Keith Neumeyer: How to Build a Major Silver Producer
By: Ron Hera | 13 December, 2011
The Hera Research Newsletter (HRN) is pleased to present an informative interview with Keith Neumeyer, Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of First Majestic Silver Corp. (TSX:FR / NYSE:AG). Mr. Neumeyer began his career at the Vancouver Stock Exchange and worked in the investment community for 26 years beginning his career in a series of Canadian national brokerage firms including McLeod Young Weir (now Scotia McLeod), then Richardson Greenshields and then Walwyn Stogell McCuthchen (which became Midland Walwyn). Full Story

Silver’s Beta is Irrelevant
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 13 December, 2011
Beta is a financial term that describes an asset’s volatility relative to the S&P500 index. In scoring individual assets against the equity markets, financiers hope to find a collection of securities that provide the best possible appreciation with the least amount of beta. That is, financiers are compensated to make many different investments to form the perfect portfolio that, over time, goes up in the straightest line possible. Full Story

Give Silver Bullion an AAA Rating
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 12 December, 2011
The FinancialTimes reported early on Monday that Standard & Poor’s will announce a potential downgrade of five triple-A rated governments. As of writing time, no announcement has been made. Investors see what the ratings agencies also see, but are too slow to call out – the financial condition of major governments is not nearly as attractive as it appears. In particular, Germany and France are handicapped by the weight of other EU nations struggling with high debt yields. Full Story

If Silver Goes Down All Hell Will Break Loose In The Physical Market: Silver Investment Update [Video]
By: Future Money Trends | 12 December, 2011
There simply isn't enough physical silver to deal with the demand of a fiat currency crisis. As the paper silver market pushes prices down, all hell will break loose in the physical market. Full Story

Silver price pessimism bottoming out ready for the next big rally
By: Peter Cooper | 10 December, 2011
There is an intriguing commentary in The Daily Reckoning by Matt Badiali on silver. In particular he cites Jason Goepfert’s SentimenTrader readings for silver. This service tracks investor sentiment towards different asset classes. Full Story

Buy Silver…Now!
By: Matt Badiali | 9 December, 2011
Silver is an amazing metal…which is why it’s likely to soar over the coming years… You see, silver has more than 10,000 uses. It’s one of the world’s best conductors of heat and electricity. Inventors filed more patents on silver uses than any other precious metal in the world. And when silver is used for most industrial and technological purposes, it is used up forever… It simply costs too much to try to recycle the tiny bit of silver from every cell phone or casino chip. Full Story

Buying Silver Is Like Buying Gold At $554 Today
By: Hubert Moolman | 8 December, 2011
I think that buying silver today is like buying gold for $554 an ounce. Let me explain: As I am writing, silver is currently trading at about 65.2% (32.6/50) of its 1980 high. If gold was trading at 65.2% of its 1980 high, it would be trading at $554 (0.652*850). Full Story

Huldra Silver Receives Geochemistry Results Up to 124 Grams Per Tonne Silver
By: Huldra Silver Inc. | 7 December, 2011
Huldra Silver Inc. (TSX-V:HDA, HUSIF.PK) (the "Company" or "Huldra") is pleased to provide geochemical results from the 2011 exploration program at its Treasure Mountain project. The results included 124 grams per tonne Ag, 3.98 ozs/ton Ag, 0.79% Pb, 0.32% Zn, 0.78% Mn and 17.3 ppb Au in sample 315 from the Camp Zone. Full Story

Hugo Salinas-Price: What Every Politician Needs to Know About Silver
By: Ron Hera | 7 December, 2011
The Hera Research Newsletter (HRN) is proud to present a vitally important interview with Hugo Salinas-Price, Founder, Director and Honorary President of Grupo Elektra, S.A.B. de C.V., which is now run by his son, Ricardo Salinas-Pliego. Grupo Elektra is a part of Grupo Salinas, which owns businesses in the television industry, the telecommunications sector, banking and financial services, and other industries. Full Story

Extorre Announces More High Grades From Zoe Vein at Cerro Moro
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 7 December, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (AMEX:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R, “Extorre” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce high grade to bonanza grade gold-silver results from 17 of 28 new holes drilled on the Zoe zone at Cerro Moro, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. Some of the drill holes represent potential extensions to the National Instrument 43-101 compliant resource estimate dated November 3rd, 2011. Full Story and Announces Re-Launch of Web Sites
By: | 6 December, 2011
We are pleased to announce the re-launching of our entirely new and websites on December 15th. The sites have been re-designed and built from the ground up to create an exciting, new, clean look and feel, backed by a powerful new website engine that will support our record traffic demands. The new aesthetics will deliver greater balance with well-organized gold, silver and financial information along with many new features providing great usability. Full Story

South American Silver Reports Surface Sampling and Drill Results from Escalones Copper-Gold-Silver Project and Initiates Phase II Exploration Program
By: South American Silver Corp. | 6 December, 2011
South American Silver Corp. (TSX:SAC, US OTC: SOHAF) South American Silver Corp. is pleased to announce the start of a Phase-II exploration program at the Company’s 100%-controlled Escalones copper-gold-silver project in central Chile following the completion of Phase I program earlier in the year. Full Story

Endeavour Silver Continues to Extend High Grade Silver-Gold Mineralization in the Daniela Vein at the Guanajuato Mine in Mexico; Drilling Intersects 391 gpt Silver and 6.6 gpt Gold Over 3.7 Meter True Width
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 6 December, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (NYSE: EXK, TSX: EDR, Frankfurt: EJD) announces that exploration drilling in the Lucero South area of Endeavour's Guanajuato Mines project in Guanajuato State, Mexico continues to intersect high silver and gold grades over mineable widths in the recently discovered Daniela vein. Full Story

Silver well set up for another tilt at $50 and much higher
By: Peter Cooper | 6 December, 2011
When the IMF brought out its big guns to support the global banking system last week the tiny silver market was all but forgotten. We doubt it will be quiet for much longer. Silver is a monetary metal. One Roman denarius sells for about $70 these days. You can still pick them up in the antiques centre here in Salisbury. Full Story

Silver Forecast: Silver To Follow Gold And Double Its 1980 High At Least
By: Hubert Moolman | 5 December, 2011
It is well established that there is a high correlation between how the price of gold and silver trades. Thanks to this relationship between gold and silver, one is able to use historical trading data of the one good, in order to project what may happen to the price of the other. Full Story

Guanajuato Site Visit: Endeavour Silver Corp.
By: Simon Russell, SilverSeek Mining Analyst | 2 December, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. [NYSE.EXK, TSX.EDR] is increasing production from three historic mines originally built by Spanish colonists about 450 years ago, and several veins they recently discovered in the legendary silver district of Guanajuato, Mexico. At the end of October I visited Endeavour’s operations in Guanajuato for a tour of their modern underground mining operations and the mill expansion they just completed. The company is also producing silver at Guanacevi in the state of Durango, and looking to expand their resources by exploring three other projects in Mexico. They have optioned two district scale bulk-tonnage silver prospects near Copiapo, Chile as well. Full Story

The Silver Market and Inflation
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 1 December, 2011
A look at the silver market, focusing on supply and demand, psychology, and inflation. Visit for more information. Presented by Endeavour Silver Corp. as part of an ongoing series of educational films on all things silver. Full Story

Great Panther Silver Ltd. - Improving the operation of legendary silver mines along the Veta Madre (Mother Vein) in Guanajuato, Mexico
By: Simon Russell, SilverSeek Mining Analyst | 30 November, 2011
Great Panther Silver Ltd.’s [NYSE.GPL, TSX.GPR] extensive property in the Guanajuato silver district includes many famous Spanish colonial era mines along the Veta Madre, or “Mother Vein.” Today Great Panther continues mining high grade silver from several ore shoots that extend below historic workings, plus they are also finding hidden adjacent veins with drills and other modern exploration methods. When I toured the company’s Guanajuato mines last month I saw they have recently completed substantial infrastructure and operations improvements. Full Story

Great Panther Silver Confirms Continuity of Santa Margarita Gold-Silver Veins and Extends Guanajuatito Mineralized Zone to Depth at Guanajuato
By: Great Panther Silver Limited | 30 November, 2011
Great Panther Silver Limited (TSX: GPR.TO)(AMEX: GPL) ("the Company") is pleased to announce that underground drilling programs at the Company's wholly owned Guanajuato Mine have been successful in confirming continuity of the Santa Margarita gold-silver vein plus two footwall veins between the 435 and 500 metre levels, and in extending the Guanajuatito silver-gold mineralization below the 100 metre level, down to the 390 metre level (see also news release January 27, 2011). Full Story

SilverCrest Commences Phase II Drilling at La Joya; Phase II Surface Samples Grade up to 1,079 GPT Silver Equiv.
By: SilverCrest Mines Inc. | 30 November, 2011
SilverCrest Mines Inc. (TSX-V: SVL.V - News)(OTCQX: STVZF.PK - News)(PINK SHEETS: STVZF) (the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has begun its Phase II drilling program at the La Joya property located in Durango State, Mexico. This program will consist of approximately 80 core and reverse circulation drill holes and will utilize at least three drill rigs. The Company has also completed surface channel sampling in the Phase II proposed drill hole area along and adjacent to the Main Mineralized Trend with results showing surface intervals with grades up to 594 gpt Ag, 5.49 % Cu, and 0.25 gpt gold (1,079 gpt Ag equivalent(i)). Full Story

John Paulson’s Fund Obscures ETF Flow Data
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 30 November, 2011
Absent the weekly COT report for gold and silver, the array of exchange-traded funds available on the market acts as an excellent source of money flow data for both silver and gold. While the media tends to focus on total assets, exchange-traded funds also release the quantity of gold and silver attributed to individual exchange-traded funds. Full Story

SilverCrest Reports $5.1 Million Third Quarter Cash Flow from Operations
By: SilverCrest Mines Inc. | 29 November, 2011
SilverCrest Mines Inc. (TSX-V: SVL.V)(OTCQX: STVZF.PK)(PINK SHEETS: STVZF) (the "Company" or "SilverCrest") is pleased to announce strong positive cash flow, earnings and operating results for its third quarter ended September 30, 2011, being the second quarter of commercial production at its Santa Elena Mine in Sonora, Mexico. Full Story

Volatile silver up 18% in 12 months lagging gold’s 25% gain, can silver catch up?
By: Peter Cooper | 29 November, 2011
Precious metal investors have little to complain about with gold up 25 per cent and silver by 18 per cent in the past 12 months. By comparison many equity investors have lost money. But behind this gain has been some pretty staggering volatility. Full Story

Keith Neumeyer: The Silver Market Lacks Integrity
By: Ron Hera | 22 November, 2011
The Hera Research Newsletter (HRN) is pleased to present an incredibly powerful interview with Keith Neumeyer, Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of First Majestic Silver Corp. (TSX:FR / NYSE:AG). Mr. Neumeyer began his career at the Vancouver Stock Exchange and worked in the investment community for 26 years beginning his career in a series of Canadian national brokerage firms including McLeod Young Weir (now Scotia McLeod), then Richardson Greenshields and then Walwyn Stogell McCuthchen (which became Midland Walwyn). Full Story

Investors Not Quite Ready to Embrace 'Ugly Sister' Silver
By: The Gold Report and Chris Thompson | 21 November, 2011
Volatility in the markets overall, and particularly in the silver price, continues to deter investors, even the major producers, from stepping in on silver juniors. Chris Thompson, equity research analyst with Haywood Securities, talks to The Gold Report about what's next for silver. Full Story

Why Silver For A Monetary Collapse? Part 1
By: Hubert Moolman | 21 November, 2011
We are at the edge of a major economic crisis. Our monetary system is the underlying cause of this major crisis. The massive debt bubble created by our monetary system is about to burst. The demonetization of gold and silver, has over the years diverted value from these metals, to all paper assets (such as bonds) linked to the debt-based monetary system. Full Story

Orex Announces New Director
By: Orex Minerals Inc. | 18 November, 2011
Orex Minerals Inc. – (REX: TSX-V, ORXIF.PK) ("Orex" or the "Corporation") – would like to announce that at the Annual General Meeting of the Corporation (the "AGM") held this morning all of the following management nominees were elected to its board of directors: Gary Cope, N. Ross Wilmot, George Cavey, Arthur Freeze, Joseph Drescher and Rick Sayers. Full Story

Silver Predator Enters Into Letter of Intent to Acquire Nevgold Resource Corp.
By: Silver Predator Corp. and Nevgold Resource Corp. | 15 November, 2011
Silver Predator Corp. ("Silver Predator") (TSX: SPD.TO) and Nevgold Resource Corp. ("Nevgold") (TSX-V: NDG.V) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a letter of intent (the "LOI") whereby Silver Predator will acquire all of the outstanding securities of Nevgold (the "Proposed Transaction"). Nathan Tewalt, Chief Executive Officer of Nevgold, will be assuming the position of Chief Executive Officer of Silver Predator upon completion of the Proposed Transaction. Full Story

Silver Valley Mining Update – Part III
By: Tom Wobker | 14 November, 2011
This is the last of three special Silver Valley Mining Update issues. Taken together, they give you the big picture changes in the Valley mining industry over the past couple of years. Full Story

SilverCrest Identifies Large Bulk Tonnage Target at La Joya; Hole 17 intercepts 205.2m Grading 92.7 gpt Silver Equivalent
By: SilverCrest Mines Inc. | 14 November, 2011
SilverCrest Mines Inc. (the “Company”) is pleased to announce that data compilation for the Phase I drilling program and a newly received historic database has identified a large, near-surface bulk tonnage target at its La Joya property in Durango, Mexico. The compilation by SilverCrest has involved data and/or drill core review of 51 historic holes (14,786 metres) and 26 Company drill holes (5,716 metres) totaling 20,502 metres of drilling in 77 holes on the property. Full Story

Silver vs Nasdaq: A response to Mr Erik Swarts
By: Hubert Moolman | 14 November, 2011
I recently read an article by Mr Erik Swarts, which I found very interesting. I enjoy reading his articles, since he often identifies fractals on financial charts, in order to forecast, what may or may not happen. This is exactly what I specialize in. Full Story

An Unmitigated Disaster
By: Theodore Butler | 11 November, 2011
Oftentimes, the significance of truly historic events is not fully appreciated at the time they occur. I think we are at one of those times with the bankruptcy of MF Global. There’s no question that the news and overall circumstances of the demise of the large commodities brokerage is widely known, but the significance of the event is not yet fully understood. While I would classify the event as an unmitigated disaster on many levels, I have hope that it might result in some long-overdue and necessary changes in the commodities regulatory structure. Full Story

Silver Institute Releases Silver Investment Market Report
By: The Silver Institute | 10 November, 2011
The Silver Institute released a report today titled "The Silver Investment Market -- An Update," which forecasts world silver investment will reach a record high total of $10 billion in 2011, representing a 66 percent increase over the $6 billion posted in 2010. Full Story

Orex Initiates Drilling at Barsele Gold Project, Northern Sweden
By: Orex Minerals Inc. | 9 November, 2011
Orex Minerals Inc. – (REX: TSX-V, ORXIF.PK) (“Orex”) is pleased to announce that Protek Norr AB of Skellefteå Sweden has been retained to carry out a 5000-meter diamond drill program at our Barsele Gold Project (the “Project”). In this first phase of drilling, 12 to 15 holes are planned, with a completion date estimated to be mid March, 2012. The initial goal of this drilling program is infill and expansion of the known gold resource in the Central and Avan areas of the Project. It is also planned to drill test new gold and base metal targets outlined by the recent geophysical surveys within the Project. Full Story

Orex Closes 3,856,000 Unit Non-Brokered Private Placement
By: Orex Minerals Inc. | 9 November, 2011
Orex Minerals Inc. ("Orex" or the "Company") (TSX.V: REX, ORXIF.PK) announces that it has closed its non-brokered private placement of units for aggregate gross proceeds of $1,928,000. The private placement consisted of 3,856,000 units at a price of $0.50 per unit, with each unit consisting of one common share and one half share purchase warrant. Full Story

MF Global Bankruptcy Could Rattle Silver Market for Days
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 9 November, 2011
It now appears that the 200 year old trading and processing firm MFGlobal will go into bankruptcy following rumors that the firm did not have enough capital on hand to protect accounts. The company, which has seen its share price tumble by more than 85% this year, is expected to send several waves through the commodities market, mostly due to its expansive reach. Full Story

Silver still a runaway winner from the coming economic mayhem
By: Peter Cooper | 7 November, 2011
If you could only invest in one asset class to hold until the next big bubble is fully inflated then it has to be silver. Gold is already increasingly popular for the same reason. It is a precious metal of fixed supply and proven monetary value in a world of electronic money creation. Just look at the staggering sums of money magicked out of thin air by the eurozone debt deal at the end of last month. Full Story

CFTC's evasion after 3 years investigating silver is answer enough
By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA | 5 November, 2011
Under renewed pressure by Commissioner Bart Chilton to account for itself, the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission today issued a statement about its 3-year-old investigation of manipulation of the silver market, asserting only that the investigation continues. Full Story

Silver Summit Recap
By: David Bond | 4 November, 2011
The Silver Summit is not for tossers. It is a celebration of the entrepreneurs in our midst who see the beauty of realized dreams as they gaze at mere rocks and by sheer will, turn them to metals. We are all, whether investors or survivors, wealthier as a result. Full Story

US Mint Sales Show Buyers Want Silver
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 3 November, 2011
The US Mint released its silver sales figures, relaying to investors what was already known—investors want silver, and silver only. The Mint ran into problems during September, taking more orders for coins than it had available in uncirculated condition. As of October 21, the problem in supplying the market with uncirculated coins has been smoothed out, and the market remains hungry for silver coins of all types, except those closest to numismatic coins. Full Story

Extorre Increases Gold-Silver Resources at Cerro Moro
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 3 November, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (NYSE-AMEX:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R, “Extorre” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide an updated National Instrument 43-101 compliant mineral resource estimate for its Cerro Moro Project, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. Full Story

Endeavour Silver Reports $8.9 Million Adjusted Earnings in Q3, 2011; Revenues Up 93%, Cash Costs Per Oz Down 18% Compared to Q3, 2010; 3rd Quarter Conference Call at 10:00 am PST, Thursday, November 3, 2011
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 2 November, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (TSX: EDR, NYSE: EXK, Frankfurt: EJD) announced today its financial and operating results and unaudited financial statements for the Third Quarter, 2011. Endeavour owns and operates two high-grade, underground, silver-gold mines in Mexico, the Guanacevi Mines in Durango State and the Guanajuato Mines in Guanajuato State. Full Story

Indian Silver Demand to Blossom Amidst Festival
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 2 November, 2011
As fears of recession return, one major driver for silver consumption is still in play: India’s year-end festival. Shying away from high-priced gold, the more affordable alternative seems perfect at current prices, and some analysts believe 2011 demand could come in 50% higher than in 2010. Full Story

Silvercrest Appoints V.P. Corporate Development for Mexico and General Manager for Santa Elena
By: SilverCrest Mines Inc. | 2 November, 2011
SilverCrest Mines Inc. (TSX-V: SVL.V)(OTCQX: STVZF.PK) (the "Company") is pleased to announce the appointments of Dr. Salvador Aguayo Salinas as Vice President Corporate Development in Mexico and Fabio Velarde as General Manager for the Santa Elena Mine. Dr. Aguayo will be based in Hermosillo, Mexico, and will report to N. Eric Fier, CPG, P.Eng., President of Nusantara de Mexico SA de CV, a subsidiary of the Company. Mr. Fabio will be based at the Santa Elena mine site and report to Brent McFarlane, V.P. of Operations. Full Story

Silver Is Ready, Are You?
By: Hubert Moolman | 2 November, 2011
I said before that the current pattern on the silver chart is an extremely bullish pattern. It is no ordinary flag. It is a pattern that often appears before a good goes parabolic. Provided that the silver price can breach the relevant resistance over the next couple of weeks, it will increase dramatically over the next couple of months. Full Story

Ross Beaty: "Silver, the Schizoid Metal"
By: Ross Beaty at the Casey/Sprott Summit | 1 November, 2011
Ross Beaty, executive chairman of Alterra Power and serially successful mine finder, talks at the Casey/Sprott Summit When Money Dies about the differences between gold and silver, and why the silver price has gone up so much. Full Story

Gary Cope, President of Orex Minerals Inc. with Radio's Chris Waltzek
By: | 27 October, 2011
Gary Cope, President of Orex Minerals Inc. with Radio's Chris Waltzek Full Story

Extorre Responds to New Argentine Foreign Currency Transfer Regulations
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 27 October, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (TSX: XG) (AMEX: XG) (Frankfurt: E1R.F) ("Extorre" or the "Company") wishes to inform shareholders of the events in Argentina that led to today's drop in its share price. Full Story

Extorre to Ring the Opening Bell on the NYSE-Monday October 24th, 2011
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 24 October, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (NYSE-AMEX:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R, “Extorre” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it will ring the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange today, October 24, 2011. A week of marketing the Company in eastern USA and Canada will follow. Full Story

Silver Summit Report: Three Investment Approaches to the Volatile Metal
By: The Gold Report, James Turk, Andrew Kaip, and Ian McAvity | 21 October, 2011
For this special report from the Cambridge House Silver Summit in Spokane, Washington, The Gold Report caught up with three silver investing experts: James Turk, chairman of GoldMoney; Andrew Kaip, vice president of Precious Metals & Mining at BMO Capital Markets; and Ian McAvity, a writer at Deliberations on World Markets. While the three didn't all agree on why silver acts the way it does, they all said that it belongs in some form in a diversified portfolio—but only for those who can handle volatility. Full Story

Silver Update
By: Hubert Moolman | 20 October, 2011
Silver is still following the pattern of gold, around its 1980 high, with the exception that, its down-side action is “deeper” than that of gold. The depth (its fall to $26) of the pattern that started forming since it reached the 1980 high again, is deeper ($30 was the deepest that I expected) than what I had anticipated, based on gold’s pattern. However, this appears to have been just a flash crash (provided we do not go there again). Full Story

Analysts still don’t get the silver price link to monetary inflation
By: Peter Cooper | 20 October, 2011
If you want to follow the smart money you only have to look at the Most Popular Stories listing on Bloomberg each day. Right this moment Silver Bear Market Seen Ending on Europe Crisis: Commodities is number four. Articles on silver are as rare as the metal itself and just as popular with investors these days. Full Story

Great Panther Silver Extends Strike Length of Silver-Gold Veins at San Ignacio Property, Guanajuato
By: Great Panther Silver | 19 October, 2011
GREAT PANTHER SILVER LIMITED (TSX: GPR.TO)(AMEX: GPL) (the "Company") is pleased to provide an update on a further 14 holes from the diamond drilling program at the Company's wholly-owned San Ignacio property in Guanajuato, Mexico. Full Story

Endeavour Silver Options Lomas Bayas Silver-Gold Property in Chile; Third Quarter Earnings Report to be Released on Wednesday November 2rd; Teleconference on Thursday November 3th
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 19 October, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (TSX: EDR.TO)(NYSE: EXK)(Frankfurt: EJD.F) announces that it has acquired an option to purchase the Lomas Bayas silver-gold property in the Copiapo region of northern Chile. Full Story

One last sell-off for silver before we head back to $50?
By: Peter Cooper | 16 October, 2011
After seven years of investing in precious metals you become something of an old-hand, not that this would impress the true veterans who recall the late 1970s. They are getting a bit old themselves now. Full Story

Gold, Gold, Gold… What About Silver?
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 14 October, 2011
No good news to deliver so far this year on the eurozone. Just this week Slovakia’s government became the first in the eurozone to fall over opposition of bailing out indebted economies after the country’s parliament voted down approval for enhancing the zone’s rescue fund. Also this week, Jean Claude Trichet, European Central Bank President, warned that Europe’s financial crisis has reached “a systemic dimension.” Full Story

Extorre Announces Key Appointments for Cerro Moro Project
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 13 October, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (TSX: XG.TO) (AMEX: XG.TO) (Frankfurt: E1R.F) ("Extorre" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the appointment of Trevor Mulroney to the position of Chief Operating Officer and Alberto Carlocchia to the position of Country Manager - Argentina. These appointments are effective immediately and represent a significant development for the Cerro Moro project as it moves towards the mine development phase. Full Story

Endeavour Silver's Production Continued to Rise in 3rd Quarter, 2011; Revenues Jumped 93% to US$38.8 million
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 11 October, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (NYSE: EXK, TSX: EDR, Frankfurt: EJD) announced today that silver and gold production from the Company's two operating silver mines in Mexico, the Guanacevi Mine in Durango State and the Guanajuato Mine in Guanajuato State, continued to rise year-on-year in the Third Quarter, 2011. Full Story

Silver Summit 2011, 10 days out, promises excitement, information and entertainment
By: David Bond | 11 October, 2011
With Cambridge House International's Silver Summit 2011 just 10 days away, excitement awaits this 9th annual event at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Wash. “Extracurricular” activities including reserved underground tours of working silver mines and the Sunshine silver refinery are slated for Wednesday, Oct. 19th. While the tours are sold out, some cancellations inevitably occur; to join the waiting list, please contact the Silver Summit office at 208.556.1621. Full Story

Final Assays Received-NI43-101 Compliant Resource Estimate Proceeding for Zoe Discovery
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 11 October, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (AMEX:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R, “Extorre” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that all assays are in hand for the first National Instrument 43-101 compliant resource estimate for the Zoe zone at Cerro Moro, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. Assays for the final 33 drill holes of the approximately 100 holes to be included in the initial resource estimate are reported in this release. Full Story

Peak Silver Revisited: Impacts of a Global Depression, Declining Ore Grades & a Falling EROI
By: Steve St. Angelo | 10 October, 2011
The world is about to peak in global silver production. This will not occur due to a lack of silver to mine, but rather as a result of the peaking of world energy resources, declining ore grades, and a falling Energy Returned On Invested – EROI. The information below will describe a future world that very few have forecasted and even less are prepared. Full Story

It’s the money supply stupid, what some investors still don’t get about silver and gold
By: Peter Cooper, Arabian Money | 8 October, 2011
It is true this upward movement in price for precious metals is seldom a straight line. Sometimes the market enthusiasm overreaches itself and prices dip back, like silver in April or gold last month. Would a global asset sell-off like the one in late 2008 pull gold and silver prices down for a while? Yes but not for long as central banks will fear deflation and print even more money. Full Story

Physical silver running out because its spot price does not reflect true investment demand
By: Peter Cooper, Arabian Money | 6 October, 2011
However, the snap back for silver prices now has the capacity to be sensational, and far beyond the mini-spike in the first few months of this year from $30 to almost $50 again. So those who go seeking out physical silver to buy at current prices are going to be very well rewarded and soon, not in 31 years! Full Story

Financing "Hole" Could Disrupt Miner Development
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 6 October, 2011
The return of fear in the markets is already underway. Despite plunging yields for government debt, corporate yields have held constant, all the while corporate financing arms sell fewer and fewer new issues to raise capital. If raising inexpensive capital for some of the largest and most successful companies proves to be a burden, what will happen for the many small to medium capitalization miners that are too volatile and unpredictable to finance? Full Story

Qatar plans $10bn investment in gold producers, why not silver too?
By: Peter Cooper, Arabian Money | 3 October, 2011
Somebody asked why the Qataris are not looking for silver mines? Well silver tends to be produced as a by-product of large copper mines and they are very expensive and closely held. That makes it far more difficult to ramp up silver production than gold, and with silver reserves already less than a hundredth those of gold the price implications are interesting to say the least. Full Story

Hedge Fund Action Doesn’t Change Fundamentals
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 30 September, 2011
Silver investors should know that such a change in inflation is not one that is transitory, but rather an immediate reaction. When the market reaches equilibrium, a wave of borrowing will happen almost immediately. There is no stopping a flood of credit of this magnitude. Central banks, especially the Federal Reserve, would have to entice banks to keep assets in reserve. The Fed can enact such a policy only by agreeing to pay a higher rate on reserves held at the Fed, which would only compound the growth in money supply. Full Story

Silvercorp Goes on the Offensive
By: Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst | 30 September, 2011
In the meantime, based on my extensive discussions with management; review of reams of both internal and public documents; conversations with government, tax, and refinery officials; interviews with workers and supervisors; observations of plant operations; and putting my hands on high-grade veins running throughout the Ying mine, I have a message for the short sellers.

You’d better think about covering.
Full Story

Physical Silver Shortage to Follow Paper Selloff
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 29 September, 2011
The physical silver market is very much its own market, one which is dominated by small silver investors and coin collectors. Compared to Wall Street, where margins change in a matter of minutes, and global issues permeate throughout trading floors, the local coin dealer hasn’t changed in decades, let alone the past few weeks. Full Story

GATA's Bill Murphy, CPM Group's Jeff Christian, to face off at Silver Summit 2011
By: David Bond, Silver Summit | 26 September, 2011
Murphy and Christian hold diametrically opposed views on the matter. Murphy and the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) assert that certain banks and large trading houses deliberately manipulate gold and silver prices to the downside, while CPM's Christian holds that precious metals prices are reflective of free-market realities. Full Story

Massive Silver Correction Makes Silver Incredibly Cheap
By: Trace Mayer | 26 September, 2011
The European turmoil is roiling global markets as counterparties increasingly distrust each other’s collateral leading to the liquidation of pretty much everything. The mantra must be, “If there is a bid then hit it.” This daily noise has opened up some tremendous buying opportunities. Chief among those opportunities is silver. Full Story

Silver drops to $25 as we forecast for the late summer low
By: Peter Cooper | 26 September, 2011
However, what has not changed either is that gold and silver prices are highly volatile and particularly prone to depression as markets sell down but they are also the best and most reliable choice to make for the recovery phase. Full Story

Almost everyone will be left behind
By: Voltaire | 25 September, 2011
Forget about the cliff dive last week.

Ask yourself, with Europe imploding, with the Chase, Citi, BAC and Goldman each holding more that $45T in derivative exposure ... does this make sense? Behind the scenes, the US Federal Reserve is doing a lot to keep the world's financial systems from imploding. But there are limits to debt. The solution in 2008 was to corrupt the Fed's balance sheet with bad debt. The only option now is to print.
Full Story

Silver traders: Stop Cryin' and Start Buyin'!
By: Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul | 23 September, 2011
Though there still exists economists, portfolio strategists and corporate CEOs out there who still don't see or admit to seeing a double-dip coming to America [did you watch CNBC yesterday?], everyone's favorite sleaze, George Soros, on Sept. 21, told—that very same 24-hour propaganda doubly-sleaze outfit—CNBC, that the US is in “a double dip already.” Full Story

Indian Rupee vs. Silver
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 21 September, 2011
Investors shouldn’t forget one of the best sources of demand for silver and gold—India. Gold was always a historically important commodity in India, where it’s seen as a store of wealth. Silver, on the other hand, rose mostly as a necessary “poor man’s” entry into precious metals, which have risen far faster than wages in most of the emerging market economies. Full Story

Orex Completes First Phase Ground Geophysical Surveys Over The Barsele Gold Project, Sweden
By: Orex Minerals Inc. | 20 September, 2011
Orex Minerals Inc. – (REX: TSX-V, ORXIF.PK) (“Orex”) is pleased to announce that Finland-based Suomen Malmi Oy (SMOY) and LeBel Geophysics are involved with ground follow-up surveys resultant from the 2,500 line kilometres of airborne geophysical surveying completed in July 2011 at our Barsele Gold Project in Sweden. Full Story

Endeavour Silver Intersects 448 gpt Silver and 14.0 gpt Gold Over a 4.6 Meter Width in the Daniela Vein at the Guanajuato Mine in Mexico
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 19 September, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (TSX: EDR.TO)(NYSE: EXK)(Frankfurt: EJD.F) announces that exploration drilling in the Lucero South area of Endeavour's Guanajuato Mines project in Guanajuato State, Mexico continues to intersect high silver and gold grades over mineable widths in the recently discovered Daniela vein. Full Story

Updated silver lawsuit identifies Morgan trading mechanisms, traders, 'spoof'' and 'fake' trades
By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA | 16 September, 2011
An updated complaint in the class-action lawsuit against JPMorganChase alleging manipulation of the silver futures market, filed this week in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, details the mechanisms of the manipulation and some of the traders executing it. Full Story

Extorre Nears Completion of Initial Resource Definition Drilling for Zoe at Cerro Moro - High Gold-Silver Grades Continue
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 12 September, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (AMEX:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R, “Extorre” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the drilling required for a new National Instrument 43-101 compliant resource estimate at Cerro Moro has now been completed. The new Cerro Moro resource estimate is expected to be released in October 2011 and include contributions from recent discoveries at the Zoe, Martina, Carla, and Esperanza-Nini zones. Drilling with at least 5 rigs will continue to test high priority targets on the Zoe structure and elsewhere on the property. Full Story

How are Silver Coins Minted? [Video]
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 8 September, 2011
If you are interested in currency or precious metals, please enjoy this short educational video about how silver coins are minted. It tours an actual operating mint near Reno, NV and covers the whole process from raw silver to final strike. Full Story

Deadlines Near For Silver Summit
By: David Bond | 7 September, 2011
Time is running out to register for Silver Summit 2011 and take advantage of the special conference rates at the Davenport Hotel. You must contact the hotel directly at 1.800.899.1482 to reserve your room and request the Silver Summit special rate. Full Story

The Silver Siren: Reversion To Reality
By: Rob Kirby | 7 September, 2011
According to the World Gold Council – the overall level of global mine production is relatively stable. Supply has averaged approximately 2,497 tonnes per year over the last several years. 2500 tonnes is equal to 80.4 million troy ozs. Full Story

Endeavour Silver Options La Presidenta Silver Property in Chile
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 6 September, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (TSX: EDR.TO)(NYSE: EXK)(Frankfurt: EJD.F) announces that it has acquired an option to purchase the La Presidenta silver property in the Copiapo region of northern Chile. La Presidenta has a history of small scale silver mining and appears to be prospective for the discovery of bulk tonnage, low grade silver mineralization. Full Story

The Death of Liquidity
By: Theodore Butler | 6 September, 2011
I know I have been on a one-track mission recently about the extraordinary development of the COMEX gold commercials miscalculating in establishing their giant short position. I know I have been virtually alone in depicting the resultant commercial short covering as being the prime price driver behind gold’s $300 run from $1600 in early August. But government data still suggest that the unprecedented commercial blunder is very much at the core for explaining the volatile price action we are witnessing. Today, I would like to explore what this means for the future, even though I am on record as warning that the correct explanation for something that has occurred can be different from accurately predicting what may happen next. Full Story

140 Years of Silver Volatility
By: Professor Antal E. Fekete | 6 September, 2011
Gold at $1900 and silver at $45 gives you a gold/silver price ratio of 46. This suggests that in spite of the fast appreciation of silver for the past year, it has to keep appreciating faster still in the future to meet the target ratio of 16 to 1. Let’s accept, for the sake of argument, that Sprott’s figure 16:1 is where the gold/silver price ratio will ultimately stabilize. We may as well admit that Sprott’s theory is intellectually seductive. However, it is strewn with pitfalls tempting investors to their downfall. Full Story

Silver and Silver Stocks Forming Bullish Cup and Handle Pattern
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT | 6 September, 2011
A cup and handle pattern is a bullish continuation pattern that represents a period of consolidation followed by an eventual breakout, which is the continuation of the previous trend. Typically these patterns last months and not weeks or days. Cup and handle patterns also entail precise price targets. To find the price target, one measures the distance from the top to the bottom of the cup and then adds the distance to the top of the cup. In some cases analysts can use a logarithmic scale though its best to use a arithmetic scale. Full Story

Silver’s Liquidity Risk
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 6 September, 2011
It’s unlikely that any silver stockpile will go without a buyer. As more and more investors place a portion of their tangible assets in gold and silver, the market for metal grows. However, just like in high finance or even in personal finance equations, liquidity risk is a concern that investors should have on the mind. Full Story

COMEX Silver Stocks Remain Near Record
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 5 September, 2011
The COMEX reported a massive change in silver stockpiles, an indication that at least some traders are hedging their bets to take cash off the table. On August 19, 2011, the exchange reported a serious change in total silver available, noting that silver supplies reached a high not seen since December 2010. Full Story

Silver and Gold, Different Steps But Same Dance.
By: Hubert Moolman | 2 September, 2011
It is well established that there is a high correlation between how the price of gold and silver trades. Thanks to this relationship between gold and silver, one is able to use historical trading data of the one good, in order to project what may happen to the price of the other. Full Story

Transaction Volume Lifting Silver
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 24 August, 2011
Behind the meteoric rise in silver prices might be the European banking crisis, or it may be Ben Bernanke’s next Federal Reserve meeting. Though the headlines promote one very basic idea—a catalyst necessarily drives prices in the financial markets—transactions must take place for silver prices to move. It now appears that the catalyst has a driving force: the American public. Full Story

Extorre Announces Results for 20 Holes Drilled at the Puntudo Project Silver-Gold Discovery in Argentina
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 23 August, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (AMEX:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R, “Extorre” or the “Company”) announces results for 20 additional holes from the Renaldo Area on Extorre’s 100% owned Puntudo Project in Santa Cruz Province. Full Story

Increased Production No Threat to Silver Prices
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 18 August, 2011
Financial modeling is a science composed of complex “if, then” statements; this is evidenced clearly by the number of investment bankers who work 100 hour weeks toiling through Excel spreadsheets of merger and acquisition deals. Full Story

Dorothy's silver shoes or the re-monetization of the silver currency of the United States of America
By: Hugo Salinas Price | 14 August, 2011
Why not re-monetize the silver dollar? Re-monetization could put the silver dollar and its subsidiary silver coinage into circulation in parallel with FRNs – “Federal Reserve Notes”. There are several reasons that make this action possible, and only one that might be considered as an unimportant material obstacle. Full Story

The Public Be Damned
By: Theodore Butler | 11 August, 2011
If my analysis is correct, then most of the volatility is due to one giant sick game of unbridled speculation. The speculators include not just the obvious and visible speculators, but also the commercials pretending to be hedgers. These commercial speculators in drag include the largest banks, like JPMorgan. How has it gotten to the point where our insured deposit taking institutions are among the biggest speculators? This speculative trading activity on the part of banks has greatly increased the current price volatility and increased the dangers of systemic risk. How is that good? Full Story

When will silver catch up with gold’s stunning $100 advance?
By: Peter Cooper | 11 August, 2011
The gold price shows every sign of going exponential as predicted by Jim Sinclair (click here). We have surged from $1,700 past $1,800 in a matter of days, so much for the normal low season in the summer for precious metals. Full Story

Silver price update from Eric Sprott and James Turk [Video]
By: Eric Sprott and James Turk | 6 August, 2011
In this video, recorded August 4 2011, Eric Sprott, Chairman of Sprott Asset Management, and James Turk, Director of the GoldMoney Foundation, talk about how there isn't enough silver in the silver market to back existing "paper silver" commitments. Sprott thinks that "silver will be the investment of this decade". Full Story

The Crime Against Silver
By: Richard (Rick) Mills | 5 August, 2011
Silver investment rose by 40% during 2010 to 279.3 million ounces, almost double the amount for 2009. Demand increased to 167.0 M ozs (+5.1%) for jewelry and 101.3 M ozs (+22%) for coins. Other major usage categories are photography (72.7 M ozs, down 8.3%), and silverware (50.3 million ozs). Full Story

Silver outperforms gold again in the flight to safe havens
By: Peter Cooper | 4 August, 2011
Reading the headlines about a new all-time high for gold north of $1,675 and you could be forgiven for thinking that gold was the star performer amongst the precious metals over the past month. Wrong! Step forward the shiniest of metals to take a bow at $42 an ounce this morning. In the past month silver is up from $34 an ounce, a 19 per cent gain, while gold is up from $1,480, an 11 per cent increase. Full Story

Extorre Announces Update to Cerro Moro Preliminary Economic Assessment 8 Year Mine Life
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 4 August, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (AMEX: XG)(TSX: XG)(Frankfurt: E1R.F)(OTCQX: EXGMF) ("Extorre" or the "Company") is pleased to announce significant benefits for an expanded Cerro Moro project, as reported in a new Preliminary Economic Assessment ("PEA-2", or the "Study"). Full Story

The Complete Costs of Mining Silver
By: Steve St. Angelo | 30 July, 2011
The inspiration to write this post was to clarify some issues with the costs of mining silver. I believe many of the investing public has mistaken what is termed as the “CASH COST” as the real cost of mining silver. According to the Silver Institute in 2010, the cash cost from primary mine production was $5.27 an ounce. The Silver Institute gets their info from the World Silver Surveys produced by GFMS. I have had an email exchange over the past several months with one of their metal analysts on various topics. I recently asked permission to reproduce their Cash Cost graph for this post, and was told I could do so for $1,500.
Full Story

How to Read Silver Momentum with the COT
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 28 July, 2011
The commitment of traders is released each Friday by the futures market regulator, the CTFC. Whereas there are plenty of concerns with the CTFC’s involvement in the futures market, generally the COT data proves to be a very important tool in understanding market highs and lows. Full Story

Silver in Your Bandages and Copper in Your Pillow
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 28 July, 2011
The value of industrial commodities to human health is well documented. Silver is used in medical settings where its anti-microbial benefits prevent illness from spreading. It can be found in creams, catheters, and even bed sheets. Copper, the metal which leads to most silver production, is found in anti-wrinkle creams, and even new pillows meant to curb signs of aging while you sleep. Full Story

Anatomy of a Technical Trade
By: Scott Silva | 27 July, 2011
As we survey the various elements of the precious metals group in the run-up to Labor Day, it becomes very clear that something big is brewing. As we see, the chart of silver has formed an ascending triangle going back to Dec. ’09. This triangle has broken out today, and it presages breakouts throughout the precious metals group. Using the semi-log continuation chart ( we can predict the price objective for silver at about $60 using the present data. Full Story

Silver Valley Mining Update – Part II
By: Tom Wobker | 25 July, 2011
Well, our plan flopped. We hoped to bring you up to speed on the Silver Valley mining resurgence in just two Update issues…. with plenty of background info to give you context. But we’re short of space this issue – thanks to news of the Sunshine Silver Mines IPO, the abrupt Crescent Mine work halt and Dennis Wheeler’s resignation from Coeur d’Alene Mines. So we’ll wait until next time to talk about Hecla’s Lucky Friday Mine, the Golden Chest, the Bunker Hill and the New Jersey Mill. Full Story

A Nervous New World
By: Theodore Butler | 25 July, 2011
For more than 25 years, I have closely studied the silver market from a supply/demand and market structure perspective. For almost 15 years before that, I traded silver, along with other commodities, as a commodity and stock broker. In all those 40 years, I have tried to avoid analyzing silver in the context of it being an asset of last resort in a world financial crisis. Not because silver is not an asset of last resort but because that attribute has always been widely accepted and written about. I have always strived to uncover new and unique aspects to silver; there was no real value added in me writing about what was already known. Full Story

Silver Market Alert!
By: Julian Phillips & Peter Spina, for the Gold & Silver Forecaster | 22 July, 2011
Short-term: expect the silver price to move up to $49 before giving new direction. More importantly, there has been a critical fundamental change in the shape of silver demand that has changed the long-term prospects for silver. Full Story

David Morgan on Silver Price Manipulation, Delivery Default & Supply Shortage Risks
By: Chris Martenson and David Morgan | 21 July, 2011
More so than perhaps any other, the silver market has been loudly and visibly accused of rampant price manipulation. And more recently, suspicion is growing that the exchanges and ETFs dedicated to trading the metal do not hold sufficient volume of it to meet their obligations. Is the silver market free and fair? Chris delves deeply into these important questions with one of the best-known silver experts. Full Story

Copper Gains are Government-Sponsored
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 21 July, 2011
China steals the show when it comes to commodities. Large public works projects, particularly in developing key infrastructure and housing projects, buoy commodity prices. Increases in demand are naturally bullish for inelastic necessities like copper, which has only strengthened as spending from Beijing keeps China’s GDP on the up and up. Full Story

Supply, Demand & the USDollar
By: Jim Willie CB | 20 July, 2011
A powerful dynamic has been at work for a few years. A Silver deficit remains a boon to investors but a plague to central bankers. The USGovt silver stockpile was depleted in 2005. Gold will continue to fight the political battles in the open fields. But Silver will run through the broken battle lines on a white horse to take triple the price gains. The march toward $100 Silver sounded like lunatic forecasts two years ago, but are more realistic with each passing month nowadays. Silver is growing in investment demand, the object of purchase by central banks as a reserve asset in allocations. Some unique traits are known to silver, which is often mined as a byproduct. When demand for industrial usage of base metals like zinc, lead, tin, and others goes into decline, the actual mined output of silver enters a decline even though investment demand grows radically from systemic monetary risk.
Full Story

Extorre Extends High Grade Gold-Silver Zones at Cerro Moro
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 20 July, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (AMEX:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R, OTC: EXGMF – “Extorre” or the “Company”) is pleased to report that exploration drilling continues to extend gold-silver mineralization at its 100% owned Cerro Moro project in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. Assay results reported in this news release are from drilling undertaken during the second quarter of 2011 on prospects other than the recent Zoe discovery. Full Story

Smart Silver Shopping on eBay
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 14 July, 2011
Silver accumulators have to start somewhere. Ten years ago, a silver buyer might have used his landline phone to call a small coin shop for a quote on silver bullion. If the buyer were lucky, he or she might have access to a wholesaler, who could sell them small amounts of bullion with minimal markup. Today, the silver buyers are going straight to eBay, but the online auction site can be both a blessing and a curse. Full Story

Extorre Closing of $25 Million Bought Deal Equity Financing
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 12 July, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (TSX:XG) (AMEX:XG) (Frankfurt:E1R) ("Extorre" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has closed the bought deal private placement financing announced June 20, 2011 (the "Offering"). The Company has issued 2,400,000 common shares (the "Shares") at a price of $10.50 per Share for gross proceeds of $25,200,000. Full Story

New Series of Canadian & American Silver Coins Coming to Market
By: Lorimer Wilson | 12 July, 2011
The United States Mint has taken the demand for more mass production silver bullion coins seriously of late expanding their offering to a planned total of 57 new coins by 2021 with the introduction of their America the Beautiful Bullion Coin Series. Canada’s Royal Canadian Mint has followed suit expanding its offering of mass production silver bullion coins to 8 by 2013 with the launch of their Canadian Wildlife Silver Bullion Coin Series Program. Below are the details. Full Story

Silver Poised for Power Rally
By: The Gold Report, Eric Sprott and Larisa Sprott | 12 July, 2011
Opportunities abound in small- and mid-cap silver companies, according to Sprott Inc. Chairman Eric Sprott. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Eric Sprott and Sprott Money Ltd. President Larisa Sprott say the fundamentals that drive the price of silver are as strong now as before the spring selloff—maybe even stronger—even though volatility is causing buyers to hold back a bit. Full Story

The Value of Silver
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 11 July, 2011
Ever wonder why we still treat Gold & Silver as currency? Full Story

Endeavour Silver Reports Continued Production Growth in 2nd Quarter, 2011; Produces 850,476 oz Silver (Up 3%) and 4,831 oz Gold (Up 8%); Revenues Jump 85% to US$36.4 million
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 11 July, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (NYSE: EXK, TSX: EDR, Frankfurt: EJD) announced today continued growth of silver and gold production in the Second Quarter, 2011 from the Company's two operating silver mines in Mexico, the Guanacevi Mine in Durango State and the Guanajuato Mine in Guanajuato State. Full Story

Could silver one day be worth more than gold?
By: Peter Cooper | 9 July, 2011
So if the Comex price fixing is broken by overwhelming physical demand, and a momentum trade develops in a tighly supplied market then you do have the potential for an exponentially soaring silver price. Those presently stashing their insurance money in gold would therefore be tempted to switch part of it into silver, and so the price would go up and up. Full Story

The Silver Platter Opportunity
By: Jim Willie CB, Hat Trick Letter | 7 July, 2011
Every few years, a tremendous opportunity arises. The autumn months of 2007 and the autumn months of 2008 offered such an opportunity to buy silver. That $11 silver price is long gone. Many smart folks seized it. Whatever can be said on such silver platters applies almost equally to gold. The silver sprint gains are typically much larger than the gold steady gains. The coming autumn months will feature a gaggle of supposed financial analyst experts backpeddling in their hasty damage control. They have been broadcasting a wide assortment of low level propaganda posing as competent analysis, as they attempt to make the point that the anti-USDollar trade is done, the gold trade is over, the silver trade is spent. They are so wrong. Full Story

Eric Sprott - Paper Markets Are A Joke: Prepare for Bullion Prices to Go Supernova
By: Chris Martenson | 6 July, 2011
In this wide-ranging interview, he shares his insights on the precious metals markets - specifically what investors need to be aware of in terms of the way the markets are currently managed (manipulated), the macro outlook for the economy (grim) and the true value of gold and silver (very underpriced; particularly silver).

Eric sees the current "extend and pretend" intervention by world governments and central banks to prop of a fundamentally flawed banking system, particularly the vast money printing efforts of the past few years, as a ruse that is losing it's influence. Once enough people ask "Why have your money in a bank earning nothing? Why not have it in something that might at least maintain it’s purchasing power?”, the capital flows into the precious metals will dwarf current levels, sending bullion prices much higher.
Full Story

Silver Bottoms Amid Subtle but Bullish Factors
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT | 6 July, 2011
As Silver hit $50/oz, we wrote a piece titled Downside Targets for Silver. We concluded with: “…wouldn’t you rather increase your positions in the $30s rather than at $45 or $50?” Well, now is your chance. Back then, public opinion was over 90% bulls and Silver was in a parabolic state. Today, we see that Silver has advanced to $35 after failing to close below $33 over the past two months. Furthermore, sentiment analysis is as supportive for Silver as any time in the past few years. Finally, the stocks, which tend to lead at key turning points have closed at a five-week high. Full Story

Amidst OPEC Drama, Solar is to Silver What Ethanol Is to Corn
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 30 June, 2011
The state of global affairs has never been in such disarray. Major governments are going bankrupt, inflation is running rampant in a majority of the countries that line the planet, and relationships between nations have never been so heated. Full Story

Why Silver Could Drop Below $30/ozt.
By: Nu Yu, Ph. D. | 30 June, 2011
A close look at where silver is currently positioned at this stage of its developing long-term bubble, and what can be expected short-term in its price using Bump-and-Run and Dead-cat Bounce pattern analyses, suggests that silver is on its way to returning to its long-term mean. Full Story

Is the Silver ETF Bleeding to Save the COMEX?
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 29 June, 2011
The iShares Silver Trust (SLV) has seen a precipitous decline in the amount of silver it reports in its trust, even as the price of silver remains mostly flat in post-frenzy trading. If SLV really does own the silver that it reports on its balance sheet, investors should be left to wonder if the SLV isn’t doing the bidding of the COMEX, which has reported falling supplies amidst larger requests from purchasers. Full Story

Could silver drop to $25 an ounce and then rebound to $60?
By: Peter Cooper | 29 June, 2011
The problem with trying to make market calls about a highly volatile commodity like silver is that you get it right about as many times as you get it wrong. ArabianMoney can happily point to our prediction back in December that silver might spike to $50 early in the New Year (click here). Brilliant, we got that absolutely right. But what about our warnings last summer that silver prices might fall? Ah, well they did not and if you sold then you missed the best silver rally in 30 years. Full Story

Silver Valley Mining Update
By: Tom Wobker | 27 June, 2011
Things are different in North Idaho’s Silver Valley since the Wall Street Crash of 2008. Some changes were dramatic and maybe you saw them in the headlines -- like the damage to mining stocks from the market collapse; settlement of the Valley’s last major Superfund claim after 15 years of litigation; the steady climb in metals prices; and the current disconnect between those prices and mining stock performance. Full Story

India Slowdown Hardly a Concern for Metals
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 23 June, 2011
As we enter the summer doldrums, a period when many investors leave the financial markets for warm beaches and relaxing vacations, India has come onto the scene as a topic of choice. Full Story

Extorre Announces Increase in Scope of Cerro Moro Project and Release Date for Economic Study
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 21 June, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (AMEX:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R, “Extorre” or the “Company”) reports the economic study currently underway will include a larger production scenario to reflect the expanding gold-silver inventory on the property. The release date for the study is mid-July. Full Story

How Silver is Like Oil: An Upcoming Explosion
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 16 June, 2011
As prices at the pump move toward $4 and even $5 per gallon, there is no shortage of people calling for new regulations in finance. Frequently blamed on “speculators,” high prices at the pump are, as some politicians say, the result of lax laws. Full Story

Are We Running Out of Silver?
By: Jeff Clark, Senior Precious Metals Analyst | 16 June, 2011
Our goal in this report is to suggest various ways you can invest in silver, while underscoring the importance of patience and discipline. Investors must remain patient to avoid chasing silver, overpaying, and draining their cash. Instead, we recommend that you use temporary price declines to steadily accumulate the best silver stocks and your preferred form of bullion. Full Story

Comex position is bullish again for silver prices
By: Peter Cooper | 15 June, 2011
Silver prices are set in the Comex futures pit in Chicago, and traders are becoming excited again by prospects for the shiniest of metals because of the supply and demand position within the exchange. What has happened recently is a drop in the amount of physical silver available for delivery in the Comex – down 38 per cent to 29 million ounces since the start of 2011 – while the amount of silver that is being held for clients to claim in the Comex is up by 23 per cent to 72 million ounces. Full Story

The Marginal Utility of Silver
By: Professor Antal E. Fekete | 15 June, 2011
I welcome the Internet debate on the question whether the Mint should be opened to gold and silver. The latest contribution by Hugo Salinas Price, entitled Free Coinage of Gold and Silver – Then and Now (, 9 June 2011), expresses doubts that such a measure, at least insofar as silver is concerned, would work today. Full Story

Exeter Completes Positive Prefeasibility Study for Its Caspiche Oxide Gold Deposit
By: Exeter Resource Corporation | 6 June, 2011
Exeter Resource Corporation (NYSE-AMEX:XRA, TSX:XRC, Frankfurt:EXB – “Exeter” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the Oxide Gold Prefeasibility Study for its Caspiche Project in northern Chile has returned a NPV(5) of US$329.5 million and net operating costs of US$524/ounce gold. Average annual production over the five year mine life would be 210,000 ounces gold and 364,000 ounces silver. Full Story

Can You Pass the 2011 Silver Quiz?
By: Jeff Clark | 3 June, 2011
CPM Group recently released their 2011 Silver Yearbook, one of the industry’s most comprehensive sources of information on the silver market. Though mostly a reference book, I uncovered some interesting facts that paint a decidedly bullish picture for the metal going forward. Full Story

3 Things to Learn from the Silver Selloff
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 2 June, 2011
Silver’s correction from nearly-$50 to $34 was wild; it was the kind of market movement that hardly allowed investors to digest what was coming as it happened. A month after wild market activity, investors who have taken the time to uncover what happened in the market may have realized three key elements of the selloff. Full Story

United Mining Group (TSX: UMG) and Gold Finder (TSX VENTURE: GFN) Announce Accelerated Earn-In on Crescent Silver Mine Project
By: United Mining Group, Inc. | 1 June, 2011
United Mining Group, Inc. (TSX:UMG)(OTCQX: UMGZF)(Frankfurt:UM8) ("United Mining Group") and Gold Finder Explorations Ltd. (TSX-V:GFN) ("Gold Finder") announce that United Mining Group has incurred an aggregate of $9 million in exploration and development expenditures to earn its 80 percent interest in the Crescent Silver Mine project located in Silver Valley, Idaho, in the Coeur d'Alene Mining District, the remaining 20% is retained by GoldFInder. Full Story

Extorre Announces A Silver-Gold Discovery at Its Puntudo Project in Western Santa Cruz Province, Argentina
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 1 June, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (AMEX:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R, “Extorre” or the “Company”) reports the discovery of significant silver-gold mineralization at its 100% owned Puntudo project, located immediately south of the Joaquin silver project owned by Coeur d’Alene Mines and Mirasol Resources, and 200 kilometres west of Cerro Moro. Extorre has completed thirty two drill holes to date, with assays in hand for the first fifteen holes. Mineralization has been intersected in drill holes that test the potential strike extension to the south, onto Extorre property, of both the La Negra and La Morocha veins of the Joaquin project. Full Story

Extorre Gold Mines Limited: High Gold-Silver Grades Continue for the Zoe Discovery at Cerro Moro
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 31 May, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (AMEX:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R, “Extorre” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that high grade gold-silver results continue to be returned from drilling on the Zoe discovery at Cerro Moro in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. Full Story

Metals Market Provides Timely Fire-Sale
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 26 May, 2011
Now three weeks after the massive silver movement toward $50 per ounce, and a near reversal of opinion among the financial media, silver is now stable in the $34 per ounce area. While the panic, confusion, and frankly, fraudulent popping of the silver price may have shaken the weak hands, the market is providing opportunities for those who are willing to wait out the institutional investors. Full Story

US Commodity Regulation - A Failed Mission?
By: Theodore Butler | 26 May, 2011
In my latest dispatch to subscribers, I tried to describe the favorable set up for higher prices present in silver and other metals markets. That favorable set up may be in the process of unfolding. This set up was created, particularly in silver, as a result of the engineered takedown we just experienced. Having already discussed what may develop from this point, I would like to vent a bit about what just occurred. Full Story

Silver More Explosive than Gold
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch | 24 May, 2011
The silver market is still reeling from its fall from $50 to $34 over a very short time. The move was driven by at least one investor selling around 1,000 tonnes of silver over a two week period. Silver had climbed quickly from around $25. The charts supported a rise to $29, but as silver went higher, it climbed out of technical range into new territory. All the time thereafter it was vulnerable to a selloff back to support around that level. Full Story

Orex Engages Sigorex as New Investor Relations Consultant
By: Orex Minerals Inc. | 24 May, 2011
Orex Minerals Inc. – (REX: TSX-V) ("Orex" ) is pleased to announce that it has engaged Sigorex Management GmbH ("Sigorex") to provide investor relations services to Orex pursuant to a consulting agreement dated May 24, 2011 (the "Agreement"). Full Story

Buying Silver at 10% Off
By: Kevin Brekke | 20 May, 2011
Inflation has certainly been all over the headlines lately. As the cost of basic materials and commodities has pretty much risen across the board, it was just a matter of time until this rise made its appearance on store shelves at a retailer near you. With prices at the pump squeezing motorists as well, the drive to the supermarket is as painful as watching your groceries being scanned at checkout. Full Story

An Interview with Hugo Salinas Price on a Return to a Silver Mexican Peso
By: Jeff Berwick – The Dollar Vigilante | 19 May, 2011
We, here at The Dollar Vigilante (TDV), have been big supporters of Hugo Salinas Price for years. Not just for his business exploits, which have made him a billionaire, but because he now spends a significant portion of his time trying to return silver as a monetary medium in his home country of Mexico. Full Story

Gold vs. Silver: The Reality
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 18 May, 2011
As silver shows its temper tantrum in the form of price volatility, the media’s pundits are coming out in mass to declare that gold is now the better investment. Their claim is very simple: if silver is going to be so volatile, why should investors own it? Our answer is even simpler; growth is what makes silver shine. Full Story

Silver to Outshine Glittering Gold in the Long (!) Term
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 17 May, 2011
Increased volatility seen in silver market in the recent past has reflected in market sentiments, and no wonder that we have received many questions about silver fundamentals and the COMEX margin requirement hike. For those of you who are concerned with the possible deterioration in silver's fundamentals (and long-term targets), here's a quote of someone in the business. Full Story

“Silver Price: The Least You Should Worry About”
By: Jeff Clark and Andy Schectman | 17 May, 2011
I heard some disturbing reports about silver supply last month that I felt every investor should know. And while precious metals are currently in correction mode, the long-term concerns with supply won’t disappear anytime soon. In attempt to get a handle on the bullion market, I spoke to Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin, who has contacts that run deep in the industry. What he sees everyday might just compel you to count how many ounces you own… Full Story

Extorre Receives Approval for Cerro Moro Mine Development
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 17 May, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (TSX:XG)(AMEX:XG)(Frankfurt:E1R) ("Extorre" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the formal approval of the Cerro Moro Environmental Impact Assessment ("EIA") by the Santa Cruz provincial government. The EIA was submitted to authorities in September 2010. This approval together with the receipt of the Project Pre-Feasibility Study expected in June 2011 will enable Extorre to proceed with advanced engineering and mine development. Full Story

Silver shorts given another summer to cover themselves again
By: Peter Cooper | 15 May, 2011
Last summer ArabianMoney was rife with rumor about some serious short covering by the major bullion banks and an unwinding of their short positions. Once the shorts were out of the market we saw the impact on prices with a spectacular jump from $17 to $50. Full Story

Volatile Silver...
By: Harris Kupperman | 15 May, 2011
Every few months, silver has a stunning collapse and the whole world seems astonished by the ferocity of the move. I think it’s time that we all take a step back and accept that silver is a wild animal. At any time, it can move 30% and that isn’t out of the normal—in fact, that is the normal. Full Story

The Gold-Silver Ratio – Another Look
By: Andrey Dashkov | 13 May, 2011
The gold-silver ratio attracts a lot of attention nowadays, but it is not a reliable tool in an investor’s toolbox, and we don’t think it can predict future price movements. But the reality is that nothing does. Those who look at GSR charts, including ours above, should not forget to analyze all the fundamentals behind the price movements of both gold and silver. We advise you to be extremely cautious and not get caught in the trap of believing that a single number or ratio, or a set of them, can provide you with a crystal ball. Full Story

Silver Action a Reminder of the Risks of the Paper Market
By: Jeff Berwick | 13 May, 2011
Gold and silver are strange things. They have been used for centuries as money and only in the last 40 years have they been shoved aside by the financial communists - yet they still exist as a free market monetary asset despite the force of all the government's guns. Full Story

Silver’s New Trading Range
By: Justin Smyth | 13 May, 2011
Silver’s destiny with its 200-day moving average appears to be sealed this week as a brief bounce earlier in the week failed at the 50-day moving average. From peak to trough so far this correction has run about 35%, which is still less than the 37% correction silver underwent from its parabolic peak in 2006. Full Story

Silver – Time to Buy
By: Puru Saxena | 12 May, 2011
Only two weeks ago, the price of silver was rapidly appreciating in a parabolic advance. Back then, sentiment towards the white metal was extremely bullish and its price was approximately 78% above its 200-day moving average. Furthermore, on the 25th of April, silver registered a key reversal whereby its price tested the all-time high recorded in 1980 but failed to hold on to its intra-day gains. Full Story

A 1980 copy of Playboy Predicts the Future for Silver
By: Murray Dawes | 12 May, 2011
I would not be surprised to see silver flat line for a few months during this seasonally weak period for metals and after taking such a hammering, but there will be a time in the next few months when silver will be a bargain. Full Story

A Word on Corrections
By: David Galland, Managing Director | 10 May, 2011
Silver, in particular, has been hammered – down over 30% at one point. Now that's what I call a proper correction. Is it safe to go back into the water? I have to believe that the speed and depth of the sell-off makes it all the more likely that we'll see a pretty quick bounce back. Full Story

A Policy-Driven Silver Crash
By: Clif Droke | 9 May, 2011
Silver has once again stolen the investment market spotlight. Margin requirements for silver trading rose 84 percent last week, which prompted a major sell-off. Silver posted its worst four-day drop since 1980 and was down more than 25% after the CME Group raised the costs for investors to trade the metal four consecutive times within a week. Full Story

Orex Initiates Airborne Geophysical Survey Over Barsele Gold Project, Sweden
By: Orex Minerals Inc. | 9 May, 2011
“This is the beginning of Orex’s exploration program at Barsele, which will include both airborne and ground geophysical surveys, diamond drilling and bulk sampling. Our intent is to enhance and expand the known resources, as well as start the definition and drill testing of new targets, within the 32,700 hectares of our concessions.” Full Story

First Fear, Then Anger
By: Theodore Butler | 8 May, 2011
The historic decline this week in silver creates strong emotion. Watching great amounts of wealth disappear, quite literally in minutes amid disorderly trading conditions is a genuine fear for any investor. Worse is seeing no obvious legitimate reason to explain the carnage. If that doesn’t scare you, nothing will. Especially if you already harbored unease about how the whole silver market operated. Full Story

Silver still more than double the price of a year ago
By: Peter Cooper | 8 May, 2011
Last week is another for the history books for silver bugs with a record one third price correction in a week. It still falls short of the 52 per cent plunge of the 2008 financial crisis. Silver is notoriously volatile. Full Story

Watching Silver Correct
By: Roy Martens | 8 May, 2011
Three charts are analyzed. Full Story

Silver Takes it on the Chin
By: John Browne, Senior Market Strategist at Euro Pacific Capital | 6 May, 2011
This week saw the type of downside volatility in the precious metals market that will be remembered for years to come. For those of us who have been long gold, and silver in particular, the memories will not be pleasant. While many had been expecting a pullback in silver, when the violence did come it was nevertheless shocking. Full Story

Freefall in Silver, What’s Next?
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 6 May, 2011
Summing up, what we have seen recently was probably (slightly more probable than not) a major top for the previous rally. However, regardless of this being true or not, a short-term rally from here appears likely. Naturally, if the final top is not yet in, then the rally will take silver much higher. Full Story

US Faces Dollar Decline as China Grows
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 5 May, 2011
According to a new statement from the International Monetary Fund, the United States will be the world’s leading economy for four more years, at which point China will overtake the US in total annual production of goods and services. While economists can and have expressed their doubts about how this plays into the world economy going forward, most everyone can agree that this news is not a positive release for the United States, nor the US dollar. Full Story

Extorre Gold Mines Limited: High Gold-Silver Grades Continue for Zoe Discovery at Cerro Moro
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 4 May, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (AMEX:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R, “Extorre” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce additional high grade to bonanza grade gold-silver results from the next 10 of 27 diamond drill holes completed to date on the new Zoe discovery at Cerro Moro, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. Full Story

Extorre Makes Another Significant High Grade Gold-Silver Discovery At Cerro Moro
By: Extorre Gold Mines | 2 May, 2011
About Extorre:
Extorre Gold Mines Limited is a Canadian public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) under the symbol XG and the NYSE-AMEX under the symbol XG. The Cash position in April, 2011, was $33 million.

On April 19, 2010, Extorre announced an updated National Instrument 43-101 compliant mineral resource estimate for Cerro Moro:

- Indicated: 357,000 Oz. Gold + 15.3 Million Oz. Silver (612,000 Oz. Gold Equivalent*)

- Inferred: 190,000 Oz. Gold + 12.0 Million Oz. Silver (390,000 Oz. Gold Equivalent*)

Full Story

Silver 'Insurance'
By: Gary, Biiwii | 2 May, 2011
Of course, if my view or personal situation changes to the degree that I no longer care what the assigned market value of silver may be, then the process of buying insurance could be terminated at any time. But the way I currently read the silver market, I would like to remain a bag owner while at the same time, avoid becoming a bag holder. So
please, if you see bearish silver positions popping up in the portfolios below (and you will see a new one this week) do not read anything into it other than the writer’s reasoning with regard to the need for insurance.
Full Story

Gold versus silver and other commodities
By: Steve Saville, Speculative Investor | 2 May, 2011
Although there is probably a lot more aboveground silver in the world than gold, there is almost certainly a lot more aboveground gold in readily saleable form (bars, coins, 24-carat jewellery held for store-of-value purposes) than there is silver in similar form. In fact, there is a lot more gold in readily saleable form than there is any other commodity. So, if it's correct to argue that silver should continue rising against gold because there is less aboveground silver than gold in the world, then it is also correct to argue that every commodity known to man should rise against gold. Full Story

Secret Silver Buying by Russian Billionaire, Chinese Traders, and People's Bank of China to Lead to Comex Silver Default?
By: Gold Core | 29 April, 2011
The theories are not mutually exclusive and may be true. Indeed, Chinese, Russian and other private interests may be cornering the physical market in an effort to end manipulation of the silver market by Wall Street banks in order to ensure the silver price rises very sharply and creates significant profits on their silver bullion holdings.

Indeed, if the People’s Bank of China is involved – profit may not be the end game, rather the positioning of the Chinese yuan as the new reserve currency through use of gold and silver bullion reserves.
Full Story

Silver: Runaway Move, Correction, Or Crash?
By: Justin Smyth | 29 April, 2011
Silver attempted to take out 50 on Monday of this week and instead had a big reversal day as it temporarily ran out of gas. Then after testing 45 the following day silver has moved higher after the Bernanke press conference and is once again approaching 50. For the very short term silver appears to be trapped in the 45/50 box and is awaiting a break either above or below this box. Full Story

Silver Can’t Stop to Breathe
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 29 April, 2011
At that point, it will be only higher rates that can stop the bleeding, and higher rates will only result in a dead economy. The cat is out of the bag: fixed-income is certain to plummet, and there is not a single exit strategy for the global banking system. Your exit strategy from the coming catastrophe is quite simple: silver bullion. Full Story

Downside Targets for Silver
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT | 29 April, 2011
Silver is in a structural bull market and will see significantly higher prices in the coming years. However, now is not the time to be buying. The market has spiked and a retracement is coming.’s public opinion as of last week was over 90% bulls. The daily sentiment index as of last week was 96% bulls. A correction is coming. We have two charts to help decipher a potential bottom. Full Story

Results - Poll: Has the Silver Price seen its High ($50) for 2011?
By: | 28 April, 2011
Results: Has the Silver Price Peaked for 2011?

Yes = 12.04% (270 votes)
No = 87.96% (1973 votes)
Full Story

Advantages of Silver Over Gold
By: Howard Ruff, The Ruff Times | 28 April, 2011
If you are wealthy and can afford to buy some gold, be my guest. I think you will do just fine. However, silver will outperform gold about three to one. When I receive income from my business, I set aside enough cash to take care of my normal business affairs because paper money is still a means of exchange, although it is no longer a store of value. As a means of exchange, you can conduct your normal affairs. If I have any left over, I go to my local coin dealer and buy silver. Full Story

“$52 to $56 Silver by Mid-year” Update
By: Lorimer Wilson, Gold Runner Fractal Analysis | 27 April, 2011
The early run by Silver into Vth Wave Chart Metrics, or phase transition into the true Vth Wave Channel, is the early recognition point for all of the markets that the Vth Wave devaluation in the U.S. Dollar is at hand. Markets are discounting mechanisms, and the move of Silver into the Vth Wave Channel leads Gold into its own Vth Wave Channel slope of rise by just an eyelash on the long-term charts. Full Story Poll: Has the Silver Price seen its High ($50) for 2011?
By: | 26 April, 2011 Poll: Has the Silver Price seen its High ($50) for 2011? Full Story

Think Silver Has Gone Parabolic? 1980 was 5 Times Faster!
By: Sam Kirtley | 26 April, 2011
This essay will attempt to address the question of whether or not silver prices are in a bubble, or possibly may be turning into a bubble and if so what trading strategies may be suited to the situation. This article will hopefully provide another string to the readers bow in attempting to identify bubbles and being able to protect one’s portfolio and even potentially profit from them. For the record we feel it is prudent to state our view upfront, we do not think silver is in a bubble at this point in time. However we think that it is likely that it will become a bubble in the future, but we cannot say when or at what price. Full Story

Silver – Key intra-day reversal
By: Puru Saxena | 25 April, 2011
Remember, precious metals are still in a secular bull market but no item goes up in a straight line. Every bull market goes through periodic corrections and whenever any commodity rises in a parabolic fashion, it always undergoes a severe correction. Thus, this is the time to control your emotions and take some money off the table. Full Story

A Look at Silver Going Parabolic
By: Roy Martens, Resource Fortunes LLC | 25 April, 2011
Technical / chart look at silver prices. Full Story

Silver Shorts Feel the Burn
By: Clif Droke | 25 April, 2011
Silver has stolen the spotlight among investors in recent days after surging nearly $50/oz. Lost in all the commotion, however, are the wildly disparate rumors accompanying silver’s rally. It’s hard to believe that it has been only a week since a widely circulated story concerning a large hedge fund which supposedly made a “gargantuan” bet against silver. This story, which smacked of being planted by speculative interests, was circulated by some otherwise reputable financial publications. Full Story

Silver Set to Soar as Paper Folds?
By: John Browne, Senior Market Strategist at Euro Pacific Capital | 21 April, 2011
As a result of active "demonetization" efforts by the IMF and its member central banks, gold and silver have experienced the type of volatility that has given conservative investors reasons not to perceive the metals as dependable cash alternatives. Instead gold and silver have become known as the asset class to hold as a hedge against inflation. Full Story

Silver Spikes And Corrections
By: Justin Smyth | 21 April, 2011
Silver continues its powerful and relentless move higher. From August 2010 until now this is the biggest rally during this silver bull market that started early last decade. Silver has also been the star performer of the financial world over the past year as you can see on the graph below. Full Story

Silver price rising three-times as fast as gold
By: Peter Cooper | 21 April, 2011
Over the past three days the price of silver has jumped from $42 to $46 an ounce, while gold has moved up from $1,480 to $1,507 at the time of writing. That is approximately a six per cent gain for silver and two per cent for gold. Full Story

Extorre Gold Mines Limited: New High Grade Gold-Silver Discovery at Cerro Moro
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 19 April, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (AMEX:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R– “Extorre” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce high grade to bonanza grade gold-silver results from the first 3 of 21 diamond drill holes completed to date on a discovery named Zoe at Cerro Moro, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. Visual inspection of the core, without the benefit of assays, suggests that drilling has just entered the mineralized zone and that mineralization continues at depth. Full Story

$50 silver - The Price Point of Liberty
By: Jack Mullen | 18 April, 2011
$50 dollar silver is the first sign of blue sky after a devastating storm. It's the morning after sunshine bringing people out of hiding and together again for the process of rebuilding with the promise of a new start. Full Story

Silver ready to pass $50-an-ounce this week to set new all-time high
By: Peter Cooper | 18 April, 2011
Silver looks set for a sprint past its all-time high of $50 established 31 years ago this week. But with Goldman Sachs now advising its clients to get out of commodities and Glencore, the world’s largest commodities trader launching its $11 billion IPO most probably on Thursday, the end of this surge could come quickly. Full Story

What Is Silver Screaming About?
By: Adrian Ash, BullionVault | 15 April, 2011
The CURRENT SURGE in bids to buy silver might seem dramatic, but it's more measured by far – to date, at least – than the true silver bubble of Sept. 1979 to Jan. 1980. Even so, you may as well call this a record price. In real terms, as Matt Turner at Mitsubishi told me this week, one ounce of silver briefly rose above 40 of today's US Dollars per ounce in 1864, when the American Civil War neared its climax. In nominal Dollars, the Hunt brothers' multi-billion-dollar corner only saw it more highly priced on 5 trading days in Jan. 1980. And while US investors waiting to buy silver are also still waiting for it to record a new intra-day high, it's already broken new ground against the British Pound and for most of the Eurozone, too. Full Story

What Does Silver’s Recent Performance Relative to Oil Mean to Silver Investors?
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 15 April, 2011
Summing up, the short-term signs appear bullish for precious metals market. This sentiment is supported in several key charts and at this time. It is difficult not to be excited about the outlook for silver today. Its performance in recent months certainly has not been a fluke and it appears that further price increases are likely for the white metal. Full Story

Silver Offers the Only Positive Return
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 14 April, 2011
When thinking about an investment, the best managers look for returns that beat what they perceive to be average. In the long run, wealth is a relative measure—today, even the poorest people are wealthier than the richest people five hundred years ago, though we’d still say that today’s poor are poor. Full Story

How the Hunt Brothers Capped Gold…Yes, GOLD!
By: Michael Maloney | 13 April, 2011
Millions of people have heard the “official” story of how the larger-than-life Hunt brothers drove the price of silver from under $2 an ounce to over $50 in an attempt to corner the market. At one point, the two colorful Texas oilmen owned the rights to more than half the world’s silver supply. But then it all came crashing down on Silver Thursday, March 27, 1980, when silver fell to under $11 an ounce. Instead of making billions, the richest men in America ended up losing the bulk of their family’s fortune. Full Story

Why is Silver rising faster than Gold?
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch | 13 April, 2011
Silver is breaking new records today at almost $40 and gold is touching new highs of $1,458. Looking back, over the last few years we have seen gold rise from around $312 to $1,458 a rise of 4.67 times and silver from around $6 to $40 a rise of 6.67 times. Full Story

Why a $1m short-option against July silver is not so crazy
By: Peter Cooper | 12 April, 2011
The silver price dropped back below $40-an-ounce as news of a $1 million short-option just written against silver delivered in July circulated through the trading pits yesterday. Silver bugs will not like this but there is logic here. If the stock market pops, and the rally looks on its last legs as profits expectations are now too high and QE2 is about to end, then commodity prices will be dragged down too. Full Story

Silver, the Canary in the Gold Mine
By: Darryl Robert Schoon | 12 April, 2011
Silver, the Canary in the Gold Mine was my talk at a Gold Standard Institute symposium in Canberra, Australia in November 2008. The topic could well describe today’s gold and silver markets. Today, both silver and gold are achieving record highs but silver’s accelerating price indicates silver may indeed be the canary in the gold mine, the leading indicator for gold’s long-awaited explosive move upwards, a move the Fed and major bullion banks have colluded since the 1980s to prevent. Full Story

Endeavour Silver Reports Record Production in First Quarter, 2011; Produces 900,133 oz Silver (Up 17%) and 5,008 oz Gold (Up 33%)
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 11 April, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (TSX:EDR)(AMEX:EXK)(DBFrankfurt: EJD) announced today that the Company set new records for silver and gold production in the First Quarter, 2011 from the Company's two operating silver mines in Mexico, the Guanacevi Mine in Durango State and the Guanajuato Mine in Guanajuato State. Full Story

Will Silver become money like Gold again?
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch | 8 April, 2011
We have always referred to silver as the ‘long shadow’ of gold because its price moves with gold’s. When the gold price rises, silver rises more. When the gold price falls, silver falls further, but they move in sync. Why? Full Story

Silver Is Getting Too Popular… Right?
By: Jeff Clark | 6 April, 2011
It’s no secret that the silver market is red hot. As I write, silver American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs are sold out at their respective mints. Buying in India has gone through the roof, especially noteworthy among a people with a strong historical preference for gold. Demand in China continues unabated. Silver stocks have screamed upward. Full Story

Silver's Long-Run Value
By: Adrian Ash, BullionVault | 6 April, 2011
WE'VE BEEN inundated here at BullionVault with comments and queries in response to Gold Value $3844, Paul Tustain's new video presentation. Apologies if we've not got round to answering your email yet. Chief amongst the queries? "What's your view of silver?" Which on a risk-adjusted, 'fair value' basis, is tougher still to answer. Full Story

United Mining Group Announces Bulk Sampling Results at the Crescent Silver Mine Project
By: United Mining Group, Inc. | 5 April, 2011
United Mining Group, Inc. ("UMG" or the "Company") (TSX:UMG) (Pinksheets:UMGZF) (Frankfurt:UM8) is pleased to announce geochemical results of the South Vein intercepted by the underground bulk sampling program currently ongoing at the Crescent Silver Mine in the Coeur d'Alene district of north Idaho. Full Story

A Flaw In The Silver Topping Theory
By: Justin Smyth | 4 April, 2011
There seems to be a lot of silver pundits calling for a major top in silver lately. There’s basically two main reasons why they are calling for a top: 1) silver is currently stretched above its long term moving averages and 2) silver looks spiky on a chart. Anybody that has followed markets for a while and looked at charts knows that when they see things like that they should grow cautious. This is because they have most likely experienced the other side of a spike at least once, where the market snaps back hard to the downside. They have also likely experienced that hard move down with an overly aggressive position due to being too bullish at the top, which caused even more painful losses. Full Story

Where has Silver come from and where is it going?
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch | 1 April, 2011
GFMS produced the report for the Silver Institute published last week. We have used this as a basis for this article on silver supply and demand in the last three years. Our objective in this piece is to have recent history confirm what we expect of the future for silver. Full Story

Nasdaq Bubble, Real-Estate Bubble… Silver Bubble?
By: Michael Kilbach | 1 April, 2011
Is silver in a bubble? In our opinion; no. But what can we learn from past bubbles? There are many ways to detect an investment bubble including extreme positive market sentiment, outrageous demand and speculation, widespread mainstream acceptance that the investment is a “sure thing” etc. In this article we would like to focus on the big picture perspective of a markets price performance. Full Story

Diamond Drilling has Started on Orex's "Las Mesas" Gold-Silver Project in Durango, Mexico
By: Orex Minerals Inc. | 31 March, 2011
Orex Minerals Inc. – (REX: TSX-V) (ORXIF.PK)(“Orex”) is pleased to announce that its Phase-I diamond drilling program has commenced on the Las Mesas gold-silver project in northern Durango State, Mexico. Full Story

All That Glitters Is Silver
By: The Gold Report | 31 March, 2011
With industrial demand almost exclusively driving the price of silver for years, investing in the white metal used to be simpler. Now investment demand is competing with practical demand to push silver prices ever higher. Investor interest in silver from large U.S. funds could result in as many as 60 new silver plays entering the market this year. These are heady days for silver with a lot of upside in the cards—if played right. Find out how in this Gold Report exclusive. Full Story

JP Morgan Could Learn from the Treasury
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 31 March, 2011
JP Morgan has a new excuse for its massive silver and gold investments. Short or long, whichever it happens to be claiming at the moment, Morgan says it is holding the silver for clients. To buffer its claim, JP Morgan insists the holdings are the result of a new lending window it created, where investors can deposit their gold for safe-storage and obtain a loan in the amount of the gold borrowed. Full Story

Buying Silver and Avoiding the Sharks
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 30 March, 2011
I keep pounding, pounding, pounding the table that silver is the biggest bargain out there, for, at last count, a jillion reasons, and that anybody who does not buy silver Right Freaking Now (RFN) is making the mistake of a lifetime, and the family is all, like, “Will you please stop pounding the table? It is irritating and is making things spill, aside from the fact that we don’t have any money with which to buy silver, and you know that!” which devolved into a lengthy discussion about who among them was the most irritated with me and everything I say or do. Full Story

Buying Silver to Combat the Vampire Craze
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 29 March, 2011
Dominic Frisby of Money Morning newsletter quotes Nick Laird of Sharelynx as saying that the situation in silver is such that “since 1950, almost 925,000 tonnes have gone into demand with 570,000 tonnes of this having come from production. This leaves a shortfall of 350,000 tonnes, which has come from central bank sales, stockpiles and scrap. This deficit equals approximately 16 years of production.” Full Story Radio Gold Nugget: CEO Bradford Cooke, Endeavour Silver Corp. & Chris Waltzek
By: | 28 March, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (NYSE: EXK) (TSX: EDR) (TSX: EDR.WT) (DBFrankfurt :EJD) is a small-cap silver mining company focused on the growth of its silver production, reserves and resources in Mexico. Since start-up in 2004, Endeavour has posted six consecutive years of aggressive silver production and resource growth. The organic expansion programs now underway at Endeavour's two operating silver mines in Mexico combined with its strategic acquisition program should help Endeavour achieve its goal to become the next premier mid-tier primary silver producer. Full Story

Silver Price Suppression: How, Why and Effect
By: Rob Kirby | 28 March, 2011
This paper is written as a response to market observers who opine, “how can the price of precious metals be suppressed when their prices have empirically gone up 4 fold and more over the past 10 years?” Full Story

First signs of a parabolic spike for silver
By: Peter Cooper | 27 March, 2011
Any investor in silver must have found the past six months pretty exciting. This precious metal has more than doubled in that time. The pessimists see a high flying price heading for a fall, and they did so last autumn before this take-off. Full Story

How Silver is Mined - Part 2 (video)
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 25 March, 2011
Ever wonder how silver mining actually works?

How Silver is Mined Part 2 includes a unique look at what is it like inside a mine and learn about the silver mining and refining processes used. Presented by Endeavour Silver Corp. as part of an ongoing series of education films on all things silver.
Full Story

United Mining Group Announces US$9 Million Development Program to Accelerate Start Up of the Crescent Silver Mine
By: United Mining Group, Inc. | 24 March, 2011
United Mining Group, Inc. ("UMG" or the "Company"), (TSX:UMG)(Pinksheets:UMGZF)(Frankfurt:UM8) is pleased to announce a US$9 million pre-production mine development program and operations update on its intermediate-advanced stage Crescent Silver Mine project, located in Silver Valley Idaho, in the Coeur d'Alene Mining District. Full Story

Silver Review and Outlook
By: Theodore Butler | 24 March, 2011
Good afternoon and thank you all for coming out today. I’d like to thank Joe Martin for inviting me and arranging this conference. This is my third Phoenix Silver Conference, so I thought I might review the silver market by first recapping the highlights of my first two speeches here and then cover what has transpired over the past year. Full Story

Financial Conglomeration Gives Rise to Metals
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 23 March, 2011
Silver is the independent investors best asset class, having a market that has financialization (futures) and also tangibility (online and offline coin dealers). And despite the general sense of “too big to fail” on Wall Street, silver’s prices, though higher than in years previous, leave investors with the opportunity to buy into a historical asset class with valuations that are “too small to be unprofitable.” Full Story

Endeavour Silver Reports Record Earnings, Cash-Flow and Revenues in 2010
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 22 March, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (TSX:EDR)(AMEX:EXK)(DBFrankfurt: EJD) announced today record earnings, cash-flows and revenues for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended December 31, 2010, thanks to the Company's sixth consecutive year of growing silver and gold production, lower cash operating costs and higher precious metal prices. Full Story

Extorre Drilling at Union Domes and Cerro Puntudo Projects
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 22 March, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (AMEX:XG; TSX:XG; Frankfurt: E1R, OTC: EXGMF – “Extorre” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that drilling is underway at its Union Domes gold project and its Cerro Puntudo silver project in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. Union Domes is located 18 km. south of the Company’s Cerro Moro discovery, whereas Cerro Puntudo is located 220 km. west of Cerro Moro and immediately south of the Coeur d’Alene Mines/Mirasol Resources’ Joaquin silver discovery. Full Story

We Love Silver But We Respect The Trends – Be Careful
By: Michael Kilbach | 18 March, 2011
We believe in investing in long term bull market trends. To illustrate this point consider the following. In theory, with only two trades and two and a half long term trends, an individual could have turned only $10,000 into more than $47.6 million dollars. Full Story

How Silver is Mined
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 18 March, 2011
Ever wonder how silver mining actually works?

Silver formation, exploring for silver and a method for measuring the concentration of silver is covered in this first part of a two part documentary on the science of silver mining. Presented by Endeavour Silver Corp. as part of an ongoing series of educational films on all things silver.
Full Story

United Mining Group Announces US$4.3 Million Exploration Program at Crescent Silver Mine Project
By: United Mining Group, Inc. | 17 March, 2011
United Mining Group, Inc. ("UMG" or the "Company") (TSX:UMG)(Pinksheets:UMGZF)(Frankfurt:UM8) is pleased to announce a US$4.3 million Phase I exploration program at its intermediate-advanced stage Crescent Silver Mine project, located in Silver Valley Idaho, in the Coeur d'Alene Mining District. Full Story

Eric Sprott: The Government Lied… There is No More Silver!
By: Casey Research | 17 March, 2011
Speaking at the Casey Research Gold and Resource Summit, Eric Sprott told investors that there is no more silver left to go around, “There’s $22 billion of silver available in the world, of which the ETFs already own half, and between you guys and us we probably own the other half… Which means there’s nothing left.” We’ve got the highlights of his speech in the video below. Listen as the CEO of Sprott Asset Management discusses the availability of precious metals, the price of gold, the GDP, national debt, and more. Full Story

Chinese Hungry for Purchases of All Kinds
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 17 March, 2011
Without having feet on the ground, it is nearly impossible to understand precisely what is happening in China. The middle class is exploding, but jobs for skilled workers are few. New cities are going up overnight, but the pictures show that no one is actually living there. In many cities, hundreds of buildings are erected, left to be ghost towns for many months or even a few years before the buildings are again destroyed and new buildings are erected in its place. Full Story

Silver vs. Tech Stocks
By: Justin Smyth | 14 March, 2011
It’s now been over a decade since the great tech bubble burst in the year 2000, but even today technology stocks are still popular among most investors and the financial media. There are good reasons for the continued popularity of technology stocks. Not only do tech companies deliver us cool new products each year, but many tech companies have delivered great stock returns as well. Full Story

The Constraints on Silver Supply
By: Casey Research | 10 March, 2011
At the Casey Research Gold and Resource Summit, Bob Quartermain spoke about the constraints facing silver supply today, “Mine supply doesn’t meet demand and in many of the new applications silver isn’t being recycled, so it’s not going to come back into the scrap supply chain... We’ll have to go out and find new mines or new sources for silver; and that can only speak to higher prices.” Full Story

Extorre Lists on the NYSE Amex Exchange Under the Symbol "XG"
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 10 March, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (TSX:XG, Frankfurt: E1R, OTC: EXGMF – “Extorre” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its common shares have been approved for listing on the NYSE Amex, and will commence trading on Monday, March 14, 2011. The Company will trade under the symbol “XG” on both the NYSE Amex and TSX Exchanges. Full Story

Utah Starts What Remaining States Should Finish
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 9 March, 2011
It wasn’t exactly headline news, but it wasn’t a quiet event either. The Utah state house has passed a new bill that would allow the state to explore solutions to issuing its own currency, one made of gold or silver, and it seeks to allow its citizens to trade in gold and silver as bullion, not as arbitrary dollars. The bill, which many expect to fail in the state Senate, is certainly another small victory in the move toward sound money. Full Story

What’s driving the Silver Price?
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch | 9 March, 2011
The Silver Price is hitting new recent highs at $36.55 today in a more vigorous performance than even gold. Many in the developed world precious metal markets are amazed at the performance of silver and see this continuing, whereas others feel it is running away with itself. The “backwardation” in silver [when ‘spot’ – or immediate delivery prices are higher than for future delivery] has stressed just how much immediate demand there is for silver and clearly a physical shortage of the metal has arisen. There are two apparently conflicting pictures of the role of silver. The industrial side of silver demand, currently thriving and the investment side, which is also thriving and should continue to do so. Full Story

Endeavour Silver Expands Its Silver/Gold Resources for 7th Consecutive Year
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 8 March, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (TSX: EDR, NYSE-Amex: EXK, DB-Frankfurt: EJD) announced today that for the seventh consecutive year, the Company has grown its silver and gold resources in Mexico. Endeavour released today its updated NI 43-101 reserve and resource estimates to December 31, 2010 (see table below) for its two producing silver mines (the Guanacevi Mine in Durango State and the Guanajuato Mine in Guanajuato State) and two exploration projects (the Parral Project in Chihuahua and Arroyo Seco Project in Michoacán) in Mexico. Full Story

Bifurcation in Precious Metals Complex and the Implications
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT | 8 March, 2011
Silver has been red hot lately and the silver shares have joined in the fun. Yet, we haven’t seen a corresponding breakout in Gold or in the gold shares (as evidenced by GDXJ and GDX). In the chart below we show SIL (large silver stocks), Silver, Gold, GDXJ (gold juniors) and GDX (large cap golds). Full Story

Endeavour Silver Announces Transfer of Common Share Listing From NYSE Amex to the New York Stock Exchange
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 7 March, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (TSX:EDR)(AMEX:EXK)(DBFrankfurt: EJD) announced today that it has received approval to list its common shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Trading is scheduled to commence on March 14, 2011 under the ticker symbol EXK. Full Story

Silver Shocker
By: Theodore Butler | 7 March, 2011
The big surprise was in the silver COT, where the big 4 increased their net short position by 3000 contracts on the previously mentioned reduction of 1300 contracts in the total commercial net short position. This increase in the big four’s short position broke the pattern of a reduction in the concentrated short silver position that had been in force for months. The increase in the concentrated short silver position was so unexpected by me that I thought, at first, it must have been a mistake. Full Story

Investing in Silver Instead of Toilet Paper Currencies
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 5 March, 2011
I was intrigued by an essay titled “What You Need to Know About Buying Silver Today”‘ which came as the result of Jeff Clark, of Big Gold, being interviewed by The Daily Crux. Of course, Mr. Clark knows all the reasons to buy silver, and deftly ticks them off, one after another, as I would do if they ever asked me, instead of everyone always rudely shouting at me, “Hey! You can’t come in here!” and “Don’t eat that!” and, “Stop yelling at me to buy gold, silver and oil stocks as protection against the suicidal lunacy of the Federal Reserve creating so much money!” Full Story

As Silver Prices Rise, Silver Volatility will Grow
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 2 March, 2011
It does not seem uncommon to log online or turn on a TV and see silver head higher. Save for a few weeks in January, the trend toward higher prices has been in effect since August, when most people were still thinking silver at $20 was overvalued. At $33, it’s still a bargain. Full Story

Bang Bang, Maxwell Silver Hammer
By: Jim Willie CB | 2 March, 2011
Everybody loves the Beatles, whose strange songs are stuck in the memory of millions of people. "Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer, came down upon her head. Bang, bang, Maxwell's silver hammer, made sure that she was dead." Little did the legendary Beatles realize they were providing the theme song for the linchpin of the USDollar in its lethal slide into the dustbin of fiat currency history. The song might have referred to Blythe Masters herself, the arrogant megalomaniac in wait, the JPMorgan queen of ruin. Full Story

US Mint Must Pay More For Silver
By: Bix Weir | 2 March, 2011
By stopping the production of US Silver Eagle Coins you are in violation of Public Law 99-61 which requires you to produce these coins "in quantities sufficient to meet public demand . . . " The Laws of the United States of America are put on the books to facilitate the proper functioning of our society. It is not within the powers of the US Mint to decide which laws are obeyed and which are discarded. Full Story

Silver Outweighs Gold
By: Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Precious Metals | 2 March, 2011
In the world of precious metals, silver spends a lot of time in the shadow of its big brother gold. Gold, with its high price-to-weight and distinctive yellow tint, has always occupied a special place in the human psyche. To many people across many ages, gold is simply the ultimate form of money - and, as a long-term, stable store of value for one's personal wealth, I agree it's hard to beat. However, rare circumstances are aligning today that I believe will make silver the true champion of this bull run. Full Story

Printing Enough Money to Buy the World’s Silver
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 2 March, 2011
I thought I had heard all the good arguments to buy silver, mostly from me asking myself two important questions. First, “Why am I not buying silver when it is so obviously going to go much, much higher in price because of the absurd Federal Reserve insanely creating so much money, which causes inflation, which always makes the prices of precious metals soar?” Full Story

Top in Stocks and Silver?
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 1 March, 2011
Summing up, the general stock market is verifying a breakout above previous highs and the same situation is also seen for silver. We mentioned the possibility of small consolidation periods in the precious metals markets our recent commentary, so seeing this now leads to us to refrain from any serious bearish sentiment. Conversely, the situation remains bullish. Full Story

Endeavour Silver Expands Indicated and Inferred Silver-Gold-Zinc-Lead Resources at the Parral Project in Chihuahua State, Mexico
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 1 March, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (TSX: EDR, NYSE-Amex: EXK, DB-Frankfurt: EJD) released today an NI 43-101 resource estimate for its Parral Project located adjacent to the city of Hidalgo de Parral in Chihuahua State, Mexico. The indicated and inferred resources were expanded significantly as a result of Endeavour's exploration drilling program in 2010. Full Story

Silver and the New Decade
By: David N. Vaughn, Gold Letter, Inc. | 28 February, 2011
The decade from 2000 to 2010 is now forever behind us. So what is in store for the new decade? 2010 to 2020? The last decade was a good time to prepare and recognize that severe chaos was on the way. And that chaos is like a boiler slowly building up pressure. Full Story

What You Need to Know About Buying Silver Today
By: The Daily Crux and Jeff Clark | 24 February, 2011
It’s hard to believe that less than three years ago, silver was $8.80 an ounce. Since then it has nearly quadrupled in value (up 385%) and more than doubled in the last 12 months alone. That’s great for those who already own the metal – but is it too late for the rest of us to get in? To answer that question, BIG GOLD Editor Jeff Clark sat down with our friends of The Daily Crux. Read what he had to say about the silver rally, and why you should view any correction as good news. Full Story

Speak Up and Be Heard
By: Theodore Butler | 24 February, 2011
On several occasions over the past couple of years, thousands of you have taken the time to write to The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) concerning the issue of position limits in COMEX silver. Now the CFTC has solicited your opinion again for what will be the last time. Full Story

China Steps up Silver Purchases
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 23 February, 2011
Carefully hidden in the depths of a recent Forbes blog was perhaps one of the most important stories for all of 2011, at least for silver. Robert Lenzner wrote that “China’s Industrial and Commercial Bank (ICBC) reports purchases of physical gold and gold-related investments are growing at record setting rates.” Full Story

Getting to Know Crisis Premiums
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 23 February, 2011
There’s a term gold and silver investors like to use to describe changes in premiums based solely on changes in the markets and demand for physical metals: the crisis premium. The crisis premium was most recently encountered at the turn of the new millennium when hundreds of thousands of people stashed record collections of gold and silver to protect against what was supposed to be the worst electronic catastrophe ever. Bank balances were supposed to go to zero, and computers were to become virtually worthless when the date rolled over to 01/01/00. Of course, that never happened, no one died, and the sun still rose the next morning. Full Story

A Silver Investor’s Call to Arms
By: Bix Weir | 23 February, 2011
Ted Butler just sent out a message to post a comment on the CFTC website for the new position limits ruling. IF we get enough people to DEMAND a limit of no more than 1,500 contracts in silver we may be able to END THE MANIPULATION! Full Story

A Sound & Credible Currency
By: Adrian Ash, BullionVault | 23 February, 2011
"SILVER HITS new all-time highs in Euro" proclaimed Zero Hedge on Monday. Regular readers of the blog site won't choke to know it was wrong, this time by only one third. Mistaking (and showing) a chart of month-end prices for a chart of daily silver prices, Zero Hedge's pseudonymous host, Tyler Durden, missed the true Euro-equivalent spike to €32.80 per ounce of 18 January 1980 – hit in what was then the Deutsche Mark the very same day that silver priced in Dollars also hit its all-time high to date...some 44% above this week's top. Full Story

Why I'm Buying Silver at $30
By: Jeff Clark | 22 February, 2011
The silver price has bounced 27% since January 28, a huge advance for a measly 16 trading days. It's already soared past its 2010 high and was selling for less than $16 this time last year, a double in 12 months. So, is it pricy? Or should we ignore the run-up and keep buying? Full Story

Fecks, Lies and Video Tape [or the Cabal Channel]
By: Rob Kirby | 22 February, 2011
The purpose of this article – it’s an attempt to bring some transparency to what’s really happening in the precious metals complex by underscoring the words and actions of players in the Central Banking community. Attention is drawn to the fact that these elitists lie as a matter of policy but are prone to making simple mistakes like all humans do. Specifically, light is shone on the degree to which these same elitists will go to keep their surreptitious market activities ‘secret’ and their irredeemable fiat currencies viable. Full Story

Silver Train Is A Coming Are You Onboard
By: Stewart Thomson | 22 February, 2011
The Silver Train. Are you onboard? Just about six weeks ago, at the January highs for Silver, the average daily movement for Silver was about 50 cents a day. What is it now? It’s 50 cents an hour! I spoke yesterday about the new $30 to $40 Silver “Range Of Play”. This morning you have approx. two dollars an ounce of visible weakness on the chart, in the range of play, to buy into. My suggestion: Do it now! Full Story

Fractal Analysis Suggests Silver to Reach $52 - $56 by May - June 2011
By: Goldrunner (with Lorimer Wilson) | 22 February, 2011
Dollar Inflation remains the driver of the pricing environment for almost everything denominated in U.S. Dollars as long as the Fed continues to monetize debt. The debt monetization creates Dollar Inflation that results in Dollar Devaluation. As the Fed ramps up the QE II that they have announced will end in June, I expect Gold, Silver, and the PM stocks to aggressively rise. Full Story

New Discovery by Extorre in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 22 February, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (TSX:XG)(Frankfurt:E1R)(Pinksheets:EXGMF) ("Extorre" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the discovery drill results from reconnaissance drilling on the Falcon property, located 80 kilometres to the northwest of Cerro Moro, and 6 kilometres to the northeast of Mariana Resources' Dos Calandrias project. Four of five initial holes have intercepted broad zones of gold - silver mineralization. Full Story

Silver Poll Results: How high will silver reach in 2011?
By: | 21 February, 2011
Poll: How high will silver reach in 2011?

#1 Result: $50+ (41.39%)

LIVE Survey:

Do you favor investing into Gold and Silver Stocks or Physical Metal?
Full Story

Growing Industrial Demand Buoys Silver Outlook
By: Mike Stall | 21 February, 2011
Irrespective of the concerns over financial tightening, talks of a gold bubble and economical weakness, gold marked its tenth straight annual gain in 2010. Not only gold, other members of the precious metal group such as silver and platinum were also up last year. At this juncture, last year’s bull run appears to be running out of steam. However, both technicals and fundamentals indicate improved investment options in precious metals, particularly silver, if you have a long-term investment horizon. Full Story

Silver moves past old high and heading much higher
By: Peter Cooper | 21 February, 2011
A week ago and you could have made a good argument for the silver price being at a double top. And typically after confirming a previous high, a downturn would be in prospect. But not after prices jumped to $32.60 by the end of the week, comfortably placing silver in a fresh stage of upward momentum. Full Story

Is This Silver Breakout For Real?
By: Justin Smyth | 18 February, 2011
Silver seems to be exceptionally good at taking as few people along for the ride as it can. This can be frustrating for silver investors, but is great for the health of the long term bull market in silver. The only way bull markets sustain themselves over the long term is to rebalance sentiment along the way, to prevent overwhelming bullishness from extinguishing the long term rally. Full Story

Backwardation: What Everyone is Missing
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 17 February, 2011
Prudent investors make wise markets: this should be the quote above every trading desk. The enemy of the hedged investor is not wild markets, nor bearish markets; it is their own emotions. With silver prices reeling to highs we haven’t seen since the 1980s, every piece of information has earned some urgency. Immediately, the world attempts to decipher new developments and information as if there is some sort of end of the world scenario looming below. Full Story

How Much More Demand Can Silver Handle?
By: Jeff Clark | 16 February, 2011
The numbers for silver demand are starting to make some market-watchers nervous. The U.S. Mint sold over 6.4 million silver Eagles in January, more than any other month since the coin’s introduction in 1986. China’s net imports of silver quadrupled in 2010, to 122.6 million ounces, roughly 13.7% of global production. Meanwhile, mine production can’t meet worldwide demand; the only way demand gets fulfilled is from scrap supply. Full Story

Accumulate Gold but Be Cautious on Silver
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT | 16 February, 2011
Why is Silver continuing to outperform Gold? The Silver/Gold ratio tends to lead or follow the stock market. Risk assets are outperforming. Silver is outperforming Gold as a risk asset. It is not outperforming for monetary reasons. That occurs when both Gold and Silver advance but Silver outperforms Gold. This is one of several reasons why bugs should be wary of Silver in the near-term. Full Story

Silver and Opium
By: Professor Antal E. Fekete | 16 February, 2011
The opium wars do not belong to the glorious episodes of Western history. Rather, they were instances of shameful behavior the West still has not lived down. Mercantilist governments resented the perpetual drain of silver from West to East in payment for Oriental goods (tea, silk, porcelain) that were in high demand in the Occident, facing low demand in the Orient for Occidental goods. From the mid-17th century more than 9 billion Troy ounces or 290 thousand metric tons of silver was absorbed by China from European countries in exchange for Chinese goods. Full Story

Why Silver Sales Demand Excitement
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 16 February, 2011
Being a Big Silver Buff (BSB) like I am, I note the ups and downs of silver. Lately, it’s been mostly the downs. This strange downtrend in the silver price makes me look like an idiot after I so arrogantly Highly, Highly Recommended (HHR) that people buy silver, buy silver, buy silver all these years, and I’m pretty testy about it, too. Full Story

Will Silver Do Better Than Gold?
By: Steve Saville, The Speculative Investor | 15 February, 2011
Many analysts are convinced that silver is going to outperform gold this year and for years to come. Are they right? We don't know. What we do know is that: a) most of the recent silver-related commentary has focused on silver's upside potential and has not mentioned, or has glossed over, silver's downside risk, and b) silver bulls are generally ignoring the relationship between the silver/gold ratio and the economic growth theme. These two points go together in that silver's downside risk is linked to the potential for the 'growth trade' to collapse. Full Story

Silver Long Term Update
By: Chintan Karnani, Insignia Consultants | 13 February, 2011
I have been a bull all my life and I will continue to remain a silver bull all my life. But silver has the tendency to fall much faster than any other metal in the event of a bear run. It is this tendency which scares low risk investors away. However silver’s performance in 2010 has a lit a fire in the mind of retail investors that he needs to invest in silver. I am now being asked by a huge amount of people whether they can invest at current prices. A few years ago I used to tell the same people to invest in silver but they ignored my advice. Full Story

Municipal Bond Shock Could Ignite Silver Charts
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 10 February, 2011
Less than 45 days into 2011, it appears that this just may be the year of the paper recovery, but that doesn’t mean that lingering problems have been wiped away. At center stage now is the municipal bond market, which having grown tremendously as investors fled to safe havens in 2009, may soon find itself in a perilous situation. Full Story

The Rarest Earth
By: Theodore Butler | 9 February, 2011
Since I’m not a REE expert why am I writing about them? The answer has to do with silver. Silver shares many characteristics with the rare earth elements and there is a lot to learn from them in our analysis of silver. In fact, the purpose of this article is to make the case that silver is the rarest of all the rare earth elements. Full Story

Buying Silver While It’s Still Relatively Cheap
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 8 February, 2011
James Cook of reminds us, in his “Market Update” newsletter, that the silver inventory held above ground totals 1.4 billion ounces, and that annual industrial use of silver is 900 million ounces, so that a year and half’s worth of silver exists, “although a third of it is destined for industrial consumption,” which has been increasing its use of silver by 18% in 2010. Full Story

An Open Letter to the E.P.A., Region 10
By: David Bond | 7 February, 2011
What part of NO! do you not understand? When all seven villages and cities of the Coeur d'Alene Mining District say NO! to your 50- to 90-year, billion-dollar-plus Superfund juggernaut, please consider the significance of this historical unanimity. Full Story

Extorre Extends High Grade Gold-Silver Zones at Cerro Moro
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 7 February, 2011
Extorre Gold Mines Limited (TSX:XG, Frankfurt: E1R, OTC: EXGMF – “Extorre” or the “Company”) is pleased to report that discovery drilling continues to extend gold-silver mineralization at its 100% owned Cerro Moro Project, in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. The latest drilling has returned high grade to “bonanza” grade intersections from the Esperanza, Gabriela and Martina veins. Full Story

Silver to Soar in 2011, says Investment Guru
By: Marc Davis | 7 February, 2011
Silver promises to become the next big buzzword among investors in 2011 and beyond, according to one of the investment industry’s most prescient and successful experts on precious metals. Eric Sprott is the founder of the Toronto-based investment firm, Sprott Asset Management LP. His renowned hedge fund, Sprott Hedge Fund LP, is heavily weighted in precious metals and has generated an estimated 23% annualized return over the past decade. Other similarly oriented funds under his stewardship have also been stellar performers in recent years. Full Story

Silver Breaks its Golden Shackles
By: Adrian Douglas | 7 February, 2011
Since September 2010 silver has broken its golden shackles. The algorithmic trading that kept the price of silver subdued for seven years has been completely annihilated. On Friday silver closed in complete backwardation on the Comex. Spot silver closed at $29.075/oz while FEB 2011 closed at $29.064/oz and DEC 2015 closed at $29.026/oz. I believe this is the first time in history that this has happened. Silver traded in backwardation between the spot price and futures contract up to one year out during the blatantly manipulative precious metals bashing of January, but now the entire futures structure is in backwardation. This is a sure sign there are shortages of silver because it means that buyers will pay a premium for silver delivered sooner rather than later. Full Story

Chinese Silver Buying Just Beginning
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 3 February, 2011
Just a few decades ago, China the Giant was barely a mortal. It produced most of what it consumed, and the corporate mega-producers installed during the darkest days of Asian freedom and democracy produced all the commodities the country might need within its own borders. Full Story

Endeavour Silver 2010 Exploration Review and Exploration Plans for 2011
By: Endeavour Silver Corp. | 2 February, 2011
Endeavour Silver Corp. (TSX: EDR; NYSE-Amex: EXK; DB-Frankfurt: EJD) released today its review of exploration results in 2010 and its exploration plans for 2011. The Company's exploration drilling programs in Mexico met with continued success in 2010, highlighted by the discovery of new, high grade silver-gold mineralized zones near Endeavour's two silver mining operations, Guanacevi Mines in Durango State, and Guanajuato Mines in Guanajuato State. Full Story

United Mining Group is Set for Silver Production in Idaho Next Year
By: Ted Niles | 31 January, 2011
Silver production in Idaho’s Silver Valley is about to resume. United Mining Group inked a milling deal January 11 with New Jersey Mining Company. “NJMC have an existing mill and the expertise,” President Greg Stewart explains, “but the milling capacity was smaller than what we needed. So we went to them and basically reached an agreement for a commitment where, in exchange for expanding the mill, we would get the milling capacity plus an ownership position in the mill.” Full Story

A Simple Shake Could Set Silver Free
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 27 January, 2011
There is no more silver! Really, there isn’t any left. There is a danger lurking in the shadows of the COMEX silver market. Prices are (generally) rising, but the supply of silver is falling, and it’s falling quickly. Why, you ask? Unfortunately, there has been confusion in the paper and physical metals market…as if silver investors hadn’t already noticed. Full Story

New Extorre Video Presentation
By: Extorre Gold Mines Limited | 24 January, 2011
Extorre is a Canadian public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (symbol XG) and on the OTCQX (symbol EXGMF). Extorre’s assets comprise approximately $42 million in cash, the Cerro Morro and Don Sixto projects, and other mineral exploration properties in Argentina. Full Story

The Value Case for Silver
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 21 January, 2011
The prices for commodities can change quickly and wildly, and in many cases, investors can hold commodities for years without any realization of profits. The wild cyclicality is what has kept many out of the commodities markets, and it is the reason why so many value investors choose to ignore commodities as a broad investment alternative. In respectful disagreement, making the case for a value investment in silver is a cakewalk at worst. Full Story

2011: When M0 Becomes M2
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 20 January, 2011
Silver investors who have been stockpiling physical silver on massive global changes in monetary policy have been a bit ahead of themselves. While the fear of inflation exists in very broad detail, the realizations of inflation have yet to show themselves. Full Story

Silver Investors: Pick Your Poison
By: Bix Weir | 20 January, 2011
For 10 years I've been hearing from the mainstream media, silver market analysts and even big time silver bugs the various reasons why Silver prices will NEVER skyrocket. There is always some GRAND REASON why my huge price projections of $7,000/oz for silver will never come true. It's gotten to the point that the BEST thing to do when one of these "oh-so-important" discoveries comes to light is to CLOSE YOUR EYES AND JUST KEEP BUYING SILVER! Full Story

Changing to a Silver Economy
By: Michael S. Rozeff | 14 January, 2011
The main bottom line is that if the laws are altered, this opens up all sorts of possible alternative currencies in all sorts of situations where currency is now used. There would be nothing to stop manufacturers who supply stores with retail goods from paying their employees in Ag units that the employees then use to buy goods from the stores. The free market economy can quite easily transition to a silver economy or to an economy with multiple currencies based on other units of account or redemption, and they can all be on a 100% deposit or 100% fractional-reserve basis. Full Story

Silver's Tactical Performance
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 12 January, 2011
“Tactical performance” is a word we'll all have to grow accustomed to reading, as more and more weight of the markets is placed in the hands of investment managers or quick acting computer models. The best example of tactical performance was the first week of trading for the gold and silver markets, when there were numerous “tactical” changes to investment portfolios, as we just witnessed. Such reallocation (taking profits from winners, adding to undervalued losers) is big business, and fund managers like to make such portfolio revisions at a time most convenient: late December and early January. Full Story

China Sets Stage for Vacuuming World's Silver
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 12 January, 2011
China's monetary policy is increasingly a main driver of gold and silver prices because so many Chinese can now afford metal investments and are willing to snap them up. Recently, though, China took one of the most aggressive steps to take control of the 2011 silver supply. This year, China anticipates it will allow its currency to advance some 5% against the dollar after previously allowing for only a 3.6% advance in 2010. Such a massive increase, many believe, could tip the metals scale. Full Story

SILVER: What happens when...
By: Bix Weir | 11 January, 2011
Whether or not you believe in the silver conspiracy stories there is one fact that all silver investors are in agreement with...SILVER is an amazing investment opportunity from any angle you choose to analyze it. From the industrial angle silver is as indispensable to manufacturing as oxygen is to humans with new uses gobbling up silver faster than Mrs. Packman gobbles up those little yellow dots. Full Story

How to Escape from Debt Slavery
By: Voltaire | 8 January, 2011
If you have poor, if you have net negative worth, there is hope. Once you have the bare necessities covered, buy silver. Don’t expect inflation to bale you out. When we get a new currency system, your debt will likely still be there. What is coming is a dollar devaluation, not a hyperinflation with wages being adjusted. Dollar debt will be wiped out, but primarily with respect to gold, not with respect to wages. Full Story

Three December Details You Hopefully Haven't Forgotten
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 5 January, 2011
As January and the new year kick off to a fast start, we shouldn't be so quick to forget about 2010, especially the events of December 2010. A number of very important news releases will set the stage for the silver markets in 2011, and interestingly enough, one company, JP Morgan, is featured in each. Full Story

Facebook worth More Than the Entire Silver Market
By: Peter Cooper | 5 January, 2011
The truly staggering valuation of $50 billion that Goldman Sachs has placed on Facebook, the Internet social networking website is significantly higher than the estimated $30 billion value of silver held in the vaults of the world. Does this mean that Facebook is hugely overvalued in a tech stock bubble reminiscent of the 2000 crash? Or that silver is massively undervalued as a commodity that still trades for less than its all-time high 30 years ago? Or both? Full Story

Silver Leads the Way
By: The One-handed Economist | 3 January, 2011
2011 is starting off with a bang for the precious metals. Price action for gold and silver continues to confirm massive breakout moves to the upside. Above we have the 1 year chart of Silver showing two ascending triangles since the clear breakout in September 2010. Full Story

Silver Price Prediction for 2011
By: Voltaire | 31 December, 2010
Here is my silver price prediction chart for 2011. I will update this chart each month throughout the year so that you can see how I am doing. Send me your prediction, which consists of your predicted price at the end of trading in New York on the first day of each month. Indicate whether or not you want your chart to appear on the graph with mine, your data will be entered into a pool of values. I will post the median price each month based on the pool. Full Story

The Collapse of Price Fixing Will Keep Silver Prices Rising
By: Peter Cooper | 31 December, 2010
Reliable market estimates suggest that there around two billion ounces of gold held above ground in bullion, and only one billion ounces of silver. Over time there has been far more silver mined than gold, say around 45 billion ounces, but it has almost all been consumed by industry. Much more of the five million ounces of gold mined by mankind remains. Full Story

Gold/Silver Ratio Reconsidered
By: Metal Augmentor | 30 December, 2010
It is a commonly held belief by many precious metal investors and even a good percentage of market pundits that silver always outperforms gold during the latter stages of a precious metals rally. When the chart action goes parabolic — such as in January 1980 or May 2006 — silver is at its most profitable, or so the thinking goes. The truth, however, is that silver outperforms gold only during orderly and strong price advances that remain trend-bound. Once gold and silver prices achieve the wildfire stage, the blond metal can outshine its albino sibling both on the way up and especially on the way down (by falling less, of course). With incorrect notions in hand about gold and silver price action, both pros and amateurs can make fundamentally-mistaken allocation decisions in their precious metals portfolios that can be painful in the short and long run. Full Story

Timely Silver Love from the WSJ
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 29 December, 2010
While it has become a bit of a meme that “the revolution (in currency) will not be televised,” at least one mainstream news outlet is starting to focus some attention on the improving metals market. All across the world, the headlines from the Wall Street Journal read “Price of Silver Soaring,” as two journalists document the explosion in investment interest in the metals markets. Full Story

Class action against Morgan, HSBC specifies silver manipulation mechanism
By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA | 28 December, 2010
A Chicago law firm yesterday announced another class-action lawsuit against J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. and HSBC Holdings PLC complaining of silver market manipulation. Interestingly, the lawsuit cites GATA's silver market manipulation whistleblower Andrew Maguire and U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission member Bart Chilton, and specifies mechanisms by which Morgan and HSBC could manipulate the silver market through the use of silver exchange-traded funds. Full Story

Rick Rule Very Bullish On Silver For 2011
By: Peter J. Cooper | 27 December, 2010
The perennial star of the Agora Financial Forum held each year in Vancouver, veteran stock broker Rick Rule came out strongly in defense of silver as a top pick for 2011 in an interview on King World News. Asked whether silver shortages would continue he said: ‘I suspect it’s true. One of the things that happens at least in the near-term, shortages and the price rises that they cause ironically exacerbate shortages. Meaning that more people are attracted to speculations in silver as the price goes up. The price of course has gone up because of that attraction. Full Story

Paper, Plastic, or Silver
By: Michael "Woody" O'Brien ChFC | 24 December, 2010
People who own silver know the reasons why it keeps going up, but they are not usually very chatty about telling others. For the bull market in precious metals to power forward to the next level, it's in the enlightened self interest of every bullion investor to start offering to pay others in metals. Full Story

Why silver is the top pick for 2011
By: Peter J. Cooper | 24 December, 2010
Search back in the archives of ArabianMoney and you will find gold as our tip for 2010 (click here). Not bad, the yellow metal gained more than 26 per cent but it played second fiddle to silver as the best bet of the year up more than 70 per cent. Full Story

A Show Stopper
By: Theodore Butler | 22 December, 2010
For all those who watched the historic CFTC meeting December 16th on position limits, no, your eyes didn’t deceive you – the meeting ended strangely and abruptly. No vote was taken on the staff’s proposal and you should be scratching your head at what actually transpired. As strange as the sudden adjournment to the most important meeting in CFTC history might be, there was a wealth of knowledge and confirmation to be drawn from it. This meeting was perhaps the most significant and positive development towards ending the long-term silver manipulation that I have witnessed in my 25 year involvement. Silver investors should come away from this meeting with a strong conviction of how things will turn out. Full Story

Silver Outperforms Gold - Profit! Silver Underperform Gold - Profit Again!
By: Mike Stall | 21 December, 2010
In our earlier essay, we saw how the silver-gold pair is ideal to bet on for mean reversion. We also saw how to make use of the mean reverting properties of any ratio. Continuing on that topic, we will investigate whether mean reversion holds true for the gold-silver ratio in particular. We will examine variables one should watch over when looking at regime changes (points where the mean is set to new values). We will also explore a simplistic trading strategy on the ratio based on some core parameters that determine entry and exit points. Full Story

Changes on the General Stock Market - Will Silver Decline?
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 21 December, 2010
Summing up, the long-term outlook for the white metal is bullish although the short-term appears unclear and very much mixed at this time - with a slight bearish bias. As the saying goes “when in doubt, stay out“. Any speculative positions in silver should be opened only by the most risk-tolerant Traders. Full Story

Are U.S. metal-shorting banks moving to hide their positions outside the country?
By: Chris Powell and Adrian Douglas | 20 December, 2010
GATA Director Adrian Douglas, publisher of the Market Force Analysis letter, today published a letter he has sent to U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission member Bart Chilton, disclosing that even as the gold and silver short positions of U.S. banks have been declining over the last year, gold and silver short positions lately have been increasing dramatically among banks headquartered outside the United States. Full Story

Charting Silver
By: Howard S. Katz | 20 December, 2010
Right now commodities are where the action is in the financial markets. And the precious metals are where the action is in the commodities market. And silver is where the action is (for the time being) in the precious metals markets. Silver can be described as gold’s little brother. It lags along behind gold, underperforming for a long time. Then, all of a sudden, it comes to life, makes up all of its underperformance and goes on to exceed gold to the upside. Full Story

3 Things to Watch As Silver Season Ends
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 20 December, 2010
Silver season is coming quickly to a close after one of the best five month rallies in silver history. From mid-August to early December, silver managed to rise more than 66% from top to bottom, a sign of silver's strength against what is normally a positive, but not nearly as pronounced, rise in silver prices. In moving forward, there are three main events on which silver investors need to focus. Full Story

Empire of Fraud no. 9 (How to Play the Silver Spike)
By: Vincent Bressler | 20 December, 2010
At the current gold to silver price ratio of about 47:1, silver is a low risk investment with a large potential reward. If you are interested in silver, then you know the bullish arguments. What I'm telling you here, is how to play the coming silver spike. Full Story

Don’t Forget Where You Came From
By: Michael Kilbach | 17 December, 2010
Unfortunately, due to millions of years of evolution, human beings make absolutely terrible investors. It appears that most investors seem to have a good memory for very long term trends and very short term trends but for some reason they seem to forget about the intermediate term trends. As a result of this they lose money! Full Story

Silver price up as JP Morgan cuts short position and backwardisation rules
By: Peter J. Cooper | 16 December, 2010
Silver market experts have long pointed to the massive short position held by several major banks as the prime reason for the metal being underpriced and the only commodity still trading below its all-time high of thirty years ago. Full Story

Market riggers are feeling the heat, so help GATA turn it up
By: Chris Powell, Secretary/Treasurer, GATA | 13 December, 2010
As you read with delight tonight's Financial Times story about the difficulty in which J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. apparently has found itself with silver (, it may be worth remembering the remark variously attributed to those most cynical statesmen Metternich and Talleyrand during the Congress of Vienna, which reorganized Europe in 1815. Told by an aide that the Russian ambassador had just died, Metternich -- or Talleyrand -- supposedly responded: "I wonder what his motive was." Full Story

Something’s Wrong in the Silver Pit: But It’s Much Bigger than J.P. Morgan
By: Rob Kirby | 10 December, 2010
Any way you slice it – precious metals data reporting on the part of American regulators is atrocious. Simple MATHEMATICS tells us a gold / silver ratio at 48:1 is EXTREMELY contrived and REEKS of manipulation on the part of the Federal Reserve and the Banks they are charged with regulating. Full Story

Why I Bought Silver...And Why I Won't Sell
By: Bix Weir | 6 December, 2010
In January 2002 I bought my first few ounces of physical silver at less than $5 per ounce. The reason I bought silver was that the Commercial Short position in the COMEX Commitment of Traders Report was, in my opinion, way too high considering that the US Government had just announced that they had sold their entire 3 Billion ounce silver position over the last 50 years and would now have to buy silver to support their Silver American Eagle program. Here is the CFTC Silver Commercial Short Position that I based my analysis on: Full Story

Rampant silver spike may hit $50 an ounce in the New Year
By: Peter J. Cooper | 6 December, 2010
Gold and silver prices have moved to new highs for the current bull market with gold hitting a fresh all-time high at the moment of writing above $1,415. Silver is within a whisker of $30. Full Story

J.P. Morgan vs. Silver: so Far – go Gold
By: Makrocheck | 5 December, 2010
Gold had a “remarkable” rise of some +30% since the beginning of this new decade. Silver even had a “sensational” year rising some +70%, which equals to silver outperforming gold 2.3-fold: so far - so good. Full Story

The Silver Shortage Pre-panic Line
By: Bill Downey | 3 December, 2010
For years we have heard of the coming silver shortage but somehow price was always contained and was a wild swinging commodity. But that changed last spring when allegations of silver manipulation made it to mainstream internet sites and became a focal point of testimony by Bill Murphy of GATA to the CFTC in early spring. Full Story

Buying Silver to Break JP Morgan
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 1 December, 2010
For just over a week, activists have been spreading an online call to silver investors: buy physical silver and help bring down JP Morgan. Though the title “activist investor” is often reserved for billionaires with more proxy votes in a company than they know what to do with, this new age surge in investing activism should be appreciated, even if it is a little misdirected. Full Story

Everybody Loves Silver!
By: Bix Weir | 1 December, 2010
There has been a lot of negative press about the big banks rigging the silver market, fake silver inventories in large ETFs and regulators at the CFTC not doing their job by enforcing commodity laws in the COMEX Silver markets. Well, I'm here to tell you to BLOCK OUT all that negativity and sink your teeth into everything GOOD and HONEST about silver! And there is a lot to sink your teeth into because... Full Story

Silver money for China
By: Hugo Salinas Price | 27 November, 2010
We have been proposing the monetization of a silver coin in Mexico since 2001. According to our proposal a one-ounce coin of pure silver, with no engraved value, would be given a monetary value by the Mexican Central Bank. This coin would exist and circulate as money, in parallel with the paper money system of Mexico. Full Story

Driving the News Agenda: Jones and Keiser
By: Rob Kirby | 25 November, 2010
Hat’s off to both Alex Jones and Max Keiser. Together, they’ve drawn attention to the ongoing paper manipulation of the price of silver. Maybe more importantly, they’ve likely knocked the lid off of Pandora’s Box – exposing the enormity of ALL paper frauds being committed by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street’s house of horrors. Full Story

Interview With Theodore Butler
By: James Cook & Theodore Butler | 24 November, 2010
Cook: For the past ten years you have been claiming that silver was the best thing people could own. How do you feel now with silver around $25 an ounce?
Butler: I have a sense of relief that I could not possibly have hurt anyone who followed my advice. I also feel intellectually vindicated about the way things are turning out. Lastly, I feel amazed how good silver still looks for further gains.
Full Story

Gold Sticker Shock and Silver Surge
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 24 November, 2010
To continue to attract shoppers, jewelers are lowering the karat weight of gold and increasing the amount of silver. A 22k gold band made of gold and silver is just as yellow, but nearly 10% less expensive than a 24k band. To a shopper, the difference between 22k and 24k is insignificant, but to silver investors, it's huge. Full Story

Dollar vs. Emerging Currencies is a Boon for Silver
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 23 November, 2010
Any careful observer of the Federal Reserve should be slowly coming to the conclusion that Bernanke is off his game plan. In the past few weeks and months, Bernanke has repeated before Congress that his dual mandate is to provide for slow and gradual recovery, but low inflation and full employment. Recently though, Bernanke is on a new tangent, a semi-mercantilist endeavor to lower the value of the US dollar against emerging economies. Full Story

Should You Buy SLV The Silver ETF?
By: Peter Degraaf | 23 November, 2010
In summary, and despite the fact that other investment vehicles are outperforming SLV, in the event that price breaks out at the blue arrow in the SLV chart above, on increased volume, then those who own shares in SLV will continue to profit, but those who invest in the alternatives can expect to do even better, and without having to worry about the JPMorgan influence at SLV. Full Story

How HIGH Could Silver Go in December?
By: John Townsend, The TSI Trader | 21 November, 2010
There is no other way to describe silver's price movement of the past 13 weeks other than to call it parabolic. With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to do a little study of past silver parabolic moves and see if I could get a handle on just how high silver could travel into December before it implodes. Full Story

Physical Supplies and Price Action
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 18 November, 2010
The basic tenets of economics tell us that supply, demand, and price as all intertwined, especially in free markets. While the silver market may be not as free as we would like, compared to most, it is relatively free, and it should be very much subject to basic economic laws. Full Story

Battle for the Market on December Expiration
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 17 November, 2010
There's a war waging for the silver market, and the war will soon break out over the course of the next week. Each month, as options and futures in the silver markets reach expiration, the bankers, investors and world interests plow into the market with shorts, pushing prices down and stymieing the total amount of delivery off the exchange. Full Story

Why You Should Have Silver in Your Portfolio – As Well As Gold
By: Jerry Western with Lorimer Wilson | 15 November, 2010
Silver has had quite a run the last couple months so it’s no surprise that it has gained much attention and interest from investors – even more so than gold. It is extremely volatile, however, and tends to rise or fall in spurts so I’d like to focus on its attributes as compared to gold, make a case for holding some, and discuss some ultimate price possibilities. Full Story

Monetary Reforms and Silver Consolidation
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 12 November, 2010
Now it’s official! The yellow metal has gotten the golden seal of approval. This week none other than the President of the World Bank said leading economies should consider readopting a modified global gold standard to guide currency movements. Writing in the Financial Times, Robert Zoellick, the bank’s president since 2007, says we need a successor to what he calls the “Bretton Woods II” system of floating currencies. Full Story

Silver Margin Hike Underscores Need for Bullion Ownership
By: Jeff Berwick – The Dollar Vigilante | 10 November, 2010
On November 9th the Chicago Mercantile Exchange said it will raise its silver futures trading margins by 30 percent to $6,500 an ounce from $5,000 an ounce effective November 10th setting off a rapid sell-off in the metal. No other margin requirement on any other metals was changed. According to Reuters, "Exchanges often raise margins to mitigate risks as price volatility increases." But, where is the supposed volatility in Silver? The chart below shows an incredibly orderly upward rise in silver. Full Story

Thanks for the Silver: An Open Letter to JPMorgan and HSBC
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 9 November, 2010
Ted Butler, famous silver analyst and the guy who kept up the pressure about the corruption in the silver futures market for the last 15 years, is in the newsletter recently talking about silver, and notes dryly that “world silver inventories are at their lowest point in 200 years.” Full Story

The Silver Alpha
By: Jim Willie CB | 4 November, 2010
A love affair with silver is so natural. The fundamentals are astoundingly positive and bullish in price prospects. My basic argument has been repeated many times. Industry has countless uses for silver, significant demand. But industry has only miniscule isolated uses for gold, in trivial demand. So silver wins on the Demand side of the equation. Central banks own a huge amount of gold. They frequently sell it, even through their slippery surrogate the Intl Monetary Fund. Central banks own zero silver. So silver wins on the Supply side of the equation. My motto is that gold fights the major political and financial war, but silver will ride in on a shiny white horse and take much larger spoils. Full Story

When the Price of Silver Doubles in a Month
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 3 November, 2010
Bill Bonner here at The Daily Reckoning writes, “In England, the government of David Cameron has announced the biggest cutbacks since WWII. He’s going to lighten the UK government expense load by 81 billion pounds over the next 5 years. Nearly half a million government employees are to be given the heave-ho.” Full Story

More on the Case of Silver
By: David Galland | 3 November, 2010
Silver, however, has barely made it halfway back to its prior nominal high of $49.45 an ounce, achieved on January 21, 1980. In order to break into new territory in inflation-adjusted dollars (using the same CPI calculation methodology used in 1980), silver would have to rise to over $250 an ounce – more than ten times where it is today. Full Story

Not a Good Time to be Short Silver
By: Chris Mack | 1 November, 2010
The pressure on silver shorts has been relentlessly increasing on a daily basis. On the heels of CFTC's statement of intention to actually enforce antitrust regulations in the silver market, two lawsuits were filed against JPM and HSBC for manipulating the silver price. With the testimony of whistleblower Andrew Macguire and admission that there has been fraudulent activity in the silver market by CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton, these lawsuits have a much larger chance of success than just a year ago. Full Story

Profit in Silver
By: Howard S. Katz | 1 November, 2010
There is a general sense among gold bugs that gold and silver move together. This is true in the very long term, but it is perhaps more accurate to say that they take turns. When the mood of the precious metals community is conservative, they favor gold, and gold outperforms silver. But when the mood becomes more speculative, they favor silver, and it outperforms gold. Full Story

Repeated, fraudulent efforts at and deviously controlling silver prices – What next?
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch | 29 October, 2010
Since we received reports from the CFTC that market players have made "repeated" and "fraudulent efforts to persuade and deviously control" silver prices, we have heard that HSBC Holdings Plc and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are facing an investor’s lawsuit of placing “spoof” trading orders to manipulate silver futures and options prices in violation of U.S. antitrust law. Full Story

Could this be it?
By: David Bond | 29 October, 2010
At this point these are allegations, but they should be taken seriously, considering their sources. Murphy and Butler were ridiculed for two decades for figuring out what, finally, regulators are waking up to: Something is rotten in Denmark. Full Story

The Silver Sleuth
By: Jeff Clark | 27 October, 2010
We once had an ongoing series in BIG GOLD called, "1001 Reasons to Own Gold." The idea was that there were so many valid reasons to own the metal that I wanted to track and report on them. If you've been invested in the precious metals arena, you know there have been a myriad of bullish indicators for silver this year as well. Full Story

How Second Rate Silver Brings First Rate Returns
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 27 October, 2010
Silver has dominated the commodity and precious metals explosion through 2009 and 2010 with returns that meet and exceed any other precious metal. However, why is silver still a top investment? For two very important reasons: its volatile supply and its stance as gold's little brother. Full Story

CFTC’s Chilton Probably Not Why Silver Strong
By: Gene Arensberg | 27 October, 2010
Has Commissioner Chilton opened a window for us? Could it be that silver is not being hammered in the futures markets on the short side because traders that have used their ability to game the system in the past are now under a CFTC microscope? Full Story

Just How Low Will Silver Correct? - That Could Depend on the Stock Market
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 27 October, 2010
Summing up, it is likely that mining stocks will eventually rally but we will probably first see a corrective period. Lower prices are likely to be seen in the short-run with a rally to follow perhaps before the end of the year. Full Story

Statement at the CFTC Public Meeting on Anti-Manipulation and Disruptive Trading Practices
By: Commissioner Bart Chilton | 26 October, 2010
I take this opportunity to comment on the precious metals markets and in particular the silver markets. More than two years ago, the agency began an investigation into silver markets. I have been urging the agency to say something on the matter for months. The public deserves some answers to their concerns that silver markets are being, and have been, manipulated. Full Story

Silver money for Americans
By: Hugo Salinas Price | 26 October, 2010
Fiat money in the US is in an advanced stage of decomposition and when money rots, the whole social, economic and political structure of the nation rots with it. A return to sound money is urgent. More and more people are aware of the perilous road ahead if nothing is done. Full Story

Prohibition of Market Manipulation and Disruptive Trading Practices
By: Bix Weir | 25 October, 2010
On Tuesday, October 26, 2010, the CFTC will hold a meeting on proposed rules under the Dodd-Frank Act. ( The first item on the posted agenda is the Prohibition of Market Manipulation and Disruptive Trading Practices. I would like to submit the following comment into the official record. Full Story

Setting Up a Grid to Buy The Silver Dips
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 22 October, 2010
Currency traders have long used a grid system as a way to systematically buy into a currency at differing points and average in their positions. With silver emerging as a currency of choice among ordinary investors and even institutional hedge funds, it’s high time silver investors do the same. Full Story

Doubling the Value of Silver
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 20 October, 2010
With gold and silver going up in price like they are, I spend a lot of time secluded in the Big Mogambo Bunker (BMB), greedily calculating my profit with each little up-tick in price. I am so delighted that I alternate between, on the one hand, happily dreaming of happier days to come when silver and gold have gone up so much in the roaring inflation caused by the Federal Reserve creating so much money that... Full Story

Mining Stocks, Silver Set for Short-Term Correction
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 19 October, 2010
The past week saw gold mining stocks surpass their 2008 high but they did not get much above this level and thus this breakout is not really significant yet. The performance of gold itself was much stronger and on Thursday the mining stocks actually declined on a day when gold prices moved higher. Anomalies such as this are often seen around local tops and this is yet another sign supporting the likelihood that gold’s rally may be coming to a close. Full Story

Silver -- on the Move
By: Howard S. Katz | 18 October, 2010
The events of the past few months have been dominated by the decision of the Federal Reserve to undertake a further, massive easing. Since the emphasis will not be on lowering interest rates (because they are effectively zero), it is being called a quantitative easing (an easing by virtue of the quantity of reserves which the Fed pumps into the banking system) and has acquired the name QE2 (quantitative easing 2). Full Story

Silver – Reflections of a Major Price Breakout
By: Bill Downey | 16 October, 2010
During the spring and summer of 2010, the price of silver was caught in a trading range of $17.00-19.50. But that all changed at the beginning of September. From a rally low of $17.50 last summer, the price has exploded to the $25 dollar area in barely two months. What happened? Full Story

US Mint 5oz Bullion Coins Nearing the Market
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 13 October, 2010
The U.S. Mint should soon release a new five ounce silver bullion coin that it first suggested would be launched “later in 2010.” The coins will be .999 pure and utilize the same design as the mint's “America the Beautiful” quarters, which were first coined at the beginning of the second quarter 2010. Full Story

The Long and Short of What’s Happening With Silver These Days
By: Chris Mack with Lorimer Wilson | 11 October, 2010
Something has drastically changed in the silver market. The banks that once controlled the price of silver are now closing positions at a loss. The commercial shorts have begun to bleed money – and when blood spills sharks will circle. Hedge funds and traders that never even thought of silver before will begin to squeeze the shorts. If the big banks don't quickly regain control of the silver market they may lose it forever. Full Story

Silver Surges But Remains 'Ugly Sister' and Still Playing Catch Up With Gold
By: GoldCore | 7 October, 2010
While gold has been grabbing some headlines recently, especially in the financial media, poor man's gold silver remains the 'ugly sister' and is rarely covered in the financial media and almost never in the mainstream press and media. From a contrary perspective this is bullish as it shows that silver remains very much off the radar of the retail investor and 'Joe Public' - most of whom do not even know the price of silver - let alone how to invest in it. Full Story

U.S. Mint Raises Premiums 33% to Shut Off Physical Demand
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 6 October, 2010
The US Mint is acting quickly to reduce extreme demand for American Silver Eagles. Just this week, the Mint declared that it would raise dealer premiums from $1.50 per ounce to $2.00, squeezing profit margins on the coins for dealers and making physical metals far more expensive than the spot price. Full Story

Up 22% in Sep
By: Howard S. Katz | 4 October, 2010
Ah, yes, the silver bubble of 1978-80 was a time to remember in financial history. Bunker Hunt, heir to the H.L. Hunt fortune, became an aggressive bull on silver and tried to engineer a silver corner. But no one has ever engineered a corner on a free market, and Bunker Hunt did not become the first. He stayed too long. He overplayed his hand. And when the bubble collapsed, he lost his daddy’s fortune. Full Story

Silver Looks Vulnerable To a Short-Term Price Fall
By: Peter J. Cooper | 4 October, 2010
After a stellar run up over the past six weeks the silver price is looking vulnerable to a correction. Silver is now more than $22 an ounce, up very sharply since the summer. The article about silver investment in The Daily Telegraph today is a typical indicator of a short-term top. So too was ArabianMoney’s appearance commenting on silver prices on City 7 TV in Dubai last week. Full Story

'Mining's Michael Moore', Phelim McAleer, To Address Silver Summit Banquet
By: David Bond | 30 September, 2010
Phelim McAleer, writer, co-director and narrator of the tragi-comical documentary “Mine Your Own Business” pillorying the environmentalist movement's march against mining, will keynote the Silver Baron's Banquet dinner Thursday, Oct. 21 at the eighth annual Silver Summit Oct. 21-22 at the Davenport Hotel in Spokane, Washington. Full Story

1099 Supply Shock for Small Coinage
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 29 September, 2010
The 1099 reform in the health care bill passed by Congress and signed by the President has turned the physical gold market upside down. Under the new law, gold buyers and sellers will have to fill out a 1099 on each side of the transaction if the sales price is greater than $600. As a result, many investors who have been buying gold as an anonymous way to protect their wealth are now feeling the heat. Full Story

Market Alert for the Next Silver Price Moves
By: Julian Phillips & Peter Spina, for the Silver Forecaster | 29 September, 2010
After 18 months of work, the silver price has broken to new highs breaking past $21-$21.25 and is set for a significant run to much higher levels with expectations to hold new high levels at around $24-$29 in the first run up. Full Story

Rock Crushes Scissors
By: Captain Hook | 27 September, 2010
You may remember my commentary entitled Paper Cover Rock from the end of July in which the game ‘rock paper scissors’ was employed to illustrate how at the time our bureaucracy’s price managers (the bank cartel, etc., call them what you will) crushed gold (and silver) going into August options despite excessive bearish sentiment at the time to prove a point, the point being prices will be contained no matter what. Full Story

Undervalued Silver in a Government Spending Frenzy
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 23 September, 2010
To prove that all my yelling, “Buy silver now, or you’re a moron!” has paid off, silver is getting a lot more press coverage lately, like the headline “Silver Hits ’80 Level; Gold Sets Fresh High,” which appeared on the front page of The Wall Street Journal’s “Money and Investing” section. Full Story

More Forensic Evidence of Gold & Silver Price Manipulation
By: Adrian Douglas | 22 September, 2010
In this article I have unearthed even more forensic evidence in the form of a correlation between the gold and the silver price which again could not happen by random chance. It is necessarily a result of deliberate market intervention and what’s more it occurs on a continuous basis. Full Story

Gold/Silver Ratio Analysis
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT | 21 September, 2010
The Gold/Silver ratio has just broken in favor of Silver. In other words, the ratio has broken to the downside. This development along with persistent strength in Gold has prompted the mainstream gurus and “experts” to talk up Silver. We've been writing about the potential in Silver on more than one occasion. Full Story

$2,500 Gold Could Easily Result in $178.50 Silver – Here’s Why!
By: Lorimer Wilson | 19 September, 2010
More than 95 respected economists, academics, analysts and market commentators are of the firm opinion that gold will go to $2,500 and beyond before the parabolic peak is reached. In fact, the majority (55) think a price of $5,000 or more - even as high as $15,000 – is actually more likely! As such, just imagine what is in store for silver given its historical price relationship with gold! Full Story

Swapping Gold for Silver Has Historical Merit
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 19 September, 2010
Precious metals investors are very much in tune to the silver to gold ratio. The ratio, which commonly trends between 20:1 to as high as 70:1, should be used as a guide to determine which precious metals will rally and when. Today, silver is at the top of the silver to gold ratio at just over 62:1, so according to history, those who swap their gold today will see higher appreciation in silver in the months and years that follow. Full Story

It's Silver Season!
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 18 September, 2010
Back to school for some, the days before hunting seasons for others, but for silver investors, this time of the year is nothing more than silver season – the time when silver skyrockets to finish out the year. Full Story

Will Silver De-couple from Gold?
By: Julian Phillips, | 17 September, 2010
In addition, the decline in uses in photography is being overtaken in the new uses for silver in solar panels, ‘rfids’, medicine and other electronic uses. All this silver is being consumed and will be until its monetary role in the long-term prices it out of the consuming markets and, like gold, it is simply stored not consumed. Most of you will not believe that is a possibility. The net result of these two changes in silver’s fundamentals will be for silver’s price to rise much faster than the gold price in percentage terms. Full Story

Silver Steals Some Thunder From Gold
By: Clif Droke | 15 September, 2010
Throughout the last few weeks of summer there has been a slow, steady migration into silver as an investment. Investor worries over the state of the global economy have helped silver gain traction in the face of a low-volume stock market this summer. The white metal has built some fairly strong forward momentum this summer as a secondary safe haven among investors who desire the protection of precious metals without the heftier price tag of the yellow metal. Full Story

Fair, Simple and Sound
By: Theodore Butler | 14 September, 2010
I’m going to switch gears here a little and step away from lambasting the ongoing silver manipulation, and instead offer a constructive solution designed to end it. Long-time readers know that I believe it’s important not just to criticize, but to offer remedies for what I feel needs change. As is my custom, I will call on you for assistance. Full Story

The Western Media Ignores Asian Precious Metal Interest
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 13 September, 2010
While all eyes are on India for its annual gold festivals, its neighbor to the northwest is quietly stockpiling millions upon millions of investment grade gold and silver. Chinese gold and silver buyers are out in force, and they want physical metals. Full Story

The Silver Bullet
By: Captain Hook | 13 September, 2010
The blatant price capping of precious metals over the past few days while the larger equity complex was jammed higher with the help of the bureaucracy’s price managers shows two things. First it shows how important gold and silver are in terms of being signals, where it was deemed necessary top hold them back. Full Story

By: Howard S. Katz | 13 September, 2010
Below we see the chart of silver (weekly basis) from its peak in March 2008. Clearly drawn is a triangle which is almost ascending. (The top line would have to be horizontal.) We can regard it either as an ascending triangle or a symmetrical triangle. This triangle broke out on Sept. 3. Full Story

Swap Dealers Flat for Silver, Not Overbought
By: Gene Arensberg | 13 September, 2010
Well, okay it’s Sunday and we are supposed to be taking the day off today. But what better thing to do on a day off than to pour over COT data, charts and ratios? While we are at it, why not share a few of our observations with our best friends and the people who make this service possible? Full Story

Memo to Seattle: Rein in Your Economic Genocide of Idaho
By: David Bond | 9 September, 2010
Imagine if some unelected bureaucracy in Post Falls, Idaho, decided, using computer models, that airplanes were unsafe because: (a) they crash once in awhile, and; (b) the aluminum and plastics used in their manufacture were unsafe to human health if consumed in large enough quantities. Having reached this conclusion, this Idaho bureaucracy ordered the closure of all Boeing plants in your state for 50 to 90 years – said order absolute and not subject to court challenge. Full Story

Nuts and Bolts of COMEX Silver Manipulation
By: Bix Weir | 2 September, 2010
Taking a deep look at the details of COMEX silver trading can be very illuminating as to why but when you understand what is really going on... it is downright infuriating! I've put together a rare glimpse into what REALLY happens when buyers and sellers get together to make a market in silver on the COMEX. I hope you are sitting down because this covers just 5 MINUTES of a ordinary trading day... Full Story

Hyperinflation vs. Inflation: Understand the Difference
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 1 September, 2010
Hyperinflation and inflation may share the same root, but they're two entirely different trees. While many assume that hyperinflation is just inflation's oversized cousin, there is much more to hyperinflation than most are aware. Full Story

Silver Prices Now Rising Faster Than Gold
By: Peter J. Cooper | 26 August, 2010
August is usually a quiet month in the precious metals market but this month is different. Silver has started behaving 100 per cent like a precious metal and not as an industrial commodity, and while stocks and Dr Copper have been falling, silver has been outperforming gold which is also on the up. Full Story

Estate Sales: A Silver Mine!
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 26 August, 2010
With the economic crisis well underway, estate sale sizes have grown tremendously as cash-strapped children hope to bring home big bucks from their deceased parent's assets. Traditionally, only small amounts of an estate would be auctioned, as the children of the deceased kept most of the items as an heirloom keepsake. However, in today's economy, cash is king, and so many people need the spare cash that they'll sell almost anything—including their silver and gold collections. Full Story

How Financial Instruments Suppress Silver's Value
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 25 August, 2010
One fact is very, very clear: the silver markets are horribly suppressed. As we reported months ago, it was discovered in May that the silver futures market is purely paper, and there is an actual whistleblower to tell the tale. However, that testimony was subsequently squandered when the closed circuit TV had “technical errors,” and days later Andrew Maguire, the famed whistleblower, was in a hit and run accident. Full Story

Silver Stocks Offer Value
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT | 17 August, 2010
Gold has moved well past its 2008 high and the same has happened with our junior gold index. Silver, at its recovery peak was within 7% off its 2008 high while our junior silver index was 25% off its 2008 high. While the junior silvers have recovered, they have lagged both the junior golds and Silver. Full Story

Metals ‘KISS’ Analysis – (Keep It Simple... Umm… Silly)
By: Michael Kilbach | 13 August, 2010
It is interesting to note just how complex investment advisors and investors can make their market analysis. When it comes to analyzing the markets we do enjoy “chewing” on a lot of data, but often good old fashioned simplicity and common sense are the most effective strategy. Full Story

Why 40% Silver is Usually Best Left to Refiners
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 11 August, 2010
There are a myriad of investing options for those looking for physical allocations of silver. Among them are silver bars, silver coins, and junk coins. Junk coins, most well known for having 90% silver (pre-1964 dimes, for example), can also have 40% silver content (think old Kennedy Halves and Eisenhower dollars). Full Story

The Federal Hegemon
By: David Bond | 6 August, 2010
The following was commentary presented by yours truly before an EPA “informational meeting” 4 Aug. More than 200 showed up to protest the agency's latest scheme to occupy the Coeur d'Alene Mining District for the next 100 years. Full Story

China Crash “Looming” While India Jewelry Zooming
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 3 August, 2010
China's extreme economic growth rates were met by both cheerleaders and detractors, many of whom were afraid that the real estate expansion was just another repeat of the US growth from 2002-2007. One of the key elements of the Chinese economic situation is its impact on precious metals, with many analysts stretching the news to say that a Chinese slowdown is bad for metals. But how? The greater impact on metals comes from India. Full Story

With Silver Soaring, Beware of Who You Buy From
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 25 July, 2010
With silver attracting headlines, cult-like following, and higher prices, silver investors should be on high alert for a scam being perpetrated on the internet. Newly minted fake coins are finding their way from Chinese counterfeiters to Ebay and then to investors who unknowingly purchase $20 rounds that are in reality only a few dollars worth of metals. Full Story

How to Pull Cash Out of Your Silver Holdings Without Losing Ounces
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 23 July, 2010
With silver on a bull run, you might be tempted to take some cash out of your silver holdings. However, if you're like most silver investors, who have an array of different silver coins, rounds, and other metal pieces, you might just be able to cash in without reducing your total holdings. Full Story

The Coming Silver Supernova
By: Lorimer Wilson and Donald J. Poitras | 22 July, 2010
Few investment opportunities arise in our lifetime like silver. The stage is set for a silver price percentage gain of extraordinary magnitude! Forget the popular refrain of “Got Gold?” and make some additions to your portfolio to take advantage of the coming silver supernova! Full Story

When, Not If
By: Theodore Butler | 21 July, 2010
According to Commissioner Chilton, it seems clear that the new law abruptly alters the former debate of whether the Commission should adopt strict position limits in COMEX silver into what the position limits in COMEX silver should be. This is a remarkable transformation. Suddenly, it’s a question of what the position limits in silver should be and when they should be enacted, not if we should have them. Full Story

What are the Differences between Investing Silver and Gold?
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 14 July, 2010
The traditional rule that gold always trades within a range of 20 to 70 times the value of silver may quickly be tested as the financial markets lose their fear and again start investing in stocks, bonds and other investments. Full Story

Staggering Stats About Silver Supply
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 13 July, 2010
I got a June 2010 brochure from that contained an interesting fact about SLV, the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) for silver, which is that Peter Keusgen, the writer, says that SLV is “the main alternate source of storage” of silver and “which accounts for around 50% of world silver inventory”! Wow! Full Story

Silver’s Historical Correlation with Gold Suggests A Parabolic Top As High As $714 per Ounce!
By: Lorimer Wilson | 12 July, 2010
Almost 70 respected economists, academics, gold analysts and market commentators (see list below) are of the firm opinion that gold is going to go to at least $2,500 if not as high as $10,000 per ounce (or more) before the parabolic top is reached. As such, just imagine what is in store for silver given its historical price relationship with gold. Full Story

Double Stock Dips and Double Silver Tops
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 9 July, 2010
Summing up, even though precious metals will likely move upwards slightly in the coming days, this may be the beginning of a bigger downswing in silver, gold and mining stocks. We caution that these moves higher may only be temporary (particular caution is necessary if one wishes to trade this move), as they are driven to a great extent by possibility of a consolidation in the Euro Index. Please note that this is not the end of the bull market for silver; in fact. Full Story

Seriously Underpriced Silver
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 8 July, 2010
At breakfast I told the kids that I was instituting some new austerity measures around here, and they became so insistent that I heard all about how this was going to “ruin” them and their stupid social lives that I did not have to tell them that I was going to use the money to buy silver, which would have sent them ballistic. Full Story

Rethinking the case for investing in silver
By: Peter J. Cooper | 6 July, 2010
Silver is still cheaper than it was 30 years ago, unlike any other commodity. It is both a precious metal and an industrial commodity. Supplies are used up in industrial processes so stocks are less than one hundredth the size of gold reserves. Full Story

Is Saudi Arabia Also Stocking Up On Silver As Well As Gold?
By: Peter J. Cooper | 22 June, 2010
News that Saudi Arabia has secretly doubled its official gold reserves over the past few years should come as no surprise to readers of ArabianMoney. But then it was just speculation. Now this is fact. Will it be the same story for silver? Full Story

Mum’s the Word
By: Theodore Butler | 21 June, 2010
There’s an old adage about not seeing the forest for the trees. It means getting wrapped up in the details of a circumstance and losing appreciation for the big picture. Sometimes we need to step back and look at things from a different perspective. Consider the extraordinary situation that currently exists in the silver market. Full Story

Time to Focus on Silver
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT | 18 June, 2010
It is not exactly groundbreaking analysis to say that whats good for Gold is generally good for Silver. As observers of the precious metals know, Silver tends to lag Gold but eventually catch up quickly. In the long-term sense, Silver is still a year or two behind Gold as Gold has broken above all resistance levels. Technically speaking, we do favor Gold over the next few months, but ultimately, Silver is poised to catch up with vengeance. Full Story

The 2010 Silver Buying Guide
By: Jeff Clark, Senior Editor | 17 June, 2010
Silver has been sizzling and causing lots of buzz in the industry. Investors are excited. Part of the hubbub is due to its current run. Since its February 8 low, silver has roared ahead 22.4% (through June 21) and has doubled from its November 2008 low. Full Story

Recent Volatility in Metals Nothing to Fear
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 16 June, 2010
Recently, the metals markets have become far more volatile, often rising and falling upwards of three to four percentage points in just one day. That volatility, however, is nothing you should fear. In fact, it’s mostly due to the extreme attention being paid to the metals markets. Full Story

Insufficient Silver to Supply China’s Growing Demand
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 9 June, 2010
Most people have never heard of “the invisible hand” of the market, which is the surprising result of everyone working to get money with which to satisfy their own selfish interests, and it ends up benefiting everybody, a result that is so glorious that it seems that things are being guided by some “invisible hand.” Full Story

Investing in Silver as China Enters its “Spend” Phase
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 25 May, 2010
The point is not that that whole Asian region is a hotbed of potential economic activity, perfect for Mogambo Brand Lucky Tasty Eggrolls (MBLTE), which it is, but that a lot of that growth is going to be electronic and electrical, and that means silver. Lots of it! Oodles of it! Full Story

How Low Will Silver Go?
By: Jeff Clark | 24 May, 2010
We released our 2010 Silver Buying Guide last week and the silver price promptly cratered. So does this change our view of gold’s shiny cousin? Hardly. While industrial uses comprise about half (53%, according to GFMS) of silver’s demand, making it susceptible to bigger falls than gold in a weak economy, it is equally clear silver also responds well to inflation, as well as serious financial “dislocations” (to put it nicely). Full Story

Silver Investors Should Diversify, Too
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 18 May, 2010
Diversification is the most important part to any solid financial plan, and precious metals are no exception. Silver investors should plan to diversify within their silver holdings to protect their wealth and to allow for opportunities to profit in the future. Full Story

Silver About To Break $20 and Looking Better Than Gold
By: Peter J. Cooper | 15 May, 2010
Go back to the 1970s and the last precious metals boom. In the late 1970s gold prices rose eight-fold and silver by a factor of 25. Fast forward to today and you have ArabianMoney editor Peter Cooper publishing a book predicting a rise in gold prices to $5,000 as the world goes through something like a re-run of the mid-70s. Full Story

Sell in Early May and... Lose On Average $1 per Ounce of Silver Each Year
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 14 May, 2010
We would like to begin this essay by touching on the popular belief that precious metals - and especially silver - tend to drop heavily this time of the year. The saying suggests selling in May and going away - is this really the best way to go? At Sunshine Profits we're rather reluctant to take the common knowledge for granted - we prefer to dig deeper and check ourselves if every fact is really fact, not just an opinion. Full Story

An Impressive Result
By: Theodore Butler | 14 May, 2010
The CFTC has published the comments it received in regards to its public hearing on precious metals on March 25. The turnout was much larger than I would have guessed by several times, I’m happy to report. Full Story

Is There a Silver Lining in Europe’s Greek Tragedy?
By: Vincenzo Desroches | 12 May, 2010
Greece and the Euro Zone are still very much in the midst of a debt and deficit crisis that represents the first real test of their Euro-based infrastructure in over a decade. The current malaise appears to be contagious as most experts agree that Spain and Portugal are also at risk of being swept up in the maelstrom. The impact on global trading markets has been instantaneous. Full Story

In Treasury report, shocking evidence of silver price suppression
By: Adrian Douglas | 7 May, 2010
This increase in notional value of silver derivatives represents approximately 220 million ounces, which is 125 percent of the global production of silver during the quarter -- and that is only the increase. The entire notional value represents 106 percent of annual global production. What possible legitimate purpose could such a monstrous derivative position be serving with a maturity of less than one year? Full Story

Digital Silver: Precious Components
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 27 April, 2010
The new electronic age couldn't be better for silver investors. As consumers swap out their cell phones every two years and Apple releases a new product meant to bridge the gap between cell phones and personal computers, silver has plenty of room to prosper. Full Story

Buying Silver to Hedge Inflation and a Bond Crisis
By: Peter J. Cooper | 25 April, 2010
Interest in buying silver as the precious metal best suited to hedging against inflationary government debt levels around the world, and a consequent imminent bond crisis, is growing among investors. Full Story

Silver The Most Bullish Currency
By: Hubert Moolman | 19 April, 2010
The current price of ounce of gold in real money is about 62.95 ounces of silver. If you look at the long term chart you will see that the highest price was about 100 ounces of silver and the lowest about 14; this is quite a ridicules fluctuation in the ratio between two of the most stable metals and forms of money on this planet. This big fluctuation is not a reflection on gold or silver’s instability, but it is indicative of the flawed monetary system we have today. Full Story

Grab a Calculator Before the CFTC Investigation
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 14 April, 2010
As the CFTC begins to investigate claims by a whistle blower that the precious metals markets have been manipulated by several large US banks, investors are left to ponder: “What will happen to silver if manipulation is found?” Can you say, payday? Full Story

Interview with Ted Butler
By: Theodore Butler and Jim Cook | 13 April, 2010
Years ago, Jimmy Stewart played the lead in a movie titled, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In this case, it was Mr. Butler goes to Washington. Who did you meet with? Full Story

Why Are Silver Sales Soaring?
By: Jeff Clark, Senior Editor, Casey’s Gold & Resource Report | 9 April, 2010
The U.S. Mint just reported another record, but this time it wasn’t for gold. The Mint sold more Silver Eagles in March and in the first quarter of the year than ever before. A total of 9,023,500 American Silver Eagles were purchased in Q110, the highest amount since the coin debuted in 1986. Full Story

Have We Just Seen The End of The Big Rally in Silver?
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 7 April, 2010
In the previous essay, we've emphasized that gold is to move higher, and since it has just moved significantly higher, it seems that you may wonder what we think about the situation in its sister-metal - silver. However, before providing you with technical details, we would like to provide you with not-so-bullish views on China, and briefly comment on how it might affect the precious metals market. Full Story

Premiums Play a Role in Indicating Silver Manipulation
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 7 April, 2010
Silver investors should remember to always pay attention to the per ounce premium they pay to receive physical metals. While premiums are important as a barometer of the actual silver you're obtaining per dollar, premiums also play a very important role in gauging current market manipulation. Full Story

A Time to Act
By: Theodore Butler | 7 April, 2010
The reaction to the CFTC meeting on March 25 continues to be great in precious metals circles. More commentary has been generated by this meeting than even I expected. The hearing brought to the forefront the most important issues in silver, namely, position limits, concentration and the allegations of manipulation on the short side. This is great news for silver and gold investors, as it promises to finally expose and remedy the 20-year downward manipulation in silver. Full Story

The Silver Boom is Coming!
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 4 April, 2010
Many people know me as just a guy referred to by the news media as “local hothead” or sometimes “extremist loudmouth doom-and-gloomer” or (my favorite) “looney toon” but to most people I am known as just a guy who never shuts up about the horrors of inflation in prices that is going to be caused by the inflation in the money supply by the Federal Reserve. Full Story

CFTC’s Silver Involvement Grows Serious
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 31 March, 2010
For any long term purchaser of silver, there is no agency more important than the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, or the CFTC. The CFTC is charged with ensuring that the futures markets are trading fairly at all times and investigating manipulative trades and fraud within the trading system. Now more than ever, the CFTC is critically important in investigating banks like JP Morgan and their roles in manipulating market orders. Full Story

A London trader walks the CFTC through a silver manipulation in advance
By: Bill Murphy, Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee | 26 March, 2010
On March 23, 2010, GATA Director Adrian Douglas was contacted by a whistleblower by the name of Andrew Maguire. Maguire is a metals trader in London. He has been told first-hand by traders working for JPMorganChase that JPMorganChase manipulates the precious metals markets, and they have bragged to how they make money doing so. Full Story

Silver’s Role in a Barter Economy
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 25 March, 2010
Make no mistake about it: silver is an investment for trying times. As one the most beautifully shiny metals, silver's true economic beauty shines through in a world ruined by rampant inflation and growing debt. Full Story

The Case for Silver
By: Adrian Ash, BullionVault | 24 March, 2010
Because silver is more than 17 times as plentiful as gold in the earth's crust, its use as money – both in coin and as a measure of value – is far more common in the historical archives as well. Whereas today, it holds much the same basic appeal as gold, but with four crucial twists... Full Story

Fake Silver "Moly-Bars"?
By: Bix Weir | 23 March, 2010
The key to faking silver bars is that they can not be sold into the industrial market as the melting point of Moly is much higher and it doesn't have the same electrical conductivity. The SLV inventories represent the perfect resting place for "silver bars" to be stored publicly yet not removed for industrial uses. Clearly it can't be in the COMEX or LME warehouses since both exchanges can be called for delivery. Full Story

Stuff The i Stuff
By: David Bond | 19 March, 2010
Wallace, Idaho – We are the i everything now and still wondering why we're headed to Hell in a handbasket. We have iPods, iPhones, iPads iIts, iThis, iThats, iBooks, iShares – and probably if you looked hard enouogh, iBanks and iGovernments, too. Full Story

It’s the Message, Not the Messenger
By: Theodore Butler | 18 March, 2010
When I first learned that I would not be invited to the March 25 CFTC public hearing on precious metals position limits, I admit that I was more than a bit surprised and disappointed. After all, this was my signature issue, one on which I had pressed the CFTC and the exchanges for more than 20 years. Full Story

Why PM Investors Should Ignore the Dollar Index
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 17 March, 2010
Often thrown around as the end-all solution for tracking the value of the US dollar, the dollar index is one of the poorest indicators for the true performance of the currency itself. Silver investors who pay heed to the dollar index will certainly be led astray, as there are fundamental reasons why the index simply is not accurate. Full Story

Got Gold Report – COMEX Commercials Halt Silver Advance
By: Gene Arensberg | 17 March, 2010
We remain long gold and silver, currently with trading stops equivalent to the minor-profit low $1,080s for gold and the no-loss $15.90s-equivalent for silver. We are still of the mindset to allow for more than normal volatility with these fledgling trades, but we are unwilling to allow our “winners” to become losers and will step to the sidelines if stopped. Full Story

Hunt Brothers Demanded Physical Delivery Too
By: Jon Matonis | 16 March, 2010
If you want to know what happens when multiple long positions demand physical delivery of a commodity all at once, you need look no further than the Hunt brothers silver saga of 1979-1980. They did nothing illegal, the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and COMEX changed the rules in the middle of the game, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) implemented new regulations, and the Hunts were bankrupted, unjustly. Full Story

China's Golden Plans and Silver's Long- and Short-Term Trends
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 12 March, 2010
Summing up, speculative bullish positions right now should be done with extreme caution, and only if you are able to monitor the market for almost the whole session. We realize that it doesn't sound encouraging especially for active Traders, but opening a speculative position at this point doesn't seem justified from the risk/reward point of view. Naturally, that is just our opinion and since it is ultimately you, who manages your money, we respect and are perfectly fine with whatever decision you make. Full Story

Answering the Skeptics
By: Theodore Butler | 12 March, 2010
Recently, I was contacted by a reporter for the Financial Times of London. He was looking to write a story about the CFTC’s upcoming hearing on precious metals. I could tell in my conversations with him that he was skeptical about my claims of a downward manipulation in the price of silver. As a result, the story he wrote reflected his skepticism, which was rooted in how could such a manipulation exist for as long as I alleged and how could silver be manipulated if it doubled in price over the past five years? Full Story

To Know Us Is To Love Us
By: David Bond | 10 March, 2010
To know the hard-rock mining business is to love it. But you've got to learn it to know it. This business is so full of charlatans, characters, fortunes made and lost, splendid, big-hearted souls, death, murder and mayhem, and governmental and pressure group interests as to confuse an Einstein intelligence. Full Story

Brien Lundin: Gold Looking Good; Silver Even Better
By: The Gold Report and Brien Lundin | 3 March, 2010
The gold rally that began last fall and drove gold through the $1,200 resistance level in late November doesn't seem to be panning out the way the rallies of 2005 and 2007 did. In this exclusive Gold Report interview, Gold Newsletter editor and publisher Brien Lundin admits he's a bit worried about this run's breakout. Full Story

Money, Banking and the Federal Reserve [Mises Video From 2006]
By: Mises Media | 2 March, 2010
Dedicated to Murray N. Rothbard, steeped in American history and Austrian economics, and featuring Ron Paul, Joseph Salerno, Hans Hoppe, and Lew Rockwell, this extraordinary film is the clearest, most compelling explanation ever offered of the Fed, and why curbing it must be our first priority. Full Story

Got Gold Report – ETF Investors Fancy Silver in 2010
By: Gene Arensberg | 2 March, 2010
Precious metal exchange traded fund investors are showing a preference for silver over gold lately or at least we are seeing more buying than selling pressure in the silver ETFs while gold ETF money flow is flat and has been for a year. Full Story

What Does Silver's Recent Weak Performance Mean to PM Investors?
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 26 February, 2010
Summing up, silver appears to have formed a minor bottom and is ready to move higher rather sooner than later. Naturally, that is the case if the general stock market doesn't plunge and drag PMs with it. We are still waiting for the confirmation that PM stocks can rise on their own, instead of being lifted along with other stocks. Until that happens we must remain cautious. Full Story

A Long-Term Look at Silver
By: Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT | 23 February, 2010
Throughout this bull market, Silver has formed the same corrective pattern over and over again. Currently, Silver is repeating the same pattern but on a much larger scale. Note that Silver’s decline in 2008 and ensuing recovery are a larger fractal of preceding corrections. Full Story

Why Silver Prices Are Safe from China's Monetary Policy
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 17 February, 2010
The Chinese have emerged as the new economic superpower, and already investors are beginning to feel the impact of Chinese monetary policy on commodity prices. Precious metal investors are questioning how these Chinese policy shifts will impact their holdings. Thankfully, although a tightening of credit does have an impact on the global monetary supply, China's attempts to call back credit should have little effect on precious metals. Full Story

Cambridge House Phoenix Silver Summit 2010: Silver Review and Outlook
By: Theodore Butler | 16 February, 2010
Legitimate and honest rules and fairness in silver would free the price of silver. Nothing could be simpler; if the regulators do the right thing and enforce the intent of commodity law the silver manipulation will end. But what if the regulators and Gary Gensler don’t enforce the intent of law, then what? The simple answer is that it will not matter for anything except the timing. Full Story

Will Silver Outperform Gold In 2010?
By: Clif Droke | 12 February, 2010
In a recent issue of Barron’s addressed the question of silver possibly having another outperformance in the coming year. The article asks, “Will the poor man’s gold shine in 2010?” The opinion piece (“Gold Isn’t All That Glitters,” by Allen Sykora) drew attention to the other white metals, platinum and palladium, and made a case for a strong recovery in global demand for these metals along with silver in the year ahead. Full Story

Market Timing Report - Silver
By: Alistair Gilbert | 11 February, 2010
This a brief follow up to my Report of 13th January advising a SELL of Silver at $18.52. Silver has since been sold down to $14.62 in Wave 3 of 1 of C of Major Wave 2. Full Story

Learning from History: The Future Possibility of Silver Confiscation
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 9 February, 2010
The history of confiscation of precious metals is well documented, with literally tons of gold and silver ripped from the hands of ordinary Americans during the financially tumultuous years of the Great Depression. However, history books and academic research rarely shine light into the confiscation of silver and rather focus on gold, even though both were made illegal for a total of 40 years. Full Story

The Implications of the Recent Change in the Situation on the Silver Market
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 9 February, 2010
Silver is currently right in the middle of the bottoming area, but please note that although there were times when bottoms/tops formed exactly as these tendencies suggested, it is not the main way of using this tool. It is designed to let one know more or less when the bottom / top is likely to form and what signals to look for during a given time-frame. Full Story

A Silver Shortage? [Video]
By: YouTube | 9 February, 2010
Money manager Stephen Leeb predicts the price of silver to skyrocket on industrial growth in an interview on the Forbes Video Network. Full Story

Silver’s Most Important Price Point
By: Bill Downey | 3 February, 2010
From a seasonal standpoint a case can be made that Gold and Silver usually make a price high this time of the year. Of course with the global situation many feel that the metals will continue higher and the risk is missing the boat ride by jumping out too soon. Full Story

Commodity Ratios: The Investing Truth They Reveal
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 3 February, 2010
Having already established that neither gold nor oil is in a bubble, it is now time to add silver into our mathematical mix. Although gold appears expensive when compared with the historical average of silver prices, it is not that gold is overpriced. Rather, silver is easily underpriced compared to both gold and oil and should be well poised for a rally. Full Story

Silver Is Poised to Rise in The Long Run, But The Short-term Situation Is Complicated
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 2 February, 2010
Summing up, based on the analysis of the silver chart alone, the metal appears to be bottoming, however given the relatively high level of correlation between silver and the general stock market one may want to wait for additional signals before opening a sizable long position in silver. Full Story

The Best (and Worst) Places to Store Silver
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 27 January, 2010
After amassing a collection of silver coins, you quickly realize you have to find a place to store it – quickly. There are a number of ways and places to safely and discretely store your silver to protect it from corrosion, as well as theft. Full Story

Should You Arbitrage Silver for Gold Now?
By: Peter J. Cooper | 24 January, 2010
If financial markets are about to blow up as ArabianMoney suggests today, and for once we are in the company of much of the global media, then holders of precious metals are placed in an awkward dilemma. Full Story

4 Reasons Why Silver is the Most Undervalued Commodity
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 22 January, 2010
Silver prices still have a long way to rise before reaching their top. From industrial applications to its relative value, it’s easy to make the case that silver remains one of the most undervalued commodities. Full Story

Why Physical Silver Investors Love ETFs – But Not Owning Them
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 21 January, 2010
Despite the various reasons silver investors should not buy exchange-traded funds and instead opt for physical metals, there are also many reasons why investors should love them. Full Story

Why Silver Premiums Are Critical to Your Bottom Line
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 13 January, 2010
Investors looking for the best and most lucrative silver investment should be keen to buy physical silver that carries the lowest premiums. Consider these three reasons why. Full Story

Unemployment: A Boon for Silver
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 12 January, 2010
There isn't a single commodity, equity, or security that escapes the influence of the unemployment rate. Typically, unemployment has lasting implications on investments, but for metals, it may be positive rather than negative. Full Story

A Milestone Meeting
By: Theodore Butler | 11 January, 2010
Let me be clear – this meeting is a very big deal. I believe we will all learn a great deal from the meeting. It should show and record just where each commissioner stands on the matter of position limits, in principle and in terms of what the specific limits should be. It’s important that each commissioner stand up and be counted, either yea or nay. Full Story

Five Reasons Why You Should Own Silver Coins
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 5 January, 2010
There are a multitude of reasons the average investor should have at least some of their assets invested in silver. Consider these five reasons that can help you grow your assets while preserving your wealth. Full Story

One Lie After Another
By: Theodore Butler | 21 December, 2009
Sometimes, you can overlook something that is right in front of you. That just happened with me. I’m talking about something I should have seen before now in silver and gold. Full Story

All I Really Need To Know About Money, I Learned From A Silver Dime
By: Vincent Bressler | 18 December, 2009
I was born in 1964. That was the last year that the USA coined real money for general circulation. Now imagine that you have two dimes in front of you, one of them is from 1964, one of them much younger. But the 1964 coin looks young, barely worn. That’s because those coins went out of circulation starting in 1965. People held on to them. Full Story

China's Impact on PMs Is Strong, But The Bottom In Silver May Not Be In Yet
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 16 December, 2009
Summing up, silver - just like gold - appears to be ending the first part of the current decline. Naturally, the white metal may move higher at any time due to the positive fundamental situation, so I'm not advocating being totally out of the PM market at this moment. Full Story

Easy Dollars vs. Hard Silver: Profiting from Obama’s Inflation
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 15 December, 2009
Barack Obama has charged banks with the task of lending more money to consumers and businesses in an effort to stimulate the economy. Luckily for gold investors, easy credit and greater loan activity have always meant higher precious metal prices. Full Story

Extreme Speculation
By: Theodore Butler | 14 December, 2009
Recently, I have raised the possibility that silver trading might be terminated on the world’s largest silver exchange, the COMEX (The Commodity Exchange, Inc.), now owned by the CME Group, which in turn is the largest futures exchange in the world. I hope everyone realizes that this is an extreme speculation on my part, and that the likelihood of such an event must be considered remote. Full Story

Barry Allan: Stage Is Set for Stellar Silver Performance
By: The Gold Report and Barry Allan | 4 December, 2009
Gold's recorded a powerful upward sprint this year. The first quarter—historically a tough period for gold—is around the corner. Research Capital's equity team lead and senior mining analyst Barry Allan remains absolutely optimistic about the king of metals' long-term outlook for a variety of reasons. But in the meantime, he says silver will slip into the limelight for what's likely to prove a stellar performance. Full Story

$6,000/oz SILVER and ONE BANK
By: Bix Weir | 4 December, 2009
The silver markets are rigged. Every day. Every trade. Every option. Every derivative. The silver markets have been rigged since the early 1970’s when Alan Greenspan introduced computer market trading systems to the world beginning the long term commodity market rigging operation. Since that time there has not been a day when the silver markets have been “freely traded”. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, knows the true “Fair Market Value” of silver! Full Story

4 Reasons Why Silver Will Outperform Gold
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 2 December, 2009
Silver is rare, inexpensive, a protection against inflation, and poised for one of the best bull runs in history. With all the variables coming together to form a perfect play, owning physical silver coins is the best way to grab onto the explosion in popularity – and profitability – of precious metals investing. Full Story

Peter Grandich: Silver's Turn to Shine
By: The Gold Report and Peter Grandich | 1 December, 2009
Not that there's a link between the two, but as the legendary Peter Grandich celebrates his silver anniversary as a market commentator, he tells The Gold Report in this exclusive interview that having been left behind in the big run-up in gold, silver's time has come to steal the limelight for a while. Full Story

Silver and Gold as Currency
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 25 November, 2009
Gold and silver have a 6000 year history for their use as a currency, and until the last century, the price of gold and silver maintained a healthy valuation ratio of 1 ounce of gold to every 15 ounces of silver. This purchasing power ratio is strengthened by the fact that there are 17 ounces of silver for every 1 ounce of gold in the earth's crust, although physical silver stocks have dwindled, as the metal is used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Full Story

Why Silver Will Outshine Stocks
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 24 November, 2009
As the stock market recovers due to inflationary actions by world governments and banks, silver has taken a ride on the coattails, moving higher each day stocks head higher. However, with calamity in the stock market all but forgotten, silver will undoubtedly outpace any recovery in the stock markets. Full Story

The Investment Game Plan: How to Combat Inflation
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 17 November, 2009
Inflation is an easily understood phenomenon. Although it takes a myriad of think tanks to find the root of the problem, the issue is quite simple, and investors can easily prepare their portfolios against the ravages of inflation. Full Story

Silver Cycles, Silver-to-Gold Ratio, and the USD Index Analysis
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 17 November, 2009
In the last several days I received many letters in which Readers commented on my analysis of the seasonality on the silver market (thank you), so I decided to provide you with more detailed analysis of silver in the following essay. Full Story

Silver - About to Explode?
By: Adam Brochert | 17 November, 2009
Most Gold bulls are silver bulls. The 1970s is the reason why and because inflation that occurs when a secular commodity bull cycle is in effect tends to flow into both precious metals. I have been less than wildly bullish on silver lately. Full Story

Silver Prices to Hit New Highs in 2010
By: Marc Davis, | 16 November, 2009
Silver may yet outshine gold in 2010 as spot prices for the white metal respond to the prospect of a surge in industrial demand. With a little additional help from investment demand, silver may even rally into the $25 an ounce range. Full Story

Gold's Rally Suggests Silver Will Ride the Coattails
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 10 November, 2009
As investors begin their shift away from currencies and into hard assets, gold has waltzed well past $1000 per ounce and has since pushed through $1100. Because precious metals have been long seen as an effective hedge against inflation, investors have been the biggest driver of demand. Full Story

Will Silver Outperform Immediately or Will We Need to Wait a Little Longer?
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 10 November, 2009
The recent huge purchase of gold by the Indian central bank triggered a substantial rally that took gold to new (nominal - !) highs gathered a lot of attention and generated a substantial rally. I’ve touched this subject in my previous essay, but since this topic is so popular, I would like to put additional comments this time, but from a different point of view. Full Story

The Bomb Squad
By: Theodore Butler | 5 November, 2009
Silver is a unique situation, both from an investment and regulatory perspective. The short concentration in silver, in terms of the futures market, world production and above ground inventories has no equal. It must be dealt with in a unique regulatory manner. Anything less will prove futile. Full Story

Current Gold:Silver Ratio Screams: Buy All Things Silver!
By: Lorimer Wilson | 4 November, 2009
The Gold:Silver ratio has ranged from 14.9-to-1 in January 15, 1980 at the time of the record high gold and silver prices to 99.8-to-1 on February 22, 1991 when the price of silver was particularly depressed. During the past 5 years it has ranged from 43.6-to-1 (April 19, 2006) to 84.4-to-1 (October, 2008). It is currently at 64-to-1 having breached the 28 year support line of 58-to-1 (and 200dma) in August 2008. Full Story

By: Steve St. Angelo | 4 November, 2009
The Peak of World Silver Production may be just around the corner due to a falling EROI (energy returned on energy invested). This will also be true for most industrial metals. I may go as far as to say, if the Global Economy does not make a full recovery shortly (which I doubt), 2008 could be the all time peak for world silver production. At least, the world production of silver will be in a plateau as unconventional oil supplies start to peak and decline. Full Story

Trade Imbalances Are Silver's Bullish Signal
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 3 November, 2009
At the foundation of any macroeconomic theory, the trade balance is one of the most important economic indicators. The trade balance is the calculation of the difference between how much a country exports and how much it imports. In the United States, the trade balance has been in the negative for decades due to the importation of oil and the reliance on the manufacturing abilities of other nations to produce our goods. Full Story

Silver set to Soar as it did in the 1970’s
By: Mark O’Byrne | 3 November, 2009
Silver remains very undervalued on an historical basis (charts below) and is undervalued even against gold (chart below). While gold has begun to receive some interest from a small minority of retail investors, silver remains the preserve of relatively few contrarian investors and the media and financial press rarely if ever covers silver. And yet silver is quite likely in the intermediate stage of a bull market that will rival or surpass that of the 1970’s. Full Story

Bank Reserves Lend Many Reasons to Bank on Silver
By: Dr. Jeffrey Lewis | 29 October, 2009
One of the largest drivers of silver prices, inflation is already showing itself. After the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the US central bank took dramatic steps to curb any future price decline in housing, commodities, and stocks – but the effort was purely inflationary. Full Story

Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 18 October, 2009
Silver is pushing $18, gold has made new all time nominal highs and it all appears to be looking good for The Great Leap Forward. Buyers are piling in fearful of having to buy at higher prices and gold and silver look moon bound. Meanwhile I am now all cash in my trading account and have sold silver bullion as well (for my trading account of course). Yet I believe silver will make new highs and approach the highs not seen since January 1980. Am I insane? No, just bearish medium term and bullish long term. Full Story

The Box Canyon
By: Theodore Butler | 12 October, 2009
I was careful to say that the coming announcement of the actual number of contracts for hard position limits in most commodities would be anti-climatic. That’s because the current accountability limits do not appear to be excessive. There is one market, however, in which the announcement will be of high drama, no matter what the proposed number. I speak of COMEX silver futures. Full Story

Road to Roota XX - The Big Silver Slingshot
By: Bix Weir | 6 October, 2009
The amount of information on silver as an investment being analyzed and discussed lately has been astonishing. I remember only a few years ago that it was only the likes of Ted Butler, David Morgan and Jason Hommel that ever promoted the amazing investment opportunity that silver represented. Now there are literally hundreds of “pro-silver analysts” out there talking about the supply/demand deficit, COMEX Commitment of Traders Report, fraudulent Silver ETFs and the dual role of silver as both an industrial metal and monetary metal. I LOVE IT! Full Story

Help Silver by Letting Silver Help You
By: Warren Bevan | 6 October, 2009
It’s a well known but often misunderstood fact that silver is being, once again, increasingly used in medicinal or purification applications. The recent reports of the H1N1 virus, more commonly , but falsely, known as swine flu (stock up on cheap pork while you can!) spreading at rates far faster than anticipated got me to thinking about how to help fight the flu if contracted, without relying on medical professionals. Full Story

A Bull in a Silver Shop
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 5 October, 2009
One of the most interesting news items I’ve found was on the cover of The Financial Times, where I learned that a guy named Lahde “made tens of millions of dollars from betting against the financial and property sectors during [the] past two years”, and he now wanted to thank “the low hanging fruit, i.e. idiots whose parents paid for prep school, Yale, and then the Harvard MBA” who made it all possible for him to find enough suckers. Full Story

We Gave Another Silver Summit, And They Came!
By: David Bond | 5 October, 2009
The official endings of Summer and The Silver Summit came early last week, with the departures of blue sky, warm temperatures, and of our dear friend Georg Stangel, of Stein-am-Rhein, Switzerland, who comes to the Summit every year and then repairs to Wallace for a few days of merriment with his friends. Full Story

The Silver Shortage Will Come
By: Israel Friedman | 28 September, 2009
Based on the supply and demand situation of silver, it's only a question of time when a silver shortage will come. Nobody can predict exactly when this is going to happen, but we have more and more signs that those who control the price of silver are sweating to balance the supply. Full Story

One Unique Silver Fundamental
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 26 September, 2009
World production of silver isn’t going to drop yet but we await the day when the USGS will begin to drop that reserves number. When that happens, the world will perhaps begin to believe in silver’s Unique Selling Proposition. Full Story

Gold And Silver Into the Next Decade
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 22 September, 2009
The critical juncture we suggested for silver last week has not changed. All the factors we have looked at point to silver dropping in the medium term though the shorter term (days to weeks) has scope for volatility. The RMA parameter mentioned before has sounded an alarm but for now a low decibel one. Other factors though are more shrill (refer to my blog for more details). Full Story

Silver Investigation Update
By: Theodore Butler | 22 September, 2009
Yesterday, I received a number of emails from readers who had been communicating with Commissioner Bart Chilton of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Obviously, Commissioner Chilton intended this to be made public and I do so here. My comments will follow. Full Story

A Self-Serving White Paper
By: Theodore Butler | 21 September, 2009
I know the shorts are corrupt and powerful. I know the technical fund longs have been easy to deceive. I know the COT structure is negative. I know what usually happens in previous set ups. And I know that it may happen again. But I also know that if a physical silver shortage is at hand, the shorts don’t have a prayer. Full Story

Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 17 September, 2009
I don’t know but rest assured this is not a time to buy in bulk unless you are disciplined with your stops and do not allow them to be unactionable at any time. Am I saying the silver bull is now dead and buried? Not at all! Was the bull over after the previous examples? Prepare for greater heights but don’t get carried away at these critical junctures. Full Story

The Dumbest Trade Ever?
By: Theodore Butler | 14 September, 2009
In this day and age of massive financial miscalculation and blunder, it’s not easy coming up with the single trade that holds the title of the dumbest of all. After all, we have seen trading positions that have, quite literally, destroyed large firms, like Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers. We’ve seen large individual trades gone sour to the tune of billions of dollars, as in the case of Amaranth and Soc Gen. Full Story

Silver Trending Towards Backwardation Again
By: Trace Mayer, J.D. | 13 September, 2009
The silver backwardation has been on-again off-again throughout 2009 and this portends gigantic problems for the worldwide monetary system. Backwardation is a situation where the fiat currency price of a commodity is pregnant with a premium the buyer is willing to pay for immediate delivery. Full Story

Opening the Mint to Gold and Silver - Then and Now
By: Hugo Salinas Price | 12 September, 2009
Some people think that one of the fundamental institutions of the 19th century should be restored; I will single out Great Britain as the great leader embracing this institution. This institution was the free minting of gold practiced by Great Britain in its heyday of growth, world economic and financial power. Full Story

Buy Silver - The China Factor [Video]
By: YouTube | 9 September, 2009
Buy Silver - The China Factor [Video] Full Story

What If We Gave A Silver Summit And Somebody Came?
By: David Bond | 4 September, 2009
This question rolled around our post-midnight table at the Smoke House in Wallace in July of 2003. What if we held a Silver Summit and somebody actually showed up? It was a crazy idea. One mining CEO who was there for the conversation wanted to boost his personal fortunes by boosting the fortunes of the Silver Valley. Nothing un-altruistic about that. We found our way to the can, figuring that by the time we returned the conversation would have taken a less idiotic bent. It had not. Full Story

Is the General Stock Market Overbought and What Does It Mean for Silver and Gold?
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 30 August, 2009
This week the precious metals sector moved higher; silver rallied on strong volume, which may mark a beginning of a new substantial upleg. Gold is currently in a cloudy technical situation, and much depends on what happens in other markets. Full Story

Gene Arensberg Letter to the CFTC
By: Gene Arensberg | 11 August, 2009
If the CFTC actually does want to insure fair and free markets, then it will not install unreasonably small limits on one side of the market and not the other. We expect that if the Commission does set limits which unduly restrict liquidity, it will result in market flight to less regulated, more opaque markets and considerably less transparency, permanently. Full Story

Is Silver Overvalued, Undervalued Or Priced Just Right?
By: Bill Downey | 11 August, 2009
Long term silver continues its decade long uptrend and is well in the confines of its growth channel. A new channel with a greater slope is trying to establish itself. Should we get a big rally in silver, we expect this channel to provide the major support and resistance areas. Odds continue to favor the upside for silver longer term, but one cannot overlook the potential to touch the lower channel lines every now and then. Full Story

China Encourages Silver Bullion for Investment [Video]
By: YouTube | 10 August, 2009
China has introduced its first-ever investment opportunity for silver bullion. The bars are available in 500 grams, 1 kilogram, 2 kilograms and 5 kilograms with a purity of 99.9 percent. Full Story

Market Timing Report - Silver
By: Alistair Gilbert | 10 August, 2009
Silver was decimated in last year’s market rout falling by over 80% in just seven months. Part of the reason is that it is not just bought for investment or jewellery purposes but is an industrial metal as well. Most people think of its industrial use in photography, but in fact it has myriad uses in the medical field because of its antibacterial qualities and more recently in creating superfibres for the clothing industry. Full Story

Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 7 August, 2009
The fundamentals are in place for silver and gold to move higher. The ongoing issuance of US treasuries and further quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve inevitably point to continued dollar weakness. The interesting fact that the Fed stepped in recently to indirectly buy some of the auctioned bonds points to a decreasing lack of investor appetite for US debt. Full Story

Recent News and Silver
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 23 July, 2009
Or more aptly some items of news and rumors which may have an impact on silver (and gold). The first is clear enough and is not rumor. Next Tuesday (28th July) the CFTC will begin its hearings into discussing position limits in energy commodities as well as the exemptions some so called hedgers enjoy when they multiply their futures contracts even more. Full Story

The Silver Supply/Demand Imbalance
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 16 July, 2009
I try not to think about silver, because when I do, my head ends up whirling around at the sheer compelling nature of the fundamentals, and I always come to the conclusions that whirling makes me dizzy and that I need to buy more silver right away because silver is going to start exploding in price over the next few years... Full Story

A Master Stroke of Silver Manipulation
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 9 July, 2009
The point of all of this is that the Happy Days for the slimy insiders in the silver futures and options market, and those glorious days when you and I could buy ounce after ounce silver at these low, low, unheard-of low prices, are almost certainly all gone, now that the Senate has found willful corruption, and so the day will soon come when silver, free from the slimy manipulations of insiders that one could even argue violate the 14th Amendment, will rise, perhaps a dozen-fold, in price, re-establishing the 16:1 ratio of silver to gold, which will also be, almost certainly, up. Full Story

Silver Takes on Gold Supremecy
By: Richard Daughty, The Mogambo Guru | 2 July, 2009
Mark at Northwest Territorial Mint suggests that instead of me always yammering about buying “gold, silver and oil”, maybe I should switch to “silver, gold and oil”, which he deems “might even merit an exclamation point” since silver should precede gold in the lineup since silver is probably the most astoundingly under-priced element on the face of the planet! Full Story

The Silver Indexed Bond
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 30 June, 2009
What is a silver indexed bond and how does it work? Quite simply, a silver indexed bond is like a normal bond that is bought for an initial sum (the principal or capital) and interest is paid on it until a maturity date. Where it differs from a normal bond is the option which allows the bearer to convert the bond into an agreed amount of silver or the cash equivalent if certain conditions prevail. Full Story

Silver and the US Dollar
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 22 June, 2009
Things look like they are moving to some kind of resolution on where silver is headed. The main bellwether for where silver goes is not gold but the US Dollar. The two charts below of the US Dollar Index and silver for the same time periods show how these two asset classes are moving in opposite directions. First silver which has dropped about 15% in 19 days. Full Story

Silver Stocks: Cheaper is Better
By: Andrew Mickey, Q1 Publishing | 15 June, 2009
Right now, silver is in great position to do well over the short-term and long-term. It has all the attributes to perform in any type of economic environment. Whether we face deflation (and the inflationary money printing to offset it), inflation, or hyperinflation, silver (and therefore silver stocks) is set to go much higher. Full Story

Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 15 June, 2009
A week or so ago we gave the short term view of silver that a decent sized top was in. Our first choice Elliott wave pattern (see below) looked complete as you can see from the chart we reproduce below. We had an alternate wave count which would be invalidated if it went below $14.80. That has now happened so the first choice count is vindicated. Full Story

Mike Kachanovsky: Silver's Scarcity Premium
By: The Gold Report and Mike Kachanovsky | 9 June, 2009
'Silver and gold, silver and gold'. . .what to invest in—silver or gold? Investors on either side of this long-running debate are passionate about their precious metal of choice. But are they looking—or listening—to the right indicators? In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Mike Kachanovsky, aka 'Mexico Mike' from his Investor's Digest of Canada column, discusses historical changes in the gold-to-silver price ratio, shrinking supply. . .and what to buy. Full Story

Silver Slips Out Of Backwardation
By: Trace Mayer, J.D. | 7 June, 2009
Gold and silver are made for each other like peanut butter and jelly or milk and cookies. The ’sweat of the sun’ and ‘tears of the moon’ have served as money and currency for millennia. At all times and in all circumstances they remain money. Full Story

Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 4 June, 2009
Having looked out to months if not years and decades in our last article, we shift to the other end of the scale and how the eight hour chart of silver is going. I mentioned a near top to subscribers recently and one target price was the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of the entire March to November 2008 drop. On the NYSE that drop was $20.90 to $8.79 and if we do our sums that retracement comes out at $16.27. Yesterday silver got as high as $16.23 and has reacted to the downside with a dollar drop so far. Full Story

Precious Metals: Too Far Too Fast? What’s Likely to Happen Now?
By: Przemyslaw Radomski | 3 June, 2009
The precious metals market has been rallying very strongly in the past several weeks, which has happily contributed to increasing our net worth through our long-term holdings. Still, at the moment, it seems that the prices of precious metals and corresponding stocks have gone too high, too fast, and a healthy correction is likely. Full Story

Gold Investments Market Update - as Cool as Silver
By: Bullion Services Team | 2 June, 2009
Commodities across the board rallied significantly yesterday on signs of economic recovery that heralded the return of risk appetite. The upshot of this meant that the beleaguered dollar had another punishing day and this weakness pushed gold to $988.50. The next level of resistance is $999, with the $1000 mark likely to be breached soon thereafter. Gold's monthly close of $978.90 is bullish and shows that its current rally is sustainable. Silver touched $15.63 and has had its largest monthly increase since 1987 - up 27% for the month of May. Full Story

World Silver Survey – 2009 Commentary
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch | 1 June, 2009
There is no reason why long-term investment demand for silver should not continue in the rest of 2009. Investor activity that was the main driver of high silver prices last year will continue to demonstrate strength this year. At the Silver Forecaster, we agree with this conclusion but suggest that the general tone of the market will become more volatile as uncertainty grows, punctuated by bouts of optimism encouraged by global financial powers and governments. Full Story

Where Is Silver Heading?
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 31 May, 2009
Excitement has returned to the silver market as the sister metal of gold advances to highs not seen for ten months. Where is silver headed? Will it take out $21 with ease and head onto highs that evoke memories of 1979? Full Story

Silver shines and will continue to out perform gold
By: Peter Cooper, Arabian Money | 30 May, 2009
Should a bold investor therefore switch entirely into silver and out of gold? It depends how much volatility you can handle, and diversification is preferable if you want to be able to sleep at night. Silver was a little over $8 an ounce at the end of last year, though admittedly many investments hit low points then, but gold held up much better. Full Story

Silver Is Starting to Look Dull at Current Prices
By: Chris Vermeulen | 28 May, 2009
The technical outlook on the silver market does not look all that strong when looking from a distance. I like to keep eye on the longer term trend lines for possible support and resistance levels which are easily missed if you only follow the daily charts. Full Story

What Moves Up 3 Times Faster Than Gold?
By: Andrew Mickey, Q1 Publishing | 27 May, 2009
The excitement surrounding gold’s surge has only pushed silver further onto the back burner. (You don’t hear about any major hedge funds loading up on silver do you?) And that’s the point. Gold is hot and silver is – in a relative sense - not. Full Story

Silvermex Makes Strategic Acquisition of Neighbouring Rosario Silver Mine
By: Silvermex Resources Ltd. | 22 May, 2009
Silvermex Resources Ltd. (TSX VENTURE:SMR - News; the "Company" or "Silvermex") is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with Aurcana Corporation (TSX VENTURE:AUN - News; "Aurcana") to acquire a 100% interest in the silver -- gold -- lead -- zinc Rosario Property ("Rosario Property") located in south eastern Sinaloa State, Mexico. The Rosario Property consists of 18 concessions totaling approximately 8,515 hectares and is located approximately 94 kilometres southeast of Mazatlan. The property is strategically located within 2 kilometres of Silvermex's 1,250 hectare San Marcial Silver property. Full Story

Some Things Never Change
By: Warren Bevan | 20 May, 2009
Last week GFMS and the Silver Institute released their annual press release which sums up the basic supply demand equation. GFMS is renowned for their bearish stance on gold and silver and have been very conservative and wrong for the duration of this precious metals bull market. They are still singing the same old song this year and are calling for more downward pressure than upward. Some things never change. Full Story

Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 20 May, 2009
I recommend this GSR RSI approach as a useful addition to the gold and silver investor’s toolbox but only in the context of other metrics (some of which I make available to subscribers). Let me wrap this up by saying that silver is still in an overall bear market since March 2008. Previous corrections after silver price spikes in 2004 and 2006 suggest silver will not decisively take out its $21 high for a while yet but nevertheless, the ongoing rally since November 2008 is not over yet and in that sense we remain bullish into the new few months. Full Story

Silver Summit Relocates to World's Grandest Mining Venue
By: David Bond | 17 May, 2009
Silver Summit 2009 is moving to a new venue, the historic Davenport Hotel in downtown Spokane, Washington, with fresh new stars. Conference dates are Sept. 24 and 25. Full Story

The Silver Phoenix Rises From the Ashes of the American Revolution
By: Michael R Stoddard | 13 May, 2009
It's a chilly early December afternoon in Boston in the Year of our Lord 1773. You have been visited by an old friend who is a member of the Sons of Liberty. Asa gave you the appropriate secret SOL password, sign and handshake. Not that he needed to. You have been close friends since your youth when you both served on John Hancock's smuggling ship named Tyrannicide. Full Story

Silver Mom sends eBay packing: ThomWatch
By: Thom Calandra | 8 May, 2009
The mom who wants to put a silver spoon in everyone’s mouth just sent eBay packing. Joyce Espinosa, who mothered a brood of silver bullion aficionados, says her Mom’s Silver Shop is on its own. No more middle-Bay, AKA eBay. Full Story

Silver Leads Gold as Dollar Teeters
By: Jim Willie CB | 7 May, 2009
In a bizarre exercise intended to defend legitimacy, the bankers are engaged in a complex game of propaganda. They pressured the USCongress to relieve Wall Street from the chains of FASB Rule #157, and the senators & representatives obeyed their paying masters. The result has been a baseless stock rally led by insolvent banks that have lied desperately about their capital and earnings. The announced audited Citigroup profit of $1.6 billion in the first quarter was actually a deep $2.5 billion loss, provided the $4.1 billion in gimmickry was removed. Full Story

The Silver Phoenix is Rising Again
By: Michael R Stoddard | 7 May, 2009
I wish I had a troy ounce of silver for every time I have encountered those questions on the net! Newsflash, the prestigious ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has set the standards for international currencies. Silver and gold are listed by the ISO as currencies. A fascinating quick resource for information regarding currency ISO 4217 is Wikipedia of course. Full Story

How to Leverage Up Silver with Stocks
By: Peter J. Cooper | 7 May, 2009
The stupid way to leverage silver is to go out and borrow money to invest in this highly volatile commodity. A much more sensible approach is to buy silver producers and explorers whose share prices are leveraged against the price of the precious metal. Full Story

Is Silver The New Magic Bullet for Investors?
By: Peter J. Cooper | 4 May, 2009
When the gold price lifts off then the silver price should take off by at least a factor of two, and the gold:silver ratio drop. This is also the historic pattern, with silver the better performing metal in a boom, albeit with higher volatility than gold. So if you are looking for a magic bullet to boost your portfolio, silver should be your asset class of choice. Full Story

A Loverly Day in the Neighbourhood
By: David Bond | 20 April, 2009
As sure as our daffodils and tulips will follow our spray of crocus, as sure as Solstice warmth will follow the May and June rains ahead, even as sure as the sun sets on Western hegemony and Empire, even as it rises on an Asia that understands that metals win all wars and that silver and gold keep score, and the companies who mine and look for silver have their sunshine day a-coming. Plant and propagate your bulbs accordingly, and watch them multiply, before the soil hardens and the brown-shirts rip them out. Full Story

Will Silver Now Start To Outperform Gold?
By: Peter J. Cooper | 9 April, 2009
Precious metal fans face a conundrum in choosing to buy silver rather than gold: silver prices are more volatile but have always outperformed gold prices in previous financial crises. So you might sleep better as an investor in gold but ultimately lose out to silver. An equal split asset allocation is one way of hedging sleep and performance. Full Story

Commissioner Chilton’s Response to Reader Emails
By: Bart Chilton | 31 March, 2009
Thank you for your e-mail regarding silver. As many know, I called for an open hearing, and then for the investigation, which was announced last September. This is the first such investigation in many years. It is detailed and deep, looking at many aspects of the markets. The Commission has been briefed periodically on the investigation and I have had many additional meetings on the matter. We are making progress and I am pleased that the investigation is ongoing. Full Story

Silver Backwardation Bout Ends as SLV Fails to Announce its New Custodian (PART 2/2)
By: Jake Towne | 30 March, 2009
This article and charts is an update to an earlier article "18 Days and Counting - Silver Backwardation Persists in the London Market Place". In "Silver and Gold ARE Money (PART 1/2)", I charged that both silver and gold are money and shared information on the very important concept of gold's "stocks-to-flow" ratio and the size of the LBMA markets for both metals. Full Story

Silver and Gold New Rally Underway
By: Timothy Silvers | 26 March, 2009
Longer term outlook for the dollar is pretty poor, as the federal government is creating money out of thin air as if by magic. The projected budget deficits and implied increase in the public debt are astounding, and I think their budget numbers are wildly optimistic. Where on earth is the money going to come from to pay back the debt??? Full Story

Dow 3800 and SILVER better than GOLD? - Bob Chapman on GoldSeek Radio
By: GoldSeek Radio | 20 March, 2009
Bob Chapman on GoldSeek Radio 02/20/2009. Dollar will go down when deflation rolls over into inflation. The moment inflation kicks off, SILVER WILL BE YOUR BEST INVESTMENT. Full Story

Making Silver Coins [Video]
By: | 3 March, 2009
From the Discovery Channel's "How It's Made" Program Full Story

Five Weeks Of Silver Backwardation
By: Trace Mayer, J.D. | 25 February, 2009
What is the real silver price? With the specter of counter-party risk driving silver into backwardation if there is a failure to deliver then it will likely cause the silver price to shift from the COMEX just like a failure to deliver would cause the gold price to shift from the COMEX. Full Story

Silver and Gold Short Term Top
By: Timothy Silvers | 25 February, 2009
Right now I am looking for a consolidation that will take us down to neutral RSI levels. This will probably correspond to approximately $930 gold and $12.75 silver. If those levels don’t hold, then we’ll be heading back down to the low end of the trend channel at $880 gold and $11.75 silver. This correction will setup the next upward move where gold will take out its previous high of $1033 (spot price) and silver should trade in the $15-16 range or higher. I expect this will happen by the end of March or early April. As was true this past month, I believe that silver will have a greater percent price rise from the next bottom to top than gold. Full Story

Yousa! Eight Thousand Tonnes!
By: Tim Iacono | 23 February, 2009
The folks over at the iShares Silver Trust (NYSE:SLV) were quite busy last week, adding a total of 420 tonnes of silver to their stash, pushing the inventory at the world's most popular silver ETF above the 8,000 tonne level for the first time ever. Full Story

New Record in Silver ETF iShares Trust
By: | 20 February, 2009
Total Ounces in the iShares Silver Trust ETF: 253,146,836.9
+15.9% Increase YTD | +55.2% Increase Over Past Year
Full Story

18 Days and Counting - Silver Backwardation Persists in the London Market Place
By: Jake Towne | 14 February, 2009
"Peering through reverent fingers I watch [the Gods of the Market Place] flourish and fall. And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all." - Rudyard Kipling Full Story

Will Silver Now Outperform Gold?
By: Peter J. Cooper | 14 February, 2009
The closing price for silver this week is $13.70 while gold is at $941 per ounce. Precious metal prices are clearly in a rally, and a fairly gentle and sustainable one, rather than a price spike. And yet silver is out performing gold. By my approximate calculations silver has risen about four times faster than the yellow metal over the past few weeks. Full Story

Update on the Gold Silver Ratio
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 2 February, 2009
At one extreme, when the GSR hits 15 at the climax of a multi decade silver bull market (as in 1964-1980) it is time to seriously think about selling. When the other extreme is hit and silver is suffering in a deflationary bust, it is nigh on time to buy such as 1993 when the GSR hit 100 (only the second time in 200 years that such an event occurred). At a current value of 73 things may seem oversold for silver in GSR terms and one would have a justification for that looking at the 14 year chart below (silver price in red). Full Story

Silver in Backwardation! Has the Last Contango Been Danced in Washington?
By: Jake Towne | 31 January, 2009
The LBMA Silver Mid Rate goes negative AGAIN!!!! Read on to see why I used 4 exclamation points. Full Story

GATA's Message on Gold and Silver Manipulation to Barack Obama (PART 2/2)
By: Jake Towne | 30 January, 2009
"Surreptitious market manipulation by government is leading the world to disaster." - GATA, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee in a $264K full-page color ad in the Wall Street Journal, January 31, 2008 Full Story

New Inventory High at the Silver ETF
By: Tim Iacono | 27 January, 2009
Like its big golden brother, the iShares Silver Shares ETF (SLV) is now regularly making new all-time highs, the latest move coming yesterday with the addition of 199 tonnes. This brings the net gain to 550 tonnes so far in 2009. Full Story

Think Gold Premiums Are High? Wait Till You See Silver!
By: Stefan Pernar | 27 January, 2009
In order to examine similar effects on the premium of 1 ounce silver american eagle bullion coins I used the same method and analyzed silver eagles sold on eBay from early March 2008 until today and had some interesting results. After painstakingly cleaning up the data to remove items of primarily numismatic value - such as graded and proof coins - a massive 249′317 sold ounces (data available upon request) yielded the following picture and speaks volumes in regards to what kind of premiums buyers are willing to pay for real silver: Full Story

Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 26 January, 2009
Silver continues to lag behind gold as the two metals in general struggle against this deflationary setting. Gold has benefitted from some of the fears regarding the stability of the credit and banking system but not enough to propel it to new highs. Full Story

Silver and Gold Breakout Soon?
By: Timothy Silvers | 26 January, 2009
On Thursday the 15th, both gold and silver tested the lower channel trend line for the third day and then staged a nice rally on Friday. This rally was sharp and convincingly confirmed by the closing values this week. While I believe the bottom is in, there is still time to buy gold and silver before they breakout to the upside. The charts below show the current trend channels for gold and silver and the next levels of resistance. Full Story

Silver ETF Reaches New Inventory High
By: Tim Iacono | 13 January, 2009
If only the futures price would catch on to what has been happening over the last year or so at the world's largest silver ETF, the iShares Silver Trust (NYSEArca:SLV). With a massive addition of 218 tonnes on Friday, inventory reached a new all-time high of 7,063 tonnes. Full Story

Gold Investments Market Update - Silver Up 17% in Month but Remains Very Oversold
By: Gold Investments | 6 January, 2009
Gold has fallen again today and is down some 1% but continues to consolidate between $830/oz and $890/oz. Gold should remain well bid given the degree of international macroeconomic and geopolitical risk challenging us as we enter the New Year. The Middle East tensions continue to escalate and oil is up another 2.5% again today to some $50 per barrel again. Silver has outperformed even gold in the last 30 days and is trading very well – up nearly 17% versus gold’s rise of 12%. Full Story

Silver - The Cure for AIDS
By: Jake Towne, the Champion of the Constitution | 29 December, 2008
So in plain English, this silver doohickey fries AIDS. This patent was filed in 1996. Dr. Antelman lists therein two examples where several test subjects in Honduras in late stages of AIDS all had the virus destroyed by the Tetrasil/Imusil treatment, although several still died from the damage from the diseases that the AIDS virus allowed to evolve. Full Story

Feedback on High Silver Premiums
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 18 December, 2008
This article is intended as a follow up to the large number of emails I received after my article on high premiums on retail bullion silver. Needless to say, not everyone was in agreement with me and that was the majority! Full Story

Silver, But No Silver Lining
By: Robert Singer | 10 December, 2008
The end of our consumer society is on the horizon, which should be no surprise to anyone who took Economics 101. Do we really expect to spend our way out of this mess by buying and selling each other useless cheap stuff from China? Full Story

Why Pay High Silver Premiums?
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 2 December, 2008
Why is there no high premium on 1000 oz bars? The answer is because there is plenty of them to be had - the more common the item, the lower the premium. The scarcity of small investor silver is not a shortage of silver, it is a shortage of small pieces of silver pressed and stamped into pretty pictures. Full Story

Blowing Off the Froth
By: David Bond, Editor, The Silver Valley Mining Journal | 26 November, 2008
They only refuges in this market are an asset play or an earnings play. There are legitimate mining companies trading close to, or even below, a 1:1 price/earnings ratio. In other words, the cost of a single share is equal to or less than a single year's payback in dividends or earnings. The other way is to evaluate their properties, divide them over their current market cap, and decide accordingly. Full Story

The Extremes of Silver
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 24 November, 2008
I don’t think silver watchers need to be reminded of what has happened to silver in the last 8 months. The only answer they are looking for is when will we see a bottom to this carnage? As I look at my 14 member silver stock index, it has dropped from a high of 8.69 on the 3rd March 2008 to a new low of 1.31 as of last Thursday. That is a drop of 85% - cataclysmic by any standard of investing. Full Story

Silver ETF for Dubai as they fly in bullion for the Hunts of Arabia
By: Peter J. Cooper | 18 November, 2008
The Dubai Multi Commodities Center is understood to be putting the finishing touches to an exchange traded fund for silver with a launch likely next month as demand for silver has surged in the past six months. Full Story

Munich Musings
By: David Bond, The Wallace Street Journal | 11 November, 2008
Munich – OlympiaPark, built for the 1972 Summer Olympics here in Munchen, looks a little tired and dog-eared these days, not a lot different from the state of the gold and silver markets – equities and physicals. But scratch beneath the pallid paint and weather-stained concrete a tad, as we did at Frank and Jan's excellent adventure, the just-concluded 2008 Edelmetall & Rohstoffmesse precious metals and resource show, and all hell is breaking loose. Full Story

Silver still buys a good dinner in ancient Petra
By: Peter Cooper | 11 November, 2008
The other day I was reading some article which claimed that silver could no longer be considered a currency. Yet silver certainly was a currency in ancient and more modern times, and has retained its value. Full Story

Why Jim Rogers chooses silver over gold to beat inflation
By: Peter J. Cooper | 10 November, 2008
Legendary investor Jim Rogers, whose conversion to commodities as an investment class back in 1999 preceded the end of the 20-year bear market by a couple of months, is backing silver over gold as an asset class to beat inflation. Full Story

Is the silver futures market about to crack wide open?
By: Peter J. Cooper | 3 November, 2008
The silver market has been looking interesting for months, despite the price collapse. Beneath the surface of the recent spot price falls the structure of the market is changing in such a way that a powerful bull market is being set up. Full Story

Premium for Silver Coins Soars
By: Tim Iacono | 31 October, 2008
Look what's happened to the premium for 90 percent silver coins at one coin dealer - from about a dollar under spot to three dollars over spot in just the last few months. And these are their buy prices - their sell prices are a dollar or two an ounce higher. Full Story

Banco Azteca: New policy on purchase and sale of silver ‘Libertad’ coins
By: Hugo Salinas Price | 30 October, 2008
We believe the restriction of supply in silver ounces is meant to deprive the Mexican population of the possibility of seeking refuge in silver as a protection against financial and economic carnage, and to force Mexicans into depositing their savings in the Banking System, with its risks. Full Story

Yes, We Have No Silver
By: Sean Brodrick | 22 October, 2008
As the price of silver pulled back under $10 an ounce recently, I started loading up on the white metal. Or, I should say, I tried to load up. While I was easily able to buy silver coins with numismatic value, my first attempts to buy silver bullion coins met with frustration. I think this says a lot about the silver market right now. On paper, it’s cheap. But in the real, physical market, silver is getting very precious indeed. Full Story

Silver: Gap Between Paper and Physical Prices Widening Daily
By: Tim Iacono | 16 October, 2008
We were out for most of the day yesterday, so, I called into California Numismatics' 24-hour toll free recording to find out what happened in precious metals markets. What I heard was quite shocking and the chart below only tells half the story of how the gap between paper prices and physical prices is widening almost daily Full Story

Viva Silver!
By: Vincent Bressler | 16 October, 2008
Watch the premium on 90% and 40% US silver coins, first over and above the fraudulent COMEX price, and then, after COMEX defaults, over and above 100 ounce silver bars. That premium has been zero or negative until very recently. That premium is the "monetary" premium in silver. As this plays out, the premium on 90% and 40% silver coins will greatly exceed the premium on 100 ounce silver bars. These old quarters, dimes and half dollars will be the people's money. I don't see any other way out of this deep dark place. Full Story

Is it time to play the silver to gold ratio again?
By: Peter Degraaf | 13 October, 2008
Historically (1808 – 2008), the ratio between gold and silver has been 33 ounces of silver equals one ounce of gold. More recently, say 1978 – 2008, the ratio has widened to on average, 60 ounces of silver buys one ounce of gold. At the extremes the ratio fell to 17:1 in 1980 as both metals peaked; and rose to 100:1 in 1991 during the depth of the recession. Full Story

The S&P500 and Silver
By: Roland Watson | 6 October, 2008
Note that silver does not do well during the recessionary periods in grey bars. I see no reason for that to change and am actually surprised we haven’t entered recession already. When recession blows over and the main economic health indicators begins to flash green again we will be back into silver and look forward to more upside as inflation again begins to assert itself across the board. Full Story

Best outlook for silver since the days of the Hunt brothers
By: Peter J. Cooper | 26 September, 2008
Not since the Hunt Brothers tried to corner the silver market in the late 1970s has there been more dramatic news for silver prices than last week’s confirmation from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission enforcement division is investigating the silver market. Full Story

The Rebirth of Gold and Silver
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 10 September, 2008
Silver investors out there are chewing their fingers to the bone; they want something solid to put their feet on. The ultimate comfort is the confidence Elliott wave theory gives to see this coming and also point further ahead to events not only beyond this first bull leg but beyond to a glorious finale for silver, gold and any other asset that rallies itself against the loose foundation of fiat money. Full Story

Silver: How low will it go?
By: Peter Forth | 7 September, 2008
There is no question that precious metals have been pummeled lately and anyone who has been long the sector has seen their portfolios bleed red. As of Friday, Sep 5 2008 silver closed down nearly 5% at a new 12 month low. It has decisively broken through lows set earlier in the summer and is in a technically poor pattern. Full Story

Jon Nadler proves Precious Metals manipulation (no really, he does…)
By: C. Loeb | 5 September, 2008
A recent posting by Ted Butler analyzing the sudden sale of an additional 27,606 COMEX silver contracts by 2 banks as of August 5th has created renewed interest in the possibility that COMEX silver is manipulated. Not surprising, given a $6.00 collapse in silver concomitant with the placing of this short side bet. Full Story

Silver Stats that Will Make You Salivate
By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU | 2 September, 2008
I'm a guy who is an investor in silver, and who would be a BIGGER investor in silver if my stubborn wife was more reasonable about how to apportion my pitiful income among the various clamoring creditors and greedy children… Full Story

The Usual Suspects After All
By: Tom Szabo | 28 August, 2008
JPMorgan and HSBC are obviously huge individual players in the gold and silver markets and that includes the COMEX. The Call Reports prove, I believe, without a shadow of a doubt that these two U.S. banks constitute a significant portion, and probably the outright majority, of commercial short positions (both gross and net) in COMEX gold and silver futures. That might get the conspiracy-minded among us to start hootin’ and hollerin’, but I do want to point out that JPMorgan and HSBC have a much larger book of forward gold and silver contracts than they do COMEX gold and silver contracts. As a result, it is impossible to conclude with any degree of certainty that the COMEX gold and silver short positions are not in fact hedges of forward gold and silver long positions. Full Story

Once-Upon-A-Time, In ‘Never-Never’ Land, There Were Two Competing Silver Prices
By: Peter Degraaf | 26 August, 2008
These two silver prices were at loggerheads with each other. Every time the ‘real’ silver price began to rise, a ‘paper’ silver price would show up in large quantities and scare some of the holders of real silver to dump and run. Full Story

Trading at Cash Value - Or Less
By: | 25 August, 2008
In another sign that investors are shunning metals and mining stocks, publicly traded companies are now trading at their cash value - or less. Essentially, this means the market is valuing properties - both exploration and producing assets - at zero. Look at Mega Silver (MSR-TSXv). With a stock price of 43 cents, it has a $13 million market cap - and cash of $13 million. Full Story

Silver Summit 2008 to convene 18th September in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
By: Silver Summit 2008 | 21 August, 2008
Keynote speakers include Jeffrey M. Christian, managing director of the CPM Group; “Trader Roger” Wiegand of Trade Tracks Stocks; David Morgan, of the Morgan Report (formerly Silver-Investor); James Turk, founder of GoldMoney; Bill Murphy, chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Committee (GATA); author Norm Franz; Liberty Dollar founder Bernard von NotHaus; and Alexander Korelin, founder of A.B. Korelin & Associates and host of the popular radio program, the Korelin Economics Report. Full Story

Oh, Now I Get It!
By: Tom Szabo | 21 August, 2008
With SLV baskets more like water now than sand, we may see the premier silver ETF go on an absolute gobbling spree in the months ahead. This on top of SLV being possibly one of the most strongly held investment vehicles out there with virtually no decline in its holdings after a 40%+ price drop. The future of SLV and silver could be quite interesting! Full Story

The New Silver: Now Made with Real Paper
By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU | 21 August, 2008
So, from now on, if you ever want to buy some silver, MSS will sell it to you at the lowest price possible; the spot price! All you have to do is just send the money to me, in cash, in a plain brown envelope addressed to 'Occupant', and I will gladly send you a piece of paper that says I sold you some silver. Full Story

Let's Be Hunts
By: David Bond, Editor The Silver Valley Mining Journal | 17 August, 2008
Ask delivery of $12.80 silver and $790 gold, today. There are 300 million of us. A single ounce of physical silver for every man, woman and child in the United Snakes would squeeze these rat-bastards harder than the Hunts could ever do. There were two Hunt brothers in 1979. There are 300 million of us in 2008. Even in this country, there aren't enough jail cells to hold us all. And we could take their pants off, once and for all. Full Story

Silver Shortage? What, Me Worry?
By: David Bond, Editor The Silver Valley Mining Journal | 15 August, 2008
We find this quite curious. It seems that when the price of silver is low, there is a shortage of silver, because people can't get enough of the white metal. When the price of silver is high, there is a shortage of silver, because folks can't get enough of it. Would it be too much of a reach to surmise that there's just a plain shortage of silver? Full Story

silberinfo Interview with United States Mint
By: silberinfo | 18 July, 2008
The United States Mint's capacity to produce American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins is quite large. United States Mint facilities have sufficient production capacity to meet the unprecedented demand for these coins. However, we have encountered challenges in acquiring enough silver blanks that meet the exacting specifications of the American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin Program to fulfill the current high demand. Full Story

Local coin shop runs out of silver bullion coins
By: Peter J. Cooper | 18 July, 2008
Yesterday I visited the local coin shop in my home town, Salisbury in England and while full of interesting medals and collectables something was missing this year. The coin counter had shrunken to a small selection in the corner. Full Story

By: Doug French, Liberty Watch Magazine | 8 July, 2008
A quarter weighs about a fifth of an ounce. At today’s silver price of around $18 per ounce, the 1963 quarter had the equivalent of today’s $3.24 of silver in it. Thus, silver essentially buys the same amount of gasoline today that it did 45 years ago. Full Story

Will Arabian investors do a Hunt to silver?
By: Peter J. Cooper | 7 July, 2008
If gold has bright prospects due to inflation over the next couple of years, then silver shines even brighter. For in previous periods of financial turmoil and high inflation silver has always out performed gold by a factor of more than two. It is only the volatility of silver prices which puts investors off. But that is increasingly seen as a small price to pay for out performance. Full Story

Silver Delivery "Delays"
By: Stephen Kovaka, CPA | 24 June, 2008
For many years, silver commentators have warned us that someday supplies of silver would dry up, inasmuch as net industrial use plus investor demand have long exceeded new mine production. At this point we could expect to see some combination of shortages and price increases, and probably chaotic market conditions. Full Story

Dynamics of the Silver Price Revolution
By: Vincent Bressler | 14 June, 2008
Recently, when silver was topping out at around $21 per ounce, there was an acute shortage of silver available for investing. This investment demand problem threatened to kick silver into an industrial deficit driven price revolution. The problem was resolved via unofficial rationing. New silver eagles and new 100 ounce bars have become increasingly unavailable since that time. Full Story

Will the Hunts buy silver again after selling Hunt Petroleum?
By: Peter J. Cooper | 12 June, 2008
This week XTO Energy finally agreed to buy Hunt Petroleum for $4.2 billion after a long legal tussle between Hunt family heirs. The firm was founded by the late billionaire HL Hunt whose sons Nelson Bunker Hunt and William Herbert Hunt once cornered the world silver market in the 1970s. Full Story

Putting Loincloth on the Naked Bogeyman
By: Antal E. Fekete | 11 June, 2008
I started writing this piece as the sub-prime crisis was unfolding. I wanted to establish the connection between the silver basis and the budding banking crisis caused by phony bond insurance schemes and the lack of hedging irredeemable dollar debt with metal holdings. My original title was Putting Clothes on the Naked Bogeyman. As writing progressed I realized that it would take more than one article to dress up the bogeyman; hence the revised title. Full Story

silberinfo interview with Royal Canadian Mint
By: silberinfo | 6 June, 2008
David, we would like to talk about the Silver Bullion Maple Leaf first. In Germany, it is a huge success. Could you tell us, what the approximate percentage of the sales in Germany from the total sales would be? Full Story

US Mint Issues False Statement on Silver Bullion Sourcing
By: Bix Weir | 6 June, 2008
There is no reference to silver bullion having to be “newly mined” or being sourced domestically in the US coinage law 31USC5112, but there are specific laws passed to ensure that there is NO LIMITATION on the silver bullion available for the US Silver Eagle Program. Full Story

Open Lawyer's Letter to Bart Chilton, CFTC Commissioner
By: Avery B. Goodman | 6 June, 2008
In a report, dated May 13, 2008, CFTC staff allegedly “investigated” the functioning of the silver futures market. Their conclusion was that it is functioning properly. Unfortunately, the investigation was woefully flawed. Staff failed to inquire into the most basic issues. They didn’t ask for warehouse receipts, didn’t inspect alleged warehouses, didn’t count the bars of silver, and, in fact, didn’t do any accounting at all, with respect to the alleged silver that is supposed to cover derivative dealer futures contracts. Full Story

US Silver Eagles Illegally Rationed
By: Bix Weir | 4 June, 2008
The law is clear that the silver coins must be supplied to the US public in "quantities sufficient to meet public demand" EVEN IF it means the US Mint drives up the price of silver bullion on the open market in order to obtain the silver needed to produce the US Silver Eagles. Full Story

Tracking the Re-Monetization of Silver
By: Vincent Bressler | 2 June, 2008
Silver has been thoroughly de-monetized. The best way to observe this phenomenon is by looking at the above ground stock of silver. Many words have been written on this subject over the last ten years by Ted Butler and others. Let me simply state that that there is very little above ground silver left in the world, perhaps less than 1% of what there used to be. Full Story

Profit From Crisis in the Silver Market and Help Defeat the Cartel
By: Deepcaster | 30 May, 2008
That there is a Crisis in the Silver Market is clear. Deepcaster recommends that all those who do not believe there is such a Crisis try to take delivery of Physical Silver. Attempting to take delivery of Physical Silver will likely provide a dose of Reality Therapy. Delivery delays are common, with delays for delivery of 100 oz. Bars running 6 to 8 weeks, for example. Full Story

Road to Roota VI: CFTC Silver Manipulation Investigation...6 Strikes and yer out!
By: Bix Weir | 30 May, 2008
In my opinion the CFTC made no attempt to investigate the potential that the commentators and investors claiming silver manipulation could actually be correct. There was no analysis of the silver market fundamentals, no investigation (or audits) into physical silver available for delivery against the short positions, no investigation of potential collusion between the 8 largest shorts, no analysis of silver leasing, swapping or lending, no interviews with market analysts or commentators, no analysis of silver market slam events and no attempt to explain the COMEX silver crime committed on May 17-20, 2008. Full Story

Silver Institute Urges U.S. Mint to Stabilize American Eagle Silver Bullion Coinage Program - Consumers Currently Holding Empty Coin Bag
By: Silver Institute | 29 May, 2008
Unprecedented investor demand has caused a market shortage for American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins, and the Silver Institute has called on the U.S. Mint to take immediate steps to increase production of this popular physical precious metal investment vehicle. Full Story

A Trader Tells me there is no Silver Manipulation
By: Jason Hommel, Silver Stock Report | 18 May, 2008
Thank you for airing your complaint in a most professional manner. If your arguments are any indication of the level of understanding of the smartest and most well capitalized traders in silver futures, I think you have helped me to make my case that I'm exactly where I want to be, and that I'm doing exactly the right things. Full Story

Road to Roota V
By: Bix Weir | 16 May, 2008
I’m going to say it flat out…SELL ALL YOUR GOLD INVESTMENTS NOW AND BUY PHYSICAL SILVER! This is not a joke and don’t get me wrong, I am the biggest “gold bug” you’ve ever meet, but it is time we ended their evil game. The Cabal has shown their Achilles Heal over the past few months and it is not gold but the depletion of Physical Silver available for delivery that will ultimately lead to their demise. Full Story

New Study Finds Silver Futures Market is Functioning Properly
By: U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission | 14 May, 2008
The Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) Division of Market Oversight (DMO) today released a report that re-examines long-term and recent allegations of misconduct in the silver markets and finds that there is no evidence of manipulation in those markets for the trading period examined. Full Story

Why Is Canada’s Mint Doubling Its Gold & Silver Debts?
By: Vince Byfield | 6 May, 2008
This report is the result of a passing interest in the Royal Canadian Mint’s latest annual report (2007). I wanted to further validate whether silver sales for last year were up substantially and if so, why the Mint’s bullion revenues were not substantially higher. Full Story

What’s Behind the Slide in Gold and Silver?
By: Gary Dorsch, Editor, Global Money Trends | 1 May, 2008
The latest shake-out in silver and gold may have a little further to go, but for investors betting on higher commodity prices in the longer-term, fueled by strong Asian demand, explosive money supply growth, and negative interest rates in the United States, one should recall the advice of the London trading wizard Nathan Rothschild, “The time to buy is when the blood is running in the streets.” Full Story

Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 25 April, 2008
After dropping almost five dollars, silver has reached its 7 month trend line. What will happen now is important to the general silver situation for at least several months. If this line is decisively broken, I see no barrier to stopping silver heading down to its 200 day moving average and then some. If it rallies from here we could see another challenge at the old high of $21 set in March. Full Story

Dorothy's Silver Slippers
By: Hugo Salinas Price | 23 April, 2008
Hugo Salinas Price, president of the Mexican Civic Association for Silver and the world's foremost advocate of restoring silver's role as a circulating currency, addressed GATA's recent conference in Washington by video. His address, "Dorothy's Silver Slippers," detailed his proposal for the issuance of a circulating silver ounce coin for Mexico -- a coin that, not being imprinted with any particular peso value, would never be at risk of withdrawal from circulation because its melt value had come to exceed its face value. Full Story

silberinfo Interview with Ted Butler
By: Team silberinfo | 18 April, 2008
I do know this - silver is still grossly undervalued, because of its supply/demand fundamentals, its relationship to their commodities and in light of the record concentrated shore position. Someday, and I don’t know which day, those things may no longer be true and silver may no longer be undervalued. But that day is not today. Aside from potential short term sell-offs engineered by the big shorts on the COMEX, silver still looks like the best long term investment. Full Story

Unfounded Allegations Regarding Perth Mint Certificate Program
By: Mark O’Byrne, Gold & Silver Investments Limited | 28 March, 2008
Further to recent articles containing unfounded rumours and allegations alleging that the Perth Mint does not have physical precious metals (especially silver) to back its storage programmes or to make deliveries we have received a few phone calls and emails from concerned clientele. Both the Perth Mint and Gold Investments strongly refute these absolutely baseless allegations. Full Story

Silver and Gold Stocks Revisited
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 28 March, 2008
All I can say is that if the credit squeeze fears are finally put aside around the same time gold and silver form their next major bottom then mining stocks may well be the place to be. In other words, if the S&P500 can rally to new highs in the next 12 months while the precious metals gun for their old highs then the HUI and other mining stocks will have the best of both worlds. Full Story

The Great Silver Sell Out Caper
By: Richard Daughty, The MOGAMBO GURU | 28 March, 2008
I know that you think it is such a bargain that you cannot resist, and so I urge you to hurry, hurry, hurry to the Mogambo Silver Storage Service (MSSS), where our motto is, 'Send us the money, then we'll talk.' Full Story

Buying Silver When There is None Left to Buy
By: The Optimist | 24 March, 2008
What could be better last Thursday than to buy some silver at less than $17 per ounce? Just a few days earlier, silver was more than $21, so by Thursday it was trading at almost a 20% discount! What better time could there be to convert depreciating fiat paper into real, beautiful, solid, dependable, and best of all, now cheap physical silver! Full Story

Are We Out of Cheap Silver?
By: Vincent Bressler | 21 March, 2008
While the price of silver in the futures market was falling by 17% this week, coin shops all over the country were running out of silver. We are witnessing a disconnect between the financial markets and reality. Full Story

The Silver Stocks Situation
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 19 March, 2008
Since the August lows when silver hit just over $11 an ounce, we have seen silver surge to $21 for a rough gain of 75%. That is a very good return over 7 months or 92% if annualized. But silver investors had high hopes for another asset class when this bull run began and that was silver mining stocks. Full Story

Past The Ides of March
By: David Bond, Editor, The Silver Valley Mining Journal | 18 March, 2008
So we take the frantic chatter on the financial TV shows perhaps a little less seriously than the folks in the cities and on the coasts. And we take Wall Street's dead cat bounce and the fools who are buying into it this week even less seriously than blowhard Jim Cramer's rant on CNBC just one week ago that “Bear Stearns is just fine.” Full Story

A Golden Future for Silver
By: Roy Martens | 11 March, 2008
Lately, silver has been making huge daily swings, and the big picture is becoming clearer and clearer. If the weekly chart in this month’s update is correct, we are on the verge of completing the presented head and shoulders pattern, triggering a gold-silver ratio of 12 to 14. If the neckline is taken out, we should see the next stage in this cycle occur, i.e. another acceleration in the declining gold-silver ratio. If this transpires, silver producers and explorers could really take off, sending their share prices into orbit. Full Story

The $5 Silver Blow-Off Is Now
By: David Bond, The Wallace Street Journal | 6 March, 2008
What's different between 2008 and 1980 is that the above-described bag of tricks the Nixon-Carter-Reagan crowd were able to hurl at the silver market back then is exhausted now. There is nothing left of it but whole cloth. So when you see silver get to $137/ounce (in 2007-equivalent dollars, whatever those will be) do not fear a 1980-style blow-off. It will, at that point, be just getting warmed up. Full Story

Predicting the Silver Top
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 3 March, 2008
Silver is rocketing, the silver shorts are sweating profusely and silver continues to outperform gold as the next big silver spike begins to take shape. The main question now is at what price will you exit your silver position? Full Story

Silver Price Trades at Record $20 an ounce
By: | 2 March, 2008
Denver, Colorado -- The spot price of silver reached new record levels, touching a fresh 28 year peak. The price of silver was quoted bid $20 a troy ounce in overseas trading, surpassing the $20 mark at just after 23:45 Eastern Time, Sunday March 2, 2008. Full Story

What’s An Investor to Do Now?
By: Michael Kilbach, Investment Score Inc. | 29 February, 2008
Currently we are extremely bullish on silver and gold as we have been for many years, but we are not planning on adding to new bullion positions at this time. Why? We think many investors misinterpret a general statement of “being bullish” for meaning that prices will continue higher from the exact moment of receiving the comment until the ultimate expected high. Full Story

Silver Now Outperforming Gold
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 27 February, 2008
As readers may know, silver has put in a sterling performance this week and has outperformed gold into the bargain. The prediction that silver will eventually outperform gold as the precious metal bull market reaches a new zenith point is being fulfilled before our very eyes. Full Story

GoldMoney Introduces Zurich Silver Vault
By: GoldMoney | 20 February, 2008
We are pleased to announce that GoldMoney has recently introduced the ability to store silver in Zurich, Switzerland using the same vault operator, VIA MAT International Ltd., that currently stores your silver in their vault near London, England. As with the silver in London, silver in Zurich is protected against theft by a policy underwritten through Lloyd's of London. Full Story

Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 19 February, 2008
As discussed last week we had a gap on the 8th which would be bullish if not filled in quickly. The gap was not filled over the subsequent week even though silver was consolidating sideways. Full Story

Is Dishoarding Massive Quantities of Silver from India Likely?
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch | 19 February, 2008
Silver prices are at their peak and look as though they are going to go higher, once this period of consolidation is out of the way. Silver prices have risen steadily over the years alongside gold despite there being both a surplus and government selling of stockpiles. Full Story

A Whiskey & Gunpowder Special Report: Silver
By: Whiskey & Gunpowder | 12 February, 2008
Above ground inventories are dwindling, and demand continues to outstrip supply at a pace of 200 million ounces a year. Investors like Warren Buffet realize this and are taking advantage right now. But the best profits are not in holding bullion itself. Looking to add stocks of silver miners to your portfolio is the cheapest way to gain the greatest chance for skyrocket profits. Full Story

The Surrender of the Silver Shorts
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 7 February, 2008
One major theme that unites a lot of silver investors is the matter of the major short sellers of silver. To be more precise, the well known fact is that the class of silver traders known as the commercials has been net short silver for literally decades. The chart below demonstrates this fact quite readily. Full Story

Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 1 February, 2008
Silver continues to advance this week into the $17 territory and onto a level somewhere we believe in the $20 to $30 range. That difference between $20 and $30 is a lot to investors who are especially leveraged to silver through stocks, options and futures but also to those who hold large quantities of silver be it in ETFs, pool accounts or in other secure deposits. Full Story

The Double Whammy of Geopolitical Gold Games
By: Antal E. Fekete | 30 January, 2008
Even the most rabid silver bugs admit the possibility that the Chinese are the Big Silver Shorts. This suggests that the Big Gold Shorts are also governments. Neither are naked by any stretch of the imagination. The double whammy of gold and silver accumulation by unnamed governments is the big puzzle of the present financial crisis in the world as it holds the key to the resolution. Full Story

More Questions About the Silver ETF
By: James Turk, Founder & Chairman of | 28 January, 2008
When you own shares in SLV, you do not own physical silver, you own an equity that gives you exposure to the silver price. That makes SLV a trading vehicle, like a futures contract. A futures contract is not an alternative to owning physical silver, and neither is SLV. Full Story

Silver in Surplus?
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 28 January, 2008
Firstly, there is no such thing as a silver surplus. In the days when the US Government used to hold billions of ounces of silver in stockpile, we could say "Yes". But now with even the US government tapped out of silver and having to purchase on the open markets, silver is no longer drip fed or dumped onto the markets by big holders as of old. Full Story

Silver and the General Stock Market
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 24 January, 2008
Again, let me iterate that the silver bull market is about money - fiat money versus real money. The fiat dollar has been rapidly inflating away in value for the last 6 years. At this rate it could approach half of its 2000 value but we think it will stop short of that. When the fiat money balloon expands full of worthless air, investors shift to hard money as in gold and silver. That’s the situation in a nutshell. Full Story

Buying Silver in Britain
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 21 January, 2008
I was asked recently to give some thoughts on buying silver in Britain as an investment and now put these considerations into the public domain with some additions. But first the obvious question, why would Brits buy silver? The answer is given in the chart below which is the five year progress of silver priced in pounds sterling. Full Story

Scunnered, or, The Great Disconnect
By: David Bond | 16 January, 2008
You're reading this rant because you have figured out the U$ Dollar is bunkum. Our savings and our earnings have been pitched to the wolves by the dirty Fed. A bet on the worst mining issue on the planet is probably a long sight safer than a bet on Bernanke, or Citigroup, or whoever is left standing when the paper falls out of the sky.
Full Story

A Silver Elliot Puzzle
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 15 January, 2008
Well, it is not a puzzle really but in the search for a silver exit strategy we occasionally come across rocks in the road which make us wonder “Will this or that happen?” Full Story

Ranking Silver Stocks
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 8 January, 2008
Three months ago at the beginning of October The Silver Analyst had a look at 60 silver or silver related stocks and ranked them according to the most important feature investors want in a silver mining stock. That feature is leverage. If silver is powering ahead as we expect it to do increasingly in the months ahead then we want stocks which power ahead even more than silver. Full Story

Doubling The Silver Bet
By: David Bond | 5 January, 2008
This is a great way to start 2008. There are no wrong moves in the silver market (unless you're selling) and there are no wrong moves in the Silver Valley. The only thing that can attempt to destroy this market is an attack by the full faith and credit of the United Snakes Government. And they have neither faith nor credit. Bring on the snow. It's our time. Get aboard. Full Story

Why Silver Is About To Take Over For Gold
By: Captain Hook | 26 November, 2007
The US Dollar ($) is losing its global reserve currency status, and the rate at which this is occurring is accelerating in direct proportion to easy money policy of the Fed. As with the $’s reaction to the Fed’s policy decision, any further administered rate cuts will be met with an accelerating decline in the $, along with unfavorable and opposite reactions in market rates. Full Story

The Silver Blow Off
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 18 November, 2007
Of course, I can’t say with an oath where exactly silver and gold are going, but I believe it is higher yet and I just want to present two items which help bolster that opinion. You may have your own favorite reasons but first I start with a simple Elliott Wave pattern. Full Story

CBOT Margin Changes
By: CBOT | 15 November, 2007
The following margin requirements will become effective with the close of business on Wednesday, November 14, 2007 Full Story

Early Turkey Edition -- Northwest Mining Stock News
By: Tom Wobker | 14 November, 2007
Silver rocketing to $15. Gold surging to 27-year highs. Foreign capital flooding into Northwest mining and more action in the Silver Valley than we’ve seen in a generation. To top it off, a plunging dollar, a credit crisis and wild market volatility. Full Story

How Not To Lose Money in Silver
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 8 November, 2007
Silver has broken out of its correction phase, a new bull leg in silver has resumed and I am addressing the subject of losing money in silver. Have I gone mad or what? No and for two simple reasons which are displayed in graphical form below. The first is the silver spike of 2004 and the other is the silver spike of 2006. Full Story

Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 3 November, 2007
Last week I mentioned how silver was underperforming gold at this present time but demonstrated that this was something to be expected. Silver lags gold at the beginning of a bull leg up but as if to compensate this seeming conundrum, silver will assuredly be outperforming gold at the end of the same bull leg! Full Story

Silver Underperforming Gold?
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 29 October, 2007
As of last Friday, gold closed at $783.50 and silver at $14.17. Gold is now more than 9% above its last major high of $717.10 of the 11th May 2006 but silver was still 4% below its closing high of $14.78 of the same day in 2006. Full Story

silberinfo Interview Zürcher Kantonal Bank
By: silberinfo | 19 October, 2007
Besides the fundamentals, which support an investment in precious metals as a longterm strategy, the ZKB ETFs on Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium offer an unique setup, which provides all institutional investors and high net worth individuals with an effective and innovative instrument to implement their commodity strategy. Full Story

SLV - Silver ETF - Time Cycle & Fibonacci Retracement Analysis
By: Ruben T. Varela | 16 October, 2007
Taking a look at Time Cycle Analysis, I want to start my time measurement right at the launch of the Oct-03 "Impulsive Phase" - capturing just the explosive parabolic rally, and none of the preceding consolidation. The second green line is placed at the launch of the last "Impulsive Phase". The third green line is equidistant so it draws itself. Full Story

Will Mugabe Take 51% of Platinum Mines?
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster - Global Watch | 28 September, 2007
Mr. Mugabe has a long history of destroying the country’s assets. It started with him forcing Zimbabwe banks [such as Grindley’s] holding foreign investments on behalf of Zimbabweans [in nominee names], to hand them over to the government in exchange for 4% government bonds [that was in 1983]. That resulted in the termination of direct private foreign investments to Zimbabwe. Next came the white owned farmland, which confiscations led to Zimbabwe changing from the breadbasket of Africa to a country unable to grow its own food and starvation staring many of them in the face. Full Story Radio: Congressman Dr. Ron Paul & Chris Waltzek
By: Radio | 26 September, 2007 Radio: Congressman Dr. Ron Paul & Chris Waltzek. Full Story

Exploding The Myth Of Silver Shortage
By: Antal E. Fekete | 25 September, 2007
On Thursday, September 20, 2007, the lease rate of silver suddenly dipped into negative territory. It fell to minus 0.1 percent per annum. I wish Ted Butler would explain the behavior of silver lease rates and the silver basis to his readers. In particular, he should explain negative lease rates, and negative basis or backwardation. It may be more helpful in promoting an understanding of the silver market than analogies about raptors and dinosaurs. Full Story

Short Term Top Near?
By: Timothy Silvers | 25 September, 2007
If you haven't bought silver on the dips yet this summer, buy on the next correction in gold. That will likely be the low for the rest of the year. If you have not yet bought any silver for your portfolio and if you are planning to hold for long term investing, consider that it doesn't matter if you buy at 13.50 or 14.50. You may want to dollar cost average purchases over the next several weeks. It is more important that you establish a position while silver is still affordable than that you get in at the lowest price. I think silver will break $15 and gold $800 before year end. Full Story

Busting More Silver ETF Myths
By: Tom Szabo | 19 September, 2007
Today, I'd like to tackle a new wrinkle in the SLV bashing saga, an allegation that is wilder yet easier to cut down than those which came before it. This latest "rumor" abuses people's inherent fears about the collapse of the banking system as recently demonstrated by Northern Rock customers waiting in blocks-long lines to get their money out of the liquidity-strapped, U.K.-based mortgage bank. Full Story

Silver Outperforming the HUI
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 18 September, 2007
The chart above demonstrates this reversal of investment fortunes in silver and the HUI. Back in November 2004, the HUI reigned supreme and returned 412% over and above anything silver had gained by then. But since then that leverage over silver has dropped and dropped until equality (= 1.000 on the chart) was gained in 2006 until silver began to outperform the HUI. Full Story

Summer of Fear Coming to a Close
By: Clif Droke | 18 September, 2007
It was a hot summer in 2007 – one of the hottest on record. But the summer heat was totally eclipsed by the record amount of fear and panic felt by the masses as the mainstream media dropped one big “fear bomb” after another on investors from July through September. Full Story

Silver is not Money!
By: Ruben T. Varela | 17 September, 2007
Very few investments test an investor’s patience and conviction like Silver. It is clear that the current price of Silver includes NO MONETARY consideration. This present situation, given current “stagflationary” forces, illustrates an excellent comparative value for Silver and will not likely last much longer as the investment world ultimately receives a review course in history and economics. Full Story

Silver Goodies Part of Silver Summit 2007
By: David Bond | 13 September, 2007
In addition to a world-class panel of experts and CEOs from all corners of the silver world, Silver Summit 2007 this year will feature a variety of products using silver in traditional and non-traditional applications. Full Story

Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 7 September, 2007
This is a copy of the weekend update I sent to subscribers 5 days ago on Sunday 2nd September. Since then silver is up as high as 5.6% intraday, likewise PAAS is up 6.5%, SSRI is up 19% and gold is up 5.4%. Is the bull market for silver and gold now in full resumption? We think so and will invest accordingly. Full Story

The New York Times and the 1872 Mining Law
By: David Bond, The Silver Valley Mining Journal | 30 August, 2007
The 1872 law was an attempt to codify and consolidate court-case law and mining district rules into a single act whose primary purpose was to protect a prospector's discovery from intruders – “finders keepers” – essentially. To discourage speculation, the law requires prospectors to prove up mineral value before a claim can be staked. Full Story

Another Chance to Buy
By: Timothy Silvers | 20 August, 2007
Now is the time to buy more gold and silver if you have not yet done so. This article will be short and to the point as I am using a slow dial up internet connection in northern Pakistan (which is quite safe for travel, even for Americans, and has amazing mountains in every direction). I recommended on July 2 to buy silver and gold at those levels with a possible short term rally and possible other buying opportunity between the end of Aug and Oct. The other buying opportunity is here right now. Full Story

The Significance of Quality in Money
By: Hugo Salinas Price | 20 August, 2007
The monetized silver coin - the “Libertad” ounce - will be a high-quality money; its merit will not reside in the sphere of quantity and its effects will not be primarily or principally detectable in the sphere of what is quantifiable, but rather in the sphere of quality, where we find such values as love of country, national pride, confidence, reasons to save, satisfaction and personal peace of mind, and therefore, social stability – none of which can be measured. Full Story

Feel The ‘PAIN’ In Precious Metals Stocks!
By: Michael Kilbach | 17 August, 2007
August is generally a weak time of year for commodities and lower prices should be expected. In our opinion the silver and gold markets price action is acting as we would expect in these conditions. We believe the long term bull market in commodities is not over and therefore we are adding to our favorite silver investments on price weakness. Full Story

Silver and Gold Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 16 August, 2007
Silver itself has fared somewhat worse than stock markets with a 16% drop. In other words, you didn’t do much worse holding silver bullion. The surprise however is gold which has performed admirably in losing only 4.4% during this Dow downdraft. It seems that although investors do not regard these events as our financial hurricane, enough are seeing a hurricane to shore up gold prices with their precautionary buying and holding. Full Story

Silvercast Presentation: Arian Silver Corp. [TSX-V: AGQ]
By: | 3 August, 2007
Silvercast Presentation: Arian Silver Corp. [TSX-V: AGQ] Full Story

The Case for Buying Silver: A History of Paper Money
By: Howard Ruff | 19 July, 2007
History tells us that the first paper currencies were notes payable (redeemable) in gold or silver, or, mere warehouse receipts for stored gold. Over the years, it became obvious that it was easier to simply exchange the receipts after a transaction than go to the warehouse with the receipts to get the gold and silver. The receipts became currency in common usage, and the people began to think of the receipts (currency) as money all by itself, completely detached from any stored gold. Full Story

When Is It Time To “Worry” About Our Investments?
By: Michael Kilbach | 12 July, 2007
In 2006 silver and gold had a major advance followed by significant correction. In our opinion this healthy correction appears to be following a normal pattern. We are currently in late spring heading into summer, the months where the metals price seems to regularly soften. We are predictably hearing bearish commentary and news about how poorly silver and gold have been performing and why it may drastically fall. In our opinion all of these market observations are normal, healthy and bullish for the price of silver and gold. Full Story

Buy the Silver Sidestep For Super Profits
By: Jim Otis | 11 July, 2007
Hey! Its great to be back among friends. I’ve been doing other things for a few months, but now seems like a great time to talk about silver again. If history rhymes for the rest of this year, the Silver Sidestep looks like a fantastic opportunity! Full Story

Sell Offs Make You Think
By: Israel Friedman | 3 July, 2007
If you study silver like I do every day, the recent price drop affects you in different ways. It makes you afraid of losing money, or angry if you believe in manipulation. For some people, it makes them happy they are in a position to buy more. A sudden sell off like this last one also makes you think and re-evaluate. I wonder if the original reasons I bought silver are still okay. That is good because things can change. In fact, I think things have changed in silver. Believe it or not, I think the silver story has gotten better than before. Full Story

Silver Summit 2007 – A Magical Mystery Tour
By: David Bond | 2 July, 2007
Wallace, Idaho – Silver Summit 2007. It's right on the horizon, and officially opens its doors Sept. 20 and closes on the 21st, but if you're paying attention, there's a one-day pre-function on Wednesday, the 19th and a weekend of Wallace-style revelry on the 22nd and 23rd. Full Story

Buy Silver Now and How to Buy
By: Timothy Silvers | 2 July, 2007
In any event, I think this is a very low risk buying opportunity for cash purchases of silver (and gold, for that matter) for long term holding. I would not be surprised to see a small rally in the next month or two, which I may miss in the next 30 day trek in the Ladakh/Zanskar wilderness. If we rally quickly to an RSI in the high 60’s you might take consider taking partial profits or hold for bigger gains in the fourth quarter of this year. It is possible to see again a great buying opportunity in silver and gold sometime between the end of Aug and the end of October. Full Story

Silver Coiled and Ready to Spring
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 29 June, 2007
A look at a seasonal chart for silver suggests June to September are weaker months for the price of silver. We also note that the previous breakouts for silver (see chart) occurred towards the end of the year. We already mentioned September for the $15 run up, but the $8.50 run up started in early October 2003. So far our analysis suggests an autumn breakout for silver. Full Story

What’s Going On In PM’s?!
By: Michael Kilbach | 28 June, 2007
The past few days of trading in gold and silver are a great example of why we continually stress the importance of keeping the big picture in perspective. It is difficult not to become emotional when dramatic one day drops catch even the most seasoned investors off guard. Full Story

Perfidy's 40th Anniversary
By: David Bond | 27 June, 2007
Wallace, Idaho – Delivered on our front porch yesterday morning was a baleful reminder that it was 40 years ago this week, Great Society's creator, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, signed legislation finally and forever ending this sad Republic's government's 200-year policy of (more or less) keeping its promises. Full Story

A Look At PAAS And The Silver Stock Sector
By: Clif Droke | 4 June, 2007
It has been a rough past few weeks for the silver stocks, with some taking more of a hit than others. A few “name” stocks like Coeur d’Alene (CDE) have born the full brunt of the bears’ fury while other stocks have held up quite well and some have even gone on to make new highs in spite of the recent correction. We’ll take a look at some of these stocks in this report. Full Story

Yes! It’s The ‘Real Thing!’
By: Peter Degraaf | 2 June, 2007
Featured is the daily bar chart for silver. The main trend is clearly defined. The blue arrows point to the upside break-out, in price and in the supporting indicators. The green arrows are the likely targets for this move. The 50DMA (solid blue line), and the 200DMA (solid red line), are in positive alignment, and both are in ‘up-mode’. ‘It’s the REAL THING!’ Full Story

Silver: The Long Term View
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 1 June, 2007
Back in the depression year of 1932 silver was suffering. It had hit a low price of 24 cents per troy ounce as the forces of deflation assaulted commodities across the board. Could things get any worse as no end seemed in sight to the widespread massacre of assets across America and the world? Full Story

Silver Stocks on the Rise
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 24 May, 2007
While we await silver to press onto new highs, what is the current situation with silver mining stocks? If you go to Yahoo! Finance, you will find various indices to represent various mining companies with an emphasis on gold such as the HUI and the XAU. You will of course be able to check up on your favourite silver stock but there is no silver stock index one can consult. For that reason, I formulated my own Silver Analyst Stock Composite index or the SASC index for short. Full Story

Silver Shines At The Money Show
By: David Bond | 23 May, 2007
Lost Wages, Nevada – We took another swing at Nevada this past week and came up 5 aces – that being the number, times 100, of folks who turned out for a little pre-Money Show “mini Silver Summit” at the Mandalay Bay that David Morgan and I conducted with the Silver Valley Mining Association and several of its members to showcase opportunities that abound in the silver investing sector – whether you are talking physical metal or equities. Full Story

What Next For Silver?
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 19 May, 2007
One could easily argue silver has been in a bear market since Friday the 12th May 2006 as prices have drifted below the $15 high of that time. On the other hand, silver has not looked back since March 2003 when it traded for less than $4.50 giving us a full-blooded bull market whose demise is not on the cards quite yet. It depends on your timeframe, but nothing in the recent price action suggests the end of the silver bull market. Full Story

silberinfo Interview with Ted Butler
By: Team silberinfo | 18 May, 2007
I think silver is cheap at $13 because it is still manipulated, but it is still triple what it was at the lows. Some people say that the price increase proves silver wasn’t manipulated. I think if silver were still in the $4 to $5 level today, with everything else priced where it is, everyone would agree it was manipulated. But price alone is not what determines manipulation. What matters is how the market is structured. Full Story

The Silver Bridge
By: Hugo Salinas Price | 18 May, 2007
The essence of the project to monetize the “Libertad” silver ounce and what gives it its originality, is that it builds a bridge between real money, as it existed in the world before 1914, and fictitious or “fiat” money which is in use all over the world today. Full Story

Gold, Silver and The Dow Jones Index
By: | 18 May, 2007
This article examines the current Silver market, Gold market and the Dow Jones Industrial average from a big picture perspective. As always our material is kept simple and easy to understand as we think simplicity is the secret to success. Full Story

Why the Silver Price Is Set To Soar
By: Mark O'Byrne | 10 May, 2007
Precious metals remain the most undervalued of all the asset classes. Precious metals, and particularly silver, remain the most undervalued of all the commodities. Silver is even more undervalued than gold and is undervalued when compared to other strategic commodities such as oil and uranium. Full Story

Churning Stock and Bullion Positions
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 29 April, 2007
The quick drop in silver this week seemed to have caught a few off guard to the extent that talk of manipulation pervaded the air. However, The Silver Analyst had already suggested a sell off in silver last weekend to subscribers and was not taken by surprise by current events. However, in the light of that weekend comment about a silver price correction, I was asked a question about whether to sell silver stocks. Full Story

Just Say No to the Silver ETF
By: Stephen Kovaka | 27 April, 2007
The distribution of precious metals into retail hands seems to be happening in spite of the CRIMEX, SLV and similar pseudo-metallic schemes, but they are certainly slowing it down. Unfortunately for America, too many of those hands reside on the other side of the world. Americans have the freedom to own precious metals and thereby undo monetary centralization; they just don't yet have the understanding or the will to do so. As in so many other things, the power to break our chains lies unused in our own hands. Full Story

CBOT Margin Changes
By: CBOT | 23 April, 2007
The following margin changes will become effective with the close of business on Monday, April 24, 2007 Full Story

Zurich Redux, & A Gold Price Forecast
By: David Bond | 22 April, 2007
Zurich – Martin Murenbeeld, who hangs his hat in Victoria, B.C. and pens prognostications for Dundee, is a bit like a Swiss train. If by one's watch the Swiss train is a bit late, then you had better take your Patek Philippe into the jeweler for a tune-up, because Swiss trains are never late and they are never early. Neither is Dr. Murenbeeld. Full Story

Bring on the Empty ETFs?
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 20 April, 2007
This week has been a busy week for silver as announcements of two silver ETFs were made to the media. When I read the words "silver" and "ETF" I was part hoping it was finally the silver stocks ETF I mentioned in the latest issue of my newsletter. However, it was not to be as the third silver ETF was announced by the Zurich Cantonal Bank along with their platinum and palladium ETFs. It will start trading on the 10th May. Full Story

Weekly Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 15 April, 2007
Silver continues to advance but as yet no new highs have been achieved. The RSI for silver is now beginning to overheat as it hits a value of 64.88 and should advance into overbought territory in the days and weeks ahead subject to minor corrections slowing it down. To me there does not seem enough strength in this current move to reach the old high of last February before it is pulled down. Full Story

The Empire is Becoming a Little Frayed Around the Edges
By: Larry LaBorde | 13 April, 2007
The United States dollar index has dropped below 82 today. We would do well to remember that the index is just a measure of the USD strength in relation to other currencies. It is sort of like measuring the USD with a rubber yardstick. While all currencies are racing to zero the USD just got a little ahead of the others. Check out and scroll down until you get to the current melt value of US coins. Notice a nickel is now worth over 9 cents. It seems that the USD has devalued faster than the US mint can cheapen its coins. Full Story

Can We Trust the Silver ETF?
By: John Rubino & James Turk | 9 April, 2007
The introduction of precious metal ETFs is one of the reasons that gold and silver have been on a tear lately. But like any other financial instrument, a bullion ETF requires a degree of trust. Most investors (including me) buy these funds on the assumption that their accounting is honest and that the metal they say they have really is sitting in their vault. Hardly anyone actually goes through an ETF's prospectus or 10-K line-by-line to see if this is an iron-clad guarantee. Full Story

Leaving Las Vegas
By: David Bond | 6 April, 2007
Wallace, Idaho – Las Vegas is one dreadful dump. Used to be you could go to Nevada for a good time with not a lot of money. No more. As guests of the Luxor (that big black pyramid-shaped thingie) we were treated to $3 coffee, $4 orange juice, $5 beer and $7 cigarettes, a television remote control that wasn't there, and an Internet connexion that didn't work. We were delighted that the elevators did not charge boarding fees. Full Story

Exiting the 1980 Silver Top
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 25 March, 2007
A few weeks back I introduced readers to the Silver Leverage Indicator or SLI, a tool which enables silver (and gold) investors to time multi-year market tops in metal bull markets. The concept was based on an observed fact over forty years of back testing against 43 years of silver prices. That fact was that when silver began to outperform gold by a factor of 1.80 or more, the bull market in question was about to take a rest – sometimes for a long time. Full Story

Good On Ya, Robert Hopper
By: David Bond | 24 March, 2007
Robert Hopper, president of the New Bunker Hill Mining Co. since 1992 “when I was still a child,” and for more years than he would care to remember our closest friend and confidant, may finally be seeing light at the end of the tunnel that isn't the bright beam of an oncoming runaway freight. Tonight, as we type this, it is still difficult to comprehend: the mighty Bunker Hill, the industrial anchor of the Coeur d'Alene Mining District, the Silver Valley and of this tourism-obsessed burgh in which we dwell, may finally rise again to her full glory and splendour. Full Story

When Do I Sell My Silver?
By: | 23 March, 2007
When do I sell my silver and gold? Are there ways of determining when to sell ones investment? In our opinion the two most important questions when investing are, "when do I buy?" and "when do I sell?" Analysis of the economy, price movements, interest rates, debt levels, unemployment, supply and demand, public sentiment etc. are all intended to help us determine when to buy and when to sell an investment. In this article we briefly discuss a typical method for determining when to sell an investment and then we explain our way of answering this question. Full Story

2007 Virtual Silver Investment Conference - March 21
By: | 21 March, 2007
All Times Eastern
10:00 AM David Morgan - Silver Investor
10:30 AM Endeavour Silver
11:00 AM Dia Bras
11:30 AM Jason Hommel - Silver Stock Report
12:00 PM Silvermex Resources
12:30 PM SilverCrest Mines
13:00 PM Julian Phillips - Silver Forecaster
Full Story

Liberty Dollar Group Seeks Permanent Injunction Against US Government
By: Liberty Dollar | 20 March, 2007
Liberty Dollar filed suit against the U.S. Mint on Tuesday, March 20 in U.S. District Court in Evansville, Indiana. The organization -- which promotes and distributes the new gold and silver currency -- asked the court to declare that the use of the Liberty Dollar is not a "federal crime," as claimed by the U.S. Mint. And the organization further asked the court to enter a permanent injunction against the U.S. Mint requiring it to remove any reference that the use of Liberty Dollars is a federal crime from its website. Full Story

The Speed of Silver
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 15 March, 2007
In the search for knowledge that helps us time exit and entry points for the silver market, I was reminded of that old science fiction series Star Trek. Now you may ask what Star Trek has got to do with silver? Well, let me define it as the "Spock-McCoy" syndrome of silver investing Full Story

Welcome Back Hecla
By: David Bond | 15 March, 2007
Jerome Bunde reports to us that for the first time in 25 years, miners are investing a portion of their paychecks in the mining stocks here. We've got churn again, and that's good for all concerned. Whether silver is $9 or $90 this time next year, won't matter. This rusty old mining camp has shed the surly bonds of earth, is set to soar and shine. With all those 1,000,000,000s of ounces, would you expect any less? Full Story

An Objective Look at Silver
By: Jack Chan | 13 March, 2007
This is my objective look at silver. Technical analysis is nothing more than an educated guess. But being independent and thinking outside of the box allows me to see things other analysts may not see, and as a result, may not agree. For me and my subscribers, I would like to see this silver/gold ratio continuing up and never drops again, so that we can park our money in silver and become filthy rich. But the markets are seldom that accommodating, and the best offense is a good defense. So, while many are cheerleading the current breakout in silver with $20 being a “gimme”, I exercise caution and pay attention only to price action. Full Story

Silver versus Gold
By: Steven Saville, Speculative Investor | 13 March, 2007
With the stock market having most likely commenced an intermediate-term correction it's a good time for us to go over some old ground; specifically, we are going to re-visit the relationship between the silver/gold ratio and the broad stock market that we've discussed a number of times over the past several years. Full Story

CBOT Margin Changes
By: CBOT | 9 March, 2007
The following margin changes will become effective with the close of business on Monday, March 12, 2007 Full Story

PDAC & The CN Tower's Revenge
By: David Bond | 7 March, 2007
It is becoming painfully obvious that the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada's annual bash in this otherwise somnambulant capital of Ontario is responsible for two phenomena: the most miserable weather on the planet, and that gigantic retching sound one hears every March 3 or so when the metals regurgitate their recent gains like so many bulimic bullion bars. Full Story

Weekly Silver Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 4 March, 2007
I check what had happened when silver dropped below its 50 day MA over the last year or so and it was 3 to 1 in favour of the price continuing onto the 200 day MA. During the last correction after the $8.47 peak, a break below the 50 day MA always continued onto the 200 day MA. Full Story

Silver Topping Again
By: Timothy Silvers | 27 February, 2007
Silver looks like it may have topped yesterday. This article will be heavy on graphs and shorter on commentary as I am very pressed for time. If you bought around January 10, when I posted my last buy recommendation, you have gained over $2/ounce since then. I took profits today on my trading position because it looks like we’ve topped out. Silver’s RSI is over 70 again which is a good signal that we are close to a short term high. Full Story

Improving Your Silver Exit Strategies
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 21 February, 2007
As we anticipate the next and final leg of phase I of the precious metals bull market, investors need to be ready with their exit strategies if they wish to unload all or part of their assets in a profitable manner. Full Story

Production of Large Silver Mines Through 2030
By: Bryant Blake | 21 February, 2007
I have compiled a data table for the world’s 20 largest undeveloped silver mines. The list of these mines was obtained from a corporate presentation by Mines Management The Mines Management list gave the top 20 mines but did not supply relevant data such as reserves, resources, annual production, ore grade, or estimated start up dates. Full Story

Orlando Musings
By: David Bond | 19 February, 2007
As readers of this rant know, we recently participated in a Money Show event in Orlando, Florida, at the Gaylord Palms, wherein we represented Silver investment opportunities to those who still might give a rusty one about the future of their paper money. The demographics of this Money Show crowd, some 11,000-strong, were a tad different than one encounters at an IIC conference in New Yawk or San Francisco, albeit their goals to preserve their personal wealth in the face of a runaway Fed and a lunatic President were much the same as you'd find at a resource gathering. Full Story

Gold, Google and Market Tops
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 14 February, 2007
It has been a while since we last published how our gold and silver sentiment indicator has been getting on. To remind readers, for the past year now I have been collecting the number of Google hits on key phrases relevant to the gold bull market. Care has been taken that one does not end up with hits related to the latest fashions in gold jewelry or what the latest theories are on some gold artifacts found in archaeological digs. We are only interested in the gold bull market and I hope the hits collected over that time reflect that. Full Story

Silver Demand
By: Bryant Blake | 8 February, 2007
In summary, silver demand is in a long term growth mode. Demand could even be said to be parabolic (a slight parabola) since population growth is parabolic and long term silver demand has increased at a greater rate than population. Fabrication demand has flattened since 2000 largely due to reduced photographic demand, but this is a misleading set of values since most of photographic silver use is recycled. Full Story

A New Way to Time Market Tops in Gold & Silver
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 7 February, 2007
There is one question above all others that is on the minds of gold and silver investors. It can be expressed in two ways. The first is "At what price will the gold and silver bull market end?" The second is similar "At what date will the gold and silver bull market end?" The chief end of both questions is the same, getting out with maximum profits for the holder of gold and silver be it in bullion, ETF or mining stock form. Full Story

Certificate Programs – An Exception to the Rule
By: Danielle Dwyer-Psarras | 1 February, 2007
Over the years, the terms “unallocated metal,” “pool accounts” and “certificate programs” have attracted some controversy. I often receive questions from our clients and readers regarding the Perth Mint Certificate Program (PMCP) and whether the related risks of traditional certificate programs apply. I am here to set the record straight. The answer to this question is: The Perth Mint Certificate Program is an exception to the rule. Full Story

PEEDAC Will Be On Steroids
By: David Bond | 29 January, 2007
Those 10,000-plus of us who attended the Cambridge House Resource and Investment get-together in Vancouver last weekend got a taste of what the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) annual confab in Toronto in March will be like: Nuts. Full Story

The International Price of Silver
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 28 January, 2007
What is the real price of an ounce of silver and just how widespread should a silver bull market be? We have watched over the last few years as the price of silver in US dollars has marched upwards from the lows of $4 to the recent highs of $15. However, the good luck of silver has been mainly laid at the door of the bad luck of US dollar. Full Story

Endeavour Silver Corp. Lists on the American Stock Exchange
By: | 26 January, 2007
January 26, 2007 - Vancouver, Canada - Endeavour Silver Corp. (EDR: TSX and EJD: DBFrankfurt) announces that its common shares have been approved for listing on the American Stock Exchange ("AMEX") effective at the opening of trading on January 29, 2007. The AMEX listing approval is contingent on the Company being in compliance with all applicable listing requirements on the date that it begins trading and may be rescinded if the Company is not in compliance with such standards. The Company will trade on AMEX under the symbol "EXK", and continues to trade on the TSX under the symbol "EDR" and the Deutsch Bourse Frankfurt under the symbol "EJD". Full Story

Leveraging Silver with Silver Stocks
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 20 January, 2007
I talked a couple of weeks back about how silver could be used to leverage the price of gold but what about silver mining stocks leveraging the price of silver? In that previous article a four-year rolling leverage of silver over gold was calculated to show how silver either out-performed or under-performed gold as bull markets waxed and waned. Applying the same principles, we have the following 4-year leverages for the mining companies that make up The Silver Analyst Stock Composite Index. Full Story

A new service for silver savers in Mexico
By: Hugo Salinas Price | 19 January, 2007
Banco Azteca, which has about 1,000 branches throughout Mexico, is about to launch a new service for those who like to save silver. It is the first bank in Mexico to offer this service; other banks are expected to follow suit, sooner or later. Full Story

Silver Stocks Basket and Silver Ratio
By: | 17 January, 2007
Let's take a look at XAU:Silver ratio before going to individual Silver industry stocks. And It's not a secret that stocks usually are more reactive then the bullion... Full Story

Silver Analysis Update
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 14 January, 2007
The silver market continues to move in a state of flux as the metal struggles to free itself from its current period of price correction. However, one must not take this to be a sign of overall weakness in the silver bull market but rather a normal adjustment to the recent $15 highs that caused silver to race too far ahead of its normative indicators. In terms of Elliott Wave analysis, the most probable picture to me is laid out below. Full Story

Silver Close to a Bottom
By: Timothy Silvers | 11 January, 2007
I think silver is at or near a low risk buy point right now. On December 4, I called for a top in silver and I expected to be buying again at a price in the low to mid $12 range. Silver has corrected since then by almost $2 and is hovering just above its 200 day moving average (DMA) of 12.21. I bought some silver in the drop last Friday and will likely complete my purchases this week or next. I am waiting to see if we get a sell off this Thursday or Friday that will take it below the 200 DMA. The rest of this article focuses on the logic and analysis I am using to determine when to buy. Full Story

New Year Edition -- Northwest Mining Stock News
By: Tom Wobker | 11 January, 2007
Every New Year brings with it boundless possibilities, and this one’s no exception. Many miners up here are especially pleased about one specific possibility offered by this particular New Year: the prospect that over the next twelve months money from outside the region will continue flowing into area mining ventures – and perhaps even increase. Full Story

Real Money for Mexico
By: Eric Englund | 9 January, 2007
Conversely, if Salinas’ silver remonetization plan is adopted, this will be akin to building a bridge from economic darkness (wrought by modern central banking), to a place where saving, capital formation, and entrepreneurship will allow prosperity to emerge from the ashes of fiat money. Salinas is keenly aware that prosperity’s silver lining is peace itself. Hence, the Norwegian Nobel Committee should take great interest in Hugo Salinas Price’s body of work, and personal sacrifice, as there is no greater advocate for peace on this planet. Full Story

Leveraging Gold with Silver
By: Roland Watson, The Silver Analyst | 6 January, 2007
If you have been a regular reader of the various precious metal websites, you will know that gold is the metal that dominates the discussion. This should not surprise us. Despite that fact that less than 2,500 tonnes of gold are mined out of the ground each year as opposed to the 20,000 tonnes of silver, it is market cashflow that matters and a look at the recent statistics of the international London bullion market shows that in November 2006, $12.1 billion worth of gold was cleared through that city as opposed to $1.41 billion worth of silver[1]. Clearly, when it comes to business transactions as well as Internet chat, it is gold that talks louder than silver. Full Story

Silver – Ready to Roll
By: Richard J. Greene | 31 December, 2006
This year silver rose over 40% yet is only starting to draw attention from the investment crowd. A lot of effort is being made to keep the wheels from falling off the increasingly sickly world fiat currencies. These efforts include inconceivably inaccurate government statistics as well as frequent smack-downs in gold and silver, the long-term proven superior forms of money. Recent action suggests the marketplace is learning quite well how to deal with these smack-downs……wait for them patiently and then buy as much physical gold and silver as possible. Full Story

Time To Tame The U.S. Mint
By: David Bond | 28 December, 2006
It's really quite past time to tame the United States Mint. First the SOBs went for Bernard Von Nothaus's jugular by unilaterally declaring the silver Liberty dollars illegal for tender. And now, they propose to tell us exactly what we can and cannot do with our pennies and nickels. Full Story

So What’s The Catch? – Updated By Request
By: Michael Kilbach | 27 December, 2006
With all the difference of opinions from so called “experts” on how to invest your capital, how does an investor cut through the “noise” to get a reasonable return on their investment? Is investing really that complicated? Can the average person make money in the markets? In our opinion it can be much easier than most people think. Full Story

Could Silver Cost More Than Gold?
By: Jim Otis | 21 December, 2006
Just like always, silver is universally considered to be less valuable than gold. There is no need for people to ask about how much of either is available for investment or use, because silver has always had plentiful supply while gold was scarce. Everyone knows that means silver must be much less expensive than gold, so sure enough, silver is much less expensive. Full Story

Why Silver Will Outperform Gold 400% and How You Can Join the Party
By: Franklin Sanders | 12 December, 2006
Over the course of the present bull market in silver and gold, probably another 10 years, silver should rise about four times as fast as gold. That forecast arises from silver’s historic performance, especially during the 20th century, as well as its present fundamentals. The best way to profit from that trend is to swap back and forth from silver to gold with the rise and fall in the gold/silver ratio. That strategy will convert a sterile investment into one that pays dividends, and possibly double the ounces you own over the life of the bull market. Full Story

Silver Topping Again?
By: Timothy Silvers | 5 December, 2006
For a number of reasons, I have started taking profits on this latest silver rally and I think it could top out soon, and then correct to give us another buying opportunity. First, silver typically sees a correction of some kind every December. Not coincidentally, the RSI indicator is now above 70 (see chart below). When it exceeds this level, a correction tends to follow within 1 to 3 weeks. I expect silver will drop $1.50 to $2.00 this time and will find support around an RSI of 50. This will be a great opportunity to buy more in anticipation of a rally that will exceed the $15 highs of this past spring. Full Story

Major U.S. $ crisis looming
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold/Silver Forecaster – Global Watch | 4 December, 2006
We are approaching rapidly a series of currency crises of a greater magnitude than ever seen before in history. Whilst the U.S.$ will be the prime recipient of these, many currencies trying to protect their international competitiveness or their own stability will be dragged into the crisis that will affect to a greater or lesser extent the bulk of currencies across the world. Full Story

Everyone knows how to make money in Silver
By: Jim Otis | 1 December, 2006
No need to look at charts of silver prices. A simple glance at the calendar will tell you that it is winter already, so silver must be skyrocketing. Many writers on several websites have pointed out that buying silver in the summer and selling it in the winter is a sure and easy way to make lots of profits. If you can't grow up to be the Federal Reserve and print your own fiat, buying silver in the summer and selling in the winter just might be the next best way to dramatically increase the number of FRNs in your bank account. After all, if everyone knows that strategy, and they talk about it on the Internet where only truth is permitted, then it must be trustworthy and dependable. Right? Full Story

Europe By Storm
By: David Bond | 30 November, 2006
The Rhine is a crystalline shimmer of turquoise and azure, flowing sedately from Lake Constance, its population of giant German browns casting dark shadows on the riverbed, feeding lazily off a bottom-hatch. On the opposite bank, high above the clock towers and medieval homes of this 1,000-year-old village glowers the imposing castle at the end of a winding one-lane stone road begging for a Porsche to attack it. The trees in this northern Switzerland hamlet are just turning their autumn colours. There’s not a breath of wind. Full Story

Germany Goes Bankrupt Too!
By: Martin W. Hennecke | 28 November, 2006
What a large number of even the more educated US Dollar bear-and US financial crisis expectation camp however do NOT seem to be aware of is the global nature of the problem. It is completely wrong to assume, for example, that the Euro or the British Pound are inherently ‘hard’ and healthy currencies that would provide protection from a plunging US Dollar. It is not known by most, that in fact the majority of the Western ‘developed’ world and not just the United States is facing national bankruptcy shortly ahead, and that this has been officially predicted by the world’s leading rating agency, Standard & Poor’s. Full Story

Parisian Musings On Silver
By: David Bond | 13 November, 2006
Gare St. Lazare, Paris – We are winding down two weeks of the most intensive campaign on behalf of silver Europe has ever seen. This juggernaut began two weeks ago in Munich, veered into northern Switzerland, hooked left into London, and finally has come back across the Channel to rest in Paris with today’s conclusion of the 2nd Paris Silver Summit. Full Story

The silberinfo-Index (SIX) is beating the HUI
By: Team silberinfo | 12 November, 2006
The silver mines that are valued by us as especially sound and prospective are comprised within the silberinfo index (SIX) which index has reached a new high of 108 points last Friday. After the heavy correction until the beginning of October to 86 points, the SIX began a new upward trend on October 5 that has reached a new high at 108 points last Friday and therefore has risen approx. 26%. Full Story

The S.M.A.R.T. Silver Equation (reloaded)
By: Rock Gale | 3 November, 2006
A bit more than two years ago - September 2004 it was - I studied the trajectory of the Silver Rocket in an article called "The SMART Silver Equation". Many readers liked the idea, and made me promise to update the regression analysis at a later date. I never promised to write the sequel before a set date, or update it every year, but I have felt that it was about time to undertake the process again, even though my original work had been partially lost due to a break-in at my residence. Full Story

The destruction of the Mexican Peso 1910 - 2006
By: Hugo Salinas Price | 3 November, 2006
From 1572 (perhaps even earlier) and up to 1914, the silver content of the Mexican Peso (which during the Spanish Colonial era was known as the “Piece of Eight Reales”) was held to a remarkably stable standard: 24.44 grams of pure silver. (At some times during the early Colonial period it was minted with a slightly higher content; during one period of twenty years, with a very slightly lower silver content.) Full Story

Investment Opportunities for Accredited Investors in the Precious Metals Markets
By: | 27 October, 2006
If you are an accredited investor, there are additional investment opportunities available to you. Full Story

Great Pumpkin Edition -- Northwest Mining Stock News
By: Tom Wobker | 27 October, 2006
While we wait to see where these peculiar life forms will lead the Homeland in the future, the bull market in mining stocks sits quietly, ensnared by soft prices and lackadaisical trading.

We continue to feel about the market slowdown as we have since it started: this bull is not dead; it’s only resting. We expect to see it up and galloping again before too long.

But exactly when, is the question. After elections? After year-end tax loss selling?
Full Story

A brief explanation of the project to monetize the one ounce silver 'Libertad' coin
By: Hugo Salinas Price | 27 October, 2006
As we have shown, the project for the monetization of the “Libertad” silver ounce includes nothing new in principle and it is actually only an adaptation to modern conditions of principles which have always operated with regard to coinage: the re-valuation of the silver in the coin and the stability of the nominal, “quoted” value, by means of a quote which cannot be reduced, which thus gives the coin a virtual “engraved” value, instead of the physically engraved or printed value which is displayed by our present coins and bills. Full Story

Elliott Wave on Silver
By: Dan Stinson | 25 October, 2006
Silver appears to be in a triangle pattern currently in wave (E) down. We should see minor downside for Silver before a reversal and subsequent breakout to the upside. The downside could complete as wave (C) down or we could see further sideways action in wave (E) into the apex of the triangle. Full Story

Silver Production
By: Bryant Blake | 23 October, 2006
After reading how Mr. Frank Veneroso is bearish on silver and how he believes supply is going to expand, I decided to check silver production in 2006 versus the previous two years. The Silver Institute compiles a list of the 20 top silver producers each year. I have been able to find the 1st 6 month or 9 month production results of 11 of these companies. These results were obtained from the company’s web sites, quarterly financial statements or from response to my emails. Full Story

Going Mainstream With Silver
By: David Bond | 20 October, 2006
We began our love affair with silver as money nearly a half-century ago, and turned rather grumpy when a banker friend admonished us, back in 1980, that, “It’s not money. It’s just another commodity.” He was half-right. In addition to being money, silver is indeed a commodity. But not “just another” commodity. It is quite likely the most remarkable and essential commodity of the 21st Century. And we have the sweetest smelling socks to prove it. Full Story

CBOT Margin Changes
By: CBOT | 18 October, 2006
The following margin changes will become effective with the close of business on Thursday, October 19, 2006 Full Story

The Casey Files: Psst… Want to Make a Fortune in Resource Stocks?
By: Doug Casey & David Galland | 3 October, 2006
Next to my desk, I keep a cardboard box. Into that box I toss all of the many stock promotions I receive in the mail. You know… those ubiquitous faux newsletters and research reports that breathlessly proclaim that this or that precious metals or energy stock is perched on the verge of making investors rich. Before dropping each new promotion piece into the box, I note the date I received it. I do so out of a sort of morbid curiosity as to whether anyone would possibly buy a stock based on receiving a blind solicitation in the mail. Full Story

The Mexican Peso and the Roman Denarius
By: Hugo Salinas Price | 2 October, 2006
The Roman emperors did not have enough cash to pay for the expenses of the Empire. They had to pay the bureaucracy, they had to pay for “bread and circuses” for the rowdy Roman population and importantly, they had to pay the armies that kept the barbarian invaders at bay. Taxes brought in insufficient revenue and there was only one thing they could do – reduce the silver content of the coinage. During the late Roman Empire bronze coins were ingeniously silver-plated to resemble silver coins; a little rubbing revealed the bronze. Full Story

Is Anybody Home?
By: David Bond | 30 September, 2006
Barclay’s iShares told the Thought Police, in the form of a Securities and Exchange Commission S-1 filing, that it’s going to “Texas hedge” the silver ETF with the issuance of another 16,822,727 shares in its silver trust, representing, at 10 ounces per, another 168 million ounces of silver. Full Story

Is silver ETF preparing to clean out Comex or just divert demand?
By: Chris Powell | 30 September, 2006
So maybe over the next few months we'll find out for sure whether the ETF holds real silver or only paper claims on silver and whether the demand for silver expressed through the ETF will be applied to actual metal and mining or just diverted more into the service of the great scheme to suppress the price of commodities and the labor that produces them, to financialize the world, and keep the dollar-money power in charge of things. Full Story

iShares Silver Trust ETF Files S-1: Set to More than Double in Size!
By: | 29 September, 2006
On September 27, 2006 the iShares Silver Trust [AMEX: SLV] filed a S-1 to register 15,222,727 shares at a proposed maximum offering price of $110.00 per share for a maximum net offering proceeds of $1,674,449,970.

As of 09/28/2006, iShares Silver Trust showed 104,323,655 ounces of silver in the trust or 3,244.8 tonnes. This represented 10,450,000 shares. Thus the registration of the S-1 this week will effectively increase the amount of shares and silver by just under 150%.
Full Story

Of Schmetterlings and Summits
By: David Bond | 28 September, 2006
Thus did the Silver Summit 2006 butterfly, or more properly Schmetterling, flap its four-year-old wings again last week. When the financial typhoon strikes the currency and bond markets, and updrafts the commodity and metal markets, what role will we have played? Has Silver Summit become for the Silver Revolution what Gold Rush 21 was for GATA? Full Story

Metals Bull Alive: Sticking With GLD & SLV
By: Todd Stein & Steven McIntyre | 27 September, 2006
While the Dow may soon briefly take out its old 11,700+ highs, the real story of late in our opinion is the recent pummeling of all commodity markets. Though we follow oil, natural gas, copper, and other commodities with great interest, our continued belief is that the best risk/reward set up in the major commodities comes in the form of the precious metals – namely gold and silver. You see, after peaking at $720 an ounce on the yellow metal and $15 an ounce for the poor man’s gold, the two metals have come under a great deal of selling pressure. We think this correction is due to a number of factors. Full Story

Get Ready to Buy Silver
By: Timothy Silvers | 18 September, 2006
Two weeks ago, I posted an article describing why I thought that silver would suffer a correction before continuing its advance to new highs. Several days later, silver failed to push through the top of its upward trending channel near $13 and sold of abruptly, taking out the $12 support at the bottom of its trend channel. Now silver is at $10.72, right where I expected it would be after the correction, near its 200 day moving average (MA) and with an RSI level in the low 30’s. In that article, I said that this would probably be an excellent time put your remaining cash into silver. So, do we jump back into silver now, or are further declines likely in the near future? Full Story

Silver Summit Announces Sponsors, Speakers and Exhibitors
By: Silver Summit 2006 | 15 September, 2006
Organizers of Silver Summit 2006 are pleased to announce that 40 of the world’s premiere silver mining and exploration companies will participate in this year’s Summit, scheduled for Sept. 21-22 at the Coeur d’Alene Inn in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, and Sept. 23-24 in Wallace, Idaho. Full Story

Ionic Silver – The Powerful Defense Against Viruses And Other Microbes
By: Herbert Slavin, M.D. | 12 September, 2006
As the nation watches and waits to see if HN51, commonly called bird flu or avian flu, will become a threat to humans, and firms are scrambling to hopefully develop a cure before there’s even anything to target or conduct tests with, it appears that a new form of ionic silver may already be providing us with a remarkably effective treatment for not only a bird flu pandemic that may or may not occur but also an enormous range of infectious diseases that are a very real part of our world today. Full Story

Silver Wheaton-Goldcorp’s In-house Bank
By: Jim Damberger, Penticton, B.C. | 5 September, 2006
SLW pays a lump sum for future production plus an on-going fixed amount per ounce. The supplier assumes all political and production risk. The supplier then has money to do with as required (often expand its own production). Since SLW stock commands a premium as a silver producer, it can sell its stock with an inferred future PE of 3-4 times that of base metal company and pays only the normal PE price (plus a premium) to the supplier. Sounds just like a bank. Buy money for 3% and loan it out at 7% with collateral. AND IT GETS BETTER. Full Story

Short Term Top in Silver?
By: Timothy Silvers | 5 September, 2006
Many analysts I have read recently think that silver is starting its new bull run to take out May’s highs. I think we will see that come to pass, but not before we suffer a correction. There are a few reasons why I think this will happen. First, silver typically sees a correction between the end of August and the end of October. Second, the RSI indicator is again approaching 70 (see chart below). Full Story

Ed Steer and Ted Butler: Gold, silver, GATA, and the COT
By: Ed Steer and Ted Butler | 5 September, 2006
One of the most pleasant aspects of being involved with exposing the manipulation of the price of gold and silver is the quality of the people who I have met on this journey. Of course this would include the entire GATA community, most of whom I have had the pleasure of meeting many times over the last six years. Full Story

Silver stocks lead the way
By: Clif Droke | 4 September, 2006
When Wall Street returns from Labor Day vacation and the end of the historically sluggish "summer doldrums" period of August, it will find more than a few worthwhile trading opportunities from both a momentum and a relative strength standpoint. Full Story

By: David Bond | 28 August, 2006
Wallace, Idaho – The following is a true story. It all started happening day after tomorrow:

Chaos continued to confound world energy and metal markets today on news that Venezuela would accept only silver for American oil payments at a rate of 5 ounces of .999-fine silver per barrel of oil.
Full Story

Silver Rules, Here's Why
By: Bill Hamilton | 24 August, 2006
Why I think silver is a good investment right now. I have long been a silver bull, and it just so happens I have about doubled my money in about two years. In many instances doubling money in a matter of two years would be a sign that Silver is overpriced and that it is a good time to get out, this article is to inform you. Full Story

How High Could Silver Go?
By: Chris Weber | 23 August, 2006
This is written with some trepidation. Silver is much more volatile than gold, and forecasting it is fraught with peril. Nonetheless, I think it is important to have some goal or target in mind when you take a position in an investment. Over the past few years I have taken a major position in silver, so I want to take this opportunity to think my way through where I think it could go, and how long it could take to get there. Full Story

What’s Next for Silver?
By: Doug Casey | 21 August, 2006
A lot has happened since publishing “Silver on Sale,” in the June 2004 edition of our International Speculator. As predicted in that article, the price of silver has risen strongly, more doubling from $6.09 to the current $12.18, with a peak of as high as $15 in May. The performance of silver has outshone even gold: silver was up almost 31% in 2005, compared to gold’s gain of almost 18%. Now some investors are asking: “Was that it?” And if we aren’t near the top for silver, then how high will it go? Full Story

CBOT & NYMEX Margin Changes
By: CBOT & NYMEX | 18 August, 2006
CBOT & NYMEX Margin Changes Full Story

Big Fish Ate A Little Fish
By: David Bond | 18 August, 2006
With all the feeding frenzy going on amongst the mining majors, to wit: Inco, Falconbridge, Barrick, Xstrata, Cominco, we were reminded of an earlier such time, at the peak of the silver boom in 1980 when silver miners and oil companies went at it with similar frenzy. Full Story

Silver to the People!
By: Jim Otis | 17 August, 2006
Wow! Is it really almost time for another Silver Summit? How time flies when we are in a precious metals bull market! I can't get there this year, but I hope to in 2007. The Silver Summit needs an optimist to offset the cloud of gloom and doom that hangs heavy over Mogambo's head! Full Story

UC Resources Ltd. Follow-Up # 3
By: Peter Zihlmann | 10 August, 2006
UC Resources Ltd. is an emerging producer of Gold and Silver in Mexico. The Company's goal is to combine both cash flow from production along with a significant exploration upside from its mining assets. Full Story

Peregrinations On Silver, Falcons And The National I.D.
By: David Bond | 6 August, 2006
Eric LeMaire, our astute Parisian friend, whose politics peregrinate between libertarianism and anarchy, emailed the other day wondering why on Planet Earth Idaho’s contribution to the 50-state (“collect ’em all”) issue of ersatz quarter-fednote coins would be an offering of the likeness of a peregrine falcon on the reverse side. Each state, one recalls, gets to present its best side on the backside of these special-issue slugs stamped out by the government mint. Full Story

The Mystery of the Gold Silver Ratio
By: Roland Watson, New Era Investor | 3 August, 2006
Likewise, although silver is about six to eight times more abundant than gold; the current perceived utility for silver sets it a price 56 times cheaper than gold. However, when fear of systemic failure in the global markets is heightening, items such as silver gain a new utility and use as a safe haven asset and new demand appears. When that happens, we expect the gold-silver ratio to approach 15 again. Just as it did when a fiat money collapse was last envisaged back in the inflationary era of the 1970s. Full Story

Silver Here & Everywhere
By: David Bond, The Silver Valley Mining Journal | 25 July, 2006
Because 95 percent of new silver produced every year is consumed by industry (including photo, coins, cell phones, computers, reflective glass, etc.) only 5 percent of all that new silver, or about $378 million worth, is available to satisfy investor demand. Full Story

Gold Versus Silver and the US$
By: Steve Saville, The Speculative Investor | 25 July, 2006
Not surprisingly and not coincidentally, the sharp downturn in silver/gold over the past three months has occurred alongside a sharp reduction in the general enthusiasm for equities. At this stage, however, the declines in both the US stock market (as represented by the NYA) and the silver/gold ratio don't appear to be much worse than the declines that occurred during the first half of 2004. In particular, a case could be made that both silver/gold and the NYA are still in the upward trends that began during 2002-2003. Full Story

Silver Stars To Headline Silver Summit 2006
By: David Bond | 19 July, 2006
A complete agenda, including events occurring in Wallace, Idaho the weekend following the formal Silver Summit, and registration information, may be found at Official sponsors of The Silver Summit include Peter Spina of and, and the Silver Valley Mining Association. Full Story

Dog Days Edition -- Northwest Mining Stock News
By: Tom Wobker | 11 July, 2006
A sharp correction coupled with lackadaisical summer trading has brought a breather for the runaway bull market in metals. Though not pleasant, the price pounding was not unexpected... and probably not unhealthy either, as it beat some of the speculative froth out of the market. While we don’t believe the metals bull has finished his stampede at this point, we also don’t expect another gallop to begin before the tamaracks turn yellow this autumn. Full Story

Short-term considerations for the precious metal stocks
By: Clif Droke | 5 July, 2006
Short-term internal momentum for the silver stocks is still rising, a fact that contributed to the across-the-board rally in the silver stocks last week. Internal momentum as measured by the SS HILMO indicators (silver stock hi-lo momentum), which measure the rate of change in the net new highs among the actively traded silvers, is improving. The SS HILMO indicators haven’t gone up into positive territory yet, but since they are all upward-slanting it reflects a short-term upward bias in the silver stocks that should allow for some further rally before the next short-term cycle peak. Full Story

Weird Charts, A Weirder Market
By: David Bond | 23 June, 2006
The price of silver crossed the $6-an-ounce mark in late 2003 and early 2004, on its way to $8. Fast-forward to June 2006 solstice, where it seems to be building a pretty solid base level of support at $10 after settling back from $14. Now pick a silver miner, any silver miner, and overlay their stock price performance over silver’s price across the past five years, and you will find something remarkable. With a few exceptions in Toronto that we could find, silver mining stocks were doing hugely better when silver was at $8 and even $6 than now, when it is $10, or even a few months ago when it was at $14! Full Story

Bull Run – Gold & Silver Accumulation Ramps Up
By: Todd Stein & Steven McIntyre, Texas Hedge Report | 22 June, 2006
The same trend of “a declining metal price, but increased ETF assets” can be seen in the silver ETF (SLV). Silver started the year at $8.85/oz. It subsequently rose 70% to $15/oz, before correcting by $5.50 to near $9.50 an ounce. The silver ETF began life on April 28th with silver at $12.55/oz. The silver ETF reached a peak of 73 million ounces in its vaults around the time physical prices peaked. With the aforementioned sell-off, silver ETF assets declined to 67 million ounces, but have since begun heading back upwards to a near peak level of 72-73 million ounces in the trust. Full Story

NYMEX to Change Margins for Gold, Silver Futures Contracts
By: NYMEX | 16 June, 2006
NYMEX to Change Margins for Gold, Silver Futures Contracts. Full Story

The Next “it” Product - Silver
By: John Rubino, Dollar Collapse | 6 June, 2006
These new uses for silver, in other words, take it off the market permanently. The more popular they are, the less silver there is in the world’s warehouses to satisfy investment demand. As InvestmentRarities’ Ted Butler is fond of pointing out, there’s already a looming shortage of silver sufficient to send the price into triple digits. Now the depletion rate of the world’s remaining silver is headed into overdrive. I think this answers the question of whether today's sell-off is a buying opportunity. Full Story

Time to Buy Silver?
By: Timothy Silvers | 3 June, 2006
The price of silver and gold are highly depending on investor psychology right now and less dependent on the trading positions of the commercials. Dollar strength, peaceful resolution to the Iran nuclear issue, and further sell offs in copper, oil or other commodities, to name a few factors, could negatively impact the precious metals in the short term. Long term, I am as bullish as ever. Buy silver now while it’s still cheap and hold it until every waiter, cab driver and co-worker that you run into is talking your ear off about the next hot mining stock and how much money they are making on their silver and gold investments. Full Story

The Last Contango in Washington
By: Antal E. Fekete | 3 June, 2006
People from around the world keep asking me what advance warning for the collapse of our international monetary system, based as it is on irredeemable promises to pay, they should be looking for. My answer invariably is: “watch for the last contango in silver”. Full Story

Silver and Comex Update
By: Roland Watson, New Era Investor | 31 May, 2006
Our last update on silver back in January proved to be pessimistic in suggesting that silver may go no further than $11.30 before entering the first meaningful correction. As it turned out, $15.18 was the ultimate high as the metal surged against the meagre expectation of many an analyst. Full Story

Fibrillated Silver Bull Flag
By: Jim Willie CB | 31 May, 2006
Technical chart analysis is called an art form, highly subjective, given to experienced interpretation, and not the least a hard science. With all the hubbub over the noticeable price corrections in gold, silver, copper, a fire has lit under my seat to address the chart pattern flashing bull in silver. Such a signal is not immediately obvious. It is debatable whether the silver pattern is from the textbook. Some see a top pattern instead in the silver chart, especially since upon retest, the 14.50 previous high gave way to a 15.0 high. My conclusion (losing fuzziness each week) is that silver is consolidating before another earth-shattering move up toward the 20 level. Full Story

Silver as an Investment?
By: Jim Otis, The Optimist | 25 May, 2006
The investment community is not yet on the silver bandwagon, and many people do not even think of silver as an investment. The Optimist can confirm that in recent weeks, he heard many news headlines about the rising prices for gold and base metals like copper, but he did not hear any mention of the rapid rise in silver prices over the last three years. The news silence on silver, and the corresponding vacuum of information among the public, bode very well for future silver price increases. Every person who does not yet know about the very bullish fundamentals of silver is a potential future buyer, and will help to push prices ever higher. Full Story

The Real Silver Deficit
By: David Zurbuchen | 19 May, 2006
Clearly, silver is not more rare than gold, but a 1 to 5.78 rarity ratio is indicative of the incredible leverage to be found in all silver related investments since the current ratio stands at roughly 1 to 54. Will it ever reach the ‘magical’ 1 to 5 ratio insisted upon by Bunker Hunt over 30 years ago? That remains to be seen. But at least now we know for certain that such an idea isn’t nearly as far-fetched as it might have otherwise seemed. Full Story

Silver Is Only Second Best
By: Jim Otis | 16 May, 2006
Now that precious metals are again approaching a welcome buying opportunity after gold exceeded $700 and silver came close to $15, readers might expect the Optimist to bask in the accolades from his bold projection of those high prices a year ago. Alas, the Optimist fears that his strong statements about higher prices for silver (and gold) may have left readers with the mistaken impression that he thinks silver is the best possible investment. It is time for the Optimist to clearly confess that he views silver as only the second best investment one can make. The most important investment for everyone to focus on first is personal security. Full Story

CBOT & NYMEX Margin Changes
By: | 15 May, 2006
CBOT & NYMEX Margin Changes. Full Story

Silver Shorts Broken…Now What?
By: Timothy Silvers | 9 May, 2006
It looks like we are getting close to a low risk buy point in silver. The latest COMEX Commitment of Traders data related to the short position of the Commercial Traders (commercials) shows that the commercials have closed out a large portion of their short position. This is the first time, however, that they have had to close out at a loss. The price of silver did not correct to the low levels at which they originally went short. Full Story

The Great Silver Spike of 1980
By: Roland Watson, New Era Investor | 9 May, 2006
We are getting excited about the things that lie ahead of us. Before us is a rising slope heading off to a barely perceptible mountain top that is shrouded in the mist of a new dawn. It rises imposingly above us yet its height remains uncertain due to our inexperience and uncertain memories of a prior peak. Many speak of that last ascent, but few had personally ascended it, save a few veteran mountaineers. Full Story

Commercial Capitulation in Silver
By: Carl Löfberg | 5 May, 2006
It's been 4 weeks since I wrote my last article Big moves ahead in silver. Silver was trading then around $12. After that we have seen a climb up to almost $15, a plunge of more than $3 in less than 24hrs and a recovery up to levels above $14. These have been quite big moves IMO, but we are bound to see much bigger. Full Story

Commodities: New Highs or Same Old Low
By: Wm. J. Murray | 4 May, 2006
Most commodities are a long way off from making new highs; I would say all that is happening is they are playing catch up. Or maybe they are losing control and the commodities are not as manipulated as they once were. When one sector of society can create money at will, while others have to trade their labor for it, how can we have free markets? My main focus is silver, where is the price of silver heading? Higher way higher or as Bill at says TO THE MOON. Full Story

April Edition -- Northwest Mining Stock News
By: Tom Wobker | 26 April, 2006
April Edition -- Northwest Mining Stock News. Full Story

CBOT Margin Changes - Silver
By: CBOT | 25 April, 2006
CBOT Margin Changes - Silver. Effective Close of Business April 26, 2006. Full Story

Investment Opportunities for Accredited Investors in the Precious Metals Markets
By: | 21 April, 2006
Investment Opportunities for Accredited Investors in the Precious Metals Markets. Full Story

NYMEX: Gold, Silver & Copper Futures Margin Increases
By: NYMEX | 20 April, 2006
The New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc. today announced margin changes for its gold, silver, and copper futures contracts, beginning at the close of business on Friday. Full Story

CBOT Margin Changes - Silver
By: CBOT | 20 April, 2006
CBOT Margin Increase - Effective Close of Business April 21, 2006. Full Story

Exchange to Change Margins for Silver and Copper Futures Contracts
By: NYMEX | 18 April, 2006
Margins for the silver futures contract will increase to $3,750 from $3,250 for clearing and non-clearing members and to $5,063 from $4,388 for customers. Full Story

Exchange to Change Margins for Silver and Copper Futures Contracts
By: NYMEX | 13 April, 2006
Exchange to Change Margins for Silver and Copper Futures Contracts. Full Story

CBOT Margin Changes - Silver
By: CBOT | 13 April, 2006
CBOT Margin Changes - Effective Close of Business April 17, 2006.
Full Story

Big Moves Ahead in Silver
By: Carl Löfberg | 9 April, 2006
It’s over 6 months since I wrote my last public article on silver and we are up more than $4 since then. Many things have changed in the silver market the past few months, but one remains more or less the same: the rather large COMEX commercial short position. Will this move in silver break the commercials backs and force them to liquidate a more significant part of the paper losses that run in the hundreds of millions? Will we see a massive commercial short covering rally? Or will the commercials be able to trigger yet another sell off in silver and cover their shorts at (much) lower levels? Full Story

Hype Machine Ignores Gold & Silver
By: Todd Stein & Steven McIntyre | 4 April, 2006
CNBC is not in the news business; rather, they are all about high ratings. Their highest rated show these days is none other than Mad Money, which is basically one hour of Jim Cramer screaming at viewers to buy this and sell that. Mad Money reminds us of those 3am sports betting forecast shows where so-called experts give you their predictions on the week’s games. Hearing Jim Cramer scream “Buy Google” isn’t much different than Matthew McConaughey’s character in Two for the Money tell clients to take the Lions over the Packers. Full Story

“Gold Forecaster – Global Watch” - Week Ended 24th March 2006 A New Dawn for Silver
By: Julian D. W. Phillips, Gold Forecaster | 26 March, 2006
As we have said consistently, the demand for Silver is going to overtake supply and it may well be in the process of doing so now. With demand for silver for photography having dropped, but being more than replaced by new applications in industry and prints of digital photographs, global demand has moved to a point where it is greater than new global production. Full Story

The Silver ETF - Not So Ironic After All?
By: Tom Szabo | 23 March, 2006
In a commentary on March 3, 2006, I argued a number of points about the proposed Barclays iShares Silver ETF, some of which were presented as being ironic or clarifications of widespread misunderstanding. Well, along came the SEC a couple days ago and approved the ETF, agreeing with the AMEX and seeming to render much of my argument as kibosh. The SEC Release approving the rule changes that will allow the silver ETF to trade on the AMEX can be found here. By the way, if you take the time to read these SEC comments, the only logical conclusion at which you will arrive is that the listing of this ETF is a foregone conclusion. Full Story

Silver Update - ETF Approved!
By: Timothy Silvers | 22 March, 2006
Today we received some big news in the silver market. The SEC has approved Barclay’s iShares Silver Trust Exchange Traded Fund to be listed on the American Stock Exchange. The anticipation of this ruling has been one of the major factors pushing silver to recent high prices. The Silver ETF should take 130 Million ounces of silver out of available world inventory and put it into vaults in London to back the shares that are issued. In the intermediate and long term, this is extremely bullish for silver. Full Story

Silver Vs Gold Stocks and Long Term Targets
By: Greg Silberman | 13 March, 2006
Silver BULLION clearly has the ability to way outperform Gold. Good Silver producers with controllable cost structures stand to make MASSIVE gains in the coming years. Clearly everyone MUST have some exposure to Silver’s terrific upside even though it may not fully materialize in the NEAR future. At this time I feel a portfolio weighting of 20% in Silver related investments is a good allocation. Full Story

The Silver Bullet
By: Peter Degraaf | 6 March, 2006
On the fundamental side, we observe increasing demand for both silver and gold, and a growing reluctance on the part of central banks to sell or lease gold. There are two aspects to a successful trading strategy, and while this article highlights the technical side, it requires solid fundaments for balance. I find the articles featured at the website to be of invaluable assistance. These are written by people who have done their homework. I then apply Technical Analysis (TA), to determine when to buy or when to sell, and this makes for a complete strategy. Full Story

Hi-Ho Silver; Gold and Mining Shares to Follow
By: Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital | 4 March, 2006
Rather than looking to what mining share speculators think might happen to metals prices in the future, look at what is actually happening today. With gold prices once again approaching $570 and silver prices above $10 per ounce for the first time in twenty-two years, it is clear that real money is moving into precious metals, and that it will be there for the duration. Full Story

Silver ETF Ironies
By: Tom Szabo | 2 March, 2006
The proposed Barclays silver ETF, like all other ETFs, will be actively manipulated in order to keep share prices tightly tracking the spot market. But because the silver ETF has the potential to overwhelm the spot market, which is relatively small and devoid of available stockpiles, the SEC is unlikely to approve it as currently drafted. Full Story

Silver Zoom Ignored
By: Todd Stein & Steven McIntyre | 2 March, 2006
So after a quarter of a century, silver finally returned to double-digits. While we aren’t fans of following day-to-day moves, the recent zoom past the $10/oz mark is noteworthy. It seems that the precious metals community is anticipating the launch of the silver ETF – so perhaps this is what is causing the grey dog to bark. Maybe that’s the case, but we certainly don’t think that abnormal amounts bullion are being gobbled up by Barclays in anticipation of the ETF’s launch. Nor do we think that the public is suddenly hoarding silver. Full Story

The Silver Deficit (1942-2004)
By: David Zurbuchen | 28 February, 2006
One problem with documenting the silver deficit is that world consumption rates are almost non-existent prior to 1955, at least according to my research. If this data is available, please bring it to my attention. But despite the lack of official figures, one can know to a fairly accurate degree how much ‘deficit’ has accumulated worldwide in the years prior to 1955 through the use of some comparative math. In order to accomplish this, we must first obtain US silver consumption data. Full Story

The Paradigm Shift Is Here, Or, Everybody Must Be Stoned
By: David Bond | 24 February, 2006
If we can get through the end of next month without serious economic havoc (say, the whole planet blowing up, or a full-tilt outbreak of the bird flu pandemic in Arkansas) it might be safe to dig a few of those rat-holed Maple Leafs, Morgan dollars and Krugerrands out of that backyard coffee can and trade them out for Fednotes at your local pawnbroker or coin-dealer. But in the middle of a paradigm shift, things move very rapidly, so don’t go reaching for the shovel just yet. Full Story

Shiver Me Timbers!
By: Wayne Krautkramer | 23 February, 2006
Yes, the battle of the silver fundamentalists has begun. There are a few arguments involved, but the main point of contention is very basic. There is, or is not, a shortage of silver at this time. Your response will depend on which argument you believe, and this argument can also lead one into total confusion. Full Story

The Silver Versus Gold Debate
By: Steve Saville, The Speculative Investor | 22 February, 2006
Putting it another way, we think silver has greater long-term upside POTENTIAL than gold but when we weigh the downside RISK against the upside potential we come to the conclusion that gold is the better investment. Full Story

Gold & Silver: Explosion Ahead!
By: Team Silberinfo | 20 February, 2006
Silver is being analized lusty from many sides only in comparison with the gold price as the price movements of silver are dependent of the ones from gold; in other words: both currencies are perfectly positive correlated. And indeed, if one takes a look at the below silver price since 1980 one can see that the silver price is rising as well within a trend channel which was broken to the upside recently and just undertook a pullback to the formely strong resistance line. However, one difference is that this upward trend channel began 1991 – exactly 10 years before gold. Full Story

Silver ETF: investors can take decisive action NOW to get it approved
By: Hubberts Peak-aware Fundamental Analysis | 14 February, 2006
Follows a comment I have just sent to the SEC regarding the proposed Barclays' iShares Silver Trust ETF. I offer it as a model to use for anyone who agrees with the concepts therein. I know that the period for comments has probably expired. However, if the SEC is conspicuously flooded with comments like this it is very unlikely that they will be able to ignore the addressed issues. Full Story Internet Radio presents Roland Watson, Jim Willie and Dave Morgan
By: | 13 February, 2006
The Gold and Silver Review at presents Elliott Wave technician, Roland Watson and market analyst, Jim Willie. We'll also have Dave Morgan back to discuss his great call on the silver market last week. Full Story

Washington Fiddles While the Economy Burns
By: | 10 February, 2006
Full Story

Silver Market Thoughts
By: Timothy Silvers | 10 February, 2006
January has been an exciting month in the precious metals markets. Gold and silver have reached highs not seen since 1987. It’s been a over a month since my last article “No Correction Yet?” so I thought it was about time to put my silver market thoughts on paper again. The strength of this bull market the past few months has been quite impressive. For long-term investors of physical silver it shouldn’t matter if we have a correction in the near future or not, but if you are trading silver I still see signs that we should be cautious Full Story

Reply to Gary North on Silver
By: Roland Watson | 8 February, 2006
So with that I end my response. Gary North favours a metal portfolio balanced in favour of gold rather than silver. I recommend silver in some significant proportion of a portfolio that is also amply represented by gold. Either way, gold and silver will do very well in the years and even decades ahead. Full Story

Bush’s Budget Cuts Merely Smoke and Mirrors, Expert Warns
By: | 7 February, 2006
Full Story

Bush’s Budget Cuts Merely Smoke and Mirrors, Expert Warns
By: | 7 February, 2006
Full Story Internet Radio ( David Morgan, Silver Investor
By: Internet Radio | 4 February, 2006
This week's guest on Internet Radio is David Morgan, Silver Investor. Full Story

The Times They Are A Changing
By: Rob Kirby | 31 January, 2006
Well folks, thanks to the opaque policies of central banks where precious metals [gold and silver] are concerned – [even when clued in] one really has to “really dig” and connect a few dots to get to the core or truth of matters in this regard. In an un-backed fiat monetary system – with central banks around the world working in concert toward a common end [covertly selling, leasing, double counting and otherwise misreporting their stocks of metal] – it’s no wonder the average Jane and Joe have little idea as to the fraud, namely unchecked, deliberate, uncontrolled printing of money being foisted upon them. Full Story

Bernanke Faces Stiff Headwinds
By: | 31 January, 2006
Full Story

Silver ETF Packs Punch
By: Todd Stein & Steven McIntyre | 27 January, 2006
In our articles titled “Silver ETF: Shock & Awe” and “Powerful Silver ETF”, we highlighted how the introduction of a silver ETF would send shockwaves through the financial markets. We used the introduction of the U.S. gold ETFs (tickers: GLD & IAU) as a model of what would happen to physical silver demand once the silver ETF (proposed ticker: SLV) starts trading on the Amex. Now that a little more than one year has passed since the gold ETFs were introduced, let’s take another look at just how much demand for silver could be impacted. Full Story

Gold's in the Limelight, but Silver's Backstage…
By: David Zurbuchen | 26 January, 2006
I read an article last month in the Chicago Tribune entitled “Gold’s Back, in all its Flighty Glory”, and I’ve been meaning to pen a short piece on it. Featured on the front page of the “Your Money” section, complete with a pot-o- gold suspended above a very bullish 30-year chart of gold’s price performance, it seemed as if the yellow metal really was back in all its glory. But what about silver? Full Story

The World’s Central Banks Must Keep Buying Gold
By: | 25 January, 2006
As central banks around the world consider bolstering their gold reserves, one analyst says their only choice is to buy more. And prices will continue setting records as a result. Full Story

The World’s Cumulative Gold and Silver Production
By: David Zurbuchen | 14 January, 2006
I’m a relatively new face in the gold and silver bug community, and while attempting to conduct research of my own I found it frustrating that there did not seem to be any sort of comprehensive data source dealing with the subjects of silver and gold production and consumption. In an effort to change this, I’ve spent several hundred hours this past month perusing through thousands of pages of documents (namely, the Minerals Yearbooks (1933-2004)). It is my hope that this series of articles will serve as reliable reference material for all future writers, researchers, believers and skeptics, saving them all much time and effort better spent breaking new ground in the ever thickening plot behind… Full Story

Still a Steal?
By: Jim Cook, Investment Rarities | 11 January, 2006
Everything I’ve mentioned here has been written about and explained by the world’s premier silver analyst, Theodore Butler. No credible silver expert has ever mounted a reasoned or logical argument that overturns a single point that he’s made. That in itself is reason enough for you to seriously consider silver. Full Story

Investment Opportunities for Accredited Investors in the Precious Metals Markets
By: | 10 January, 2006
If you fit into this category you may be eligible for many investment opportunities such as hedge funds, private placement financing and more. occasionally comes across such opportunities and invites accredited investors to be placed in contact with us to learn more. Full Story

Controlling Gold [& Silver] Over Time
By: Nelson Hultberg, AFR | 19 December, 2005
"How much gold and silver is enough," inquired one of my readers the other day? "How much do we need to protect ourselves?" My reply was that five and ten percent of one's portfolio seem to be way too low if things are really as bad as the analysts make out. If they really believe that the dollar is going to crash big time, then why would any analyst advocate only 5%-10% of one's wealth in gold and silver? This is one of those mystifying irrationalities that circulates among the "experts" without any justification. Full Story

Explaining Silver to the Masses
By: Greg Kyle, Silver Is Wealth | 14 December, 2005
With those same media outlets failing to report on the recent gains in silver prices, silver apparently remains uninteresting. This apathy will likely continue until prices increase enough for the media and the masses to take notice. So turn off the TV and read articles like this, each newsletter, website and book you can find on the subject. Consider buying some silver with those potentially worthless fiat dollars. Just don't buy too much yet. I'd like silver to stay cheap for as long as possible so I can buy more. Full Story

Ionic Silver Complex Designed for Use in Humans Receives U.S. Patent
By: Invision International Health Solutions | 7 December, 2005
Invision International Health Solutions, Inc., a pioneer in the field of ionic silver use in humans, recently announced the issuance of a U.S. Patent on its "Ionic Silver Complex" technology. Full Story

A "Santa Claus Rally" for the Gold/Silver Stocks
By: Clif Droke | 6 December, 2005
In my previous commentary I asked the rhetorical question as to why there are so many investors manifesting a bearish spirit on the gold stocks right now despite the XAU, HUI and GOX indices have recently made new highs for the year? I concluded that it could be that many mid-tier and junior mining shares are still coming off recent lows and haven’t quite picked up enough upward momentum to capture the public’s imagination. Full Story

Silver Versus Gold
By: Steven Saville, Speculative Investor | 23 November, 2005
During the first half of September we came to the conclusion that silver had considerably more short-term upside potential than gold. As a result we bulked-up our exposure to silver during the second half of September and the first week of October by adding Mines Management (AMEX: MGN), Western Silver (AMEX: WTZ) and Coeur D'Alene Mines (NYSE: CDE) to the list of TSI stock selections. We also reiterated our bullish view on junior silver explorer/producer First Majestic Resource (TSXV: FR) three times between 2nd September and 10th October. Each of the aforementioned silver plays has done quite well over the past two months and each has the potential to do a lot better over the next 2-4 months. Full Story

Powerful Silver ETF
By: Todd Stein & Steven McIntyre | 4 November, 2005
Yes, we know, you’ve heard it all before from silver bulls that silver could spike at any time etc. etc. Such talk and relatively little follow-through price-wise is frustrating for those of us who have held physical silver for years, even considering that the grey metal has almost doubled over the last four years. But suppose the new silver ETF, which is currently being reviewed by the SEC, has the power to create an immediate tightness in the metal once it is introduced. Moreover suppose that this scenario is not cooked up by the silver-bug community, but rather, by a group of manufacturers and customers who have dealt with silver for decades. Full Story

Halloween Edition -- Northwest Mining Sto