and silver is even less of a concern to them. Full Story

Is China Ready to Buy Gold at Last?
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 19 November, 2008
There has been a recent flurry of news articles saying China may begin to diversify into Gold. But the articles conclude that China will move slowly, over years, so as to not disturb the markets. Funny. It's funny because it's like they don't know basic math. China wants 4000 tonnes of gold, to help "diversify" their $1.9 trillion in U.S. bonds. It's quite a joke. Please bear with me as I explain. Full Story

Silver Available Amidst Shortages
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 15 November, 2008
I'm auctioning silver to buy more silver. I'll try to use the proceeds to buy more silver in the form of the cheaper 1000 oz. bars, while they last, and have it fabricated into more 1 oz. rounds or bars. The 100 oz. bars command a high premium at or elsewhere. Full Story

High Silver Premiums Explained
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 21 October, 2008
All of this ought to give confidence to silver buyers today. These are historic low prices for silver, even the premiums. Premiums will not drop below 20% minimum until the public starts dumping, once again, and that probably won't take place until after a major price run up, at the end of this bull market in silver that ought to last about another 15 years. And premiums need to maintain at about 30%, to encourage new manufacturing of new silver products. Full Story

Two Silver Auctions: 24 Bags of 90%, and 200 Engelhard bars
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 18 October, 2008
I've listed two major auctions now, live, at .

My 90% Auction ends Monday, October 20th, Noon Eastern time, or 9AM, Pacific.

My 200 Engelhard 100 oz. bar auctions end Wednesday, October 22nd, 3PM Eastern time, or Noon Pacific. It's a series of 30 auctions that close a minute after each other, over 30 minutes. The last auction is for 50 bars.
Full Story

Auction: 24 Bags of 90% Silver
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 17 October, 2008
The 125 bars sold in my last auction, that closed yesterday on Wednesday, were sold for an average price of $15.56/oz., and, at the time, silver was $10.33, so the premium was $5.23 per ounce for Engelhard bars, a premium of 50.6% over spot. The 26 separate auctions were won by 16 different bidders. One person won 70 bars in the auction! 95% of the silver was shipped out today, to everyone whose wire came in. Full Story

Auction Notice!: 125 Engelhard 100 oz. Silver Bars
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 14 October, 2008
The price manipulation at the COMEX is so severe, that it has now created the profit incentive to create a free market in silver, through this auction, in order to arbitrage between the two markets, by buying in one, and selling to the other. Full Story

Why the Auction? I'm not selling out!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 13 October, 2008
So many people wonder if I'm selling out. I'm not. Let me prove it.

If you are in Real Estate, and if you are flipping houses, does a sale mean that you are you "getting out" of Real Estate? No. You are IN real estate.

I'm flipping silver!
Full Story

Auction: 125 silver 100 oz. bars -- Engelhards
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 8 October, 2008
I hope, one day in the future, to mint COMEX bars into new 100 oz. bars, or 10 oz. bars or 1 oz. rounds, when an acceptable and reliable mint can be found.

I'm listing this auction at
Full Story

50 Lies About Silver
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 6 October, 2008
Over 100 years ago, nations began stopping using silver as money, creating excess, cheap, silver. That trend ended between 1964, the last year the U.S. minted silver coinage, and around 2000, when the U.S. government ran out of silver. A new trend started around 1945, as silver was used in electronics and 10,000 other industrial uses, including photography. Of the 43 billion oz. of silver mined throughout human history, over half has been consumed and lost, and 95% of the rest is in forms inconvenient to recover, such as jewelry and tableware. Of the 1 billion ounces of silver remaining, most is held by long term investors, leaving nothing left for new investors, as industry continues to consume more than is mined each year. The long term price trend will now reverse, as people discover that silver has use as money, as silver will now prove to be an excellent store of value, and later, as a medium of exchange. Full Story

How to make $100 million in less than a year from $500,000
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 3 October, 2008
The most important and most neglected news item of the last week is the increasing premiums for 100 oz. silver bars.
There are several reasons why this is the most important news item:
1. The profit opportunity, as mentioned in the title above.
2. The potential to destroy the silver manipulation once and for all, by bankrupting COMEX of silver.
3. This reveals the "two tier" structure of a US dollar exchange rate.
Full Story

Silver Shortage Feedback
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 16 September, 2008
The shortages will lead to higher prices. Probably shockingly higher prices! The shortages will cause others to buy silver from the paper market to sell at big profits to the real market. People are considering opening up new mints to meet market demand. The market will break the back of the manipulations. The low price is temporary, and it is ending through higher prices for real silver. Eagles are selling for $4.00 to $4.50 over spot at the major wholesalers now, and up to $20-24/oz. at ebay for tubes and individual Silver Eagles! Full Story

Why don't the Miners do Something?
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 12 September, 2008
We just need a better trading site for silver and gold, much better than COMEX, where people cannot sell what they don't have which would eliminate the fraud of unbacked futures contracts. Such a site should have lower fees than ebay, and where people can place bids for fungible metals products, unlike what ebay offers. Full Story

What's the Price of Silver?
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 10 September, 2008
What will happen next? It's anyone's guess. I have one. Maybe the paper sellers will never cover. Maybe they plan to default, while maintaining a low price. After all, if you have to give out a "cash settlement" because there is no silver, then it's far better to default at $10 than at $100, right? Full Story

The World Needs a Free Market in Silver
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 8 September, 2008
This may be the most important article that I will ever write in my lifetime, and it may be the most important you will ever read. I don't know if things will ever be as crucial on the world stage as they are today. The world has a choice to head towards increased freedom and prosperity, or towards shortages and misery. Full Story

More TwosDay Silver Shortage Reports
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 6 September, 2008
I asked my readers to go to their local coin shop on Tuesday, September 2, at 2PM. On September 3rd, I published the first 10 reports from my readers. Here are the rest, about 25 more. They are almost identical. No customers. No silver. Long delivery times, or unknown wait times. What little silver there is, is often selling at shockingly high premiums, and going higher. Full Story

Twos-Day Silver Shortage Report
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 3 September, 2008
For the last two weeks, I've asked my readers to go to their local coin shop on Tuesday, September 2, at 2PM. In sum, for those who acted, they were alone. Most shops were out of silver, or nearly out. Dealers want you to pay up front for silver that may take 5 weeks or more for delivery. Full Story

Auction Closed: 25 silver 100 oz. bars, JM or Engelhards
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 29 August, 2008
There will be a lot of thinking required to figure out how to optimize this free market auction process, and to figure out if I can automate some of it using web forms. The email approach is one way. It is my hope that dealers learn from my approach, and start auctioning off product to the highest bidder, rather than forcing people to wait in lines, or refusing orders. Interestingly, the prices for this auction are very close to that at Full Story

Auction Update: 25 silver 100 oz. bars, JM or Engelhards
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 29 August, 2008
Part of the purpose of this auction is to see what bars will really sell for, in a large lot, in a free market. (And not just on ebay, where there may be only one bar at a time, and where there might be ways to get rebates from credit cards or other offers.) Part of the purpose of this auction is to rebuke Johnson Matthey, and other major dealers, since they don't sell product to the highest bidder at auction, but sell out completely, and/or make customers wait in line from 8-10 weeks, or 2-4 months, or indefinite time periods, or refusing buy orders. Full Story

Auction: 25 silver 100 oz. bars, JM or Engelhards
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 28 August, 2008
Current market conditions are highly unusual. Physical silver 100 ounce bars are hard to find in large quantity except on, yet the price of silver has recently dropped, which seems to contradict all known forms of supply/demand price dynamics. Full Story

Ignoring the Free Market Causes Shortages
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 24 August, 2008
I do not believe the futures market needs to be "regulated" or "sued" or "legislated" out of existence. It simply needs to be ignored by the market, and it appears that is what is happening, and thus, it will beome increasingly irrelevant. The paper manipulators will ingore the free market at their peril, and we will ignore their rigged market to our success. Full Story

Silver's so Cheap, it's Practically Free!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 22 August, 2008
The cost to privately mint 10,000 pieces of silver, would surely cost well over $1 per coin today, with the size of each piece being completely unimportant. Therefore, when you are buying 90% silver dimes, consider that you are paying what might be less than the cost to mint them or make them, and thus, the silver itself, is free. Full Story

Gold Refining Squeezes Silver Bar Production?
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 21 August, 2008
The silver market is tiny. Too tiny. And the silver price is cheap. Too cheap! Too cheap to motivate Johnson Matthey to make enough bars for us. In silver, the jewelry business is still much larger than the investor market. Silver going into jewelry is still probably about 3-6 times as large as silver going into investment products. Full Story

Silver has Run Out, Now!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 20 August, 2008
For a long time, people have been asking me, "When will silver run out?". They know that the world uses up more silver each year (about 850 million ounces) than the world mines (about 600 million ounces), and that existing demand can only be met by selling existing inventory (such as recycling 200 million ounces, or goverments selling 50 million ounces), so it's a natural question to ask. Full Story

Make $400,000/year on your silver!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 19 August, 2008
This is an opportunity that is available only to those people who actually have silver. This opportunity is not available to those people who have paper silver, nor is it available for people who write for companies who claim to have silver. Full Story

Silver Shortage Causes Price Disconnect
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 17 August, 2008
Many people agree there is a shortage of retail investor silver, but they get confused by the lower price. They think a lower price means more silver must have come into the market. That is not how our markets work. Our markets are affected by paper silver futures contracts, and very few people ever attempt to take delivery of that silver, they buy it on leverage, for the investment returns, not for real silver. So, some people can sell "silver promises" to excess, and never deliver, and if they sell more "paper silver" than exists, that can manipulate the price. Full Story

What the Silver Shortages Mean
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 15 August, 2008
It seems to me that the silver price should about double, to about $30, within about 6 months, to a year at the most, at a minimum. On the other hand, if the paper market sizes up, or if the physical market continues to disconnect, who knows what the price will be, it could be much higher. Price doesn't mean anything if there is no product available. Full Story

Why Paper Silver is not as good as Physical Silver
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 12 August, 2008
Yesterday, silver hit a low, and was down dramatically to as low as $14.08/oz. I'm sure the dip caused a lot of margin calls on people who owned silver futures contracts, who had to sell out. Perhaps this is a time to review a few more reasons why all forms of paper silver are not as good as owning physical silver. Full Story

The Money Charts - 2008
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 10 August, 2008
I'm pleased to announce the birth of our new baby boy Jude, who was born on July 16th. I've been busy bonding with baby. For my first article in nearly a month, I decided to focus once again on the fundamentals, and update my "money charts". Full Story

Frequently Asked Questions
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 14 July, 2008
Like gold, silver has all the properties of money, it is easily tradeable, transportable, divisible, interchangeable, genuinely recognizable, verifiable, lasting, rare, and a luxury item. Silver also has many properties that make it much more desirable than gold, such as, it is much more electrically conductive & reflective. Full Story

Silver has been Exploding for 5 years now
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 11 July, 2008
Don't "wait" for silver to explode before acting. It's exploding already. Get some. As soon as you can. The longer you wait, the more you will pay. Full Story

Bar Graphs of Silver vs. Money
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 11 July, 2008
It's good to review the basics. This time, I made some charts, which can be useful to see the comparison of size. The concept of relative size is often lost when we discuss millions, billions and trillions, but the concepts of relative size is extremely important when considering growing your money. Full Story

By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 6 July, 2008
The silver market is several orders of magnitude too small for the U.S. government to even be concerned about. It is impossible that the U.S. government could confiscate enough silver bullion to even make even the tiniest difference to the annual budget! Full Story

Fekete Answers Me & the Debate Continues
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 19 June, 2008
In the end, grain trading is nothing like silver trading, because grain spoils, and must be eaten. Silver never spoils, and cannot be eaten. Therefore grain must be delivered before it spoils, and those who go short grain contracts are trying to extinguish thier liability to holding rotting grain by delivering grain into their contracts. This does not take place in the silver markets, where less than 10% of contracts, and often sometimes only 1% of contracts, results in any delivery. Full Story

Silver Shorts Reported
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 18 June, 2008
Antal Fekete responded again, and I was going to take the time to continue our debate on the dangers and harm of debt and usury and whether the silver shorts are naked short, but there is too much to report about short selling to get into the theory of that today. Also, there is an easy and practical solution that we can do to fix things. Buy physical silver, take delivery, and store it yourself! And contact Jim Sinclair! Full Story

Fekete Questions Me, & Why Banning Usury Won't Work
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 14 June, 2008
Antal Fekete was kind enough to respond to my last email, "Silver Shorts are so Naked, they've "Gone Wild", which was actually a response to his article, which was a response to my claims and Ted Butler's claims and others claims that many or most people who have promised silver for delivery probably don't have the silver to deliver. Fekete's direct response has enough good questions for a solid interview or debate. Full Story

Silver Shorts are so Naked, they've "Gone Wild"
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 13 June, 2008
It's hilarious. The dollar used to be a promise to pay in silver, or gold. Bonds are thus like an old defaulted version of gold futures contracts. Futures contracts in bonds are a third form derivative on bonds which are defaulted gold contract futures, and options on futures on bonds for dollars are like a 4th form derivative on defaulted gold contracts. The bankers have just gone wild! Full Story

CFTC Hinders the U.S. Mint and the Free Market
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 8 June, 2008
There has been a shortage of silver ever since the world abandoned using silver as money. The reason why we have paper money, is that there was too much paper money being printed, and not enough silver and gold to cover all that was printed. So anyone who denies there is a shortage of silver ought to have their head examined, or they just don't know what the word shortage means, or they just don't know how I'm using it to describe reality, or they have their own pet definition of the word "shortage". Full Story

4 Fundamentals of the Silver Price
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 5 June, 2008
I've been writing a lot of articles lately on the supply shortage of silver from various mints and coin dealers, but I wanted to take a step back from focusing on that specific issue, and present an overview of the major fundamantals again. Full Story

Silver in the News
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 3 June, 2008
I would like to remind my readers of the monumental sea change developing in the silver market this year as the silver shortage continues as investors turned into buyers instead of sellers in 2008 when gold topped $1000/oz. and silver topped $20/oz. and the precious metals begun to capture the attention of the masses. Full Story

90% US Silver Coin Bags, $1000 Face
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 1 June, 2008
Since 1 ounce rounds, 10 ounce bars, and 100 ounce bars are getting very hard to find, and a 6-8 week delay is unrealistically unacceptable, some of you may be considering buying 90% Silver, which are more available in places these days, especially, I hear, from So, I figured that some of my readers would like my experienced opinion on acquiring this kind of silver product. Full Story

Silver Shortages Misunderstood
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 28 May, 2008
The biggest proofs of the silver shortage are the position limits at the NYMEX. These are 7.5 million ounces in the spot delivery month. Another usually unenforced limit is that the exchange can arbitrarily limit all physical deliveries to all market participants to as little as 1.5 million ounces, in their discretion, if they want to. Full Story

Forgotten Near-Term Silver Producers
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 27 May, 2008
In my opinion, it is too early to say what mine supply will mean for silver prices in 2009, since silver prices could well be $30/oz. or higher by then, with between 2-5 times more investor demand than today, or up to 400 million ounces demanded by investors due to continued inflation, war, etc. Full Story

By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 26 May, 2008
Due to overwhelmingly growing popular demand, The U.S. mint has sold twice the amount of one ounce Silver Eagle coins as last year (6.8 million since the start of the year), and is forced to ration their available coins to their 13 authorized dealers, one of whom says he would like to buy 5 times as many Silver Eagles as the mint will let him, 500,000 per week, instead of the 100,000 he is allocated and limited to buy. Full Story

Perth Mint Crisis: Solutions and Ramifications
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 23 May, 2008
The vast majority of my readers understand the Perth Mint crisis. They know that when the Perth Mint is supposed to have an operating pool of $880 million Australian dollars of precious metal, and yet, the Mint has delivery delays for precious metal; they can see the obvious conflict there. Full Story

Inflation-Adjusted Silver Price Charts
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 19 May, 2008
As you may know, I'm not big on charts. I don't like charts, since most charts don't tell the full story of how much money they have printed up, and will continue to print up in the future. But inflation-adjusted charts can give a more accurate picture than nominal dollar charts. Furthermore, since inflation is escalating rapidly, any charts made end up having to be re-adjusted as inflation continues. Full Story

A Further Warning to the CFTC!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 16 May, 2008
Buy silver, while you can, if you can find it. Buying silver is a peaceful action. Many dealers are still reporting delivery delays of over 1 month. Delivery delays are evidence of shortages. Many dealers are still short of silver, since they don't have any. Shortages are evidence of market manipulations, and price fixing of prices too low. Full Story

Four Proofs of Silver Manipulation!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 14 May, 2008
The very nature of silver itself is that it is not a promise, it is payment in full. All kinds of paper promises are by nature, a substitute for silver and gold, and hence a manipulation, because their very existence creates a substitute demand for something other than physical silver and gold. Full Story

Silver's "Poor Fundamentals" Refuted!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 29 April, 2008
Silver does not have gold's fundamentals, silver's are much better. With industry consuming more silver than is mined each year, any slight increase in investor demand for silver will continue to drive silver's prices upwards, and make a mockery of all of wall street and all they do and all they have to offer. Full Story

Hyperinflation is making Gold Soar!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 6 April, 2008
Life is unfair. We are all being tested, all the time, on things that "are not on the curriculum" that nobody may have taught us. How unfair! Often we are tested on things that we have no way of knowing! Scary, but true. But the sooner we realize those facts of life, the better off we will be! Full Story

I Don't Trade Futures
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 5 April, 2008
That's the trouble with futures and options; you are trying to invest and control what you don't own. You are not taking dominion over what you have, you are trying to take dominion over what another has. Full Story

Perth Mint and Kitco Scheme Exposed
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 26 March, 2008
I believe, but cannnot prove, that Kitco is short of bullion owed to their own customers in their pool account, and this would explain why they publish the anti-gold articles that they do. If you own precious metal in a pool account or certificate form with anyone, Kitco, Perth, Monex, Goldline, any Major Bank or Brokerage, or anyone else, I think you would be wise to cash out, and get real silver somewhere else, even if you have to pay extra fees to do so. Full Story

NorthWest Territorial Mint Says They Have Silver
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 25 March, 2008
I spoke on the phone with Ross Hansen for about 45 minutes today. Apparently, I've slandered his business because I don't know what I'm talking about with regard to his total silver inventories, because he said he does have more ounces of silver that he's paid for that is at other locations, such as Johnson Matthey holding about 70,000 ounces for him, that he simply needs to go and pick up with a rented armored truck for about $3000. (As you all know, I advise against having other people hold your silver for you.) Full Story

Silver Market Structure: Shortages And Sources
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 25 March, 2008
My recent reports on the Silver Shortages at Coin Shops and major dealers have been popular, and widely re-posted. Misunderstandings and questions are more abundant than my ability to answer them all individually; but most could be answered if only people and coin shop owners only understood the basic market structure of silver, and did a little bit of thinking for about 5 minutes, and then a bit of math on the numbers, so let's start with the numbers, as reported by the CPM Group and Silverinstitute. Full Story

Silver Shortage gets Worse, Price Drops Again!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 21 March, 2008
Three more major silver dealers are reported to be out of silver today: The U.S. Mint, Kitco, and Monex. This, on top of the major dealers yesterday, Amark, Perth Mint, CNI Numismatics, and APMEX, all reported sold out. Further, nearly all of Canada is reported to be out of silver, from Vancouver to Toronto. Full Story

Silver Shortage: 19 dealers reported "Sold Out"
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 20 March, 2008
Since my email earlier tonight, where I reported that 5-6 major silver dealers (Amark, Tulving, 2 in Vancouver, my local dealer, NWT Mint) are "out of inventory", 13 more reports came in, saying that the dealers were out of silver inventory. Some of these names are big names in the business, Scotia bank, the Perth Mint in Australia, CNI Numismatics in LA, APMEX says they have some items, but are looking to buy. Full Story

Guess who is running low on Silver!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 19 March, 2008
I've heard that 4 major coin shops on the West Coast of North America were out of 100 oz. bars yesterday; Amark, the largest distributor for Johnson Matthey in the nation, and Tulving, and two dealers in Vancouver. If you include NWT Mint's delivery delays, that's 5. Anoter man emails to tells me that a coin shop in Surrecy, BC is sold out of 1 oz. Silver Coins, and that their phones are ringing off the wall for orders and they can't fill orders for lack of silver. Full Story

The Financial Dominoes are Falling
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 17 March, 2008
This is why you need silver and gold. They cannot go bankrupt. They cannot go to zero value. Their value does not depend on another's promise to pay. Silver and gold are not promises, they are payment in full. Full Story

Why Silver is better than Oil as an Investment
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 15 March, 2008
There is a 40-year supply of oil in the ground. There is a 14-year supply of silver in the ground. Therefore, silver is the better investment. If "peak oil" is true, then every peak oil nutcase out there ought to be several times more worried about "peak silver", since silver reserves will run out sooner. Full Story

Are You Smart Enough To Do Compound Interest?
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 14 March, 2008
Everyone else out there is writing about how gold topped $1000/oz. Bor-ring! Besides, you don't need me to tell you that. How about some real insight into the gold and silver market? Here it is, if you can understand it. Full Story

Short Squeeze in Silver!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 3 March, 2008
The silver shorts, who have been one of the key forces capping the price of silver ever since 1980, are buying back the silver they sold, the silver that they don't have, the silver that may not exist, and they are buying "contracts for it" from people who might not have it either, in a rising market, because the shorts have begun to panic. Full Story

How to Get Into Silver, for Billionaires
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 28 February, 2008
According to Forbes, there are only about 900 billionaires. However, there are also hundreds, if not thousands, of funds with many billions of dollars under management. There are also many companies with many billions of dollars in "cash"; and they might not know what to do with it. This article is for all the billionaires in the world. Full Story

Breakout! Buy Silver Stocks Now!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 21 February, 2008
This afternoon, gold moved up $30/oz. to a new high of $947/oz., silver moved up $.75/oz. to hit a new high of $17.96/oz. Palladium moved up to a new high of $501/oz., which seems to be catching up to platinum at $2143/oz, which hit its new high yesterday. This is a fantastic breakout of all 4 precious metals! Full Story

Why I Could Never be a Paid Shill for the Feds
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 15 February, 2008
Yes, the U.S. financial system is perfectly fine. There is no risk of financial collapse, nor any need to worry about any dollar decline, since the people trust the U.S. more than any other system, and any other thing. Full Story

There is no Silver Surplus
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 29 January, 2008
Surplus silver, if this is an accounting term, means that it is describing the action of silver investors who are buying that silver. It does not lay around unwanted. In fact, it could rather be said to be that that sector of silver action is where the silver is most wanted of all. Full Story

Overview: Hang in there!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 24 January, 2008
We feel so fortunate to be sitting on exploration, development and mining stocks that have recently lost only about 35%. Yes, some lost more, but that's about our recent average. Besides, I find it difficult to complain about a 35% dip, after having made about 1000% over the last few years, and especially not while I see those kinds of gains ahead, too. Full Story

Silver Shipping Costs
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 18 January, 2008
It is often said by academics and economists that silver is so much less valuable than gold, because it is so much more bulky for an equal value of gold, and thus, it costs more to handle and ship, which, in turn, makes it less valuable than gold. It's a circular argument that doesn't make much sense. Yes, I can see the argument, but it fails in reality. Full Story

Silver: There's Never Enough!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 16 January, 2008
There's more than enough silver for everyone as long as everyone is willing to value silver as highly as I value my silver. And I think that silver is rare, and likely to become scarce in the event of increasing investor demand, which I take as a given! Full Story

Silver: Questions and Answers
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 10 January, 2008
I prefer 100 oz. bars, because they are easiest for me to count, and stack. But really, just get the most silver for the least money. About $.50 over spot is an excellent price, but in a fast rising market that is moving $.50/day, about $1 over spot may be more realistic. Full Story

Silver Keeping Pace with Gold; Set to Outpace Gold
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 9 January, 2008
As silver moves from $16/oz. to $408/oz., which is literally guaranteed by historical ratios and historical inflation measures, and insured by the silver scarcity, many people will make well over 2500% (as denominated in dollars) on their silver investment. Over what time frame? Who can say? I expect annual returns to average about 50% until that final goal is reached. Full Story

How I Pick Stocks
By: Jason Hommel | 15 October, 2007
I invest. How and Why? I have to be convinced that a stock is good, and every stock I hold, I have purchased with my own money; either on the open market, or in private placements. (Most have been bought in the open market.) I can't be bought (with a bribe); I have to be sold (on the merits). Full Story

Excellent Market Opportunities
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 17 August, 2007
I do not sell out of the sector; I never have, not in 7 years. I trade, but only to trade one stock for another, never holding more than about 5% in cash. The reason is because I can never predict these short term moves. Tomorrow, things could go up 10%, across the board in the metals stocks, who knows. Full Story

$8000 Silver in 15 Years
By: Jason Hommel and Maurice Rosen | 2 August, 2007
LAST YEAR I INTERVIEWED JAMES TURK who talked about $8,000 gold. Now, I present you with a bizarre forecast of $8,000 silver. What's going on here? We'll have to read Jason Hommel's reasoning to find out, but I'll tell you upfront he's from the School of Hyperinflation Forecasting, not an especially enviable place to have learned how to manage one's money or to forecast the economy since the 1980s. Full Story

The Tiny Size of the Gold Market
By: Jason Hommel | 6 June, 2007
One of the reasons that big money managers, and the world's wealthiest people, don't understand gold, and silver, is that human beings, even very, very smart people, just do not understand very large numbers, nor relative size. Full Story

Why Silver will Soar
By: Jason Hommel | 23 May, 2007
If the wider public became aware of the silver fundamentals, net silver investment would be much higher, and so would silver prices. With a market this tight, and the world this unaware, the silver price will probably rise much higher than anyone can predict. Full Story

Why Silver will Soar above $230/oz.
By: Jason Hommel | 14 May, 2007
The amount of money in U.S. banks, M3, is about $12 trillion. Net silver demand was 60 million ounces at about $11/oz., or $660 million dollars. So, the money that is going into silver to protect itself from inflation is equivalent to 0.00005% ($660 million out of $12,000,000 million!) of what could be spent on silver, in the U.S. alone. So, I think a ridiculously tiny amount of paper dollars has shifted into silver, so far. Full Story

How to Buy Silver, & Avoid Getting Scammed
By: Jason Hommel | 21 April, 2007
People continually ask me about all kinds of physical silver investments. I have avoided writing this article for years because people are always telling me to not say anything bad about anyone, or your competition. But I don't need to name names, and liars are not my competitors. So, here's how to avoid getting ripped off. Full Story

How to Fix Gold Price Fixing
By: Jason Hommel | 9 April, 2007
What I have outlined above is actually a trading guide for any large trader, whether a state government, national government, or even a fund, who would be a market mover and who could move the precious metals markets against themselves. It's how to set bids and asks, in such a way as to maximize profits. Many precious metals dealers already trade in a similar way. Full Story

Why Silver's Ready to Double in a Year
By: Jason Hommel | 25 March, 2007
First, here's the silver story in a nutshell. Silver is money, the only true money of the masses, the people. Gold is for kings. Silver is for change, and is the "workhorse" money. Silver has been consumed by industry. The world is running out of silver; industry consumes more than the mines produce. There's no room for any investment demand to enter the silver market without driving the price sky high. We've just begun to see a little bit of investment demand. Full Story

How low can gold go? $587/oz!
By: Jason Hommel | 21 February, 2007
Today, gold moved up by $23/oz., and was up by about 3.5% in nearly all currencies. Does this mean that now is a risky time to buy gold? Well, I think you have to look at the potential upside gains verses the downside risk. Full Story

Silver is Untaxable!
By: Jason Hommel | 15 February, 2007
I would like to discuss the various possible tax benefits of owning silver; benefits that may exist world wide. Silver, which is true wealth, is not inherently taxable! Incomes, and capital gains, and real estate, are taxed, but not silver. Why is this? Full Story

The Blessing and Curse of Flow-Through Shares
By: Jason Hommel | 5 December, 2006
If there are forces in the world that make silver prices too low; that is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing, of course, if you recognize it, and if you act on what you know, and become a buyer of silver. It is a curse, of course, if you don't recognize it, and if you are an owner, or a seller of silver. Full Story

I'm Positive we'll Prosper with Silver
By: Jason Hommel | 5 November, 2006
The gold world seems to be filled with pessimists. One of the main concerns of investors at the recent Chicago show and at the Silver Summit in Idaho, was along the lines of:

How will society fare during the coming economic crash? Will there be food in stores? Will the government collapse? How will people trade if paper money fails? Will all stocks become worthless, even mining stocks?
Full Story

How to Use Silver as Money
By: Jason Hommel | 5 October, 2006
It's common sense that we ought to use just weights and measures in our exchanges, in commerce. Silver is honest money, but why don't silver coins circulate? Are all of us really that dishonest? What is the real issue here? Full Story

Silver Summit Speech
By: Jason Hommel | 27 September, 2006
Everyone here should have at least $5000 worth of silver. Therefore, I strongly urge you to go to your local coin shop, and clean them out. The coin shop may have only $5000 to $50,000 worth of silver on hand, and most investors here can easily buy all they have. Go to the bank, get your cash, and get your silver. And get a safe at Wal-Mart, and bolt it to your garage floor, or put it in your closet. Full Story

Silver Price Manipulation 101
By: Jason Hommel | 16 September, 2006
In the past, Ted and others have alleged that if the big bullion dealers lose money, or make money, while trading gold and silver, then they are manipulating the market, and "picking the pockets" of other traders. And now, if they don't even trade at all, it's manipulation?

Nonsense! If a big trader makes money, or loses money, or moves the market, that is not manipulation. I know, because I am a big trader, sometimes I make money, and sometimes I lose money, and I move the market with articles. That's free speech; not oppression & manipulation. And I'm free to trade as I like under capitalism.
Full Story

Wikipedia is Increasing Knowledge
By: Jason Hommel | 18 August, 2006
I was often bored as a kid, and sometimes I read the encyclopedia for fun. My mom got us the World Book, from 1976, and much later, we got a new $1000 Britannica! One of the most exciting CD's I got in 1997 with my new Gateway Computer was an encyclopedia--and it was so much better, because articles linked to each other, which was so much faster than flipping pages manually! Later, I read on the internet about how the encyclopedia Britannica was drastically changed starting about 1913, and that you could order CD's of the "original" Britannica online. I never did. Full Story

The Silver Show in Idaho
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 15 August, 2006
I encourage you to register for The Silver Summit this year in Idaho. It will be the best mining conference of the year. It will be much bigger than last year as it will be held in Coeur d Alene, Idaho. Most of the silver mining companies will attend. I will attend, and give two speeches: one during the main event, and one on Sunday morning covering the religious points on silver. Full Story

America: Freedom to Fascism
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 3 August, 2006
A movie came out this last weekend in ten theaters that is receiving many A+ reviews from Yahoo users. It opened to a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival a few months ago.

This movie will be especially loved by gold and silver investors, who have sent me hundreds of emails about it in the past few months.
Full Story

By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 18 May, 2006
The word "correction" is the wrong word to use to describe a dip, or pause, in the gold price. The correct direction for gold to move is up. It's the dollar that is "correcting" down. People who write things such as "gold is going to go down hard and fast, because markets move up more slowly than they move down" are just wrong. The gold price chart is merely a ratio chart between the dollar and gold, and the dollar can move down faster than anything, which means that nothing goes up as fast as gold. Full Story

Buffett Sold Silver; NY Times Covers Gold!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 7 May, 2006
This is very bullish for silver, because it explains why silver's rise took longer than we thought (Warren was selling), and it also means that there is much less silver above ground than we thought. Buffett's hoard of 130 million ounces no longer exists! Clearly, Warren made a mistake, and he seems to admit it when he says that he sold silver too soon. I always suspected that Warren did not understand gold or silver too well. Full Story

Silver ETF & Bolivia Confiscation
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 2 May, 2006
I do not personally recommend that small, individual investors buy the Silver ETF. I personally believe it is safer to own your own physical silver bullion, which you should own in case of brokerage house default, or if the markets simply stop trading for a year due to war or market meltdown. I believe the ETF is primarily for large institutional investors, who simply cannot personally move very large quantities of silver bullion that they would like to buy for investment purposes. If the price of silver stabilizes in about a month (or if market defaults on futures contracts do not take place), the Silver ETF may also be useful for large trading accounts such as IRA accounts, where it may be useful to trade into silver, instead of cash, to hold while deciding what other silver stocks to buy. Full Story

Silver ETF Approved!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 27 April, 2006
The SEC has Cleared the Barclays Silver ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). The ETF will allow investors to buy silver as easily as they buy stocks, and the trading symbol on the AMEX should be SLV, and could start trading as early as tomorrow, or by the end of next week. Full Story

By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 14 April, 2006
Confiscation fears are understandable. Although silver that you own is default free, and cannot go to zero value... there is only one remaining problem: it can be stolen by thieves, or government. This is the age-old problem of being wealthy, you have to protect your wealth. Full Story

Silver Coin Proposal
By: Jason Hommel | 2 March, 2006
At GATA's Gold Rush 21 Conference, held in the fall of 2005, precious metal advocates discussed strategies to promote gold and silver. (See Among the best silver money ideas are Hugo Salinas Price's silver coin movement in Mexico, the Liberty Dollar, and New Hampshire's Silver Coin ballot measure, but none of these, I feel are ideal. From what I have learned about the importance of using honest weights and measures as taught in the Bible, (unjust weights and measures being described as abominations) I have developed this Silver Coin Proposal. Full Story

The Money Chart
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 28 February, 2006
I believe in 1980, the total market cap of all gold stocks was $1 trillion, and the total market cap of all NYSE stocks was $1 trillion. Today, the figures are about $110 billion for gold stocks, and $21 trillion for NYSE stocks. It's going to be a great decade for gold, and especially silver investors. Full Story

The Silver ETF: What's the deal?
By: Jason Hommel | 23 February, 2006
Will the SEC approve the ETF? I think so. The reason is that since the gold ETF's were approved, there is little legal justification for a denial. Without legal grounds upon which to base a denial, how can the SEC deny it? The Silver User's Association's plea contained no legal basis for a denial, just a whining anti-free-market hypocritical, self-serving, short-sighted, wrong-headed, rant. Full Story

Silver, Gold, Copper & Zinc all Soaring!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 26 January, 2006
And I still have yet to share with you the most bullish news of all in the silver market!

I have long been telling you about the silver shortage feared by the silver users, announced ever since the SUA has asked the SEC to deny the proposed Barclay's Silver ETF, or Exchange Traded Fund, which will make it easy to buy silver in a trading account, just like a stock.
Full Story

Wait for a Correction?
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 14 December, 2005
It is rather easy to manipulate the paper price of silver, temporarily: Simply offer promises to deliver silver. That's it. That's all it takes. The hard part comes later, when delivery dates come due. This is why manipulation cannot work in the long run, when there is a shortage of physical silver. This type of manipulation is bothersome, but it also offers the opportunity: cheap silver! Full Story

Silver ETF Update - 300 One-Ounce Silver Coins Up for Grabs
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 1 December, 2005
Part of what has created the silver shortage today, was the unfair treatment of the Hunts in 1980, specifically, the rule changes that have favored short sellers in the futures markets ever since. This has discouraged investing in silver bullion (prudent stockpiling) for an entire generation! I believe that if men are free, it is impossible for there to be any such thing as a long side manipulation. After all, if it's your money, then you should be free to buy whatever you want with your money, as that is the definition of freedom. You ought to be especially free to own money, real silver money, with your money. It seems rather basic to me--but I wonder why a generation has forgotten these things. Full Story

-- Gold, Copper, Silver News!
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 22 November, 2005
The Silver User's Association claims that the proposed Silver Exchanged Traded Fund, which needs 130 million ounces of silver, will cause a silver shortage. This is about $1 billion worth of silver, a tiny sum in financial terms. This means that silver will likely go up in price, as investors love a shortage, which, itself can cause higher prices. Add investor demand to the mix, and silver prices will soon head much, much higher. Full Story

Silver Users Fear Silver Shortage
By: Jason Hommel | 26 October, 2005
The Silver Users Association (SUA), a group devoted to the conflicting goals of keeping silver prices low and keeping silver available for users, stunned the silver investing community last month by repeating the claims made by silver investors and analysts that the silver market is very tight and that any significant investor demand will create a shortage of silver. Full Story

The Death of the Dollar
By: Jason Hommel | 18 March, 2005
Germany's hyperinflation in the 1930's took about a year and a half. Recently, Argentina's took place nearly overnight. Who knows which way the dollar will die, whether a quick death, or a more slow and painful one? Full Story

Silver Stock Report for October 29, 2004
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 1 November, 2004
I expect the silver price to rise substantially, moving up in value by about 300 times. In such a market, you should simply buy and hold. However, you can still trade, which I do, as I will buy one silver stock after selling another silver stock, and thus, maintain my full exposure to rising silver prices. Full Story

Liquidity (Advanced Trading Concept)
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 16 October, 2004
Some people are scared to invest in silver stocks due to the lack of liquidity. I'm not. The reason is that I strongly believe in the fundamentals of silver, and I know that these fundamentals of silver are not well known. I understand that the world is largely deceived as to these fundamentals about silver, and thus, I'm confident that the world will catch up and perceive reality as it is, soon enough. Full Story

Silver Stock Report #52
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 2 October, 2004
--Updates on 13 silver stocks
--Interest rates & compound interest
--There is a limit to real growth
--Why interst rates must rise
--Why the bond market must crash
--A guest commentary by earl morris
Full Story

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #49
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 6 September, 2004
--Updates on 8 silver stocks.
--A few comments on a few articles on silver.
--The Sons of Gwalia went bankrupt--the biggest gold news of the last 30 years!
--Jim Sinclair, what is he thinking?
--I'm offering silver in every transaction, as a testimony!
--PAAS, should have bought silver long ago...
--My comments on SSRI this week.
--A hot new silver stock compares favorably: Capstone Gold!
Full Story

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #48
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 29 August, 2004
--Updates on 6 silver stocks.
--My commentary on the Sprott "gold manipulation" report.
--Silver miners compete with the banks!
--My commentary on Paul Van Eden on silver
--Scriptures supporting gold and silver as money, and against paper money.
--And explanations of scriptures on money that are often misunderstood.
--Alan Greenspan's idea of a "gold standard" is really a "paper standard".
--How the manipulation affects us, and how we can benefit!
Full Story

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #47
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 23 August, 2004
--Updates on 8 silver stocks.
--Money creation is at 8.6% for first 6 months of 2004!
--How will the world return to using gold and silver coin as money?
--Regulation of derivatives runs counter to the 4th Amendment.
--But public companies should disclose the nature of their contracts!
--Are the rich getting richer, and is that good or bad?
--I know a hot new silver stock to buy, do you?!
--Register for my upcoming conference call on Aug 27th
Full Story

Silver Stocks--Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #46
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 15 August, 2004
--Updates on 6 silver stocks.
--9 guidelines on how to trade the silver stocks.
--8 silver stocks that are on a severe price dip.
--How European investors might avoid the 17% VAT on silver!
--Updated contact emails for many of the company profiles.
--How to study the sentiment of the gold and silver markets!
--Register for my upcoming conference call on Aug 27th
Full Story

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #45
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 7 August, 2004
--Many junior silver stocks with large resources were up this week.
--You may have heard me on the radio, with Victor Adair in Canada
--You can hear me in an upcoming teleconference call later this month.
--Thou shalt not fear silver confiscation!
--How do they deceive people with multi-millions of dollars?
--Silver cannot be patented or copyrighted. Understand your investment!
--Please copy and share my articles...
--Start with buying silver bullion first!
--David Morgan... you ought to know who he is if you are a silver investor.
--And more!
Full Story

Silver vs. Gold
By: Jason Hommel | 6 August, 2004
Why is gold useful, and why is it particularly useful as money? Gold is valuable & portable because it’s rare & not easily counterfeited. Gold is fungible & exchangeable because every bit of .999 fine gold is similar enough to be like another. Gold does not rust as it’s imperishable. These properties make gold a good store of value, a medium of exchange, and a unit of account. Therefore, gold is easily tradable with a narrow spread, meaning it has a small price between the bid and ask—the prices to buy and sell. Gold is therefore the ultimate liquid asset, a luxury, and is why gold is money. Full Story

Silver Stocks--Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #44
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 1 August, 2004
--Updates on 7 silver stocks
--Why silver is money, and why the price will skyrocket
--I refute Ayn Rand's support of copyright and patents
(Ayn Rand is the author of "Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal")
Full Story

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #43
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 24 July, 2004
--updates on 13 silver stocks
--my commentary on the nature of gold; it resists copyright
--why housing is so expensive compared to cheap silver
--why manipulators must lose control of the silver price
Full Story

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #42
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 10 July, 2004
--More user-friendly report. Click the company name in the summary, and you will be taken right to the company profile.
--I clarify my methodology.
--25 Reasons why the Sound Money Bill Must Be Supported
--The Politics of our Fraudulent Monetary System: Are you Voting for it?
--The Russian run on the banks!
--What silver stocks are over 50% off their highs? I list them for you!
--Copper in shortage. It's communism!
Full Story

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #41
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 5 July, 2004
--Fifteen company profiles are updated this week.
--Hear me on the radio on the Korelin Report!
--The penny will soon cost more than a penny to make!
--Overvalued Housing, Bonds & Stocks
--Doug Casey tells the silver story very well.
--I sold some silver, but only because I use it as money.
Full Story

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #40
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 27 June, 2004
In general, the silver stocks seemed quiet this week. It seems as if we are in the calm before the storm of rising prices. I say this because I feel investor interest is low, and I have two reasons to back this up. First, emails to me are less than usual, and the signups are down. Second, open interest is down.

And yet, we have rising prices, at $6.10, and many of the silver stocks slightly outperformed silver in the last week.

About six months ago, I calculated the total market cap of the silver stocks on this list at about $7 billion. Today, 6 months later, it's about 8 billion.
Full Story

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #39
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 21 June, 2004
So, here are the two most bullish factors affecting silver.

1. The world has nearly run out of silver.

2. The nations of the world have printed up nearly unlimited amounts of unbacked paper money.

Put together, these two factors have never occurred before in the history of mankind.
Full Story

I'm Insanely Bullish on Silver
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 19 June, 2004
Given that the world is almost out of above ground refined silver, a permanant major price rise could happen at any time. The two silver surveys estimate there is about 200 million ounces to 600 million ounces of silver in known verifiable locations. At the COMEX, as of close of business: 06/18/2004, there are 45.8 mil oz. registered for delivery, and 71.9 million oz. Eligible. However, the silver in either category may be held by long term investors, who may be reading this very commentary, and who may not sell until much higher prices. Silver is coming to market, uneconomically, through three main sources: 1. As a byproduct of other mining, and 2. as people inherit silver and then sell it for the quick cash, and 3. as governments and bullion banks dump it. These supplies are meeting current demand. Literally, however, at $6/oz., a billion dollars cannot buy silver anymore. By the time a billionaire tried to buy silver bullion with a billion dollars, the price may be pushed up to about $40/oz. At $6/oz, a billion dollars is 167 million ounces. There is just not that much silver for sale at $6/oz. in the world today. If a billionaire was willing to pay any price to obtain "a billion dollars of silver", and if he found out that he could only obtain 25 million ounces, he might bid the price up to $40/oz.! Therefore, a major price rise can happen at any time one very wealthy person decides to buy. Full Story

Silver Stocks--Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #38
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 12 June, 2004
--I'll be speaking several times at the Vancouver gold show, see

--The world remembers Ronald Reagan.

--I have a recommendation on a good safe company.

--Updated profiles on 7 silver companies.
Full Story

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report # 37
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 6 June, 2004
--My many reports and observations from the NY Gold show.
--How much silver is left in the world?
--I list four silver companies that are now are stockpiling silver bullion!
--A major newsletter writer, Bill Bonner, is growing bullish on silver!
--I address and refute accusations that I'm a "pump and dumper".
--And more silver news.
Full Story

Silver Stocks--Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #36
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 31 May, 2004
This last week showed mixed results for silver stock investors over silver bullion. In relation to silver bullion, 13 silver stocks were up, of the 31 stocks on my first list.

According to several indicators, retail investor sentiment for silver remains subdued since the decline from $8.40/oz.

For example, open interest continues to decline. This means there are fewer silver futures contracts. Fewer people are interested in becoming "paper longs". And the silver price is rising off the recent bottom of $5.50/oz. Thus, dealers are covering their shorts at these "lower" prices. True, prices are lower than they just were at over $8/oz., but I suspect that a lot of these contracts are being covered at a loss from the high $4 to low $5 range.

I would like to believe that a lot of silver investors have realized the immorality and futility of gambling in silver futures contracts, and have decided to become real strong longs who would buy physical silver instead. But, more likely, they have simply given up on silver for now; as they are more likely confused, running scared, or simply disgusted at their own losses.
Full Story

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report # 35
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 22 May, 2004
--Most silver stocks were up significantly this week!
--Two key industry silver reports: both very bullish for silver, both neglect the potential monetary demand for silver, both have poor market reach beyond the silver investing world.
--How will silver be valued after massive hyperinflation?
--Silver shortage in Poland!
--The next letter writing campaign begins: To the editor!
Full Story

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #34
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 15 May, 2004
--The CFTC responds to 500 complains about silver market manipulation.

--I rip apart the CFTC lies.

--How I first became interested in gold, at age 9.

--Gresham's law will eventually reverse, as good money will drive out the bad.

--Why oil is cheap, and why Barbara Boxer's concerns and remedies for
the high price of gas are misguided.

--I show you a great way to make big money by promoting silver.

--The solution is gold and silver as money. So, support the New Hampshire bill!

--I Refute the article, "Silver? No Thanks, We Got Lots" by Mark Taylor

--And finally, this week's report covers over 114 silver stocks.
Full Story

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report # 33
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 8 May, 2004
At the present time, there are quite a few mainstream commentators who are suggesting that if interest rates go up, it will be bad for gold and silver. I wonder if this story, repeated in the mainstream press, is responsible for the downturn in precious metals? It might, but if so, I strongly suspect this is the last time we will see these low prices for gold and silver. It's as if the full power of the press is now beginning to discredit gold and silver, so as to create an entry point for a very powerful and very wealthy buyer. Did you read in the last few weeks how the Rothschilds are quitting the gold fix? I believe this means they will no longer work to suppress the gold price, which I believe means they are likely ready to buy gold and silver for themselves. Full Story

The Silver Bull Is Back!
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 4 May, 2004
I believe this was a significant turning point for the silver market, and as such, I felt I had to send out this notice.

I hope my readers did not miss today's great move. I hope that a very few of my readers were shaken out and discouraged by the recent manipulation of the silver price down to $6.

Did you realize that the bullion banks are now covering their shorts, reducing their short positions, and are now increasing their long positions in silver at $6/oz., as can be seen in the COT reports?
Full Story

Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #32
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 1 May, 2004
Highlights of the report at the link above:

--Several important bombshells for the bullion market:
--"Black Gold" of the Phillipines!
--The Rothschilds announcement to leave the fix!
--What I learned at the Calgary Resource conference!
Full Story

Silver Update
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 23 April, 2004
This week, I'm not producing an updated weekly report, because I'm headed to Calgary, and I will not have the 5-7 hours of time to go through each company by hand and do the math.

But due to the drop in the price of silver, some people have wanted me to issue an emergency comment. So, here it is.

I believe the lowered price is being driven by paper futures contracts, not physical supply. There has been no significantly bearish news for either gold or silver in the last week or so since the price drop began. There has been no major new supply of silver coming to market.
Full Story

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report # 31
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 20 April, 2004
This past week, silver has been volatile in price, yet, I am now more bullish on silver than ever.

One of the reasons it is so important to avoid futures contracts is to be able to survive the wild changes in price. If you own physical silver, paid in full, you really do not need to care about the major price swings, because they cannot hurt you. You have not lost a single ounce of silver in your possession. If you own a futures contract, you get a margin call when prices go down, and you may end up having to pay more than you can afford, and thus, losing your entire investment.

Volatility helps the shorts, in more ways than the obvious, which is that they MAY get a chance to cover when the prices go down. Volatility also serves the manipulators with another big purpose: to confuse and scare people away from investing in silver. People do not understand why big price swings will occur, and thus, they will be more likely to say to themselves, "I do not understand silver, and thus, I will not invest in what I do not understand."

The other way volatility scares people away from silver, is that it makes silver seem "unreliable", or "untrustworthy". After all, how can you plan on what your silver should be worth if the price is rapidly moving all over the place?

But the real truth is that silver is reliable and trustworthy, as is gold. It is paper money that is untrustworthy.
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Silver Stocks -- Comparative Valuations; Weekly Report #30
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 10 April, 2004
Key phrase: "When silver breaks free of the COMEX it will be of such value that it's "spending power" will be greater than it was under the gold standard for the simple reason that there is a lot less of it."

My comments: Well, what did an ounce of silver buy during the age of the gold standard? I remember reading an article where a man's suit was sold for $1.50 in a Sear's catalog in the early 1900's. That coinage contained about an ounce of silver. Today, I suppose the equivalent would be a suit from the Men's Wearhouse that would run about $300. Yes, an ounce of silver will soon buy perhaps about 2-3 men's suits, and be worth about $600 to $900 in today's money, because silver is so very, very, very scarce these days compared to the olden days. We used all the silver up, and melted most of the coinage down to take pictures, and build electronics over the years. It's just about all gone! And now we are using the equivalent of rocks, or beans for money, that somehow, is "worth a lot". One day, the people will wake up, and realize the fraud of paper, and when they turn to silver, the price will just explode. And when the dust settles, the real buying power value of silver... and who cares how many dollars that will be then... will be just tremendous compared to what an ounce of silver is worth today.
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Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report # 29
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 3 April, 2004
Why is the silver price is roaring? Up past $8.50 on Friday??? I did a survey last week of my readers. What did 49 well-educated silver investors say?

Don't miss the results of my last week's survey, as reported this week! People are buying silver bullion in droves, and plan to buy more!

At least, none of my readers who answered my survey is planning on selling silver bullion anytime soon.

This week's report is a MUST READ!!!
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Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #28
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 28 March, 2004
I believe the low price of silver today is partly due to a multi-generation societal failure of the older generation to educate the younger about silver. Of course, part of the problem also could be the younger generation's refusal to listen, and/or refusal to educate themselves. And, also part of the problem may be due to lack of marketing to people about silver.

Here's a neglected factor in the silver market analysis: Very old people have silver, generally in higher proportion than their heirs, the middle aged. When the very old die, this silver comes to market. It is generally not cherished by the younger generation, it is instantly sold for the "free money". This silver comes to market primarily through estate sales, or people who have inherited it, and then sell it. It seems that the person who was getting close to dying forgot to tell the silver story to the next generation (generally in their 40's and 50's?) who are receiving the inheritance.
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Silver Stocks--Comparative Valuations - Weekly Report # 27
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 20 March, 2004
Silver hit $7.72/oz!

Topics this week:

1. Outstanding silver commentary by an 11-year-old.

2. Horrible silver commentary by the "analysts".

3. How you can make money with "finder's fees".

4. It is now clear that silver miners should have been buying bullion. Have they been doing so?
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Silver Stocks--Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report # 26
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 13 March, 2004
Topics this week:

1. The differences between small and large traders.

2. How to trading the silver stocks, selling at peaks, and buying when
low, but keeping your 100% exposure to the sector!

3. Refuting silver bear, Leonard Kaplan
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Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report # 25
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 6 March, 2004
For about the last year, people have been wondering if the next contract month at the COMEX would be the big silver squeeze with runaway prices as more silver is demanded than the shorts can deliver. Still not yet, it's not yet the big squeeze. And by the big squeeze, I mean runaway prices to $50-$100/oz and beyond due to delivery defaults. We are down to less than 715 contracts (at 5000 oz. ea) left, and so, most were sold or rolled over for May delivery. That's only 3.75 mil oz. of contracts left, yet there remain 52 million oz. registered for delivery. COMEX is a game where gamblers play. Most contract holders, the paper longs, are not interested in real delivery. Yet the world has just about run out of silver, and COMEX is about the only place left to get it in size. It's like the paper longs are only interested in silver if others are interested in silver, and nobody wants to be the first to get it. They all want to be last in line after it runs out. What irony! Fools, I say. The good news is that with the March contract still way open with plenty of time left, and with plenty of silver in the registered category, the bigger players can now buy multiple futures contracts with a very large degree of confidence that they will get physical delivery almost immediately. I was not so sure whether or not a major delivery default would happen a month ago. Full Story

Silver Juniors with Cash Flow - Silver Exploration Companies Aim for Positive Cash Flow
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 3 March, 2004
Mining is a risky business. Mining is an impossible business if the prices of the metals are too low.

Silver mining has been especially risky during the previous 24-year bear market in silver, from 1980 to 2003. At $5-6/oz., there are no major, public, silver mining companies that are cash flow positive. Most silver mining is a byproduct of other metal production, such as gold, copper, and zinc, which are profitable to mine. The little silver that comes to market from primary silver mines is mostly mined at a loss by the silver miners. A few profitable silver mines exist in the world, but they are owned by very large companies such as BHP Billiton, which you can't really buy for the silver exposure, because silver is such a tiny portion of the overall value of the company. BHP has a market cap of $61 Billion. Or, other profitable silver mines are so small, or privately owned, that you can't buy stock in them, either.
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Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations; Weekly Report # 24
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 28 February, 2004
Silver was very volitile this week, and ended at $6.70. It seems the market is very unsure of itself, and this means that great opportunities exist for those of us who are more sure that silver is headed up. It seems people are very eager to sell their silver shares the minute silver turns down, and as if people are very eager to buy in to all silver shares the minute silver hits a new high. So the silver shares are even more volitile than silver! The way to make money in the mid term by trading is to do the opposite of the crowd, which would be to sell at the peaks, and buy back in when silver falters. Unfortunately, if you sell out of silver shares at $6.90, and then if silver screams upward to $8.00-$10/oz., you are left behind. So, in the end it's best to hold on to your silver stock positions, and sit tight. Or, if you must trade, try and trade out of the silver stocks that are running up too fast, (or are overvalued), and trade into those silver stocks that had an odd down day (or are undervalued). Full Story

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations Weekly Report #22
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 14 February, 2004
After a brief pause for about a month, the silver stock boom came roaring back this week in a large number of silver stocks that were up significantly for the week.

I wrote an article Feb. 10th on Cabo Mining, which was my number 2 holding (now number 1). The stock moved up over 100% from last week, up from 53 cents/share to $1.12/share, Cdn.

Market Perspective & Cabo Mining - Hommel

I believe the price movement can be attributed to the fact that I wrote about the company, but it is also due to the long bear market in silver stocks, the current turn around in the silver market, and the fact that there are a few overlooked companies. The market cap was also quite small, under $10 million, and the market reach of my articles is growing larger.
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Market Perspective & Cabo Mining
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 10 February, 2004
I don't believe in "efficient market theory" that states that all the important information is already known by the market, and that stock picking is somehow like throwing darts at a wall.

In contrast, I believe that the more you study, the better the rewards. Knowledge is money!

Nevertheless, it is true that at the top, where billions of dollars are involved, it is much harder to find overlooked opportunities for profit. At the smaller end of the scale, it is easier to find overlooked value.

I also don't believe that the risks and rewards always go together, or as they say--the greater the risk, the greater the reward.
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Morning Silver Review for February 10, 2004
By: Nell Sloane, NSFutures | 10 February, 2004
SILVER (MAR): With the close higher than the pivot swing number, the market is in a slightly bullish posture. Initial support for silver is at 636.3 and below there at 625.2 with resistance likely at 642.8 and 652.3. The market's close above the 9-day moving average suggests the short-term trend remains positive. Positive momentum studies in the neutral zone will tend to reinforce higher price action. The next upside target is 642.8. Full Story

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations; Weekly Report # 21
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 7 February, 2004
Last week, I mentioned that New Hampshire was considering issuing silver coins. The proposed legislation has changed. Money Bill, HB 1342, now proposes to use U.S. Treasury minted Silver Eagles and Gold Eagles as money, so as to avoid any legal challenges by the U.S. government. See the following links:

Money bill for NH
by Rep. Dave Buhlman,

20 Questions and Answers regarding the Money Bill, HB 1342
The Sound Money Bill HB 1342 (HB 1342-FN-A-L)
"AN ACT relating to the designation and use of silver and gold coin as media of exchange with respect to essential sovereign functions in the State of NEW HAMPSHIRE."
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Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations; Weekly Report #20
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 1 February, 2004
I think the best way to issue silver money is to demominate it in ounces, not dollars. The dollar is a false weight and measure, a changing measure, and thus, unreliable. You cannot fix and mix fraud with truth, and dollars are fraud. A coin denominated in ounces will be free to find it's own value as determined by the free market. The government cannot fix the value of silver. Well, it can, but anytime the value is fixed, it leads to imbalances and problems. If fixed too high in dollars, people will not want to use the coins, and the government will be making an undue profit from the minting of the coins... Furthermore, the "high denomination in dollars" will not last as the price of silver rises, and soon, the dollar price will be too low. And if the dollar price is then fixed too low in dollars, people will hoard the coins, and then they will not circulate, thus defeating the entire point of minting silver coins, and thus preventing the transition to using silver coins instead of dollars. Full Story

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations; Weekly Report #19
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 25 January, 2004
On Thursday, I put a small fraction of my portfolio into silver bullion. Well, that's not exactly true. I put it into verbal and email promises for delivery of silver bullion sometime next week. Right now, I purchased promises, not silver. I wanted to patronize at least one "local" shop about an hour away that was bragging that they had "tons" of silver bullion. I did this because I knew default would be impossible if I went to pick it up myself. I cleaned them out, and they filled a very small fraction of my overall order. Real silver bullion is getting very, very difficult to find. All I can do is hope my 3 orders are filled with real physical in the next week, since I already wired the money. Full Story

Freedom from Usury
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 23 January, 2004
But capital (gold and silver) that is hoarded is being put to productive use. First, it makes all the rest of the capital that exists that much more rare, and thus increases the value of the rest of the gold and silver in circulation. Second, the side effect of hoarding gold, which makes gold more valuable, is to stimulate the production of more gold through mining and industry, which provides jobs, and creates more wealth. Yes, even hoarding gold provides jobs and creates more wealth! Full Story

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #18
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 18 January, 2004
Silver is secure, enduring, priceless. Which is better, silver that you own, or paper in the banks? The issues are value and trust. Who do you trust more, yourself, or the banks? The banks have proven themselves to be untrustworthy, bankrupt, thieves. Fractional reserve paper dollar banking is a cruel joke from a dying era.

I went into my local fractional reserve establishment bank, and I asked how much cash I could withdraw without calling ahead first to see if they had the paper available. At first, they refused to give me that information, and I protested, saying, "What, I won't know about the inconvenience of having to wait until after I need the money?" So, the maximum cash anyone could withdraw from my local branch without an appointment was $4000. If I wanted more than that, I needed to call ahead and give them a day or two, in order to give them time to have the cash shipped in. Ridiculous!
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Usury Enslaves
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 14 January, 2004
If excessive usury is bad, why isn't a low interest rate bad, too? Where do you draw the line? Where is the moral absolute? What makes a 25% annual interest rate criminal, but a 15% annual interest rate not criminal? Or, is a 15% rate criminal, and a 5% rate ok?

I think any interest rate is bad, and I'll tell you why.
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Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations; Weekly Report #17
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 9 January, 2004
Some people may think that the purpose of weekly commentary is so that I can give specific trading advice on whether or not a top might be in, or whether it might be time to jump out of the silver market for the next month or so, if a "correction" is coming. This is not the purpose of my weekly commentary. I do not have a short term trading strategy in mind. I may buy 4-5 silver stocks in a month, and I may raise the money to buy silver stocks by selling other silver stocks, but I'm not getting out of this market anytime in the next 3-10 years, I suppose. I remain 98-99% invested in silver and silver stocks with the money I have available. The only cash I have is so that I can put money into private placement opportunities. Full Story

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #16
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 2 January, 2004
Silver stocks were up 314% for 2003! Eighty silver stocks on my list are up, on average, 314% for the year, from Jan 1, 2003 to Dec. 31, 2003. That number is a bit rough, because in many cases I had to estimate the Jan 1, 2003 price by looking at a 1 year chart, and then estimating what the number was. For example if the line on the graph was between .5 and 1, and it was a bit closer to the 1 than the .5, then I'd estimate at something a bit over .75 accordingly. Full Story

Silver Stocks - Comparative Valuations, Weekly Report #15
By: Jason Hommel, Gold Is Money | 1 January, 2004
On Dec. 16th, James Grant wrote for Forbes Magazine, "The Case for Silver". He wrote that the main reason to be a silver bull is the potential monetary demand, and he noted the difficulty of finding silver, and the ease of printing up more paper money. He noted the supply-and-demand charastics for silver are excellent, with industrial demand outstripping supply for the past 13 years. Those are the two biggest factors for silver, and I'm glad the article pointed them out. Supply is less than current demand, and there is currently no monetary demand, and there potentially could be an avalanche of monetary demand. When it hits, the price will be driven sky high. You can make a bullish case for other commodities, but zinc will never have monetary demand like silver will. Unfortunately, there was no comparison made between how much money exists, and how little silver exists. But he did write that there is perhaps $5 Billion dollars worth of silver available to market (one billion oz.), at the most. Full Story