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Silver is Information

By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report

-- Posted 18 February, 2009 | | Discuss This Article - Comments: Source:

(Silver is information for informing the nations!)

Silver Stock Report

The collapse of banks, currencies and the markets is not a failure of Biblically sound free market capitalism, because that has never existed.  Rather, the collapse is a failure of fraudulent paper money systems based on usury.

Usury is not "excessive" interest.  Usury is not "excessive" profits.  Usury is any interest on a loan.  Any interest on a loan is excessive because of the mathmatical insanity of compounding interest, or exponential growth of even 1% per year.

If you invested an ounce of gold at 1/3 of 1%, 6000 years ago, you'd own all 5 billion ounces of gold in the world, and if you invested it at just over 2%, you'd own about all the atoms in the entire universe, it would all be gold, and it would all belong to you.

That's why usury systems are mathmatically unsustainable; it has nothing to do with a "faith based religion", the Bible just makes a mathmatically correct assessment of reality, and turns it into advice; which is, don't lend at usury (interest) to anyone in your own nation!

That's why usurious wealth systems that attempt to grow faster than such limiting rates are doomed to decay in spectacular ways and create vicious "economic cycles" that are not random at all, but mathmatically certain to happen.

Usury is mathmatically certain to lead to slavery, and is thus incompatable with freedom, since slavery is the opposite of freedom.

This is why, according to the Bible, all debts must be forgiven, for everyone in society, every 7 years, and all slaves must go free.  Free people are just more productive and beneficial to humanity than slaves.  God's way leads to prosperity, and usury systems lead to poverty and slavery.

It is said that in a free market system, freely changing prices function as informational signposts, or incentives to help people properly decide which jobs to pursue, and how to properly allocate resources for production.  The opposite system is central planning, whether through a large government, or large company.

We've all just seen it go wrong.  The banks and government lent far too much money for homes, pushed up home prices too much, which then led to a crash, and unemployment for anyone in construction, and now the collapse of the banks that were forced by government to lend indiscriminately.

We've all just seen it go right.  Rising silver premiums, or prices for manufactured silver products such as rounds and bars in 2008, was a sign of the shortage of such items, and led to the start up of several mints and thus increased production which has helped to bring such premiums down slightly.

While the prices for investment products of silver may be somewhat free, the prices for 1000 oz. bars is more dominated by paper futures contract trading of excessive promises to deliver, and is thus not as free.

So, freely changing prices work to create proper production incentives.

But prices that change based on excessive usury create improper and unsustainable incentives.

So, manipulated prices create vortexes of black holes of mis-information and deception that lead to misallocations of production, and create a literal "economic dark age". 

We are living through one of mankind's bleakest economic dark ages right now, because prices for precious metals are manipulated, and because usurious paper money systems have just hit their all time historic peak, and are continuing to crash.

The good news is that economic prosperity for all people should then get better, if only prices for gold and silver are allowed to rise, and return to their true free market values.

Higher precious metals prices will create more high paying mining jobs, and more base metals discoveries and production which are the true engine of long term economic growth, especially if mankind is going to progress with things like electric cars which require many times as much copper, nickel, and other metals.

The best way to fight AIDS and poverty in Africa and other parts of the world, would be to reject paper money and buy gold, which results in higher paying jobs for gold miners all over the world.  The wealth multiplier effect of a high paying gold mining job extends out ten fold and creates ten more jobs for every single employed gold miner.

Free market prices are not just "changing" prices, but rather, they must be prices based in gold and silver, and not paper money.  Paper money prices cannot be a sign of free market economics, since paper money cannot be a form or part of true free market economics.

So, it is not just "freely changing prices" that is a sign of a free market.  The manipulated price of silver also changes! 

Rather, all prices of all goods and services must be denominated and priced in terms of ounces of gold and silver, and then, we can say that is a sign of a healthy and functioning free market based on honest weights and measures.

So, what is silver?  It's not just money.  It's information.  Since silver is not being used as money as a medium of exchange, that is evidence that no free market exists, and that economic failures are a failure of central planning, not a failure of the free market.

Silver is telling us that for too long, families and corporations and governments have preferred to voluntarily enslave themsleves with unpayable debts of paper money that was created by a government granted monopoly given to the Federal Reserve, who increasingly rules without the approval or knowledge of Congress. 

The economic failures of today are the failures of slavery.   Even when debts are entered into voluntarily, to an entity with a government granted monopoly, it's not really freedom. 

Silver and paper are opposites.

Silver is payment in full.  Paper is a promise to pay, and/or evidence that you have parted with your silver, or been willing to delay payment, or work for nothing, as a slave.

Silver is information, motivation, pursuasion, and freedom. 

Paper money, then, is deception, oppression, force, and slavery.

When people get good information, they become intelligent.

When people make good use of valid information, they are wise.

Silver is not just information then, but rather it is the evidence of wisdom. 

Especially at today's low prices.

To benefit from the wisdom of silver, you have to hold it yourself.  You cannot own an ETF, or silver certificate, or silver futures contract to get the benefits.  All such paper promises will fail as the entire system of paper promises comes crumbling down, as it periodically should, to restore freedom to mankind.

Don't tell yourself that you cannot afford to store it.  If you can afford to buy it, you can afford to protect it.  Buy a safe.  Bolt it down.  A safe will protect its contents 99.9% of the time, and is the perfect place to store all things .999 fine.

Please nominate this as an "idea worth spreading."

It has been my life's work for the past ten years to work on this one thing:

If I had one wish, it would be that people would wake up to the wisdom of owning and exchanging physical silver, and reject supporting the fraud and slavery of paper money, so that mankind could enter another golden age of prosperity and freedom.

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    -- Posted 18 February, 2009 | | Discuss This Article - Comments:

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